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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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Unboxing / pictures / shiping update!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey Everyone! 

We are coming back to you guys with next update and bunch of news from the front. Today we will talk about: 

  • Post-Essen thanks! 
  • Shipping update (Delay at US containers pick-up (10 days))
  • Reviewers Nemesis unboxing 
  • Pictures! 
  • Language editions en-route
  • 2nd wave molding process start! 

Post- Essen thanks 

First of all - huge THANK YOU for everyone that come by our stand at Essen, said hi and took a look at our games! We were so excited to show you final copy of Nemesis and upcoming Tainted Grail! 

Response we got was just amazing. It is always a humbling experience to know how many awesome people is there in our community! Few pictures! 

Our stand ;)
Our stand ;)
Nemesis table
Nemesis table
Tainted Grail secret room
Tainted Grail secret room

Shipping update

Ok guys, first of all we have quite disappointing news for the US / north America. Even thou we had all games ready at 4th of November for Pick-up it turned out that our reservation was moved to 16th. This is due to very high demand on shipping due to Christmas time (even with that, it is quite rare for such a slide so it came as a huge surprise to us :/) 

Trust us, no one is more disappointed in this then us (we bust our asses to produce everything in time and now the games will sit 10 days waiting) and we know you want to get those games asap, so we are doing everything we can to make sure to omit any other problems on the way, but this was out of our control. 

BUT! We spoke with the shipping hub to make an extra effort / add more staff, so that once containers will come to US, all games will go out within a week. So we still hope everyone with English 2-wave orders will have their games by the end of the year, with the first delivery starting around 20th of December. 

Unfortunately Christmas is hard period for shipping, so some things might happen that will delay this. We will keep you guys posted if anything will happen!

As for the other hubs: 

- Europe first batch of containers should land around 25th of November (this is when shipping will start), second bath around 10th of December. So overall, we hope to finish shipping to Europe by 20th of December. 

- Asia / Rest of the World - Shipping should start by the mid-end of November (we have checked the final courier pricing within China / Asia shipping and unfortunately it was not  cheaper then our estimates) 

- Australia and Oceania - Shipping should start by the end of November / beginning of December

All the parcels will be shipped by track courier services so from getting a tracking number you should have around 3-5 working days for delivery. 

Again - please note that there are still things that can happen and delay the transportation. If anything will occur, we will keep you updated! 

Reviewers Nemesis unboxing

So, we have send few first production copies to reviewers and first unboxing videos are starting to show up! 


We also made quite a lot of pictures of the final game! Sorry for spaming it, but we are reeaaaallly proud of this production and so excited to finally see it live! 

Over 5 kilograms of awesome content! < 3 

 We have uploaded some more pictures at BGG gallery, so there should be there anytime soon! 

Language editions 

We have send the files to Rebel (who is taking care of translation process and then retail of the game) some time ago and from them we know that translations are already in progress. 

In the next update we will officially name companies responsible for Nemesis in different language versions! 

So far, we received number of questions from translators and for us this is the best guarantee that work is going forward in a good tempo! We will keep you guys updated ;) 

2nd wave molding process start! 

We have also adjusted all the Stretch Goals and expansions for the molding process and we expect molding to start this / next week. Whole process should take us around 2-3 months depending on any problems during the molds creation. 

Meanwhile, Adam and our Testing team is already working on the expansions! We think that within next few updates we will have first things to show! 

Ok guys! This is it for todays update! We will keep you up on more regular basis, since the shipping should start shortly! 

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    1. Michal Ciemniewski on

      Expansions... How long it will take for them to be finished? Language versions? 1st quarter of 2020?

    2. Buzzerker

      Does anyone know from where in the US the games will be shipped?

    3. Balgin Stondraeg

      I, too, received the same email notification.

    4. Digimortal on

      Ah yes I didnt recognise the web site where I submitted my pledge, same credentials to track progress.

    5. Missing avatar

      tony johnson

      @Digimortal if you go to the it will give you something like Shipping:
      Split shipment (estimated start of delivery: 1st wave: 2018/11/22, 2nd wave: 2019/03/31)

    6. Missing avatar

      tony johnson

      YES THIS --Ready for shipping :)
      Your order is in transit to shipping hub! We currently estimate shipping directly to you in November / December, depending on your shipping zone! Once it will ship to you, you will get status update with a tracking. To follow the updates please visit:

    7. Digimortal on

      I recieved a Ready for Shipping Status, I assume that is not local in country shipping but the broader distribution? Going away next week so want to make sure I am available.

    8. Missing avatar

      Vasko on

      Hello, I would like to know when will have available rules in Spanish. I have looking forward to have the game in my hands, but I have to wait a few months. With the rules on castilian iria learning the mechanical. Greetings from Argentina!

    9. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      Hi guys, is there a possibility to change shipping adress? Im moving at the first of december.

