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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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Voidseeders expansion in more details!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey Everone! 

So since we are sooo close to unlocking whole Voidseeders expansion! Once unlocked it will be added for free to every Core Box! 

Since we are so close, it is about time to write a little more about them. You have seen the models, you have the glimpse of gameplay - now lets put a little story behind them and add some details about gameplay. 

Please note, that at this stage everything regarding gameplay is an idea that is a subject to change after many playtest to come, so take everything not as an actuall "rules" but rather creative concept. 

 Every spaceship has a voice; a melody of machinery and subsystems its crew learns intimately during long travels. The problem is, ever since the last mission our ship sounds WRONG. There’s something foul in the way it’s speaking to us. Barely audible murmurs. Strange whispers no machine could make. The dark corridors and vast halls almost seem to SING.

Some of us have tried to locate sources of this interferences, but they always seemed two steps ahead. Stalked by their never-ending presence, we soon started cracking. Our engineer has cut some words on his flesh. When we asked why, he replied:‘Incandescent secrets need to be written in blood’. Then, our navigator took a spacewalk without her suit. When we pulled her in, her entire face frozen and cracked, she grinned in a way I will never forget.

Now, it got even worse. Noises turned into voices, sharing tales of slaughter and terror. They do not run from us anymore. They encircle us and herd us through the ship to some dark purpose. I need to UNDERSTAND them before it’s too late. I put my hand on the pistol grip, looking at the backs of my last two crewmembers. I see dark mysteries swirling under their skulls. It would only take two bullet holes to release them...

How Voidsseders expansion will play



Voidseeders are a race that can interact with the minds of crew members. They will have few nests instead of one, but only one strong fighting presence at given moment. Once killed, new one will be awakened from the most developed nest. 

This race will focus on whispering and controlling minds - people that will be near them, will start to listen voices commanding them to do different destructive things. 


On the board there is normally 1 Nest as a room token, but there are additionally 2-3 smaller nests. Those are places, where new Voidseeders will born. At the moment of discovering main Nest you should put Stalker miniature in it (this is the model that is on the ship from the beginning. He is very dangerous, especially when faced by people with high Insanity level). 

Other Nests will start showing up on the board together with discovering certain Exploration tokens. Those nests will be especially dangerous. They will not move, but if crew member will happen to end the turn at the tile with nest, he will get a serious wound. 


They will spawn in nests and they objective will be to spread insanity and trying to move players to Nests. 


They will work very similar to Voidlurkers, but with a difference, that they will have the main goal of defending main nest. 


He is a main guardian. He takes advantage from fear / insanity of the crew members and will focus on them. 


Equivalent of the Queen. Actually, it is hard to say if she is real or if it is a mass hallucination. One way or the other, she will only emerge when all Insanity tokens will be on players (number of tokens will be specific for different numbers of players). She is extremely strong. 

Contamination card 

Here it will change a little bit - players will normally get contamination card every time they will get insanity token. They will be easier to discard (you don't need to check if it was infected or not). Effect of the card will only take place at the very end of the game and it will be the same as in the normal version - if it will turn out it was indeed "infected" it will mean that your character, even if escaped wend mad and lost the game either way. 

Whispers mechanic

This mechanism will change the noise mechanic. Whenever you move (or event card will tell you to), you will need to roll for whispers. If you will get a corridor with an whisper token already in it (you hear something more) - you need to draw a Card from Insanity deck. 

Those cards will apply to you or not based on the numbers of insanity tokens your character have. Effects might be very different - from one time action to permanent disabilities. 


In combat Voidlukers will only try to add insanity tokens to you and then run away to the closes nest. Whisperers will be harder to kill as well as present some portion of actual physical danger, but their main weapon will be still giving you insanity tokens. 

Things will change with Stalker and Despoiler - those two will be huge opponents who will give you real wounds, so you will not want to be near them. 

Event phase 

In event phase, one additional step that will be added is checking your insanity tokens and numbers of Voidlurkers and Whisperer in all rooms next to yours. If number of them is higher then the number of insanity tokens - you add one insanity token and draw one contamination card. 

But whenever you will be in a room with other people, this effect will be less harmful. (they can help you calm down)

Overall feel

Overall feel we will be going for will be way different from what you will have in base Core Box. We have a lot of cool ideas how to get Insanity cards in a way, that it will be an additional layer of you not trusting your friends  - not only because their objective but perhaps because of the Insanity cards. 

