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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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Production update #3 and Surprise box #1

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Today we have for you  production with a lot of pictures. We want to let you know that things are progressing well and everything is looking quite awesome! 

We will also give you summary of the delay and the reason for them as well as the shipping plan. At the end we will give you a small insight into the surprise box we have prepared for you guys! 

Lets go into it! 

Production photos 

Production is going on the line and everything is taking shape! We just received a mass sample of miniatures from final production, including sundrop and everything looks great! 

Below you can see some of the pictures from mass production - within next 2 weeks we should receive first FINAL production copies and we are extremely excited about it! 

Nemesis is sooo packed with details, art, components, great gameplay that we just want to share all of it with you as soon as possible! Here are some of the pictures! 

Timeline summary

So as per Kickstarter campaign we were estimating delivery for September. Unfortunately there were few events during the campaign that made us delay the product in pursuit for overall better quality. 

We are sorry for those delays, but we believe we made a good calls and the quality of the final product will be worth it! Here is the full list of those delays (we were informing about them in earlier updates):

3 weeks - changing most of the bases from PVC to ABS hard plastic (quality improvement) 

2 weeks - additional round of proofreading and changing file of Manual (correcting mistakes we made) 

1 week - National holiday from 1.10 - 7.10 in China we did not planned for

In summary so far we expect 6 weeks delay in delivery. 

There is a potential for other unexpected things to happen making delay bigger, but we hope they will not be happening ;) But like they say - hope for best, prepare for worse! 

Shipping plan

Our production and shipping plan assumes starting shipping 40 FLC containers around the end of October. From there containers should take following time to get to certain parts of the world: 

Europe - 3 weeks (we will use Train service. More expensive, but faster) 

USA / Canada - 4 weeks (Sea freight) 

Rest of the world - 3-4 weeks (Sea freight)

Australia and Oceania - 2-3 weeks  (Sea freight) 

Please note, that based on our experience they might be some delays here - either in the shipping itself or in the documentation process at the boarder. If anything will happen, we will let you guys know about it! 

Games in the containers will be already packed in the shipping boxes and basically ready to get them ship further at go. So we expect to get them out to everyone within a month tops (even with great quantity, having them pre-packed makes it way easier to ship!). 

So everyone with the English 2-wave edition should have their games from early November (best case scenario) up to December (worst case scenario). If anything will change in that regards, we will let you guys know! 

Here is the project of shipping box ;) We will be using very thick cardboard with triple layer at the sides. 

Quick shipping FAQ

Will late pledges be shipping within the give timeline as well 

Yes ;) 

Does the shipping will be customs friendly for Europe? 


What about Canada? 

Canadian customs operates a little different, so we can never give guarantee but as usual we will give our best to help make it custom friendly. Also - value of the first wave should be rather small. 

Group orders will ship with the rest?


What about language editons?

They will be shipping 3 months later by our estimates 

What about sundrop editons? 

They should be shipped within the same timeline as well. 

How about painted hero option?

We will ship them later separately, so you can enjoy your game already and you will get your heroes additionally (so you will have also unpainted / sundroped version of heroes). 

What about 2nd wave shipping? 

So far we can say, it will have same delay as the 1st wave (so far 6-weeks). 

Production in China

Original plans we had in regards of production of Nemesis were to produce paper in Poland, but we have changed this to produce everything in China. Here are biggest reasons for that: 

  • We were convinced that the paper quality was at least the same if not better in the factory in China (includingvery new and expensive machines) 
  • Quantity of Nemesis was too great for Polishing printing houses to make in time. 
  • Transporting only miniatures (without the whole game) made it easier for them to bent / brake during transportation 

Having said that we were visiting the China factory twice for 16 days inspection, as well as we will be sending our production manager to oversee the quality from 7th of October when mass assembly of games will start. 

It will also make easier for logistics, timeline and quality control inspections if all will be done in single place instead of few. 

From economic perspective not much have changed for us, as the pricing was not significantly cheaper, but whatever additional savings we got we have put into the surprise box we will tell you more in the upcoming updates! 

Language editions

We have forwarded all the files to Rebel, who is taking care of coordinating our translation partners for Language editions for Nemesis and work is already starting! 

Delivery of Language editions should start within 3 months after the English editions, as per KS estimation. 

Surprise box 

It is our small tradition to add something to every project we have been doing. From custom dices (This War of Mine) and promo models (Minotaurs from LoH and Intruder from Nemesis) to standalone game (SiegeStorm). 

For Nemesis we have also prepared some treats fro you guys that we do hope you will enjoy! But let us explain where does this arrive from. 

Producing Board Games is a really hard and risky business - you need to make estimates 6-8 months ahead, not knowing the final picture of the game (components might changes during development etc.), prices of materials (plastic, paper, cardboard), currencies (USD / GBP) and shipping (including dynamic shifts in oil prices). 

Whenever we can mitigate the risks (currency swap options, earlier advances for buying raw materials etc.) we do it, but there is still a big dose of final pricing uncertainty. We always take some part of our margin as a "risk" fund for any unexpected things that might pop up. Whenever we finish production and see that those risk scenarios did not happen, we are using most of that funds to give it back to you guys in some awesome form. We feel that this is fair way of giving you back something extra, on top of all the Stretch Goals. 

