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Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game
Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game
12,439 backers pledged £1,717,792 to help bring this project to life.

The journey (production / delivery update)

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey everyone, 

Today we have rather sad news. Most of you have expected us to ship the games 4th of December (we also did), but this date unfortunately will be delayed by at least a week. This is certainly a disappointment, as a lot of you wanted to get the game before Christmas, but you can trust us, that no one here is more disapointed then we are. 

Whole team had put in amazing effort to get everything in line in given deadlines. There were dozens of problems on the way and we managed to solve 98% of them, but in the end there is something beyond our direct control that cause delay. 

Before we will get to current problem at hand we wanted to list you few (out of many, many more) of the issues on the way, that we had to solved on the way, just to give you a better insight on troubles that can happen. Obviously, we don't want to give any excuses as we expected that unexpected things will happen, but we just want to show you our journey - in other updates we were showing you most exciting parts of it: art, gameplay and story of the game itself. But there is also huge part in the shadow that takes at least as much energy as the game itself. Today we want to share with you some of those things in shadow.

If you want to just get to the current news - just skip that part! 

Accounting - VAT registration in 5 different countries. There is a special regulation that force you to register and pay VAT tax directly to given country within EU after exceeding some threshold of sales direct to customers. Essentially this law was created so that huge corporation would not pay the lowest VAT tax rate from one country in whole Europe (selling for example from Ireland etc.). For us, it takes great deal of energy, funds and focus to register in 5 different tax administrations (in different language) and following different requirements and documentation. 

PayPal frozen funds from Pledge Manager. As some of you may know, this can be a common thing with crowdfunding and Paypal, where they froze your funds until you will send the goods (which obviously makes whole crowdfunding pointless, as you need those funds). 

Knowing this as well before the PM, we reached out to PayPal to get confirmation everything will go without a problem (since we have 3 years well documented history with PayPal) and got info that there will be no problem what so ever. Our surprise was pretty huge when a day after PayPal froze the funds nonetheless and we had to document every little thing in the company (tons of documents) to gain access to them back. 

Paper for game production. There was also huge problem with lack of paper in factories to manufacture the game on time (there was a reserve made, but it turned out that there was something wrong with it and could not be used for production). But we were very fortunate to deal with printing company in Poland who got to great lengths to get proper paper in time. 

Plastic insert re-do. Usually when you design insert you need to make one or two amendments - we needed to make 6, to make sure everything will fit nicely. (it is huge game with huge content and all of it made the task really hard). We had to change the original 1,2 mm thickness of plastic of insert to 1,5 mm to make sure it will be strong. 

Transportation. We had miniatures shipped in 4 different transports, to be able to start sundroping as soon as possible. Out of those 4 shipping, only 1 was on time (even thou we have specially shipped with more expensive train option, not sea) and the other ones required constant contact - the final shipping is till on hold and this is the reason for the delay. 

Box size change. Lords of Hellas box size was estimated to be 295x295x100mm and this is the box we will print, but turned out that upon putting in all the components box will be 10mm higher (there is sooo much stuff in that box!). So we had to very fast change the Cardboard for packing the boxes, so that they will fit and it created some sort of delay. 

... and many, many more. Practically every day is a new challenge outside of standard game design and production and as we said many times over, without your support it would be really hard. In the end knowing that together we make something really awesome, makes it worth it - but such delays are always heartbreaking, especially when everyone gave their 120%. 

But from every problem we take a lesson and we know that it gets more and more predictable for future. 

Current status 

Ok, so what's holding us back on the shipping? Actually there are two things. On we already know when will be solved, second - not yet. 

Foam production - to make sure as many games will come to you safe, we will include hard foam in the cardboard to hold the game and surprises we prepared for you. Right before going to production we got sample of the foam and it turned out way to soft to actually protect from anything, so we needed to find different producer and his production deadline is 11-13.12 (we already got the new sample and this one is up to the quality we wanted for our shipping). 

Last shipping - One of the last shipping that contains few components that without we cannot complete full sets is currently being in review by the customs. This is probably one of the un-luckiest transport in the history of things. 

It was actually a air shipping that usually takes 3-5 days, and currently it is delays for over 12 days (full details: first there was rather standard 2 days delay, then it was transported to Munich, from where it was supposed to go to Warsaw, Poland, but since it is Christmas there was no good slots for it, so carrier decided to ship to Frankfurt to speed things up, where there was supposedly an personnel strike so it was transported by the truck to Poland. When it got to Poland it was held by customs for few days, when finally being in control / review). 