Additionally, interaction with Voidseeders will be way different, you will need to think very carefully where to move or place your hero not to go insane. 

Obviously, this is just a rough draft at this stage and we will welcome any feedback at this point - share your ideas with us! Once the expansion will get tested we hope that it will give you whole different feel of the game, but still in the Sci-Fi horror genre. Just less "in your face" type of thread - more of an uncertainty with every step, not being sure what is true and what not and constantly building tension. Not being able to trust your comrades, as they can do something crazy. 

Ok, so lets unlock them and move on to the next Stretch Goal, which will is<end of transmission>


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    1. vectordream on

      I really wonder how all this will work in solo play. I am most interested in that mode because I probably 90% of the time I will be playing solo.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dave Setlik on

      I really like the addition of insanity to enhance the paranoia feel, but I concerned about the balance of the game with other players turning traitor with their secret objectives. If a player goes nuts and starts going after everyone it could to make the chance of winning the game incredibly skewed. Maybe if there's something in the game mechanics to force players to cooperate with each other until the final round, or a greater possibility to regain sanity, or a chance for more powerful weapons could help balance the game mechanics. That being said, I haven't played the game, so I don't know what's up your sleeve.

    3. John H

      I'm still waiting for some more explanation of solo play in the original scenario. Get that sorted first before going off on new scenarios.

    4. Luis Ernesto on

      I would like to see some insanity cars with an "if alone" trigger and others with a "if accompanied". this could add another layer of intrigue, "must I stay with my sweaty companion to keep him under control or must I run to avoid he sets fire to the room"

    5. Jeff Hickey on

      I watched a play-through last night (and became a backer today!). Now that I'm reading more about some of the stretch goals, I LOVE the alternate Voidseekers scenario! I love all the comments/ideas people are throwing out there. Can't wait to play this with our group!

    6. Nathan Camp on

      I wonder if the android character would be resistant /immune at some other cost given their lack of a fleshy brain.

      Looking forward to this, and I like that having people in close proximity is a protective factor.

    7. Mateusz 'Dareth' Hoppe on

      As some of the backers suggested - Objectives in side insanity would be nice. And the fact that insanities WOULD make the player "act" insane.
      The biggest problem with cooperative games is that there is usually an "alpha player" that dominates and leads. With the insanity cards it would be much more difficult to pull it off.

      And additional objectives like "you know that Captain is an alien - you must kill him at all costs" or "There is no salvation for you or the crew. You must protect the others - destroy the ship before anyone can get out" would also be nice :)

    8. Mateusz 'Dareth' Hoppe on


      "While I can understand using the contamination cards to pull double duty for insanity it is a bit of a flavor offense for me.
      Can we have a stretch goal for a unique madness deck to be added? Themed art and instead of having either "infected" or "not infected" They will either say "safe" or a small phrase saying how you died after going insane like:
      "Went for a walk out the air lock"
      "Removed skin before entering hyper sleep pod"
      "Accidentally shot self while trying to eat gun"
      "Went sunbathing in the reactor"
      "Drank Molotov cocktail"
      "Performed own brain transplant" "

    9. Ian Foster on

      +1 for seperate insanity deck please and fun deaths @CaGeRit
      Otherwise, another great update.

    10. Adam (Grinder) Nagy on

      +1 !! I am with you at this one, makes sense to me

    11. Vitezslav Ures on

      Sweet, can't wait for my crewmember to gouge his/her eyes out while chanting: "Liberate tuteme in inferis!"

    12. Mike the Knight on

      I agree with Jared De Campo. Androids that snap and turn psychotic would be fun have.

    13. CaGeRit

      While I can understand using the contamination cards to pull double duty for insanity it is a bit of a flavor offense for me.
      Can we have a stretch goal for a unique madness deck to be added? Themed art and instead of having either "infected" or "not infected" They will either say "safe" or a small phrase saying how you died after going insane like:
      "Went for a walk out the air lock"
      "Removed skin before entering hyper sleep pod"
      "Accidentally shot self while trying to eat gun"
      "Went sunbathing in the reactor"
      "Drank Molotov cocktail"
      "Performed own brain transplant"

    14. Kaladin on

      Since you already said that we will be able to purchase/add-on the Canomorphs expansion, why not let your backers choose whether they would prefer the Canomorphs or the Voidseeders as their stretch goal reward?

    15. Alexandre Goh

      Insanity? Awesome.. Reminded me the other board game, Betrayal.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michał 'Kumo' Misztal on

      Sunds like Voidseeders will make the game much different from core version with Intruders! I like it more and more.

