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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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    1. Liberty Prime just now

      This is going to be a long year...

    2. Missing avatar

      Hendrik 9 minutes ago

      I am searching for a video with a solo gameplay. I cloud not find any? Does anybody have a link for me

    3. Missing avatar

      Akira about 1 hour ago

      Just proposing, but is it possible we get some videos about gameplay with voidseeders and carnomorphs ? I do not know what it would implies, but that would be awesome.

    4. Missing avatar

      Akira about 1 hour ago

      I agree with Gothic Angel, it would be a delicious update.
      I watched all the gameplay video i found on youtube about nemesis, i read the whole kickstarter and updates thrice, i am starving about any new informations !

    5. Gothic Angel about 2 hours ago

      Hoping to see some info regarding alternate poses for Carno and Voidseeker units in the next update!

    6. Missing avatar

      Felix about 5 hours ago

      @D3F3CT1V3 Yes ;D

    7. D3F3CT1V3 about 10 hours ago

      Am i the only one who thinks this game could have a rick n morty add-on....

    8. Tyler Williams about 12 hours ago

      @Mel, if you are looking at doing black armour, it can look better if you start with a grey primer, and then use darker greys and black washes to make some more faded looking armour. Starting with black gave me very little room to move when it comes to highlights and shading.
      Absolutely no problem in regards to suggestions...and take them as that, suggestions. In the end the result you are after can have massive differences in the approach to the painting. Such as camouflage, I would paint about 3 shades brighter/lighter than you intend then use black/brown washes to bring the tone down while darkening the recesses, along with other techniques such as simplification. With models some of the best results come from simplicity. Making a camouflage too complex can ruin/muddy the model....I'm sure the vids you've gone through have already stated as such :P but I definitely keep a close eye on new vids from painters, as they always have little tips and tricks, and I am far from being.....'good' in my own eyes at least. Always room to improve!

    9. Mel about 14 hours ago

      @Tyler Williams - I do like the soldiers in your Jan 2015 images.

      I really like black so may have to do some with black primer. Metallic is another paint color I like, but I do not want to just do armor like I have seen some do. Some seem to have specific colors for certain areas whether skin tones, clothing, or armour etc.

    10. Mel about 14 hours ago

      @Tyler Williams -

      1) Will get a wet palette.
      2) Will get other plastic pieces first to practice on.

      The YouTube videos make it look SO EASY!

    11. Mel about 14 hours ago

      @Tyler Williams - I did make it in there through your invite under "Mel"- no headset though. Saved it in bookmarks so will have a proper look around another time.

      As for below - Thanks a lot! I am going to have to copy and paste then have a good look at all those links as well.

      Appreciated! :)

    12. Tyler Williams about 15 hours ago

      @Options, at the top of each room, you will see 2 rectangles with a 2 within it. this means you must discard ANY 2 cards to activated the rooms ability, so long as the room is not far it seems you can still use the room if it is on fire, but just make sure you get out of the room before the end of your turn or you take a serious wound.

    13. Tyler Williams about 15 hours ago

      @Mel...Here you go, on mighty ape;
      Army Painter;…

      Vallejo tends to be the best for quality (and being slightly cheaper) but I've been using army painters starter kit to try it out (before I recommend it to anyone) and it works well.
      Some things I've done with the army painter set (warning these are without the use of a wet 'live-and-learn' and get a bloody wet pallet, hahaha);
      I made these as companion pieces to go with the Metro 2033 Boardgame

      And this is something I did practicing sculpting and freehand work....I'm no pro...but I have fun :)

      @AngryMuffin, add me on steam; Texocet
      I can help set it up and if you've got space we can play together at some point :)

    14. Josue Olea about 16 hours ago

      Well... There are some projects that are Kickstarter exclusive and therefore never get retail versions (just the beautiful people wabtingto help at sites like ebay selling them for a minusculous profit of 300% or so...) But nemesis is not one of those projects

    15. Ralph E. Method about 17 hours ago

      @Ashley Mina: All Kickstarts start as an idea and end up in the markets. A lot of shops will do the retail pledges and put the boxes on their shelves after those are gone the shops will have to wait till shop orders are possible to eventually get them in. The advantage to KS is you as a backer get it first, plus all the bonus content shop might if not at all ever get...

    16. Ralph E. Method about 17 hours ago

      #Option: I am pretty sure you discard a card when doing a room action 'like repair, search, activate" unless your character has a special action card or ability that allows otherwise...

    17. Missing avatar

      Option about 17 hours ago

      Can anyone tell me if room actions require a card to be discarded or are they free?

    18. Missing avatar

      Option about 17 hours ago

      Find the Nemesis mod for TTS on Steam and click the “Subscribe” button. Reboot TTS and start a new game. Nemesis should be an option.

    19. AlmghtyMuffn about 18 hours ago

      Idk how to get TTS to work D:
      I bought it and I cant seem to load any games. I know I'm doing it wrong but I just don't know how to work the damn thing..

