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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
30,553 backers pledged £3,080,833 to help bring this project to life.

Manual / Sundrop update!


Hey Everyone! 

Those are really busy times at Awaken Realms, but things are moving forward and we are growing more and more excited about seeing final Nemesis copy. Today we got two important things to share with you guys!

  • Manual
  • Sundrop miniatures 

Without further introduction, lets jump right into it! 


Just as we have promised, we have given ourselves more time on Manual to catch as many mistakes / typos as possible. We probably did not get 100%, but we hope for something like 95% ;) 

Once again community was amazing and provided us with great numbers of emails with feedback. As we stated on the previous update - we had focus on finding grammar errors / typos / mistakes and we were trying not to touch the "core' of the rules and how they were formulated to omit any last-minute errors that could otherwise slip in. 

You can see the results below and also learn the game now, so that once it will come, you can dive right into the Nemesis! 



Adrian, our Sundrop-master have been working on creating unified Sundrop coat for the mass production models for past a month. Painting 5  sets for promotional purposes is one thing - painting 5 000 sets is totally different thing ;) 

During Lords of Hellas sundroping process we have learned a great deal of things in regards of mass painting (you would not believe how sometimes very small changes like temperature or humidity in the air can dramatically impact things). We have accumulated this knowledge, even created our own paints, whole system and know how. Right now we have already painted a big sample of 5 000 models and you can see random mass production samples below with raw plastic comparisons. 

 Here are some more pictures of Sundroped models:

Please note that sundrop is not a perfect process, it’s a mass production painting and models may be slightly different. Some models may be abit lighter, some a bit darker, there can be small white spots where wash did not flow or dry well as we did mention in sundrop update during campaign:

Possible small issues:

Obviously, we will be working hard on eliminating them , we have a dedicated person for sundrop quality control but those are really hard to spot issues and some of them may slip away.

Overall we are quite proud from Sundrop. It turned out amazing for Nemesis and miniatures are really looking great on the board! We do believe that Sundrop is looking way better then raw plastic miniatures and brings a lot of quality in cheap price. 

However, If you are not happy with those pictures representing final results  - please contact our customer service by leaving a new Ticket in our system:

Our Cusomer service can offer you a refund & shipping non-sundroped models instead. 

Can I buy sundrop addon?  

We are sorry but if you did not already take sundrop addon there is no chance to take it now.

Ok guys! This is it for today! Keep your fingers crossed as we are at the final stages of production and lets hope everything will come together without any further problems! ;) 

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    1. Clement Kuo about 1 hour ago

      Wow I regret skipping out on Sundrop addon.

    2. Alex 1 day ago

      OK, so I never had time to read the previous manual and was obviously worried when I heard about the bad feedback...reading the manual in this update all my fears are gone and I'm super excited to play! Rules are clearly laid out and easy to follow and seem simple enough that there shouldn't be any issue remembering them :) Can't wait to play!

    3. Frank Carr
      1 day ago

      ... and yet, the pledge manager pictured the medic with an orange ring... which makes sense if the mechanic's ring is yellow and the soldier's is red and the other colors taken by the other player pieces are blue, purple, green, and white.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tomáš Karas 1 day ago

      christian: no need for more rings. The game isnt for that much players...

    5. Alvaro Cubas 2 days ago

      @Christian: As far as I know, the turrets are not part of the base game. They should be included, along with some other stretch goals, in the Aftermath expansion tho.

    6. Missing avatar

      Christian 2 days ago

      Maybe this is addressed in the prior update with the previous version of the manual (if so, I apologize), but I didn't find the turret room/turret miniatures referenced on the manual - were those scrapped?

    7. Missing avatar

      Christian 2 days ago

      Regarding the colored rings - will the medic have her own?

    8. Paweł Niemiec 2 days ago

      Sadly, I am thinking about withdrawing my sundrop option. Don't get me wrong, it still looks good but it felt much better with darker tones. More alien-like. Too much green in this.
      If i'm going to shade it anyway, why pay double?

    9. Alexandre Goh
      4 days ago

      I'm glad I didn't cancel my Sundrop option. ^^

    10. Missing avatar

      Léonard 5 days ago

      @Colin thanks! So with only the core box i'll miss some SG :'(
      That's not very clear but that's not that important anyway

    11. Missing avatar

      Carlos Acevedo
      5 days ago

      How is the timeline looking on this one? Any updates?

    12. Missing avatar

      Alan Loewen 5 days ago

      It all looks good!

