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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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Production and shipping plan / Surprise #2

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

We actually meant to write this update after Essen, but it turns out that we have everything planned already so we can already share it with you. 

This week we had a visit in Poland from owner of Chinese factory and it helped plan production plan perfectly, as well as solve all the small issues happening in China, so we are happy to report that mass production is going quite great! There were few quality chick-ups (we are make double / triple quality check for miniatures!) but nothing big enough to mention ;) 

Here is a video from mass assembly line! 

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All English edition of the games for 1st wave should be ready by 3th of November, but first containers will be shipped tomorrow! This includes Sundrop copies! Also, with this wave, sleeves for the Core Box will be shipped as well for those who ordered them. 

After re-visit estimated containers shipping timeline, containers to US should ship around 5 weeks BUT - once it will reach US, shipping all of them should take up to 7 days (which is much quicker than we expected!). 

Having this in mind we estimate that shipping to final customers from different shipping hubs will start around 20-25th of November and will finish around 15-20th of December. There still is a possibility for some last delays / problems at custom office (as this is always unpredictable topic) or delays in transportation - but we hope we will omit those! If anything, we will keep you up to date ;) 

All parcels will be shipped to you by tracked courier services and you should get an email notification once your parcel will be sent (as well as GameFound status update). We will post full breakdown of regions and couriers companies in the next update so you will know what to expect! 

Shipping parcel will be quite huge! (bigger then we estimated) - we estimated it will be around 4,5 kg - final result is around 5,3 kg (perhaps surprise Box content adds a lot of weight ;) ). 

Surprise #2 - 80 pages comic book campaign! 

Speaking of surprise box - we already know that you will find there awesome promo Metal coin from Tainted Grail. Now time for something Nemesis related! 

During campaign we have unlocked 20 pages of comic book campaign... During development of it and testing we seen people having so much fun with it, that we decided to add 60 pages and a special punch board! 

In total you will have 80 pages comic-book co-op campaign, with beautiful art (we really did not pull our funds on artists ;) ) campaign written by Krzysztof Piskorski, great talent when it comes to writing comic books. 

It have a great, branching story line that will surprise you many times and bring some hard decisions. We really do hope you guys will enjoy it! 

Here are some pictures, done in a way that will not spoil you the campaign ;) 

Ok guys, this is just a short update to give you heads up on production and delivery, as well as get you a little bit excited about the whole thing ;)  Now, we also wanted to let you know about The Edge Dawnfall reprint campaign that is starting today! 

The Edge: Dawnfall reprint

The Edge is a game that we have been developing for 5 years now (with few iterations here on KS - The Edge miniature games, then The Edge: Dawnfall and now 1.6 reprint). It is the biggest game we have ever made.

A lot of you have asked us multiple times about reprint, as they missed original Kickstarter - so today is the day! ;) 

If you like rich, original universe, competitive play and amazing story driven campaigns - take a look at the campaign! If you will back within first 24 hours - there is a special expansion added for free - Prime Shadow! 

This box is quite ginormous and is filled with content top to bottom - if you would like to check out more about the campaign - you can see it 


Ok guys! This is it for today, expect new update on beginning of November with more news about shipping! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Leardeous on

      Any idea on when the games will be sent out? I am in Taipei, Taiwan but will be leaving mid December, so I won’t be here to receive the package. Will I get a notification before it is sent out?

    2. Missing avatar

      MarioWagant on

      Hi guys what is schedule for language versions (szczególnie polski) ? :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Rubén Ocete Expósito on

      Any news on language versiones?

    4. Gordon Williamson on

      I am a little concerned about the couriers being used... as I live in a small town and courier service here tends to be a little unreliable (some times even criminal) and was wondering about the distribution hub for Canada... will is it different from the one handling packages from the United States?

      Other Kickstarter projects I've backed have gone through a US hub (well more of a North American hub) where the items destined for Canadian backers was then sent on to a distribution hub in Canada before being sent to the Canadian backers. Will something along these lines be done with Nemesis?

      The Canadian hub for the last few games that I backed was Snakes and Lattes in Toronto... and I am confident that they will be able to get the game to me... if they are distributing Nemesis to Canadian backers (even with our current rotating postal strike). Just want to be sure what exactly is going on with this game as I am looking forward to getting it.