    10. EGO on

      You look like you know what you do and I appreciate your effort.
      I can´t wait to hear when the German version will arrive.
      Have a nice one.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Minchin on

      @Michał 'Kumo' Misztal
      Thank you kindly for your feedback and input. I've backed a number of products coming from the EU, and their shipping costs have been nearly a third of the AR costs, but I feel like it should be noted that all the games are created and shipped from China, so that's why there's a nearly universal cost among them that favours North America. I'm hoping if AR puts out more products that I get excited about that they'll come up with some better shipping quotes for those of us in NA.

      Re: LoH, I missed the update that said they were shaving off a few months, and I always expect 1-3mo longer than the kickstarter estimate (only 1 company has ever finished before their estimate or on time), but 5+mo seems to be my limit for deeming "reasonable" when it comes to estimates. Like I said, I'm very glad that AR is improving. It offers me hope for the future. :)

    12. Vic Harper

      Looks really good. Can't wait. Keep up the good work!! :D

    13. Missing avatar

      Colin Berney

      For the other lanuages, if you did 2-wave split shipping, you can expect to wait a few more months. If you did 1 wave, you are looking at next Sumner/Fall.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrea Loquenzi Holzer on

      So, having read the last email update (#44) and having pledged the core box plus stretch goals in Italian, is there any way to know (at least approximately) when will the European languages (French, Italian, Spanish, German) versions be ready for shipping? Thanks!

    15. Rafael on

      could someone tell the truck drivers/ship captains/etc to hurry up?! ^^

    16. Missing avatar

      Zaphkiel on

      @Adam not in all parts of the world. Like @Marcos mentioned in Brazil. And someone in my area just got taxed nearly 100USD when the company who send his kickstarted game declare the game value at £217.99 when he only pay £125 on Kickstarter

    17. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Marcos You select the shipping option you want in the pledge manager

    18. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Pontus I think it may be closed at this point. You can try customer service.

    19. Pontus on

      Is there anyway for me to change my shipping at this point? My fingers are itching to play this and i dont think i can wait 😵

    20. TayHuck

      Gorgeous artwork. Well done!

    21. Adam (Grinder) Nagy on

      Zaphkiel don't worry, Taxes wil be already handeld when you get the game

    22. Missing avatar

      Womblingfree on

      Didn't any of these unboxers order Sundrop??

    23. Missing avatar

      Zaphkiel on

      talking about tax, I hope Awakened Realms declare what we paid for and not the what they feel the value is. That will lead to another nightmare

    24. Marcos Rafael Machado on

      PLEASE, don't send the game to Brazil in 2 waves.. don't send the game and after the stretch goals.. the reason for this: Tax tax tax.. i received the deep madness game and I payed U$225 (TAX). If you send the game in 2 waves.. the tax will be 2x more than 1 wave. I don't know how many brazilians where, but tax in brazil is about the price of the game AND the price of shippment. Probably we will pay the game price X3 only in TAX.

    25. nanana_BATMAN on

      Which european countries are in the first and in the second batch? Asking for Germany :)

    26. Sean Taylor on

      After having just received a different kickstarter, 10 months after the originally expected delivery time...

      I just want to personally thank the fantastic team at nemesis games for their hard work and amazing communication skills. Delays happen, and I think you've handled everything beautifully up to this point. I'm looking forward to playing!

    27. Sean Taylor on

      After having just received a different kickstarter, 10 months after the originally expected delivery time...

      I just want to personally thank the fantastic team at nemesis games for their hard work and amazing communication skills. Delays happen, and I think you've handled everything beautifully up to this point. I'm looking forward to playing!

    28. Erik on

      Te game look amazing, awsome work. Its sad I will have to wait untill aug to play it but I think the wait will be worth

    29. Steven Tolhurst

      Shame about more delays but to be expected, hope to get mine for Christmas ,looks fantastic thanks for keeping us posted

    30. Missing avatar

      Michał 'Kumo' Misztal on

      @Kenneth Minchin
      "For the record, I've backed 41 kickstarters, and the 2 from Awaken Realms the shipping price was drastically higher than any of the others (by about 300%)" - unfortunately, the games have to be shipped overseas, so the price of shipping becomes much higher for you than in the case of things produced in US, for example. And, as we can see, there are more posibilities for something go wrong :( I have the same problems with anything coming from US - shipping cost can be as high as the game's price. ..

      "and the delays have been decreasing (Lords of Hellas being over a year of delays)" - actually, 1st wave of LoH was delayed for about 1 month. 2nd wave was estimated for April and now is scheduled for Jan/Feb - still less than a full year. Looking at the last update, the additional time was put to good use.

    31. Janice MacConnell

      Wow! Great pics! Shame about the delay. It must be terribly disappointing after all your hard work. For my part, I believe you have done your best to make a great game and meet our expectations. I look forward to my own unboxing.

    32. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Aaron Silverman about 5 hours ago Report spam
      I'm wondering why I have to wait for the second shipping wave when I am only getting the core box. Are core stretch goals being put in the second wave?

      - Yes, stretch goals are automatically in the second wave.