    13. Mužný Mužňák 5 days ago

      @Sean Carver well sundrop should be a pre-paint, if you but some darker color, you can just wash it and it's not going to take as much time.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean Carver 6 days ago

      @pawel I definitely agree with what you had said

    15. Missing avatar

      Sean Carver 6 days ago

      Digging the sundrop figures but I am a little saddened about the color difference between the original, darker version of the intruders compared to the latest version. I know it’s it’s probably quite the process to work on them but if it’s possible I would love to have the darker intruders back. I felt they fit the theme better.

    16. Missing avatar

      Wes Grotjan 6 days ago

      Thanks Colin. I must have missed that update =)

    17. Missing avatar

      Colin Berney
      6 days ago

      Wes, in update 18 they said "So if you are a painter and want to upgrade your Sundrop models by painting details you can easily paint over them but if you want to paint different color scheme or prime them we would recommend not to take sundrop addon."
      I don't think the changes in the process are altering this idea. So you can add some colour if you want. We are getting plastic ring bases for distinguishing colour, just FYI.

    18. Missing avatar

      Colin Berney
      6 days ago

      Leonard, Plastic fire and repair tokens are in the rulebook and are in every core box. Turrets will come in Wave 2, my guess is in the Aftermath box. The space cat special figure (first player marker) will be in wave 1. The space cats add-on (larger figures) will be wave 2.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sleepcap 6 days ago

      Glad I added the sundrop to my pledge. Looks very good.

    20. Missing avatar

      Wes Grotjan 6 days ago

      I am still planning on adding some distinguishing color to the crew minis. Will sundrop still allow me to prime and/or paint the crew easily?

    21. Missing avatar

      Léonard 6 days ago

      Hey guys, question that hasn't been answered yet, there is no mention in the rulebook of all the variety upgrades from SG 1 750 000£+ : plastic tokens, turrets, cat figure (this one is not part of gameplay i think but anyway...)
      Are they not included in the base game?

    22. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 6 days ago

      Great !
      And thanks a lot for including me in the "thanks" !!!
      I'm flattered.

    23. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Sundrop look good, pre primed and washed, no need to prime paint before play. May still paint but not needed can play on day 1. :)

    24. Steven Tolhurst
      6 days ago

      Thanks for the update, the Sundropping looks very good on the aliens and ok on the heroes, as expected, certainly better than leaving them unpainted at all. I accept the process is not easy so keep up the good quality control.
      Thanks for the rule book update too

    25. Ukail 7 days ago

      Sun-drop was a good deal, and I am glad of the result.

      Maybe the colored hereos (grey) are not so beautifull, but it was difficult to do a better choice, nobody has ever seen an alien and the color proposed are "ok" for such creature.
      Of course a single color does not fit so easily for a human and its equipment.

    26. Stefano Padovani 7 days ago

      Well if that's how my miniatures will look, I'm definitely happy I went with the sundrop!

    27. Fabio Paulotto 7 days ago

      Sundropped Intruders seem to be (very) good, alsoif the "demo" models were more darker: in more realistic and "scaring", gave a more intense idea of something waiting in the darkness of the ship... IMHO, of course. But good, I repeat.
      About the heros... c'mon, they are ugly, just "ink washed": no shadows/light on them, very flat. If this will be the final product, I will need to fully repaint them to not be the worst figures on the table, near the Intruders and Voidseekers! ;)

    28. Justin Gadze 7 days ago

      I’m digging the Sundropped Intruders and stoked I opted for that pledge! The Teal gives me a Guyver vibe which I think is very cool. Can’t wait to see how the Voidseeders & Carnomorphs turn out. Keep up the great work AR!

    29. Max Kielland
      7 days ago

      The board you sent out earlier (pp_12.07v3_board.pdf) is different from the one in the rule book. If the one in the rule book is correct, can you please update the board pdf to the new version?

    30. Missing avatar

      Franz Erhart 7 days ago

      @Marek: thanks for the feedback. COOL!! :D

    31. Marek Šťastný 7 days ago

      @Franz Erhart - They are listed in manual as Game components, so they should be in box.

    32. Missing avatar

      Franz Erhart 7 days ago

      Colored bases will be part of the collection or those are just used for the photos?! If latter where we could get such items?
      It makes it way easier to identify your own character on the board.

    33. Missing avatar

      MaRkhno 7 days ago

      Hi guys. At first, thanks for the great job you're doing. But I have a question: What about other languages rules book? I dont speak english verry well and I'm affraid that rules are too long for understanding all subtilities...