In the next updates we will be sharing with you guys whole content of that box with details about it - today, one of the small addition you will find in there! ;) Metal coin for our upcoming major game: Tainted Grail. 

You can find more information on Tainted Grail on our Facebook group! 


You will see more surprises from the box in the upcoming updates! 

Ok guys, this is it for today! We hope you are as excited as we are to see everything come together! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rafa Molina Venegas on

      @Aonline I desagree with your comment concerning the equity of any Spanish form. While I agree they are not different languages, there are many examples of potential issues that could make a difference. Think about the following text: "Coge una ficha de herida" (in english, "pick up one wound token"). For a mexican, that sentence means literally "fuck a wound token" (lol), while for a Spaniard the translation is correct. Of course, this is a dramatic example, yet it ilustrates my point.

    2. Mužný Mužňák on

      @vsampedro I guess you could care sooner then month before release, there is possible a lot of work around that.

    3. vsampedro on

      It’a sad, but with the lack of communication from the developers, and being able to properly play in Spanish a requirement for my gaming group to enjoy the game, I’m requesting a partial refund through Łukasz.

    4. vsampedro on

      As a side, in all the images regarding translations, it was published with an Spanish flag pointing to “Spain Spanish” not a Mexican or Argentinian flag. If the developers chose another variant, they should explain their reasoning for that advertising.

    5. vsampedro on

      @Max @Aonline That’s why most producers do both Latino and Spanish translations , otherwise they lose half the market. I will ask to switch my edition to English if there is no answer soon

    6. Max on

      @aonline There is a huge difference between Spain Spanish and Latin American (neutral) Spanish, I'm from Argentina and I prefer read an english book instead of a Spain Spanish book :P

    7. Missing avatar

      Brad S on

      Just wanted to drop in and say THANKS for the transparency on timeline changes and reasons for delays. Also, the detailed production updates (including photos of components) are appreciated!

    8. Aonline

      'Latino' Spanish, Peninsular Spanish...same language. The differences do not even qualify them to be different dialects. Sure, we all have preferences to our own background, but as long as it is grammatically correct and syntactically sound (I worry about the french translation) it will be fine for all Spanish speakers to read and understand. A good translator will use International Spanish and check the RAE dictionary anyways, regional colloquialism are not the norm in any translations. If AR hired a professional, whatever Spanish gets applied will be acceptable.

    9. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Gourion You'll receive a basic unpainted game first, and then all your painted miniatures later. For fully painted versions, you will get personal email updates about the progress.

    10. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      vsampedro 1 day ago Report spam
      @Ar_Jordan We are not asking who the partner will be, only if the spanish version will be castillian or latino. Is not so hard to understand and makes a lot of difference for us.

      - I'm sorry I misunderstood the question. On the live Q&A I asked about if the translation is castillian or latino, but there is no answer yet.

    11. Gourion on

      When will the full-painted version of the core base game will be shipped ? It is unclear to me... Especially as i order a french version of the game in two waves but fully painted.
      What i understand is :
      - All non-english versions are shipped 3 months later than the english ones.
      - hero-painted versions are shipped at the same time (except that painted minis arrive later)
      But what about the full painted version ? Do they arrive with an extra-delay ? or do we receive a non-painted verssion first at the same time than the other languages versions and then some time later, the painted minis ?

    12. vsampedro on

      @Ar_Jordan We are not asking who the partner will be, only if the spanish version will be castillian or latino. Is not so hard to understand and makes a lot of difference for us.

    13. Missing avatar

      Rafa Molina Venegas on

      Same concern as @vsampedro. A spanish-latino translation for non-latino spanish speakers would be annoying and certainly an issue (not sure if it is also the case for spanish-latino speakers concerning non-latino spanish translation). I asked about this by the end of the crowdfunding champaign, but I got not certain answer.

    14. Missing avatar

      Wojtek on

      @AR Jordan - thank you, ill try

    15. Frank Calcagno on

      Those card holders are screaming for a nice blue wash...

    16. Missing avatar

      Bodo on

      you and this project are really awesome!

    17. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Wojtek If it is possible you will need to do it through the help desk:

    18. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @vsampedro I asked, but at this point we cannot announce our language partners.

    19. Missing avatar

      Wojtek on

      Is there any chance to swap Polish language version for English one? With all the delays i understand that language versions will arrive next year, and I would prefer to play it sooner than later.

    20. Reciclerishu on not-FB user, I so dislike all these FB groups :(
      When will game appear on BGG?

    21. Missing avatar


      agree with fellow canadians. FAQ said
      We send to Canada via postal services so backers can avoid UPS brokerage fees, they will be shipped first in line with other economic shipping so they should arrive along last UPS packages as shipping will take 1-2 months.

      so i was thinking this was canada friendly shipping. Hoping i don't get taken to the cleaners for a single shipment

    22. vsampedro on

      @AR_Jordan That would be great, many non-spanish speakers doesn't realise that, but a castilian/latino translation makes a huge different, even more in a sci-fi setting like this. When I studied computer engineering (more than 20 years ago) I first tried some technical books published by Mexico University and were harder than the German edition from my university library. And my mother is from El Salvador!!! You can get an idea ;-)

    23. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @vsampedro - I'll ask in the next live Q&A.