    20. Missing avatar

      Vever about 18 hours ago

      @ Ashley Mina : Sure it will :)

    21. Jan about 19 hours ago

      Aaahh stop talking about TWOM and about how awesome it is^^ I'm still waiting for my game and still no update since first of february. Very disappointed. It's sad but it's the worst kickstarter campaign till now that I supported because we don't get any information or we got it very late. Hope it will be better here ( they said it will be^^)

    22. Missing avatar

      Ashley Mina about 20 hours ago

      Will this game end up in retailers eventually ie amazon or online shops ?

    23. Missing avatar

      Mohammad Lutfiyya about 21 hours ago

      Can't wait till PM opens so I can upgrade my pledge. And hopefully they'll get us the game soon.

    24. Missing avatar

      Rolo1138 1 day ago

      Had opportunity to play this on TTS last night, Soooo glad I backed this! It's a blast

    25. Missing avatar

      Christopher 1 day ago

      So pumped to play this with friends! I love the entire theme and the pieces look fantastic!

    26. Mel 1 day ago

      @Tyler Williams - I checked out "MightyApe" for something last night for mini paints and they were no longer sold. It may have been Army Painter and/or an Australian one I read about called "Derivan". One or the other - maybe both.

      So, do you paint your minis?

      I do have a headset with mic - just not anywhere near me as it is packed away somewhere. Will look at the link, save it, and work out where that headset is as I have about 50 boxes all packed still from when I moved.

    27. Mel 1 day ago

      @Adrinuss - It opens in a month or two and will be open between 2 to 3 months.

    28. Missing avatar

      Adrinuss 1 day ago

      Hey guys, once Pledge Manager is open, how much time do we have to pay the shipping payment? I got the money but I wanna back the next Batman Kickstarter and I'm a bit just of money. TY!

    29. Tyler Williams 1 day ago

      @Mel, if you are in NZ you can look at for a huge range, including both army painter and citadel paints, along with being able to Citadel directly from Games-Workshop in AU. If you want jump on the TTS Discord; (If you have a Mic) and we can run through it. I am New Zealand myself ;)

    30. Mel 1 day ago

      @Jason Turner - Citadel is not easy to get in NZ or Australia - if at all. In fact, a lot of them like Reaper, Citadel, Valejo and Army Painter are hard to come by. Been checking them all out over the last week. The one that is in a few places here is Army Painter, but one of those places only has the tubs. So, not a huge range.

      Online as well.

      I did go to an Art store last week to see if they had anything for "minis" and NADA!

      In a forum I found some have actually purchased their paints from abroad so I will look at that as well when I get the time.

      I will keep Citadel in mind for sure.

      Thanks! 30 years? Wow! Impressive.

    31. Mel 1 day ago

      @Frank - I had every intention of doing so last weekend and got too busy. Am hoping to set it up this Friday.....

    32. Missing avatar

      Jason Turner 1 day ago

      Hey Mel. I worked as a painter for a 'Games Workshop' Shop over 30 years ago and my best tip is just practice. Lots of good you tube vids will show the rest. I would suggest that you go with Citadel Colour paint by GW. I still think this is the best to this day. And with the undercoat spray, thin layers. Also, buy some cheap soldier from a toyshop to practise.

    33. Missing avatar

      Earthslug 1 day ago

      For those in doubt with the Planet Apocalypse KS, it's nearing it's ending and has a live stream Sandy Petersen today 17h Texas time!
      I tried their pnp and it was great fun.

      2018/2019 really is going to bring some cool boards to the tables!

      Has ot been sorted out if you change the pledge, you can keep the free medic

    34. Frank Calcagno 1 day ago

      @Mel - Oh, you've got to play TWOM. It is GREAT.

    35. Mel 1 day ago

      @Frank - I like the styrofoam suggestion and have taken note of the Nemesis sculpts being too heavy for that perhaps.

      Superglue and I have a history of sticking to one another quite literally,,,,

      BTW: Great input!

    36. Mel 1 day ago

      @Frank - Thanks for sharing what you have discovered doing the job yourself. Helpful indeed.

      I was thinking from a fishing line....,roughly. Weighted down. I did not think about "lines" or "strings" causing marks, but it does make sense. I would have worked out a way to make sure every angle could be tackled, My only concern was the details although if it was minis that did not really need them per say then not really an issue. However, I do not want glopping or gunky build ups.

      I just got TWOM, but it remains unopened still. Nemesis was the one I wanted to paint, but perhaps I should get some practice in before that one comes next year.

    37. Frank Calcagno 1 day ago

      Darn, final comment (I promise). The Nemesis sculpts are so large that I think using spikes or nails would not work well with these guys...the sculpts would simply be too heavy.