    33. Akira on

      is it possible to change shipping address? i'm going out of town for christmas and hoped to have the game for christmas. chances seem to increase greatly for receiving it if i change to my holiday address...? i'll go check pledge manager

    34. Missing avatar

      Mahmut Aktasoglu

      Can't wait. I wish you guys let the alien stay barely visible in the shadows, though :)

    35. Tasker on

      @Corey Hastings... Yeah. The Unboxing videos that i've seen has had the game box as a snug fit in the packaging box. Only the small extras box had any foam around it.

      Needless to say, I won't be happy if the game turns up damaged after all this time waiting. lol

    36. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Minchin on

      To add to the ringing comments, thank you kindly for the transparency and the update, despite that it's bad news. Considering the delay we're likely to expecting to North America, how much more drastically is this going to affect Canadian backers?

      For the record, I've backed 41 kickstarters, and the 2 from Awaken Realms the shipping price was drastically higher than any of the others (by about 300%) and the delays have been decreasing (Lords of Hellas being over a year of delays), I want to say, it makes me hesitant to support Awaken Realms in the future. The company comes up with some amazing ideas, and lofty project plans. Can you tell us what the company as a whole is learning to make better estimates and plans to make future projects more reliable?

      And again, thank you kindly for your honesty, it goes a long way with the community.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jan Willem Scherrenburg on

      wow, two batches for europe! and sooooon!!! what countries are in the first batch? :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      Carson Adams on

      I pretty much expected the shipping delay to happen when they said it would be shipping out in late November. kinda disappointing but not unexpected.

    39. Missing avatar

      daniel louis on

      What about the fully painted main characters? Will those be shipping with the first wave as well?

    40. Corey Hastings

      Update #41 shows a graphic where there are supposed to be foam corners on each of the corners of the box. I really hope that did not get removed, and that the shipping box for the video was just a quick ship option.

    41. Corey Hastings

      Oh, wait... When did they change the foam design??

    42. Corey Hastings

      I am not sure what you mean, as there is foam surrounding the game inside the shipping box. Take a look at the second video.

    43. Tasker on

      Disappointed at the delay but these things happen. Can't wait to get my copy.

      Bit weary of the way these are being sent out though. There's nothing between the game box and the packaging box so if these get dropped during shipping ( and they will ) the corners of the game box are going to be fecked. :-(

    44. Corey Hastings

      In case there is any confusion, you can always refer back to the main campaign page's shipping section, where it specifies what all is being shipped in which wave.

    45. Corey Hastings

      **Stretch goals are being shipped with the second wave.

    46. Corey Hastings

      That is correct. Stretch goals are being shipped with the wave. If you chose one-wave shipping with just the core box, you will be getting it shipped in the second wave.

      As for the "extra early wave ... delaying the rest of the production", it is not delaying anything. You can only work on one part at a time. You start with the core game, and then you work your way through the expansions and SGs. All they are doing is allowing backers to pay extra to have their core game shipped to them once it is ready instead of sitting in a warehouse waiting for everything else to be manufactured. If you choose one-wave shipping, then you are choosing to have your game sit in a warehouse until it can be shipped with everything else.

    47. Aaron Silverman on

      I'm wondering why I have to wait for the second shipping wave when I am only getting the core box. Are core stretch goals being put in the second wave?

      I'm still waiting for my copy of LoH that's already been in retail stores for months and appears to still be many more months away for single-wave backers. TWoM was fantastic enough to get me to pledge LoH and Nemesis, but I am probably done with AR campaigns until your production planning and scheduling improves.

      If the effort to ship an extra early wave is delaying the rest of the production, you might want to rethink the whole two-wave idea. A couple of months is one thing, but it's getting crazy.

    48. Corey Hastings

      I think you are confused, so let me explain. There are two shipping options: One-Wave Shipping and Two-Wave Shipping.
      1) One-Wave Shipping means everything ships to you at once, which is slated for July/Aug 2019 at the moment.
      2) Two-Wave Shipping means you get all of the goodies split up into two waves of shipping. The first wave is just the core game shipping, which is Dec 2018. The second wave shipping is everything else, which will ship at the same time as the One-Wave Shipping games and extra goodies do.

      To anyone who paid for two wave shipping to get the game by a specific date, consider this your lesson learned with KS games. Some games come early, some games on-time, some a little later than expected, some REALLLLLY late. There is a reason the pledges specify "Estimated Delivery", as it is just that. An estimate. A whole slew of things could happen. In fact, the creator could literally just take your money and never produce the game at all (which has definitely happened in the past). SO now that you know, you can rejoice and be *extremely* happy that the game is not only actually being produced but is also ONLY arriving two-three months behind schedule. That is AWESOME!!!

    49. Miguel Nolasco on

      I would have loved to play this on Christmas with my brothers, but there's nothing we can do about it. Thanks for letting us know about the delay in the US, will still look forward to enjoying the New Year smashing Aliens to a bloody pulp.