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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
30,553 backers pledged £3,080,833 to help bring this project to life.

Whats next...?



Yesterday Awaken Realms had quite a huge party to celebrate! Here are some pictures from our celebration ; )





 Whats next...? 

Let's assume that you have won Board Game "Oscar" - you get a gold statue, you get to deliver your speech, people call to congratulate, you go to a party. Next day you look at the Board Game Oscar at your shelf and smile proudly...and you go back to work, as in reality nothing change in the core - you just want to make awesome games, you just have bigger audience now, so you need to put even more effort into it. 

This is more or less our mind set - Nemesis Kickstarter was amazing, but next day we are right back at work with full focus on the workload before us. There is quite a lot to do too! 

What will be some of the key dates in upcoming dates? 

Processing payments 

For next 14 days, Kickstarter will collect payments from your credit cards. after those 14 days we will get the transferred money (- Kickstarter costs and fees). 

If you credit card will not accept the payment, make sure to contact Kickstarter, they will help you with that topic! 

Pledge Manager

For around 2-3 months, we will work on creating Pledge Manager, sorting out all add-ons, final shipping cost (taking into account all unlock SGs). 

We will be using our own solution - GameFound system. This system not only help us to get all your shipping data, collect money for shipping but also helps great deal with accountancy (it generates invoices etc.) 

  • In addition, on your gamefound account, you will be able to:
  • Change your address 
  • Modify your order if you want to add more in time
  • Change your pledge from the one present on campaing 
  • Add any add-ons. 

Once PM will be up, you will get email information from us and in form of the Kickstarter update too ;) 


We will be reporting progress once every 2-3 weeks. We will try to give you a lot of insights, so you will be able to provide your feedback and ideas, just like we did during the campaign! Reporting all the ups and downs of the company as well, so that you will know exactly what is going on. 

Once again - on behalf of our whole team - thank you guys for joining us! Now it is time to create amazing Board Game! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Yoan on March 2

      Hey Guys. How are you ? We miss you... No update :,(

    2. Kenny Lam on March 2

      In space no one hears you..... or updates it seems...

    3. Missing avatar

      Braden Frost on March 1

      Hey I am absolutely PUMPED for this game and I can’t wait until next year to receive it! I may have missed seeing an answer to this somewhere else, but I missed out on Lords of Hellas and would love to add a Titan package to my Nemesis order (because this game looks amazing as well!!!) is there any chance in the pledge manager that this will be an option? I am extremely sad that I missed out on it and would LOVE to give you guys even more support.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mortemanes on February 28

      Maybe they still celebrate? )

    5. Missing avatar

      Brad Crawford on February 23

      Nevermind about my question. I saw the FAQ.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brad Crawford on February 23

      I backed on the first day and got the medic for free. If I upgrade my pledge once the PM is open will that potentially impact me receiving the medic? I "only" backed at Captain but want to up it, probably to the all-in level so I get the sun drop minis and expansion(s).

    7. Mattias (Mr Tias) on February 20

      Arrghhhh .... 12 days and no update. My blood is cold as the empty space ... make my heart pump intense and warm as a star. I want to read and see something new. :-)

    8. AR_Jordan Collaborator on February 19

      @Daniel Valdivia

      It was done by some backers of the game, though they also worked with the game's developer so it is pretty legit.

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Valdivia on February 19

      I read somewhere that some one made a boardsimulation of the game, don't remember if it was you guys or just a backer of the project.. Any knowledge of the simulation?

    10. Ahmad Farid Bin Mohamed on February 16

      Congrats. Can’t wait to get the games.

    11. AR_Jordan Collaborator on February 15

      @Yuri Scherbyna It is possible some version of it might be up. Will have to see in the future.

    12. Yuri Scherbyna on February 15

      Guys, would you publish final rules before starting shipment? want to translate everything to Ukrainian before receiving the game.

    13. AR_Jordan Collaborator on February 13

      From @Ryan Wampleman What is the price for the add-on of the sun drop for all of the miniatures? (The carnomorphs, voidseeders, and the core box)

      - taken separately: core and SG: 30gbp, carno 15gbp, terrain 10gbp

    14. Missing avatar

      Ryan Wampleman on February 10

      Thank you for answering my question.

    15. Missing avatar

      Danny B on February 10

      Job well done Guys!! Keep us informed!!

