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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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Sundrop update

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hi Guys! Adrian here. Its 11pm and I am cleaning shirt of cat hair to make a background for sundrop intruder pictures :)

But before we go deep into sundrop update we forgot to announce 20k backer free gift winner - 1) Catonaut! 

You can check out art for Catonaut below hope you like it ;)

Purpose of Sundrop update

Main purpose of this update is expectation control. We had some amazing feedback on LOH sundrop but some negative as well. We believe that it could be avoided if we only explained everything in more detail earlier and showed much more samples from different angles, including production technology, techniques etc.

This is what we did in LoH campaign few weeks ago and what we want to do now so you can make fully informed decision. We do not want to advertise sundrop as magical painting technique. We see it as cheap option to make PVC models look better than just plain gray plastic and we want you to think about it in those terms as well.


I took liberty to steal some of my sundrop update from Lords of Hellas campaign so if it sounds familiar to some - it is.

Like some of you I paint miniatures and it has been my passion for 5 years now. As you may know Awaken Realms started as painting studio and I have always been obsessed with speed painting. However introducing sundrop into our boardgames was Marcin's Idea. I "just" had to implement it and make it possible. We do a lot of new stuff and try many things but it was one of the most difficult tasks for me. But we have already sundropped 3000 sets of LoH and learned from lots of mistakes. We are much better prepared for Nemesis now.


For most of you this update will be pointless as you are or will be satisfied with sundrop but for those with some doubts we have prepared a longer explanation :)

Sundrop is painting technique combining preshade and wash. We even referred to it most of the time as “Sundrop preshade”. In order to have a shaded mini it needs to be contrasted from white to black or from darker to brighter color. Some parts need to be white, some black, and everything in between grey or colored.

All Sundrop models as boardgame pieces are painted in a way they would look best on table, they are supposed to be looked at from above. So if you pick your sundrop model to your eye level and you can see some grey or black parts its because they are meant to be there in order to create contrast. If you look at model directly from above it should be all bright, directly from below all black, and when placed on board it should look as intended.

You can see some examples below with same model from different angles:




Please note although these are mass production plastic samples, the color and quality is not final. We will aim for same color as on samples but we will be changing our washes to other brand and color may be slightly different.  


Sundrop is nothing new. One Sundrop set can be easily done by any painter in few hours with similar or better results. The whole difficulty comes from making it fast and cheap. We offer Sundrop corebox for 30gbp, for that kind of price you can get in hobby store basecoat primer, canned varnish and few paints, if you are lucky a brush. Thanks to such big scale we can squeeze painting all models for that price as well.

Final quality

Sundrop models are supposed to look better than unpainted plastic and we believe that we achieved that - it is something we developed for people who do not paint / don't have time for it but want something better then raw plastic. In our opinion models look very well on board and much more interesting than raw plastic and this is what really counts for us.

Nemesis sundrop samples from LOH

Please note that Nemesis sundrop samples from LOH do not represent final quality. To be honest most of them are much under level that we wanted to achieve. We also did them in at least 6 different color versions and technique versions to gather feedback so those samples were not final and as you can see on pictures from this update there was still place for improvement. 

Random hand painted blood effects.

In your final box you will get sundrop models with hand painted blood effects, they will be randomly applied to different model and different parts.

In final box there should be around 50% intruders without and 50% with blood on different places such as face, scythes, bases etc.

You can see a sample quality of sets of intruders below. You can notice difference in shades of highlights and this is something you can also expect from mass production painting, not all models will look exactly the same.

Please note that we paint models 100-1000 at once and it is very hard to make them perfectly identical. 

Can I paint over sundrop models?

Nemesis sundrop is different than LOH. All models are prepainted in colors and we apply blood effects by hand. So if you are a painter and want to upgrade your Sundrop models by painting details you can easily paint over them but if you want to paint different color scheme or prime them we would recommend not to take sundrop addon.

Carnomorphs and Voidseeders

Carnomorphs will be casted in brown and have beige highlight and red wash plus hand painted blood effects. Please note that sample below is sundropped by hand, not a mass production photo. Although you can expect similar colors and same quality as on intruders.

