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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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Final 48h! Therapist and convict! 5th aftermath character vote!

Hey everyone! 

This is it! This is the finish line, we are at final 48 hours of the campaign and we have already managed to unlock yet another aftermath character! 2 out of 5 are already on board of extra ship heading to Nemesis ; ) 

Ok, before we will go to usual update stuff, we would like to say few words from the bottom of our hearts. 

This game is already successful beyond our wildest expectations and having all of you here feels amazing. But we would like to thank all of you who took such an active approach and put their attention and creativity to help us with this game. 

Obviously one of the biggest thanks are to our two beloved bots - Ar_Jordan and Ar_Collin for all the hard work they make with managing community. We have over 25 000 comments on the main threat and perhaps twice as many under updates. Managing the community feedback was such a HUGE TASK and they both did an amazing job: answering most popular question, preparing files summing up ideas and feedback and leading the conversation both here and on FB group. 

Huge thanks to Ken, David and Steven for creating Tabletop simulator for the game, so many of you could try out the game and get the feel of it. This was huge chunk of work and the way the mod is working is thanks to those amazing fellas! 

Huge thanks to all of you - backers, who kept supporting us not only with money, but also feedback and spreading the word. We had so much fun creating all those expansion with you - voting, catching and implementing your ideas, debating and enhancing them. 

Right now we are on the finish line, so lets get this campaign a finish it deserve! ;) 


As you probably seen on the main KS page - we already unlocked Therapist model and all her cards. 

 Here are some close ups on here model (please note it is still work in progress)




Crew encounters card 

Crew encounters deck will determine, what will happen once you will draw crew member from the Intruder back (find one of the Nemesis original crew). Perhaps he will be dead with no items, or you might find something useful... or even he might be alive! 

Additional ship board

This board will represent ship that Aftermath crew have "docked" to Nemesis. We are still debating exactly what will be on it, but most probably few extra rooms. What will be important is that to survive characters only escape will be to get back to their original ship... and hope nothing found a new home on it. 


Ewa also managed to complete Convict are and we think he looks really awasome! 

Miniature is coming soon (tomorrow) as well as Bounty Hunter! 

 Here is the art by Ewa! 

 5th character final vote! 

Ok guys, last vote is before us! 

As per very popular request, last character is "corporate person". Przemek, when making concept took few directions, such us: CEO, Agent or lawyer. 

Hope this will give you a huge diversity to choose from! As always, vote in the comments! 

 Ok guys! Final hours, lets keep it up, spread the word and unlock Aftermath expansion in full! 

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    1. Freddy

      10 (or 6)

    2. Missing avatar

      Miskatonic Melfar on

      The old corporate greedy dude is awesome I think. People who can't get around the Alien franchise comparison should get their heads out of the dark space it's stuck in. It's one of the true archetypes in the sci-fi enviroment streatching all the way from Blade Runner over Dune to The Expanse. The funding, the greed and ambition alone for going deep space would not be possible without rich odious people pulling the strings in the first place and I love that the developers included this cool character in the universe of Nemesis. Respect.

    3. Jeff Hunter on

      7 or 9 are both awesome

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard Medeiros on

      Freaky sci-fi agent FTW

    5. Missing avatar

      Abel on

      10 No doubt!
      Half Life anyone?!?

    6. Antony Barlow on

      10. Absolutely has to be 10.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kushko on

      7 for sure. :)

    8. Mabinguari

      10 is the best, but the 2 variant is also good!

    9. Ian on

      2 or 10. They seem to give off that "I'm super rich, and maybe I can pay off the aliens" look.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexander Tomic on

      The suitcase reminds me of Half-Life

    11. Missing avatar

      Craig on

      @netreus yes definitely number 7, more diversity not just the same looking archetypes. Plus he comes with a nurse bot so from a gameplay is by far the most interesting. You won't be able to be aggressive as he is so frail. But I'm sure his bot can come to his aid if an alien was to back him in a corner!

    12. netreus on

      7 ??!??!?? Really ?!?
      You all still voting for that old incompetent fart with old rusty robot?!?
      No imagination there?

    13. Núria

      @Frank you are completely right in saying that the illustration art for the therapist is gorgeous and that perhaps the mini cannot get into that level of detail especially in showing the eyes with the glasses on. Not sure what the solution is... but removing the glasses from the mini does not seem to be great. ;) I misunderstood you with the cause of the problem, and I get the suggestion of the glasses on the head now. Perhaps they could also be hanging from a pocket or neckline, etc. ? As you say, in any case the work has been impressive and we´ll be happy with what the game offers us!

    14. Núria

      @Brian regarding the glasses, I understand that they might be too thick, but I would agree more on first asking if they can be thinned rather than removed. On the other hand, as it is the future, maybe they don't just correct your sight. Just saying. ;)