    16. Pablo Grazziotin on February 10

      hahaha that IS a good question! 🤣

    17. Freddy on February 10

      @Ryan Wampleman Prices for individual add-ons will be available in the PM. Note that the Voidseeders and Aftermath expansions are stretch goals (free for everyone), and as such are included in the £30 sundrop option mentioned on the main campaign page.
      And based on the Sundrop Intruder pledge (which does include sundropping of all the add-ons), the assumption is that Sundrop for everything (including the Carnomorphs and Terrain add-ons) will cost £45, so the individual sundrop price for the Carnomorphs add-on alone will probably be around £10.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ryan Wampleman on February 9

      Awaken Realms:

      What is the price for the add-on of the sun drop for all of the miniatures? (The carnomorphs, voidseeders, and the core box)

    19. Jimmy Segrist on February 9

      Poland is the most amazing, nationalistic country on earth, coming from an American with no Polish blood

    20. Missing avatar

      Don_P on February 9

      Boss got a hot gf XD

    21. Missing avatar

      Mateusz M on February 9

      Give us opportunity to choose single box SUNDROP in Retailer Pledge!

    22. Missing avatar

      Phil on February 9

      Congratulations on a really good job of the kickstarter
      AR is based in Nottingham but don't recognise the pub, went to uni there and stayed on another 10 years

    23. David Harris on February 9

      Wooooohoooooo congrats

    24. Alessandro on February 9

      C'mon guys !!

    25. The Bacon Phoenix
      on February 9

      gamefound has issues when it comes to changing address...I hope you'll iron those out as part of your 2-3 month setup

    26. Bul on February 9

      Cool. Looks like you had a great time. :-D You totally deserved that party. Well done AR. And thanks again for making this game happen!

    27. Stefan Zimmermann on February 9

      Please tell me the party wasn’t public! So that I don’t have to be sad of not having been there with you ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      Florian Krenn on February 9

      Stretchgoal "Hangover" achieved? :D

    29. Vitezslav Ures on February 9

      Hope there are still some money left after the party. ;-)

    30. Nick on February 8

      Understood, that's awesome. And well done AR!!! You guys are gonna put out a stellar game here :D

    31. Alexandre Goh on February 8

      Well done! Congrats!

    32. Robert Mills
      on February 8

      looking forward to pledge manager

    33. Ian Hopkins on February 8

      Well done team hope you enjoyed your party. :)

    34. psychicblue on February 8

      Hi Nick - by my good experience with how it works this KS page stays up indefinately. You will hear news right here on the updates pages. When PM goes up, its a webpage where you assign your funds to what you want, and may increase funds or switch pledge levels. The PM will stay up a while, then close so orders can be processed and shipped,

    35. frederic gagne on February 8

      Congratulation! you deserve that party and some rest! this project is probably going to be among the best I have backed. few gave me so many emotions! Cheers again!

    36. Anthony Fisher on February 8

      @Nick The Kickstarter pages usually stay open even long after the game has been shipped out. As for the PM it will be a link emailed to you. No forums or updates in the PM as it is basically just a shop. The forums are the comments on the main project page here and the updates are posted here and emailed copies to you as well. Hope that clears it up.

    37. Nick on February 8

      how do I keep up to date on the progress of Nemesis now? Does this kickstarter page stay up till last wave shipping? (that seems unlikely)
      is the PM a whole new webpage with forums and updates etc?

    38. Missing avatar

      Alessandro on February 8

      _ _/ |__
      | __ |
      | __ |
      | ______ /

    39. Freddy on February 8

      @Dan M They said options for full paint would indeed be available in the PM.

    40. Missing avatar

      Dan M on February 8

      @AR Any chance of a pledge manager option for core box only, but fully hand painted? Would be great to have this option as an ultimate version of the core game box.

    41. Ralph E. Method on February 8

      Kage Korvus, If the wife finds out just show her what it would have cost after it hits market... lol Your looking at a good $380 to $400 in stuff in just the Cpt. pledge in a local shop in my area

    42. Missing avatar

      Ditsch on February 8

      I am shocked people are allowed to work for AR and have no beard. :)

    43. Nathan Camp on February 8

      Congratulations on a successful KS, can't wait to see this as it develops

    44. Missing avatar

      Steven Cherrill on February 8

      Congratulations on your campaign and the game! I hope you had a great night out!

    45. Freddy on February 8

      @Paul Smith The answer is simple:
      If you have a lot of money, go for fully painted
      If you have a lot of spare time, paint it yourself
      In all other cased, go for sundrop.

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Smith on February 8

      Congrats on very Successful KS... Paint or Not to Paint is the question..

    47. Freddy on February 8

      @Graham in The Pledge Manager. See the above update #25 for more details.