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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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Convict 3D model!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Short update in between bigger update later on today (everyone is working like crazy to make it happen) - Michal, our 3D artist, managed to finish Convict 3D model, check him out! 

He is also as for know unlocked and will join Aftermath crew! Only 2  more left! 

 Here are some more renders! 



 OK, final 24 hours are upon us! Lets give our best in spreading the word around and unlock full Aftermath expansion! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      peter on

      I would suggest as a convict who looks that dangerous he definitley should wear shackles around bis ankles so he cant use bis feets against Guards and it would add immensley to the immersion of that character otherwise i love the model!


    2. Missing avatar

      Melvin Burton on

      I think the archetypes perfectly fit in with the setting, the Android because clearly it will be immune to infection, the convict because "Hey let's test infection on a live subject".

      The bounty hunter because only someone so mercenary would be crazy enough to take this job.

      The CEO because the corporate bottom line hangs on the success or failure of the potential loss of the ship and crew and its un intended but potentially profitable cargo.

      The therapist to try and analyse human reaction when exposed to such creatures and potentially the creatures psychology.

      What military wouldn't want to be able to have a controllable version as bio weapons?

    3. Missing avatar

      Piotr Doskocz on

      Hi (sorry for my English :) ) !
      Just a proposal here:
      For me convict as a member of the crew of the rescue/random CEO ship is a little bit too much. For me he doesn't fit into the plot. BUT I think there would be easy solution for this (probably):
      convict would be a hybrid of the human and the Intruder. This would make him quite powerful (think of someone who can't be attacked by larvae or regular Intruder and can give them simple orders), but he couldn't use items (or he would have limitation for those).
      As a balance mechanism for his powers would be: when he would have too many infection cards (tbh I'm not so much familiar with the rules, so correct this if I'm wrong) then he would need to fulfill Intruder objective. Survival of the race, like set course to Earth, kill other members, protect Queen.

      This is just a proposal. Nevertheless model and concept of the convict in general is great !

    4. Andrew Candy

      This is excellent, maybe my favorite character model so far. It really conveys the feeling of a convict who is dangerous and perhaps desperate. Great work!

    5. Ian Hopkins on

      @Mike the Knight
      Take another look at the close up its connecter between implants not a crack!

    6. Mike the Knight on

      I like the new pose, but does it need the crack in his head?

    7. Lorenzo Meucci on

      I honestly better like convict's pose shown in his picture. This one is really too similar to the rogue one.

    8. Kristian Korvus on

      Geez this sculpt is insane! I just hope the mini will be at least nearly as good as this :-)

    9. Hound of Tindalos

      Maybe the therapist is the patient, and the convict is the psychiatrist

    10. Missing avatar

      Rob Haworth

      Great sculpt on the convict.
      Personally I think the therapist would look better if she was less "sexy" as per the original artwork. That was one of the reasons why I voted for her.

    11. Sangrial on

      I'm not sure about the cracked head...
      Also, please widen the therapist hips, we want more body diversity!

    12. David Wright

      The aftermath crew feels like what you would send in when you have no idea why a vessel like Nemesis came back early.

      -therapist to help with any possible trauma
      -A convict on some sort of work release/cannon fodder
      -the guard to keep him in line
      -the corperate rep placed in charge to resolve why the ship came back early

      another note, the way Nemesis's main crew reads more military operation than mining crew but ultimately whos to say that the crew who wakes up is the only crew or that you cant mix and match the crews from aftermath to fit your own story?

      it really comes down to how much info is on those found crew cards...if its a simple "randomly select an unused character" then the play styles and game stories doubles

    13. NAVARRO David on

      Clin d oeil a bullrog de loisel ???
      Genial... personnage magnifique, merci.

    14. Frank Calcagno on

      ...well, obviously ppl are waiting around for an announcement :) Maybe we can amuse ourselves coming up with a ship name for the Aftermath ship. Anyone?

    15. Jaakko Elorae on

      Great scultp and great character as well. I like the android sculpt as well, she is not in the space to kill aliens, she was there to accompany the CEO, or whatever :). I do admit that the therapist pose, specifically from the side, is bit "baywatchy", but the sculpt is quite ok from the front. I might have supported a bit more "normal" pose though.

      About "Why are these together" -question: I'm mostly thinking aftermath ship like the one in Pitch Black. Bunch of people on a normal space route, going home or bringing back a convict etc. I'm not thinking it as a specifically prepared salvage crew.

    16. Ian Hopkins on

      Having watched a few play-through's it shows that some of the objectives include sending a signal.
      This is probably to the Aftermath ship which is waiting in the wings to retrieve something from the nemesis I guess we will only find that out from the Aftermath objectives. As the Aftermath has no visible cryo area its probably safe to assume its only a short range ship possibly a shuttle from a bigger Company vessel.

    17. Frank Calcagno on

      ...Mission of new ship: I think it would be cool if AR inserts a stack of "ship mission" cards at the from of the Aftermath game. Each card would specify what the purpose of the ship is, thus defining it's overall mission. That way, each time you play, you will have a slight difference of overall objectives which influences the character's Primary Objectives. The ship could be 1. Private transport; 2. commercial transport, 3. Prison ship (and it turns out all the passengers are prisoners (even the therapist and android,..wouldn't that be interesting?, 4. military ship, 5.scientific ship, 5. Exobiology scout ship... etc etc...