      As for "android immune to insanity"... as we know from "Blade Runner", androids are capable to have higher wmotions (Ash and Bishop also were somehow emotional) - so why wouldn't them be able to go insane?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jared De Campo on

      You guys probably have the whole play mechanic mapped out but if you are still considering suggestions I think the effects of insanity/whispers should be mitigated by the grouping/proximity of players. It would result in players being reluctant to go off and explore independently but also be mistrustful of their group and the rising levels of inherent risk. Essentially, paranoia would peak if a player broke away from the group (intentionally or coerced by madness) and possibly cause mass panic as everyone flees the impending psychotic chaos. A mental picture would be the light sled in the movie pitch black where they don't trust each other but have to stay together because if they became separated they would be preyed upon instantly... everyone was desperate to escape and happy to sacrifice each other for their own ends. Think it would work well for this scenario :) Cheers guys!

    18. Missing avatar

      Minh Nguyen on

      Love it!

      I'm sure others have brought up this idea, but just in case... Predator?

    19. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Peter Hicks

      Question: how does one Select the “add ones” and specifically the sunspot and painting options? I only have the captains box added to my pledge and don’t see how to add additional items.

      - You can add the price now and make selections in the PM, or wait for PM to do everything.

    20. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Mike Fairchild about 6 hours ago
      My question about it is...Are the Voidseekers (and Carnomorphs) used instead of the base game aliens? Or are they used in addition to them? So basically do you have to decide which aliens you use at the start of the game or do you use them all together?

      - they are used instead of the Intruders

    21. Erik on

      Awsome update, cant wait to play it!
      Will it include more objectives?

    22. Missing avatar

      Kevin Loviska on

      I also like the sound of small, nonsense objectives as well. They would add a whole new level of confusion and mistrust among the players wondering why that particular player/character is so hell-bent on reaching a specific room.

    23. Pai

      After reading through , i got a chilling in my spine.

    24. Ander on

      I love the story!

    25. Jason Miller

      Not to be the nerd, but you wouldn't freeze in space: you'd boil. Without an atmosphere to protect from the sun's energy, you're boiled.

    26. Gilberto Guillen on

      lOVE THE IDEA, will be shared in the print and play for testing as well for TTS?

    27. Missing avatar

      Jannik Seibel on

      +Angelic I like that Idea. Maybe even some tasks like "Say the opposite of everything you mean for one additional round per insanity token" or such things, so that the player gets insane for real. I think, that this would give the game a whole new level of insanity.

    28. Missing avatar

      Charles DeArmond on

      I like the thought of the android be immune to insanity affect. Nice perk for running that character.

    29. misioooo on

      As for android - his sensors may go mad when voidseeders are around - so not entirely immune ;P

    30. misioooo on

      Guys... Maybe add new objectives to instanity deck? Player keeps insanity cards, and some of them may be objective like get burned (but he cant do it on his own) or blowing the ship with ALL players on it...

    31. Angelic Despot

      I think it would be awesome if these guys somehow gave *additional* secret goals / missions to players. Not necessarily large ones. 'Go to the engine room' could be a goal. It doesn't need to have a purpose - just something to make the player act suspiciously. In fact, it would be best if these extra goals were quite small ones. They shouldn't be complicated, but should make the players act inefficiently, and act weirdly.

      So as more players get more of these new secret goals, it will be harder and harder to know whether you can trust your colleagues. If they're doing something weird, are they going mad? Or are they secretly trying to blow up the ship?

    32. JK on

      "Where we're going we won't need eyes to see..."

    33. Kristofer Bengtsson on

      The Android character would be immune to the insanity?

    34. Novisius on

      A potential bonus to insanity could be that everyone just imagined that you were dying of blood loss do to that xeno taking your arm, turns out it never existed and you're fine! For now...

    35. Novisius on

      Another fun thing insanity cards could do is change the coordinate card, you shuffle the current card into the pile and draw a new card. And it could also shuffle the engine markers(tokens? bits? indicators? whatever they are...) which thematically could be you thought that the engine was broken, but it's not.... and another card could be "Player Z walks into your room." innocent enough right? well you are in the cockpit and they just fixed an engine, which was just a hallucination. Whatever they messed with this turn or last turn(whichever is more recent) goes back if they changed it(escape pods lock again, engines weren't actually fixed, the coordinates are still pointed to mars and not earth) Items are kept as they found it on there way to wherever you are. Ideas!