Voidseeders will be either casted in black, painted white and washed with purple, or casted in purple with same painting technique. We will also add some effects similar to blood but with green color.

We still have a lot of testing to do but you can see sample color for Carnomorphs and Voidseeders below. (color samples were made on intruder models)




Sundrop heroes and Terrains.

Heroes and terrains will be sundropped in either black and white (same as LOH) or grey/bluish shades to emulate dark lightning on nemesis ship. You can see both samples below. We still have some tests to do to choose best shades. (samples on LOH hero models)

IS sundrop for me?

If you are satisfied with pictures we have provided and want to get cheap painted versions then go for it. If you have doubts that it will not meet your expectations then don’t. If you are not sure about final color and quality of intruders or Voidseeders or Carnomorphs then we suggest to wait for final mass production samples that will be published before pledge manager. 

Sundrop costs for addons 

Sundrop costs for addons will be announced tomorrow.


Full painted version of Nemesis will be available in Pledge manager. At this moment we can’t announce final painting quality, samples or price. It will be however similar to LOH full painted version, you can check out quality and price here:

That's it for today, thanks for reading and stay tuned for bigger update tomorrow :)


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    1. Michael C.

      I'm also hoping for more sundrop pictures (of mass production) before the pledge manager closes!

    2. Michael Pollard on

      You say "we suggest to wait for final mass production samples that will be published before pledge manager. " Pledge Manager is now available, so can you direct me to the final production samples?

    3. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Greg Bach

      Yes, definitly

    4. Missing avatar

      Unklfester on

      will i be able to add sundrop addition after i made initial pledge?

    5. Frank Calcagno on

      @AR_Jordan. Great, thanks. I use acrylics too. :)

    6. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Frank It is acrylic paint... I have never found acrylic and enamel to mix well.

    7. Frank Calcagno on

      Does Sundrop employ acrylic or enamel? If we over-paint with the opposite type of paint, will that create adherence or compatibility problems?

    8. Missing avatar

      Dariusz Czepiel on

      1. Is subdrop price only for core box or core box + stretch goals are included in subdrop price?

      2. Now that it's over can you specify how many figures will core box + stretch goals contain?

    9. The King of Average on

      @Marvin-John that can be a bit confusing. the SG comic is only 20 pages, the optional buy that you are talking about is another 80+ on top of that.

    10. Missing avatar

      Marvin-John Gow on

      Hi, the sundrop Intruder pledge includes a script comic book. But isn´t that already included into the core box strech goals?

    11. Missing avatar

      NakiCoTony on

      Catruder wuld be a great closing. :)

    12. Phillip Knapp on

      Nothing was announced yesterday for final price on Sundrop as mentioned in the update. Nor are there options in the pledge manager. I imagined those came after the kickstarter was over.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      I'm sure you guys have improved on your process, but I REALLY can't stress how disappointed I was with the way sundrop turned out for LoH. For the models it was done well on, I'm more than happy with what I saw, but the problem is that half the box looked like my 10 year old niece took a can of spray paint to the models. Heracles's army is so bad, we don't even like playing with them.

      Your mileage may vary, but I'm staying away this time... especially at the price point.

    14. Rand Chua TL on

      do we vote on the color on the sundrop for our mini?

    15. Skazz

      @Jay. Thanks a lot for the information.

      What do you personally think looks better?
      I have MvM and think the minis look quite cool.

    16. Englishpete on

      Will it be possible to have the Sundrop effect without the hand painted blood?
      I have something in mind for my models.

    17. Jay on

      @skazz No, in MvM the Minions are more like a traditional ink / dark wash.

      Sundrop is more like adding highlights

      Very different finishes in my opinion (I own both MvM and Lords of Hellas)

    18. Veroni

      Second that, Janice. :)
      Too many games with minis still to paint, and the sundrop effect looks really cool I think.

    19. Nakano

      @Shawna Yes as mentioned in update. However, heroes have different color than enemies.
      A little unfortunate that sundrop cannot be purchased separately for monsters in core+stretchgoal expansion. I don't think sundrop looks good on heroes.

    20. Missing avatar

      Shawna LaDelpha

      is everything in the core box going to be painted the same colour?

