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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
30,553 backers pledged £3,080,833 to help bring this project to life.

Bounty Hunter!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey everyone! 

We have fully unlocked convict! 2 more to go! 

Before us, there is Bounty Hunter with his companion! 

Please note, that the art is work in progress and it will be better in the end (we really had very little time).

But we have almost finish model of him and his dog! We are really excited for this character as he will be really unique with rules for additional model (dog). 

Check out the renders of Bounty Hunter and his best friend





 Aftermath expansion characters and sculpts art that we have made together, will be Kickstarter exclusive. Whole expansion can be published in retail afterwards, but the crew will be different - this is something unique we have done together during this campaign and we want to make it also special for all of you! 

Final Stretch Goal will be Corporate CEO of your choice (number 7).

 We have few ideas for him and they will be probably connected with holding some sort of power over other crew members (their objectives), while having android at his side, helping him with potential combat. 

If you have any suggestions for him, make sure to let us know in the comments! 

We have still 18 hours to go! Lets unlock whole Aftermath expansion together!

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    1. Tomas Tidén on

      I hope that German Shepherd gets less scruffy looking. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Steven Cherrill on

      The robot seems like an orderly so I would think should have some type of basic medical functions, perhaps even a chance to hide and resurect the executive. If the executive is slow perhaps if he doesn't move he can have the robot do something at a distance. If he is an executive perhaps if he is in play all characters can have the option of swapping their objetice for an alternative one the exec knows about at the start of the game.

    3. Missing avatar


      What about another option for CEO #3 or 10 as a base point - potentially a Marshall? It would make sense what with a convict on board, and that character would be even better suited to it if it was covert prisoner transportation. Could work as a retail version character or some such.

      For the current CEO, what if they could:
      - give a new objective based around getting information back to their corporation?
      - potentially share an objective with another character aiding them?
      - use their ruthless intellect to be able to control the intruder for their benefit if they are killed/converted
      - give the other characters 'incentives' to do better in their specialties

      @Frank Calcagno while I have absolute faith in AR's ability to bring us an amazing character, if the character is unable to effectively fight, run, or manoeuvre then they will be a burden - one that people may need serious incentive to consider playing. The Aftermath expansion *starts* with evolved opponents, so it will make things increasingly hard to survive. Considering there is already an android, I am interested to see how this character pans out.
      I was hoping for a vote on which character would be used after the preliminary images like every other character in Aftermath, but I would be just as happy to see one of the other popular CEOs to be utilised as another character.

      Ultimately, I wouldn't have backed this game if I didn't trust that they will deliver an amazing game, considering the design chops they've shown thus far :P

    4. Andreu Sánchez Simón

      About ideeas for the CEO, I think it'd be cool that the android would have some relevance. Since it seems it helps him walk, maybe the CEO could set aside action cards to move instead of discard them: and the next time he draws cards he could choose to discard definitely the card(s) set aside, or discard a card to recover one of them. Or some of his action cards could have some secondary actions that activate when set aside/discarded to move.

      Also since he seems meant to be weak and slow maybe he could need to discard 2 cards to move.

      About other functions of the android, maybe it could work as a shield, protecting the CEO from attacks, or straight luring the aliens to attack it instead.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ken Creekmore on

      Which ceo won the vote. I don’t see an update for that unless it’s in 24?

    6. Wang Tang on

      happy to see the old man, not enough of those minis around

    7. Missing avatar

      Quirin on

      @Awaken-realms can you consider an additional Cooperate guy beside the CEO
      The corebox also have 5+2 additional characters in total.
      So perhaps you can additional a second corporate char. That would be great and everybody is satisfied (or make it a choice in the Pledge Manger to buy a additional corporate guy)

    8. Agustin Lesca on

      @Annihilator27 we did. CEO was put to a vote as all the characters in the Aftermath expansion did. The majority voted for this CEO so there we have it. I dont think that AR should change the result just because some of us don't like this mode. It kind of goes against the point of having a poll. It was fair and square.
      Not my first choice (I was going for Number 2) but

    9. Missing avatar

      Bruce Bangerter on

      Can we model the bounty hunter to have his finger *NOT* on the trigger? It's a minor thing, but it always bothers me.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nathan Painter on

      @Kenny, actually when I looked through the comments, the vast majority voted for someone other than the 7 option. 7 only received a plurality of votes (it was not a dominant choice by any means), and if given the choice between the old white guy and someone else, it is very possible that someone else would win. I am strongly in favour of having another vote between the top two - just like we had with the bounty hunter. If the old CEO wins again, then it is a true majority and we'll shut up. If someone else wins, well then it was clear it wasn't a popular option. If mine had won and people complained about it, I would be fine with another vote. That's the fairest way. I'm open minded enough to listen to the complaints about my character that won and see why others don't like it very much. I'd be like "Oh that's a good point, I can see that argument." And the only reason why it won is because the developers jumped the gun and announced it, unlike the bounty hunter which went immediately into the runoff vote.