    36. Aran Lass on

      So hype to know something about Carnomorphs!
      Is there any news about them?

    37. Trent Lanthier on

      So I really like this race as it will offer something completely different from the core, with the right type of players who won't meta the meta ... this could be an amazing roleplaying experience whether people are infected and going crazy or just playing selfish ... sounds like an amazing night :)

      The other thing that makes games very replayable is boards that aren't always the same, so I definitely agree with some posters, we need more spaceship location tiles, that's an easy (ish) stretch goal.

    38. Missing avatar

      dande48 on

      @Hunter, have you tried the "PnP" version on Tabletop Simulator? The most nerve-wracking part of the game, I've found, is trying to find that one particular room...

    39. The Hunter on

      Please, more spaceship location tiles!

    40. Missing avatar

      Peter Hicks on

      This game is very exciting! 1 Question and 1 suggestion.

      Question: how does one Select the “add ones” and specifically the sunspot and painting options? I only have the captains box added to my pledge and don’t see how to add additional items.

      Suggestion: in many of successful horror sci-fi stories (film and literature) there are private missions, biases, plans, etc.

      Obvious examples are Burke in Aliens or one of the characters in Saturn 3 with their counter / malicious missions.

      But there are also private missions that can add complicity to collaborative play that are not as overt or driven by malice- such as Gorman’s lack of communication or knowledge, Riplys obsession with Newt, or in other stories where a rookie is hell bent on revenge, taking scalps, or recovering an object- or trying to prove themselves these missions could be unknown to the other players and forbidden to be told openly.

      In Dead of Winter game - almost all of the hidden objectives are nefarious; which drives conformity in play rather than diversity.

      I hope nemesis broadens the range of these such missions.

    41. Novisius on

      more rooms please as well. not necessarily in this expansion, aftermath is fine. But more rooms allows for a more diverse ship, maybe you have a salvaging room(scrap stuff for more/new stuff or maybe even ammo), a room where you could keep prisoners(or aliens(for research of course(or a hidden objective))), possibly a room that lets you send out the escape pods(just encase you have a "leave no survivors" objective, or you're a jerk to your friends, or the escape pods are malfunctioning for some reason), maybe even a 'safe room' where the doors are reinforced and you are safe*(*if against voidseeders you will still go insane)

    42. Gabriele Bragotto on

      I am with @Peder Olin, best quality material is always best! I wouldn't complain for SGs with quality improvement!

    43. Peder Olin on

      Would be nice if it could be a stretch goal to change from regular cardboard to black core instead. Would look a lot better at least for the room tiles so we don't see the white/grey edges on the cardboard.

    44. Alxyandros on

      What if there are a few special objectives that only are played with this voidseeders exansion? For example: while you can normally set the home coordinates for Earth or Mars, sometimes the void seeders will make someone set the ship to fly towards a black hole as well. Just the first thing that came to mind.

    45. Blake Curry on

      Insanity cards may have an unintended bonus, actually. It could be that as the madness sets in, you are more emboldened, and close quarters combat involves landing a bonus wound. The idea is that whereas a normal person attacks in a somewhat more reserved manner, the crazy in you has been unleashed and you wail on them. Just a possible way to keep you having a fighting chance once you start collecting so many insane cards/tokens.

    46. Novisius on

      Could an insanity card possibly change your hidden objective? For example instead of "kill all of the aliens", your objective is to now "kill all of the other players." possibly instead of "go to earth" you now have "go to new galaxies." and as an incentive they could qualify as winning the game if they do the new objective and survive. It could possibly add a side quest for you, like "make sure player A gets X more insanity tokens, then discard this card" or "Break engine Y, then discard this card." with either of these ideas i feel you should definitely have 'hidden' insanity effects.

    47. Nikola Caranovic on

      Sounds insane!! :D Can't wait to play!!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Mateusz Termanowski on

      Sorry i will write in polish. Rys gry wygłada genialnie. Jedyne nadczym bym pomyslał to wielkość figurek void.. i whis... tylko 2 najmniejszych fanie bylo by jakby były wielkosci figurek bohaterów albo nawet mniejsze. "Małe" kryje się w cieniu i szepcze do ucha (w tej roli duza figurka nie pasuje mi calkowicie do koncepcji).

    49. Adam (Grinder) Nagy on

      Maybe other players could help to get rid of insanity of insane players