    21. Skazz

      Does anybody know if the Mech vs Minions minis had something similar to sundrop?

    22. Missing avatar


      @Finagle, I'm just guessing but they probably want to use different colors for the different intruder types for the same reason you might want to use a different paint palette on an orc than you might use on a human. I imagine they used the concept art and the vision they have for how these creatures would look to inform their color decision. Honestly, I appreciate that they even thought about changing color scheme based on intruder type.

      I'm not sold on the heroes at the moment, but in general I like the unique look and feel of everything else and I'm glad to hear that terrain isn't being neglected. Nothing throws off ambiance like stock grey terrain next to shaded/painted miniatures.

    23. Steve on

      The reason I like miniature games is to paint the models myself, so sundrop doesn’t matter to me.

    24. Janice MacConnell

      What a great update! As someone who has far too many minis in the painting queue, sundrop seems like a great way to get a sharp looking minis on the table for a lot less than full paint. Colour me very tempted. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Travis ward on

      Is there going to be a full pledge? With everything sun dropped, everything with paladin sleeves and all add-ons/expansions?

    26. Gilberto Guillen on

      looks nice, however I am the kind of person that likes to paint its own stuff and personalize things, and I never liked the biometal kind of thing in aliens like this, I like more of a exoskeleton made with hardened bones, which is what I intend to paint on them :P, not the updated I expected but nice info.

    27. Justin B. on

      As someone not interested in Sundrop, I still appreciated the information and expectation management in this update.

    28. Finagle

      I was wondering... why would you use different colors for the different intruder types.... as far as I understood they are not ment to be used simultaneously but on a "instead of"-basis.... furthermore, I would appreciate a white base color for the character miniatures .. that would make it much more easy to use thinned paints or even washes to introduce individual colors to them while keeping the genereal preshaded base....

    29. Missing avatar


      Also (if we are willing to wait) could we have an option on which sundrop scheme we want out aliens in?

      I'd love all of them in Carnomorph.

    30. Missing avatar


      Love the option for fully painted heroes, but could you guys please whip up a prototype of what you guys will be going for? I'll be trying to get as close to their character card a possible .

    31. Robbie Nijdam on

      Are the sundrop mini's going to be varnished? It seems that the mini's in the promotional material have a bit more "shine". I really loved that wet, greasy, oilly look. I still think the sundrop still looks great.

    32. Missing avatar

      bharat on

      please have an option to only sundrop the aliens..i love the sundrop on the aliens but the humans not so much

    33. TecnoSmurf on

      I think the Marines should be the grey/bluish shades, exactly because of the look of dark and dim lit surroundings. Yet painting them by hand while the intruders get sundropped seems interesting to ^^

    34. Alex Kruml on

      Sundrop looks really good for me, i have no time and patience for color my mini.
      Great work, i add the cost of the Sundrop for sure!

    35. Johnathan on

      Hard to believe catruder lost... I swear I seen more votes for him over the plain old catonaut. Let’s hope his air hose doesn’t break... ;). Might just make that my secret mission to cut his air supply in the name of Catruder!

    36. Missing avatar

      skotos on

      I really like the idea of Sundrop and it looks great! To be able to get Sundrop for Intruders and full painted Heroes is perfect! well done!

    37. Missing avatar

      Gilbert Guerin on

      Fair enough for the sundrop specific to the Carnomorph. Not discussing your designer choices or if it is appropriate or not to the theme.
      But as you showed different color options in the Sundrop Update specifically for this add on, we can only suppose it was to get some feedback from different points of view. Nothing more, that should derive to bigger concerns of what is "allowed" or not.
      I honestly thought it may be a good solution to have the option (specifically if furthermore it reduces the impact of additional manual and time consuming actions on your side). At the end of day, you will still be the one deciding where you want to take it and what is logistically viable or not ;-).
      Very interesting campaign nevertheless. Nice job!