      @Frank, lol you caught the "some guy named Frank" comment. Yeah I've read enough of these comments to recognize your name a lot, so I was making a joke about the irony of seeing your name a lot. I actually agree with your argument that AR should turn to developing the rules and mechanics of the game, but I feel like they have plenty of time to do that after the kickstarter ends, when the pressure is off. Maybe they could have another character for the 30,000 backer goal. I'd be more fine if the old boring white guy was 1/6 and not the 1 out of the precious five spots. But with all the comments I read, all of them are complaining. And just because that update got 3k comments, doesn't mean they were all made before this update, a lot of people are still posting on there. So it's actually a lot less and I'd say 500 complains is a lot, especially since the old white guy CEO only got a plurality and not majority. To me, it feels like the only reason people voted for him was because of the android, and that can be added to any character model. The best suggestion I saw for making this suggestion interesting is if the robot is the CEO and the white guy is some nonsense character pet.

    11. Hound of Tindalos


      And they can release the hound(s) of the bounty hunter

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew McGregor on

      Yes! The robot should definitely by called Smithers.

    13. Raemahn on

      What’s wrong with Mr. Burns being the CEO? He’s pretty intimidating.

      Congrats on getting across the finish line! Very much looking forward to receiving this game.

    14. Missing avatar

      Winfried Burger on

      YES! All stretch goals unlocked!! :D

    15. Frank Calcagno on

      Congratulations AR, you just met all your stretch goals! Great campaign!!!

    16. Annihilator27 on

      Can't we vote on the CEO design like with the Bounty Hunter?

    17. David Hladky on

      True. But until the figures are produced, nothing is set to stone. And I do hope they will reconsider it or at least find some reasonable excuse for him to be on board. The reactions of many are not "that figure was better", many say the current one is awful. Which I agree. The droid is completely fine, but it can be accompanying anyone.

    18. Rockox on

      If you could make it so that it looks less like the Executive is taking it up the butt by the robot, that'd be great too. Cheers.

    19. Rockox on

      I like the sculpt of the bounty hunter. He looks grizzled, cranky and someone who doesn't put up with any crap.

      The art, however, makes him look like some young goofball with a horrible hipster beard. Please make him appear older and more like the mini sculpt. Thank you!

    20. Nathan McCullough

      @Kenny -- fair enough, but.. 'everyone' apparently voted for Trump too.. gotta say was a bad call then.. and hes an old decrepit ceo too.. :P

    21. Frank Calcagno on

      Well, from some guy named Frank :) I think it would be better if AR works on rules and logistics of getting the product to the backers on time... I am sure they have a lot on their hands now that 30,000 people want the game...
      (And to be clear, I actually had hoped the old guy did not receive the vote...I think I voted for the young twerp...#3, I think. But of the 5, I only got my vote on 1 of them (the Bounty Hunter...) so, you move on and see where the ride takes you. After thinking about the potential of making a frail piece of garbage be the baddest-ass on the ship, it might be entertaining.

      I totally respect your views and desires, but a re-vote just seems like a waste of AR's precious time. (And BTY, people that are happy or do not care generally do not respond.) :) :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Piotr Doskocz on

      Maybe I will repeat myself when the finish line is almost there..

      "Maybe for CEO good solution would be to separate human and robot.
      CEO stays on the ship and remotely gives orders to robot. Here some good options would be like: delays, transmission mulfunction and so on (using cards I think it design proper actions would be easy). So maybe in the begining robot would be powerful but when he lost, old man would be alone.
      CEO on the ship would have some limited action, like maybe open/close door, maybe access to Nemesis systems (turrets ?) ONLY if robot fullfill some kind of objective.

