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Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game
Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game
12,439 backers pledged £1,717,792 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping update / language editions partners!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey Everyone! 

This is extremely exciting time as more and more of you are receiving the games. We really hope you will enjoy it! 

Receiving games 

One thing that we would like to ask anyone who receive the game is to share the feedback on the game! We are reading through most of the comments and try to be up to date with community and your feedback is very precious. It gives the whole team great motivation to keep moving forward - you have no idea how great it is to see pictures of game that worked so hard on someone table or hear some kinds words about it! 

So in short - if you like what we are doing and want to support us further, sharing feedback, pictures or even simply rating it on Board Game Geek goes a long way! 

Lets build up the hype for the game, so that 2018 will be a year of Sci-Fi Greek mythology ;) 

Lords of Hellas soundrack 

Perhaps you noticed soundtrack that we had on Pledge Manager. They are already working on it and meanwhile, they have organized Kickstarter of their own to gather funds for making the whole soundtrack even better. 

You can also listen to samples of the job they have already done there. If you think you might enjoy some Lords of Hellas soundtrack - you can check their project here 

Language partners for KS edition

 We are also finally able to confirm companies that will work with us on all Language editions. We are extremely proud, that we are able to cooperate with biggest and most trusted regional brands. From our experience we know, that they will provide great translation and take care of promotion of the game in regional markets.

In addition - we just wanted to confirm that the translation process is already happening and looking very good! 




 What orders have been shipped? 

Please do not try to figure out our shipping system as there is nothing to figure out :) We ship based on our customs agency recommendations and it changes day by day. 

This time of year is extremely busy shipping season and we have to make sure packages will leave Poland in timely matter. We ship now any combination of: 

  • Core boxes
  • Core boxes with sundrop 
  • Terrains 
  • Terrains with sundrop

Those of course include coreboxes from mythic/titan pledges and we ship only to people who choose 2 wave shipping. We ship each package separately via UPS. We do not ship whole countries at one time.

We mainly ship to EU and US at the moment but in no particular further order. (not based on backer number or detailed location). So if your neighbor got his copy it doesn’t mean you will as well before Christmass. We will manage to send out around:

  • 900 Core Box without sundrop
  • 300 Core Boxes + Terrain without sundop
  • 600 Core Boxes + Terrain with sundrop (in form of Titan Pledge) 

We will ship those by the end of the year and then get back to it right in January! 

We have not shipped any orders to Canada and the Rest of the world zone - as those will be shipped with National post office shipping, not UPS. From our experience shipping economic National post office during Christmas is not a very good idea (many of the shipping get lost in the way) so we will ship those orders first thing January!

We really tried to send as much copies as we could (more details in last update) but we could not to send them all at once. We understand that passions are high and you would love to get our game asap, we really try what we can to make it happen :)  

Later we will make a full update on Sundrop and why the process took more time then anticipated to give you some details on the whole process ;) 

If your order is shipping, you will receive information about it on the email! 

But please, have in mind, that the whole process might take up weeks before we will deliver to everyone, so we would ask you to be patient and wait for your copy! 

Short FAQ

Can we still upgrade to sundrop? 

If you have picked 2 wave shipping and English language your pledge is “Verified” and we are sorry but you can’t anymore. If your pledge has not yet “verified” status you still can.  

Can we still upgrade to 2 wave shipping?  

If you have not yet picked 2 wave shipping it is too late now. We are sorry about that. Perhaps we will find solution for that later on ;) 

How can I check if I picked 1 or 2 wave shipping?  

You can check in details of your order at 

Have a great Christmas! 

At the very end we would like to wish you an amazing time for this years Christmas holiday. We hope you will find rest, a little magic and great time to spent with your family. 

We feel that we grown to be an amazing community, as board games have those secret powers of bring people together. We hope that this spirit of bring everyone together will be present in your homes! 