      I do remember that Canada was specifically mentioned in the shipping cost as being "Economy"... which I am guessing means regular post... likely from a shipping hub here in Canada (like Snakes and Lattes)... just hoping for a little reassurance that this will be the case if possible.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Pulliam on

      Whether it has or has not, its a done deal at this point. I’m sure it will be fine

    6. Missing avatar

      Peter A. Williams on

      I would like to know if the rulebook has been properly proof-read before final printing. Sorry if this has been addressed in another post.

    7. Filochard on


      I have not followed all updates so I may ask a question that already had an answer. I apologize in advance if that is the case.
      I'm in France, and according to your shipping window I have some fear that I may receive the package while I'm abroad for Xmas. Unfortunately, Post Offices keep the packages between 10 or 15 days and then... send them back to the expediter...

      So... question is, will we receive a notification email that our package is being sent, an ETA or some idea of delay for shipping and / or a tracking number ?
      Having a tracking number may help to know while abroad the package is received and if we can afford to wait the end of the holidays to get it back or have to shorten the holidays to run to the post office.
      Having an idea of delay time may help to anticipate the reception...

      Thanks in advance for your reply.

    8. Kimura Ryo on

      Its nice to see some production video of a boardgame. Never really seen one. This is great!

    9. Pianandrill on those who screamed about and did hated this comic book get more pages? Why making them so miserable?

    10. Gaetan Dewallef on

      😂😂😂 looks like actors just hired and not clear on what to do with all these elements surrounding them 🤣🤣🤣

    11. Sven Leswell on

      I love that the production crew are using potion explosion boxes for sorting stuff.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Garcia on

      Arrrgh! Was scheduled for delivery today but now tomorrow. Suspense is killing me.

    13. Norbert R on

      Any info on the train shipment to EU?

    14. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on

      sorry for the numbering of the questions.....messed up

    15. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on

      Great update ! Especially for the comic book.
      I was a big supporter of the idea and I bought the 80pages add on.
      So I'm glad AR is giving us a longer edition also of the free SG book.

      Originally the free book was to give a taste of how it worked.
      Now it seems it will contain a whole campaign with four missions.
      It would be good if AR could clarify the following issues:
      1) will the 80 pages Add-on book also have a further 4 missions?
      Can the missions be played independently or only sequentially?
      2) Can the two books (now each one 80 pages) be used together in some way?
      For example will the missions in the Add-on book be a continuation (story-wise) of those found in the free book?
      Or will the two books constitute two completely separate and independent coop campaigns?

      3) originally the Add-on book had "trigger cards". Now we see that in the free book there are missions with specific objectives/victory conditions and the triggers are those new Event Tokens and Auxiliary Markers in the rooms. I think it's a very good idea.
      Will the Add-on book be structured in the same way?
      2) will the markers (on the newly added punch board for the free SG book) be used also in the Add-on book or will the Add-on book will have its own different punch board ?
      3) Can the books be used also in solo mode? I believe they can if the single player manages multiple characters, but would it be possible to use the campaign missions in the books also with a just a single character ?

      4) will the books use only the standard alien intruders as enemy or will it be possible to use the books also with the alternative Voidseeders ?

      If any of the questions above have been answered already, please bear with me and just point me to where the answer was given.

      Thanks a lot again for the great news !!!
      It is an amazing experience to see how this game is getting better and better even tough the KS campaign has long ended. No praise is enough for what AR is doing for its backers.

    16. Nigel Bordeaux on

      This is my first kickstarter backing and I'm really liking what I seeing, also the art is amazing.

    17. Missing avatar

      MarioWagant on

      Nice 2 C how it works! thx
      I've gotta question... how about some news and timeline for different languages version - Kiedy Polski :)

    18. Antonis Skoulikaris on

      Bravo guys!

      Was a big fan of the comic idea and was a bit disappointed that my enthusiasm was not shared by more backers.

      Good job!

    19. Ricardo Walther

      AR i love your work on every project :) great idea to push the comic script!

      Will this comic be translated as well as the comic-addon?

    20. D.K. on

      Really liking this. Your company deserves to be called Awesome Realms!

    21. Alvaro Cubas on

      The game looks better than ever. I am kinda regretting getting the single wave shipping option! But it now looks to be worth the wait. The illustrators of the game deserve a lot of credit. That comic provides a much welcome value-added to the game.