    18. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      This is the best sculpt in Aftermath so far!! Great art, design, theme and pose!! :-))) if only the android and therapist poses can be tweaked... ;D

    19. Frank Calcagno on

      When I was a kid growing up in Western New York, the eleven o'clock evening news would always start with: "It's eleven o'clock; do you know where your children are?"
      Ahem, ...uh...AR? "It's 2200. Do you know where Update 23 is?" :)

    20. Hound of Tindalos

      Maybe the supplement is not a salvage mission - maybe the add-on is about a space sanitorium or prison for really wild prisoners.

      The prisoner's only companion is the Android (nightgown now makes sense) - also see "The Lonely" Twilight zone episode

      On occasion, a psychologist comes to visit to check on rehabilitation -

      Well, on this particular mission OOOPS INTRUDERS.... what a trio

    21. Dantankerous on

      @ Dennis Ley, myself & some others were wonder this a while ago. For me it's a regular transport, on a routine run, but when the Nemesis goes dark, 'The Company', (that owns them both), steps in & redirects the transport to have a look; especially if one of their executives is on board. That's why you have such a disparate passenger list.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dennis Ley on

      I really like this model of the character.

      Just - like many others - a little confused about line-up of the aftermath-crew from a thematic perspective. The original crew absolutely makes sense, but why are all these random people on a salvage mission?

    23. Missing avatar

      Wayne Poppleton on

      This is my favourite model yet!

    24. Kevin Hansen on

      @hound i bet you Do haha

    25. Hound of Tindalos


      Howdy! I appear in many places ;)

    26. Hound of Tindalos

      Hmmm... instead of a gun, too bad he doesn't have a nice shiny meat cleaver.

      Then he can rock Hannibal/Bane and Jason all in one.

    27. Kevin Hansen on

      @hound Hey remember you from JoA

    28. Danny Shafer

      I really like the new model. Better than the first render by far.

    29. Hound of Tindalos

      "A space census take tested me once"

      "I ate his liver with freeze-dried pureed fava bean paste and my in mask distilled alcohol based grape juice....SLURP SLURP SLURP"

    30. Kevin Hansen on

      The pose from the card is better. I Like it shirtless :)

    31. Frank Calcagno on

      @ Dantankerous: I think the convict had to put the pilot out of her misery when he escaped...

    32. Frank Calcagno on

      ...maybe the pants are electrified and if he gets frisky, the jailer (who is long since dead, BTY) can zap him where it hurts.

    33. Hound of Tindalos

      CONVICT: "Do you dream much Psychologist?"

      PSYCHOLOGIST: I'm leaving

      CONVICT: "Wait, wait, you haven't even threatened to take away my vid-books yet.... show me the file and I'll tell you what I think...."


      CONVICT " You know how you caught me...? I wanted to be caught! HAHA! This is PARTY TOWN!"

    34. Dantankerous on

      I was wondering that too, @Barry Kendall. I'm going with the story that it's a regular transport, on a routine run, but when the Nemesis goes dark, 'The Company', (that owns them both), steps in & redirects the transport to have a look; especially if one of their executives is on board. However, the transport would need a pilot.

    35. Corey Hastings

      This looks great!! His gun looks a little tiny compared to his hands, but overall I am really digging it!

    36. Chris Maile on

      @Micheal pollard seriously? It's a kickstarter man this is how they build intrigue for people coming in late. We did get aftermath, could of just been rules and not much else but now they are fleshing it out for our benefit. It's like a whole other game! Enjoy the run in!! :)

    37. Hound of Tindalos

      Actually, looks more like Bane than Hannibal...

    38. Hound of Tindalos


      What, don't all androids wear evening gowns?

      Hannibal is SPACE - no one can hear you EAT THE RUDE

    39. Missing avatar

      Craig on

      I agree the artwork with no shirt and clear handcuffs and implants in the body is better than the model

    40. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Rather looks like Hannibal Lecter In Space with Riddick's body. Still trying to figure out why there's a "convict" on a salvage ship alongside a psychologist and an android in an evening gown . . . .

    41. Missing avatar

      Frank B

      makes you think that we should have a "Jailer" character

    42. mitchell king

      Is that a gun he is holding?

    43. Jonathan on

      I think it would look better if it had the same pose as the artwork

    44. Ken Hawkins on

      Great I'm with Bryan, the shoulder pieces are on opposite sides.

    45. Missing avatar

      Andreu Accensi Subirats on

      Kudos to the AR concept artist his style is top notch. What a pity the art book is not bigger. 3D artist is good to but the original crew models is where he shines, I guess 3d needs more time to achieve that same level of quality and the models for the SG are rushed.

    46. Missing avatar

      Bryan Pflanzer

      Looks great, though I noticed the shoulder pieces were on opposite sides, was this intentional or possibly overlooked? Either way Sept can't come soon enough.

    47. Michael langzfor on

      The best character for aftermath so far.

    48. Missing avatar

      Michał 'Kumo' Misztal on

      @AR Jordan & Bananakin : aerosol sedatives against panic, combat drugs for fight, some heavy drugs to make him appear dead and avoid being attacked by Intruders... Sounds like a good idea for some of Convict's starting Items :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Michał 'Kumo' Misztal on

      Awesome! The flesh, the scar, the clothes (well, those boots look not exactly perfect... but overall, it's still awesome!)
      Patryk, Ewa, Michał (and everyone in AR team) - you are awesome!