    38. Frank Calcagno 1 day ago

      @Mel: about the clothesline... I am not sure that is the best way to go. First, how would you attach the mini to the line? (You'd end up masking some vital part of the figure...and if a clothes pin or string on the mini touches wet paint, you will have a bad dam of paint show up.) I can't see how a clothesline would work.
      What most people do (and it can be a pain) is attach a large nail (like a spike) under the base of minis (with hot glue or other) and stick the nail into Styrofoam so that you have access to all angles of the mini. This allows you to spray them from afar and hit all the spots you need. Once done spraying, you can use the nail to hold the mini in one hand and paint base coat and detail with the other, and thus not touch wet paint.
      ...You need to be sure you can easily detach the nail, and you also must b careful the stupid mini does not separate and fall off as you paint! It does take a lot of work, though. Others temporarily glue the mini bases to large caps, again so you can handle the temporary base as you paint.
      I usually just carefully paint without gluing on temp bases...I did attach nails to my Scythe minis and it was an extra step, and to me was a small hastle. (Most serious painters do this, though.)

    39. Frank Calcagno 1 day ago

      ...Also, be very careful if your paint starts to thicken too much...brush strokes will appear and you end up with a sticky mess.

      I don't know if this is acceptable technique, but I use acrylics and drip small amounts of paint in a painter's well at a time, and if necessary I dilute with VERY VERY SMALL amounts of water so the paint flows well. (If too dilute, it becomes more like a wash, so there is a fine line between base and wash.) They also make thinners for acrylics, but I have not tried them. I've found that some brands of paint are just too thick from the jar... But it is so much fun to paint these things!

    40. Frank Calcagno 1 day ago

      I am no expert, but I've recently started using brush-on primer (flat black Vallejo). That's how I did my This War of Mine minis... You need to be very careful not to glop on spray from a sure the can is far enough away from the minis, begin spraying to the side of your mini line, and expect to apply several thin coats of primer. (Too much primer - or other paint - will mask the finer details, so be mindful of that.)
      I'd be interested in hearing from more experienced painters if brush on primer works well, as I am currently sold on that technique; especially in cold weather where spraying outdoors is problematic.

    41. Mel 1 day ago

      @Benjamin & Laniston - Thanks for the info about the tool he is using. I think it is BEST (like mentioned) that I do it all with brushes to start with as knowing me it would not turn out like he has done it whatsoever. :)

    42. Mel 1 day ago

      @Laniston - Thanks! The airbrushing I saw before that was just guys using brushes with the paint dried.

    43. Benjamin Sandberg 1 day ago
      As a starting point.
      Maybe you should look out if you could get the white dwarf magazin from games workshop. There are Often painting tutorials inside.

    44. Laniston
      1 day ago

      @Mel he is using an airbrush.

    45. Benjamin Sandberg 1 day ago

      He uses an s Airbrush. Your need to be very skilled to use it. I would suggest to do a classic paintjob. First a primer from the can. After that the base colour, followed by wash (thin dark colour which flows) and Highlights.

    46. Mel 1 day ago

      @Tommi - I saw one vid where most of what he seemed to do was spray paint, but it is not all the hours he put into it.

      This one:…

      Would LOVE to know what the tool is that he uses as it is not a spray can at all, but seems to spray out paint. He does seem to know what he is doing and has probably been doing it a long time.

      That reminds me - I am not sure when it is best to use black or white primer. Some use gray as well it seems.

    47. Tommi Elonen 1 day ago

      I have also been inspired by the miniatures in Nemesis (and in my other games) and have started looking at options for painting the miniatures.
      From all the videos I have seen, usually only the primer is a spray. Other paints are usually added with brush or similar. Are there any base paints in spray format? Also from what I have read, using too much paint/spray will fill in the details of the miniatures and is frowned on.
      This is only the impressions of another newbie painter (who hasn't painted anything yet)! I'll let the more experienced painters give better answer :)

    48. Mel 1 day ago

      Not to cause mild cardiac arrests or utter moments of horror for those that are dedicated miniature painters. :o :o :o


      I have watched a few videos about "painting miniatures" for "beginners" (me me me) and there is obviously a knack to it. Really enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to doing it! I see now there is a process too like priming, basing, airbrushing and washing and it does not have to be in any particular order according to one person.

      What I want to know is this -


      Has anyone ever lined them up, after priming, on a clothesline (or similar) and sprayed the heck out of them with a base coat at all angles, even if in short bursts, so as to keep details? Especially the ones that do not need different colors or more of a paint job done to make it a work of art.

      Would really like to know if that is one way of doing it or not really practical or recommended.

    49. Missing avatar

      Danish Bazil Lim Zhe Ming 2 days ago

      Read the FAQ, sorry for double posting. No need for anyone to reply to my question haha

    50. Missing avatar

      Danish Bazil Lim Zhe Ming 2 days ago

      Hi I probably know the answer but I just wanted to confirm that nothing in the Carnomorphs expansion is KS exclusive right?

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