      @Gabbo - There will not be, sorry.

      @Chris - there is another box for the stretch goals, is that what you were thinking of?

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Pulliam on


      Probably not till after the job is already done I would imagine since I believe someone said there was confidentiality involved with the translating company

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Pulliam on

      Still looks great as far as the packing design. So everything in the core set will fit in one box? Miniatures and everything? For some reason I was thinking the core game would need two boxes lol

    26. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      So, if the package arrives by the end of November I can receive it, but if it arrives on December I won't be able to receive it for a month and a half.
      What are my options?

    27. Missing avatar

      Gabbo on

      Will there be a proofreading for language edition's manual like english one? I bought Italian version, but I'm referred to all 5

    28. vsampedro on

      When will we know who will be responsible of translations? If its not an Spanish company, and we will get a latino translation, I'll have to swap the language edition.

    29. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      from @Staggeron:

      How long of a delay for fully painted option?

      - There are still some things to be worked out, but we should have a better answer soon.

    30. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Nacho Bustamante about 13 hours ago Report spam
      One question: will it be possible to change the delivery address before shipping or when shipping starts?

      - Yes, you can do this in your pledge manager:

    31. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Richard Jones about 17 hours ago Report spam
      Awesome as always. Is tainted grail a kickstarter?

      - It will be - there is no date set yet.

    32. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Ken about 22 hours ago Report spam
      Ate you guys going to be at Spiel, Essen Germany?

      If so, are we going to be able to play the game?

      - YES

    33. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      tricil about 22 hours ago Report spam
      What about language editons?
      They will be shipping 3 months later by our estimates

      What about sundrop editons?
      They should be shipped within the same timeline as well.

      => "same timeline" means same as for the language editions, right?

      - Sundrop or non-sundrop ships together - so either option, if you select language version, it will be 3 month after English version.

    34. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Dave Thomas Superbacker about 22 hours ago Report spam
      For shipping to Canada please please DO NOT use couriers (UPS, DHL, FEDEX etc) to ship games if they’re coming from out side Canada.

      Paying duty is fine, paying 50% of your game value on the doorstep to bandit courier companies bent on hurting Canadians is not.

      I’d rather a 3 week delay and get it by Canada Post.

      - We don't use couriers for exactly this reason

    35. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Sean Peck about 23 hours ago Report spam
      That looks amazing are you packing it yourself? That’s a bunch of components!

      - It gets packed in China

    36. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Wassim Abi Jaoude Superbacker about 24 hours ago Report spam
      That’s awesome, but is there an ETA for single wave shipping?

      - It would be about the same time as when the expansions ship - so roughly may/june 2019

    37. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Da_maniak15 1 day ago Report spam
      Ok, thats fair, but how much longer do I have to wait for LoH?

      - Current estimate for the rest of the LOH campaign to start shipping is Jan/Feb 2019 (English version) and then the 3 month wait for the language versions.

    38. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Spisey McHaggis 1 day ago Report spam
      All things considered, is there a possibility of changing ship to addresses? I just received notice that my rental has been sold and I will have new place of residence by Nov 1st.

      - You can do this yourself by logging into the pledge manager:

    39. WILE.E on

      Great update guys !!! Are you getting the French translation from your partners at Edge or do you need any help ? I’d gladly lend a hand

    40. netreus on

      Can't wait! =)

      Tainted Grail also looks awesome!
      Damn you all for not advertising it more publicly... I haven't discovered a dedicated FB page till yesterday!

    41. Jeremy Kruger on

      Cool to see all that content and the surprise box was a big surprise.

    42. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      Is because of people like you, why the crowdfunding must still exist. Please, other companies take note

    43. Vic Harper

      Nice work!
      Like a boss !!
      That's a lot of parts.
      Keep at it, this will be so worth it.

    44. The Baragoon on

      I'll take delays over reduced quality everytime! And as this is my first time backing you guys, I am pleasantly surprised with the surprise box :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Nacho Bustamante on

      One question: will it be possible to change the delivery address before shipping or when shipping starts?

    46. Missing avatar

      Trevor Morton on

      THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOOO FRICKIN SWEET!!! You guys are awesome, great job!!

    47. The Alpha Gamer on

      Cool, so at worst just in time for Christmas! Really looking forward to getting this one, thanks for the update.

    48. Amarice on

      @Richard, yes, they will keep us informed about it.

    49. Missing avatar

      Richard Jones

      Awesome as always. Is tainted grail a kickstarter?

    50. Missing avatar

      Wayne Poppleton on

      Thank you for the continual updates. This has to be the most excited I have been for a gaming release ever! And that is down to continually being reminded about how great this game is going to be from your posts
      Thank you :-)