    34. Missing avatar

      Steve 7 days ago

      super stoked seeing this update and what the sun drop will look like... too bright, too dark... doesn't matter to me. it looks better than the unpainted ones and woulda probably coated me $100 at least on paint and brushes to do this myself, so at 1/2 that price, it was a no brainer. thank you AR, keep up the great work

    35. Kris Ardianto 7 days ago

      Hi, thanks for listening guys. I checked the rules update and very pleased (so far) with the page title, which you actually changed the outer glow to be more subtle.

      For other proofreading, I hope everything is already corrected. I know it's a hard thing to do. First time you revised the first proofs but ended up with new typo or something else that warrant second proofread and so on until the proofread doesn't come up with any mistake.

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen Stanton
      7 days ago

      The SunDrop looks very, very good. I was quite pleased with my SunDrop miniatures in the Lords of Hellas base game (can't wait for the rest to ship) so I had no hesitation in getting the Nemesis SunDrop. The odds are low that I would paint any of my miniature games, so SunDrop is a great compromise.

    37. Missing avatar

      Zaberish 7 days ago

      @Alvaro Cubas: No, you don't have to be an experienced board-game player to enjoy "Nemesis" - the game looks (and is) huge, but rules are easy to understand, so even people new to board games won't have any problems with playing. Of course experienced players will most likely have a bit better understanding when comes to how some game mechanics work, but that's not something that gives any particular advantage. In general: I'd say that the best idea is to start with full-coop version as a tutorial and after several games in that mode you should try the semi-coop one :)

    38. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      Damn I wish I could afford the sundrop.

    39. Randall Silver on

      Well I am really looking forward to this game. Looks gorgeous.

    40. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Looks to me like anyone not entirely happy with the final mass sundrop style would only need 5-10 seconds a figure with a big brush and an ink or glaze of their choice to have a pretty cool finished effect, most of the donkey work is definately done.

    41. Missing avatar

      dommer2029 on

      On a quick first pass, the English in the rulebook looks much better. That really does matter when trying to work through things for the first time, so I appreciate the extra effort. The color scheme on the intruders is a little different than I had imagined, but they definitely look much better than the unpainted models, so no regrets. I'm looking forward to seeing the sundrop on the other types of creatures, though I suppose I may have to wait a few months for that.

    42. Missing avatar

      Paweł on

      Definately sundrop looks much better than not painted models. However the final result is not what caught my attention to the game. Previously sundrop intruders were dark climate evil creatures. With current sundrop they have lost climate of horror and their look is "just sundrop".

    43. Alvaro Cubas on

      There is no way around it: the game looks gorgeous! The sundrop effect is just right. I don't mind the lighter tint on the figures considering how dark and busy the gameboard is (they need to stand out).
      I do still have problems with the rulebook (not the rules themselves). It is unnecessarily convoluted. It is something that for sure will have another revision if the game gets a retail release. And that black background... Nothing beats reading over white. Would have saved you some money on printing. It just needed a couple more editorial passes and maybe give the graphic designer more time to work on some of the layouts.

      But overall I am content with the direction AR is taking Nemesis in. Idk yet if this requires an experienced group to play with but I am happy and looking forward to playing it.

    44. Kristian Korvus on

      I'd prefer a bit darker color of the sundrop effect. I'm happy about the rest!

    45. Missing avatar

      Michał 'Kumo' Misztal on

      @Daniel Czarnecki: zgodnie z tym co powiedział Marcin we wczorajszym streamie, nie ma raczej co liczyć na udostępnienie polskiej instrukcji. Z bardzo prostego powodu: ewentualne udostępnienie czegokolwiek z wersji innych niż angielska NIE zależy od Awaken Realms. Wszystkie pozostałe wersje językowe są ogarniane przez partnerów AR, a wydawnictwa partnerskie raczej nie są zainteresowane udostępnianiem plików.

    46. Tate OKelly on

      I think the sun drop looks awesome. I’m glad I purchased this option.

    47. Scott D

      The sun drop is getting better. I’m still happy I didn’t take it as I’ll just do it myself, but credit where credit is due, it’s an improvement over your LOH sun drop for sure. Kudos for you pushing innovation forward.

    48. Captain Kirk on

      Lol, I wish we could have seen this quality of the sun drop months ago. I ended up not getting the sundrop and would have added it to my purchase. Great job and I will be looking forward to getting sundrop on the next product from you all.

    49. Denis Maddalena

      What's going on with the different base thicknesses?

    50. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Bouchard on

      Great work AR! Loved this update and so excited to get this game.

      Thank you for making corrections in the rule book, and no it will never be perfect but 95% better is great news !

      And agreed I feel some backers are way too nit picky at this point, I for one love the direction and final results shown.

      Thank you AR!