      I don't know if the idea is OK, but it would introduce more atmospere and would make this character as it should be :)"

    23. Missing avatar

      Yordan on

      Is there any planned reward for 30K backers? :) Would be awesome.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Well i am fine with the Aftermath expansion:

      android: Technician/fighter (it could have integrated weapons for all we know)
      therapist: if old crew survived, find out what they knew, or make them forget. She looks pretty high tech, so probably a manipulator.
      bounty hunter: protection/investigation
      convict: probably history with aliens or ship. has ability that is needed. therapist and the other two are there to keep him in check.
      Executive: There because he want the job done correctly, sees the others as incompetent. Maybe there to get his hand on something (the old guy design is bad for this, the other options would have been better.)

      All in all i think it is solid enough. the original characters could also be used for the aftermath missions, i think a corporation has more than one soldier/scientist/scout/pilot.
      For the story of aftermath, it is more about getting their hands on something on the ship or on the aliens themselves. Some kind of secret. Obviously not an alien extermination mission.

    25. Kenny Lam on

      @Nathan over 3k comment where made during the CEO vote assume half of them wasn’t votes that is still 1.5k people voting. I am sure not everyone voted 7 to be the winner. But majority did. An interesting fact about feedback is that most of the time only people wanting to complain will be bothered to post something the rest of the people is happy with what they that got. So the complainers get confirmation bias. They see other complainers complaining so everyone must not like it as well. That’s not the case. It won cause more people liked it or else it wouldn’t have won.

    26. Philip Reilly on

      Please stop saying majority hates this design of CEO. If you base it off of majority of these comments it’s only 500. Not even close to majority.

      Please don’t have another revote or complete design change. Respect the voting process and the people who voted on this. How would you feel if people complained about your winning vote demanding change.

      Again it is not majority. A very small minority (of same people) commenting here and on Facebook.

    27. Alekto

      Could you make the dog look a bit more friendly and enthusiastic? In the artwork the dog is almost smiling and he seems to be happy following "his" human whereas the sculpture looks kind of old and grumpy. ^^

    28. Nathan McCullough

      Bounty hunter is awesome, but please change the CEO.. sending an old man on a space ship mission to explore a ship is a silly idea.

    29. Dyne1319

      Android could be a personal assistant, or the embodyment of the ships OS.

    30. Raemahn on

      More thoughts...

      (4) Prisoner could be the “painting of Dorian Grey” for the CEO. They are inseparably connected some how.

      (5) The Bounty Hunter is someone the CEO hired to aid them on this “salvage mission” and his job is to find an object of value to the Corporation (hence, the need for a dog to sniff it out).

      (6) Uncertain why we have an Android AND a CEO bot, but since we do, the Android could be a Security escort from the Corporation. OK, maybe not in that dress and those shoes. How about a science specialist that is able to identify weaknesses in the alien life forms better than the others, kind of like Data.

      Just thoughts (hey, they said they wanted ideas). I like where this expansion has gone to, regardless of all the complaining.

    31. Missing avatar

      Nathan Painter on

      The vast majority of these comments are people complaining about and hating the CEO model; I hate him too - very unoriginal. And most of the comments defending the CEO are all from some guy named Frank - the rest are loving the robot sidekick (which could actually just be added to any other model). It looks like the majority of the people are upset by this and being this controversial, I think a vote between the top two or three designs is completely fair to ask for, even after the Kickstarter ends. This is the last crucial piece of aftermath that makes it fit all together. Just because 7 got the most votes doesn’t mean everyone who voted for something else wouldn’t vote for the second choice in the runoff vote. I bet it would be an overwhelming majority of people voting against this boring design.

    32. SpicyRamen

      Strange that in the Aftermath expansion, a crew with the knowledge that something had happened entered the spaceship without any weapon experts

    33. Missing avatar

      Oliver Rabut on

      Please don't let the CEO look that fragile... He may be old but still he should be able take such a trip...

    34. Raemahn on


      (1) Maybe the Therapist has psychic abilities, enhanced/created by her headgear. This could give her different powers against the different alien species, like make her immune to insanity effects, etc.

      (2) CEO bot could be much like R2D2: Able to open damn near everything, hack into everything, etc. It should have resistance to Carnamorphs, and of course, it can’t house baby aliens. Maybe able to summon Droid to assist (against player’s will).