    38. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      Uh I read all comments and there are lot of questions that pop up multiple times so I will just post an overall statement:

      Are you anticipating delayed shipping of Nemesis sundrop like there was for LoH sundrop?
      Loh Sundrop process takes 2 months longer than anticipated. It’s not that bad but it should not happen. We were planning to ship all sundrop LOH in December but we will finish sun dropping in February. We have rented whole building and employed 4 additional workers to total 12 people who we took from our other branches. Main delay is caused by hoplites and priests as they count up for ¾ of model in core and ¾ of time. Without them we would be done in December.
      Why we do not expect any sundrop delay for Nemesis?
      We already have building, crew, materials and technology we need. Nemesis does not have whole armies of hoplites to paint.
      Master moulds for most frequent model: Intruder are ready so we will begin casting them right after campaign and they are planned to be sundropped many months before main sundropping starts for remaining models.

      Can we have intruders in sundrop and heroes without sundrop?

      Short answer – No. It would be fulfillment nightmare for us, sorry about that. We will only offer sundrop for whole core or nothing. If you want to paint over sundropped heroes or just paint them grey no problem, you can do that over sundrop. Like with LOH heroes they will have a very thin coat of paint and varnish.

      Can we have full hand painted heroes with sundrop intruders?

      As this is very popular question in comments I can say yes :) We will make that option in Pledge manager so you will be able to buy sundropped models plus full painted heroes. How is that different in terms of fulfillment to above option? Fully hand painted models have different procedures for packing and we can sort them out differently than rest.

      K.S. about 1 hour agoReport spam
      wonderfull paintin with Sundrop. Only one thing I have to say. Green blood on Voidseekers is not nice. Why green blood? Humans have red blood.
      -Its not green blood, just some green effect – some substance produced by voidseeders :)

      Gilbert Guerin
      Carnomorhps are an addon, they are “Zombie corpses” that eat flesh and are made of exposed flesh bone and blood. Whole theme is very graphic in story and art so I believe such sundrop is more than appropriate .

    39. Missing avatar

      Gilbert Guerin on

      @Peter Gunvard - still ;-) -> "Manual supplementary tasks (costing them additional time, ressources, effort, commitment) for blood addition might not be necessary for all and alleviating some concerns. Fine if some want them or not. Win win solution for all."

    40. NexDragon on

      +1 for catintruder add on!!!!

      Sundrop looks awesome, hope it doesn’t variate so much between each mini and u achieve a satisfying overall standard :)
      Adding it to my pledge
      Thanks AR

    41. DoomSage

      Damn it, no Catruders for my galaxy conquering army. I am soo sad.
      Seriously, I am fine.
      But that Sundrop preshade, I have seen it live at Spiele Messe 2017 in Essen, Germany, and it was gorgeous. At that time I could not imagine that you would ever make it available for all (at costs) and I was sad.
      But now I am happy! Let the Pledge Hammer fall!

    42. Missing avatar

      Per G on

      To all of those who wants PG rating sundrop: It's a horror-sci-fi board game. I think AR made that very clear.

    43. Missing avatar

      Gilbert Guerin on

      All I am saying is Sundrop is very fine and looking very good (for what it is). Manual supplementary tasks (costing them additional time, ressources, effort, commitment) for blood addition might not be necessary for all and alleviating some concerns. Fine if some want them or not. Win win solution for all.

    44. Jeffrey Knox on

      Sundropped intruders with unpainted heroes would be perfect!

    45. Micah Shapiro on

      Will sundropped miniatures also be varnished afterwords so the paint stays on strong and doesn't chip?

    46. Missing avatar

      martin on

      PG rating? are you serious? I mean if you play with your kids such a game and the aliens just want to play...the humans run away they don't get devoured?..if you are concerned about the blood effects don't get sundrop add on...

    47. Missing avatar

      Gilbert Guerin on

      Sundrop principle is still very cool. A bit of blood here and there is not a transmatch. But fully covered in bloodline in some of the pics is another thing. Not sure we can't go like for LH where Dundrod didn't have such an impact on PG rating. Sad if the only option is to have it simply unpainted.

    48. Freddy

      @Gilbert Guerin PG rated version is simply non-sundropped (ie. just like the standard retail version).

    49. misioooo on

      AR - why you do not post pictures of nonsundrop vs sundrop? This will show exactly what you want to achieve :) Looking only at sundroped models does not show, how much better they look vs pure plastic :)