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      The comic looks great, also I got the comic addon.
      Will AR provide a digital(.pdf) version of them?
      I think it's safer to play with a digital, unbreakable stain-free version, :)

    23. Aaron Madison on

      I’m so happy right now I might die.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Pulliam on

      If I just pledge some money towards The Edge: Downfall, can I add more rewards tiers later in the manager?

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert Crewe

      Comic looks fantastic - was hoping for a few more pages!

    26. Missing avatar

      Oliver Diekhoff on

      Any news on language versions?

    27. Frank Calcagno on

      ...and you can see one girl throwing out & replacing 2 token boards she did not like, and the final girl at the end was pulling random boxes for a Q/C check. They're taking care of us.

    28. Frank Calcagno on

      @BreezingThrough,,expect 2 comics very soon. #1 is an unplanned extra coming in the surprise box (replacing the original 20 page intro) and #2 will be the 80 page comic purchased during the campaign...

    29. Frank Calcagno on

      Kieran, that is true and was discussed in Marcin's last video. The box does overflow now, but once the tokens are punched out and the plates removed, the box top will fit to the bottom.... :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Kieran Berry on

      Anybody notice that the contents kind of spill over the top of the box? I've seen in the unboxing video and this packaging video that the top of the box doesn't go all the way down to the bottom.

    31. Freddy

      @Maximillian Santiago - correct. The add-ons and the majority of the stretch goals will be in the second wave. Alternatively, if you paid for 1-wave shipping, you will not get anything now, and you will get everything together in one shipment around May-June 2019.

    32. Maximillian Santiago on

      are the stretch goes not shipping in this shippment? is that going to be apart of the split shipment?

    33. Rogues1 on

      That is a great update. I wish all game KS had videos and real info like what is discussed above. No BS, just facts and areas where they are watching for potential delays. Thank you AR.

    34. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      Hi, why is not the Italian language in The Edge?

    35. BreezingThrough

      (comic) Untold Stories #1... so does hits mean we can expect more in future if it is well received?

    36. Dave Thomas

      Just echoing Laniston on not use no couriers to ship into Canada.

      @Awaken: I assume though from the original campaign listing that this is why Canada is listed as slow shipping economy correct?

    37. Frank Calcagno on

      I think Marcin said Europe should expect to see it in their mailboxes first, and then US a few weeks after, if I am not mistaken. Sounds like he will add more details on specific regions soon.

    38. Freddy

      @Mužný Mužňák - that's from China to the distribution centers (in the various countries around the world). See update #41 for some info on how long those containers will travel. And then, from the distribution centers, it will be a few weeks more until we get them.

    39. Missing avatar

      Adrian Grochocki on

      Wszystko pięknie, tylko co z polska wersją językową? I co z resztą odatków?

    40. Freddy

      @Stephen Stanton - if you want to verify if you chose 1-wave or 2-wave, just log in to your account, and browse to My Account-Nemesis Order History-View Details. It should tell you if you have Split Shipping or not.

    41. Mužný Mužňák on

      First containers will be shipped tomorrow, does that mean from China to you, or that shipping to customers starts tomorrow?

    42. Freddy

      @Lee Grout - add-ons and stretch goals will be shipped in the second wave, which will probably be around May-June 2019.

    43. Freddy

      @Helge Haasler - see update #41 for more details on shipping to Europe...

    44. Lee Grout on

      Does anyone know if all the extra stuff( I. E the All in pledge) will ship with the core game or sometime after?

    45. Missing avatar

      Stephen Stanton

      Can't remember if I did one or two wave shipping and my notes seem to indicate 2-wave, but it should be a nice surprise in any event. Thanks for the extra comic pages!!!

    46. Freddy

      Thanks for the bonus comic pages... that's a nice surprise indeed.
      And can we please agree that it's crucial to ensure that my box is going to be among the first to arrive... so 20-25 November? ;-)

    47. Adam (Grinder) Nagy on

      2 comics??? Just wow again AR! And punchboqrd elements to it. That is amazing

    48. on

      It is completely optional.

    49. Erik on

      Awsome, I really like how Awaken Realms manage the KS, really profesional. I will definitively check out The Edge as well.