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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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    1. Phryno 1 minute ago

      My bid, thursday

    2. Missing avatar

      Paposaure 21 minutes ago

      They don't want to start a PM before/during weekend. So Friday is out of question.
      It remains tuesday wednesday and thursday.

    3. Don Sombrero about 1 hour ago

      @Phryno - thanks!

      Actually, I remember that statement but I believe it was from the last week - so I wouldn't be surprised if much changed since that time (new problems, etc)

    4. Phryno about 1 hour ago

      @Don Sombrero "Expect it to start beginning of next week with some few cool surprises ;)" AR said

    5. Don Sombrero about 1 hour ago

      @AR_Jordan - any idea which part of the week?

    6. AR_Jordan Collaborator about 1 hour ago

      Just so it is on top of the comments, PM to come out this week, WITH SURPRISES!

    7. AR_Jordan Collaborator about 1 hour ago

      @Frank B IT would be a good question for the live Q and A today on the Lords of Hellas campaign page!

    8. AR_Jordan Collaborator about 1 hour ago

      Greg Bach about 19 hours ago Report spam
      When you say language editions will be shipped later. what languages are available in initial run?

      - Just English version. Everything else needs time to be translated.

    9. Missing avatar

      Frank B about 2 hours ago

      It is not an issue that quote and double quote ... "I have". It is a suggestion to make a more professional product. We've all played games where we were told "just pretend this is a" different color or picture or something else..." --- cheesy or half-@ssed. One of the reasons a game is produced via kickstarter is to introduce comments like the one I made

    10. Missing avatar

      Fab about 2 hours ago

      @Liberty That "next week" started today.

    11. Akira about 2 hours ago

      @Frank B : If you worry so much about this, just draw the card without revealing it until you have to ?

    12. Missing avatar

      Frank B about 2 hours ago

      AW... are you going to continue to ignore that players can determine whether they are infected without using the red decoder? Is the answer, here's your infection card but don't look at it? if so, will that be in the official rules or are we to house rule it?

    13. Liberty Prime about 2 hours ago

      Read Development Update #4 comments. AR_Jordan commented yesterday, said the PM wouldn't be open for until next week..

    14. Michael W about 2 hours ago

      @ryan when the timline is months a few days doesnt matter.... and for this type of work they dont need to know numbers yet. They need to finish sculpting and preparing to send things to the factory. So while the tech guy confirms the PM everyone else keeps going doing their thing!

    15. ryan wesley about 2 hours ago

      Update 27 says "PM late April/early May and to remain open for 30-60d". That puts us at the end of July. I would like a new estimated delivery date when the pm is released, no way Sep is happening, please reset expectations.

    16. Karim Theilgaard about 2 hours ago

      @Driftwood. Agreed, better that the PM is fully tested and is without bugs(intruders?) so it will function smoothly than it comes out a couple of days sooner. With so many options and add-ons, plus different pledge tiers it’s no doubt a more complex manager than many other Kickstarters.

    17. Akira about 3 hours ago

      "The game won't be delivrered faster"
      Are you sure about that ?
      Do you think they will shorten the open time if they open the PM later ? I doubt it.
      So if they release it later, they close it later. If they close it later, they have finals number of products to make later, and Here we go...
      So please, stop with this argument.
      Furthermore, AR said there would be suprises during the PM, cant you understand we are hurried to See that ?

    18. Jaime about 3 hours ago

      Several pirates around here....

    19. Missing avatar

      Brian O'Koon about 3 hours ago

      4 for Skull Tales

    20. Missing avatar

      Vincent Guilbault about 3 hours ago

      My god I don't get the PM hate. Where is the rush! The game won't be delivered sooner if they open it faster. Just wait

    21. Driftwood Jae about 3 hours ago

      Now order me a Medic!!!

    22. Driftwood Jae about 3 hours ago

      I dont understand the stress about this PM. Absolutely everything has, so far, been bang on the schedule that @AR set out from the start.

    23. Missing avatar

      zeid666 about 3 hours ago

      @AR where is PM?

    24. Missing avatar

      ReubenandMaria Silvio about 4 hours ago

      @Paul .. we rocking the same boat man ... ive been thinking of dropping my pledge lately.. illl give it another week and im done .. pm was suppose to be up last week ...