Thank you and we will be probably back with another update before the New Year! ;) 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Agnieszka Lisek on

      Hello! I took 1 wave shipping (EN version). Am I still able to upgrade to Sundrop my pledge?

    2. Wolfgang Zellermayer

      nothing here in austria. noone knows ehere those shipments went. i feel underinformed. should i be excited to await a soon delivery or not?

    3. Wolfgang Zellermayer

      nothing here in austria. noone knows ehere those shipments went. i feel underinformed. should i be excited to await a doon delivery or not?

    4. Missing avatar

      Luke Talbot

      Also would like to know what the estimate is for 1 wave shipping?

    5. Missing avatar

      Leonidas on

      Quick question, is it possible to add the terrain expansion on the pledge manager at this point so that it arrives with the rest during the second wave ?

    6. The Mega Meeple

      Played thru first time today.
      While playing it was discovered that my chimera is missing a head. How can this be fixed / rectified?

    7. Daniel

      Non-courier postage for us Rest Of Worlders sounds like a disaster. Can you share more details please?

    8. 聖歌 ドミニック on

      Było wspomniane, że każda wersja językowa oprócz angielskiej zostanie wysłana z 3-4 miesięcznym opóźnieniem.

    9. Missing avatar

      Rafał Gruszka on

      Witam serdecznie kiedy można się spodziewać wysyłki gry wybrałem 2 falową, wersja językowa polska. Wersja tytanowa. Dzięki za info.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rafał Gruszka on

      Witam serdecznie kiedy można się spodziewać przesyłki 2 falowej, wersja językowa polska. Wersja tytanowa. Dzięki za info.

    11. Michał Wojszczyk on

      Jak wybrałem grę w wersji polskiej to kiedy mogę się spodziewać gry? Bo z aktualizacji widzę ze wysyłacie tylko angielską, a w opisie kampanii nie widzę wzmianki jakoby inne wersje językowe były wysyłane później.

    12. Walter Cavalcante on

      So the shipping for language version will be in september....

    13. Christina

      @Awaken Realms
      Thank you for the Lords of Hellas update. But what about This War of Mine? Still waiting on both games...

    14. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hoffmann on

      Is there a forecast as to when the other language versions will be done and are going to be shipped?

    15. Jocelyn Pouget on

      received the core today. the components and miniatures are stunning (well, that was expected). I am afraid to get stuff out of the box, to put it back and be able to close the box looks like a puzzle.
      Plus the 2 surprises are really nice.
      thank you Awaken Realms.
      Only thing that is meh is the packaging, I had no issue and everything was there but package was almost open already, add some tape!

    16. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      Merry Christmas AR!

    17. Missing avatar

      Trent Y

      I opted for a painted copy. Any idea when it might be shipped?

    18. Scott D

      @ Awaken Realms. That's great news for Australians. I apologise for my anger before. I was going on the news that we were shipping by local post instead. Thanks for the quick reply.

    19. Missing avatar

      Joshua Simpson on

      I am also unsure where to see what wave I backed as, and secondly I can't see how to upgrade rather than purchase in addition.... I feel like a fool, I'm sure it's simple.

    20. Missing avatar

      Maurizio Maltese on

      hey, i am a titan pledge with all in, all heroes mounted, sundrop etc and chose italian language, if i follow the link and see my order details i can't see 1 or 2 wave shipping, i just see "status: placed and paid" how can i know what i picked?

    21. EJ Cheah

      @awaken Realms.
      That's good to know. I'm unsure how UPS is in Australia, but I think it's way better than economic post where it's too slow. Thanks lots then.

    22. Popnfresh on

      @awaken realms

      Thanks for the quick info!

      Is that shipped from the national post office where you're at, or will it be sent to the country first (Canada, for example) and then shipped within the country?

      Hope I'm making sense in what I'm asking.