      (3) CEO may be able to draw life force from others, causing damage while reducing his own and enhancing his characteristics, until he’s more like the convict. Drawing like this could increase insanity. He should be highly susceptible to insanity. The CEO companion bot should be there as a check against his doing so, and maybe to restrain him from drawing life from others.

    35. Missing avatar

      Cristian Galera on

      I think that the prisoner could have some kind of critical information and/or experience about the alien lifeforms. An atipycal field expert, but he's too dangerous to come without surveillance. Here is where the bounty hunter enters in play.

    36. Missing avatar

      Winfried Burger on

      Only 58000 Pounds to go, but only 2,5 hours left...

    37. Thomas P. on

      @nooneknows: like the design for EXECUTIVE of your post:…

      a mini like this .. and if they want the can give her/him a small android to help her/him ...

    38. David Hladky on

      And why the prisoner then?

    39. Radioland on

      @Kenny Lam - yes, but she has boobs and sexiness (not) so everything is alright for all the complainers. It seems "survival potential" is measure by two very different tools for these people

    40. Missing avatar

      Cristian Galera on

      Maybe the therapist it's not there to help the survivor crew, but to convince them that what they saw never happened. Using very hard and expensive drugs if necessary.
      Maybe the purpose of the whole Aftermath crew is not to help nor investigate, but to hide the responsibility of the president and CEO of the company about the Nemesis events.
      The administrative-IT android will fit very well in all that. Nobody would ask why she's escorting the president, but she can copy and delete all the information at the flight recorder in seconds, as much as she can pilot without problems.

      As told, I really find a very interesting story here. Way more, actually, than the movie Prometheus, as you said, wich has one of the worst scripts ever ( as always Damon Lindelof do) :P

    41. David Hladky on

      To sum up the aftermath expansion: give a ship worth a few billion dollars to a group of psychopaths. Make sure they have high tech weapons but almost no ammo and send them to investigate what happened to another ship worth a fortune.

      If the crews switched, it would actually made a sense (a prison transport overtaken by aliens and a ship with a standard crew trying to find out what happened). But right now this is a nonsense.

    42. J. F. Lewis

      Story-wise: I’d envision the ceo with his therapist (physical, psychological, or both), bot, and droid assistant have rendezvoused with the bounty hunter the ceo hired and they escaped convict the ceo wanted caught when they get news that the Nemesis has had an undefined mishap.

      The ceo decides to check things out personally (that ship represents a huge chunk of credits after all) and pays the bounty hunter to come with him for added protection. When they get there and realize just how dangerous things are the convict is offered money and freedom to help the ceo reclaim his company’s property or recoup the investment.

    43. Kenny Lam on

      Therapist really being able to fight an intruder... realistically she has less chance than the old guy sending his robot to do his bidding. What she going to do? A therapy session on the intruder to resolve why he is always so angry?

    44. Phoibos on

      @ Christian
      Your story idea is neat but a Medic would make much more sense than a therapist in that situation

    45. Randall Silver on

      Please, everyone, stop mentioning Prometheus *shudders*. Probably the worst film I have ever seen (and to my shame, I HAVE seen some Michael Bay films), full of really bad acting, plotholes galore and not even set in the Alien universe we all loved since seeing Alien 1 & 2.

      That being said: the old guy with droid won!? I like the figure, but I do have to agree with many people here when I say: how would that guy EVER make a flamethrower and use it on the intruder queen??

    46. Shawn Unruh on

      Not a fan of the CEO design.

      I really wanted a young up and coming, ruthless, CEO. Not a stereotypical old doddering man whom a stiff breeze will knock over or kill. #10 and #2 were the best - #2 was cocky with that 'I deserve to have everything" kinda look, and #10 was all business, hyper professional, and confident.

      This is just... too stereotypical.

      I mean I'm not a fan of the convict (mainly the idea - why? Why is he coming aboard? I don't get it. But also not a huge fan of the sculpt). But at least with him I can see him able to actually fight the intruders. The old guy would just die of fright immediately.

      But the Bounty Hunter and the Therapist. Spot on. Those are awesome (not even what I voted for necessarily, but still very good).

      Still not a fan of the CEO at all.

    47. Kenny Lam on

      I would have thought the ship name Prometheus would be more appropriate :P

    48. yr81 on

      @Cristian Galera. I like your idea

    49. Missing avatar

      Cristian Galera on

      Btw, may I suggest the name of "Icarus" for the Aftermath ship?

      Those who wants to fly too close from the sun would probably fall...