    25. Phryno about 4 hours ago

      @Ben Zorn +1 Exo - Mankind Reborn looks great, I'm in since day one. Go and take a look (maybe arrives before the Nemesis PM is up...)

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul about 4 hours ago

      Starting to have my doubts about this project. I've invested because of the cool concept and the miniatures. However, with the lack of a PM after 3 months of the kickstarter closing and you can still late pledge, what does this mean for the actual shipping of the game? 2020? I'm considering dropping my pledge even though I really like the looks of the game. Hate to do it but I am losing faith in the company to deliver when they can't even get the PM going. Just my 2 cents.

    27. Ben Zorn
      about 4 hours ago

      Also have a look at EXO - Mankind Reborn. Love the setting, miniatures and rules ... 48 hours left.

    28. Karim Theilgaard about 5 hours ago

      @Jaime @Michael @Shannon @Shadow If you're looking for a game to fill the void while we wait I strongly suggest taking a look at Brook City - a perfect action-packed, fun-filled 80's cop adventure for when Nemesis has left us curled up in a foetal position and sucking our thumbs with horror. It's open for another week.
      Skull Tales looks epic but seems like a very long game. I'm also considering Posthuman Saga.
      @Frank Unbroken FTW! :D

    29. Frank Calcagno about 5 hours ago

      @Shadow: for a great CHEAP game, Unbroken can not be beat. It closed, but I hope they will offer a late pledge...(commitment should be coming soon.)
      Yes, BRW was delightfully exhausting, and was a model for a KS campaign. Now my attention can be turned back to Nemesis for a while, so...
      We need a medic here!

    30. Missing avatar

      Jarek about 7 hours ago

      @AR where is PM?

    31. Jorge C. Rosso about 7 hours ago

      Three for skull tales! :) waiting for the luffy miniature :)

    32. Driftwood Jae about 8 hours ago

      Where is the Medic order form dammit!!! ,🤣

    33. Axel Hinze about 8 hours ago

      Ha, welcome on Board Isra ;-D
      All in for questing and looting...

    34. Missing avatar

      Isra about 9 hours ago

      That makes two for SkullTales!!!

    35. Markus about 9 hours ago

      Announced shipping when KS started: September 2018… .

    36. Markus about 9 hours ago

      So the pm will open and the game will be shipped the next month?
      Or what is going wrong here?

    37. Markus about 9 hours ago

      Longest wait ever for opening the pm :(

    38. Jaime about 9 hours ago

      @Shadow I'm backing Skull Tales: Full Sail. I really think is a good game. They are actually giving almost 100 miniatures (and more to be unlocked). Check it out if you want.

    39. Laniston
      about 11 hours ago

      Black Rose Wars was my last kickstarter for now. I did way too many, but it's gonna make for a pretty sweet september-december period.

    40. Missing avatar

      about 11 hours ago

      any cool CHEAP games out there? Will back only one more if any.

    41. Missing avatar

      about 11 hours ago

      @Jamie No games just a nice theft proof laptop backpack.

    42. Missing avatar

      Shannon about 14 hours ago

      Just backed Posthuman Saga, game play seems very interesting and a bit different. 2nd game, not a remake.

    43. Michael W about 15 hours ago

      @jamie brw was a crazy ride. And i thought nemesis was active chat.... lol brw only had 8100 backers anf more than 30K comments... thats 1000 per day.... i also need something to fill the KS void now.... i backed treasure mountain, looks like a cool worker on board game.

    44. Jaime about 15 hours ago

      While we wait for PM to open, which games are you backing now that Black Rose is over?

    45. Missing avatar

      about 16 hours ago

      News on Pledge Manager.

      AR_Jordan said it will be out next week with, "some few cool surprises ;)" It will be up for 45 days.

    46. Missing avatar

      Shannon about 19 hours ago

      I to don't mind but communication is key. This 'it will open next week meaning Sunday 23.59hrs is correct but leaves a bitter taste. I get about 3 KS notifications a day and I open them thinking it will be the PM. Like a rollercoaster that goes for weeks...

    47. Missing avatar

      Greg Bach about 21 hours ago

      When you say language editions will be shipped later. what languages are available in initial run?

    48. Missing avatar

      VANDEN BUSSCHE about 21 hours ago

      I'm waiting about mail too. pledge manager is open ??

    49. Missing avatar

      Paco Perez Pozanco 1 day ago

      Waiting for my mail ... :(

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