      Thanks again :)

    23. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      Quick info - Australia and 11th zone is shipped by UPS. Canada and rest of the world goes with national post office (mostly due to poor custom service done by UPS and high cost)

    24. Popnfresh on

      I'm curious, as I've heard varying stories from different people, but for those that are shipping through national post - will it be shipped through the national post in awaken realms locale through to our national post to us?

      Or will it be drop shipped into our respective companies and then shipped out national post within the country?

      Just curious as I have two addresses I can ship to, and depending on the answer to this I will do so accordingly.

      If anyone at the AR team or anyone who understands it better than me can let me know, it'd be appreciated.

    25. Björn Tufvesson

      I would actually have prefered National post, UPS is always a nightmare here...

    26. Missing avatar

      Hillardo on

      Will there be some sort of test reading for the translated version, like it was with the base game?

    27. Taylor Mitchell on

      WOOHOO! Status says Ready for shipping. I can wait another month, but no idea if it will be here sooner

    28. Scott D

      @ EJ Cheah. Yep. We are boned dude...seriously boned.

    29. Scott D

      Economic national post to Australia. You have got to be kidding me. Why the hell did I pay for two wave shipping at a premium if you are going to ship my game that way. 3-5 months later it will arrive and in the meanwhile everybody who was UPS and other parts of the world with one wave shipping will have their entire KS game and all add ons before I get my first wave base game...then sometime in July or August I'll get the rest of the pledge...after it hits everywhere else in retail.

      Thats some BS.

      I paid extra to get the base game delivered around Christmas...not sometime around May next year.

      What a joke. Thats a serious kick in the teeth.

    30. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      Nvm checked my emails and I can see that I should be part of wave 1 so we shall see when I get mine.

    31. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      Ditto where does it show what wave?

    32. Markus Leisner on

      Great german Partner, i See it is in good hands.

    33. 聖歌 ドミニック on

      About the Soundtrack. I have added Silver OST to my LoH pledge anager. What is the difference between pledge manager and the new project? Are they adding additional stuff w/o speech tracks?

    34. Missing avatar

      Mateusz Pszczółka on

      Why polish version is published by another company?

    35. Aonline

      Any news on when the Pledge Manage is closing? I am hoping to play for my pledge in mid-January.

    36. Robert

      Ditto on UPS. Canada Post always does a great job with notifications the whole way.

    37. Nathan Speidel on

      Sad to see that I won’t be receiving mine before the Holidays, but happy to see it won’t be UPS in Canada! If I read that correctly

    38. Joseph Kirk

      My copy arrived today! Amazing work Awaken Realms!

    39. Thorlight

      Nice i noticed how good sundrop was and added it to my 2 extra core boxes 1 wave shipping since it wasent verified yet.

    40. Missing avatar

      Matt0Wolfy0Hegi on

      Received Today, absolutely love it! The figures are gorgeous, the rules are fantastic and the storage solution is great! Can't wait to play a game with my mates and so happy I chose this as my first kickstarter to Back, ever!

    41. Evan McCoy

      Same comment as Alan below. Logged-in to GameFound, looked at my order, and it does not appear to indicate Wave 1 or 2 anywhere. There is also nothing listed in my "Order Status", so that leads me to believe that I'm in Wave 2, but it does not actually say that anywhere that I can see.

    42. Missing avatar

      Alan Lochwood on

      Sorry but where does it tell you if you have 1 or 2 wave shipping? Followed the link to my order but couldn't see it?

    43. EJ Cheah

      From my experience with the Poland National post office, shipping to my country (Australia) will take a LONG time (last time, it was more than 3 months). Is this going to happen as well with this project?

    44. Aaron Silverman on

      What's the current estimated date for the second wave of shipping?

    45. Márcio Maciel on

      Thanks for the update guys! Have I understood it correctly: the rest of the world shipping won't have a tracking code on the package?

    46. Huckleberry Carignan on

      Great update. I hope you have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays :)

    47. Iskander Nederhand on

      Merry Christmas to u guys as well :)