Current status is that the review will take 3 days from today but we have no guarantee this time will be meet (again, Christmas and a lot of work).  As soon as we will learn anything, will let you know! 

All other positive news 

Ok, so up until now everything seems pretty pessimistic, but it really isn't. We are terribly disappointing with this situation (we were so excited to finally start shipping!) but all other things are going really well! 

Paper production is currently on point and everything is looking beautiful! Colors are so vivid! 







 Miniatures details and quality is amazing!

Sundrop painting is progressing nicely (there is also a lot of problems going here, but so far we are managing to solve them one by one ;) ). 




There are also 2 secret surprises that will be waiting for you in the parcel and we hope that you will be really happy with them ;) 

Language versions

Another good news is, that any delay of English version should not affect language versions delivery as the files are already in the hands of our partners (who we will announce with the next update ;) ) and most of the models for those versions are already done and should ship to us soon. 

Personal note 

We just wanted to give you a small personal note from our perspective - 3 years ago, Awaken Realms was a small miniature painting studio compose of few people painting in the basement of an old house. 

We are extremely grateful to everything that have happened in this time, as the amount of support we got from you is overwhelming and enable us to grow so fast. Other side of it is that we need to put tons of effort and sleepless nights to make up for the speed of that growth  and we are learning in the process. 

Especially month before shipping is a period of great stress but also excitement - from one side - what if something go wrong? What if you will not like the game or the components? On the other side we are extremely excited to share with you work and passion that we have put into this project and hear your thoughts on it! 

For us, Kickstarter is a big bumpy journey, that takes huge amounts of effort but offers great satisfaction. Without it, making such huge games like Lords of Hellas would be close to impossible. We are very lucky to have you with us on this journey. 

In the end - we are very sorry about this delay and we promise to give everything in our might to ship the games your way as soon as possible! 

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    1. Orion Harrison on

      Hello, any update on when shipping might be?

    2. N.S. Paul on

      Hi guys,

      No rush, just wondering where we were regarding due dates?


    3. Missing avatar

      Tj momon on

      So can we expect delivery the last week in December?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Minchin on

      I have trouble remember if in the 20-30 games I've backed on Kickstarter if a single one arrived within the "suggested" completion date. Thank you kindly for explaining what your delays are, and keeping your customer base in the loop. Good luck with all the next steps, and we are here to support you as you bring a fantastic product to life. Thank you kindly.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Yeung on

      I love that KS has brought minis to board games in a big way. But my love of games developed before KS, and so the cardboard and printed parts of games have always held my attention. And so I say THANK YOU for the shot of that massive industrial printer because I now have an image to conjure in my head for "how these that I love were made".

      BTW, what is being printed? Are those massive hero boards or is my sense of scale off?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jordan van Irsel on

      Thanks for the super transparent update! As someone who lives in THE furthest city from Poland (legitimately, look it up on furthestcity) I for one am absolutely fine with one of the delays being making sure it gets here safe... I already have many groups of friends waiting to play this game with me, so hopefully this is the last delay. :D

    7. Missing avatar

      taskun56 on

      @jasonsullivan Thanks! That and a response from them have given me a few options I can pursue.

      Thanks for doing such a great job so far. I hope everything goes well from here on for everyone's sake, but thanks for keeping on top of things. Didn't want you all to think it was unappreciated. Not at all.

      Thank you. :-)

    8. Dave Mann on

      Just like to add my support for your very detailed update. A delay of a couple of weeks is not much to be concerned about, and best to get everything to the highest quality you can and transported safely than rushing anything at this stage. Will you post another update (or comment even) once the final couple of components are all sorted?

    9. Missing avatar

      Charles Huthwaite on

      These things happen - considering the magnitude of your endeavour I'm surprised its only a week. Thanks for the update and I pray that your bumps get flattened soon. and keep up the great work.

    10. Andreas Kotschote on

      Can you give an estimate of German translated delivery? Will it be around March?

    11. Jason Sullivan

      @taskun56 go to and log in, you can still change your address on the My Account page.

    12. David Dallaire on

      Looking great. Keep up the good work and don't worry about getting the game before xmas... Quality over speed

    13. Nate Sickler

      A week!? Oh no! ;) take your time.

    14. marco on

      A clarification: I am not sure I understand the box size point. Does it mean that the final box will be 10mm higher, for a total of 110mm?

    15. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update. Keep up the amazing work!

    16. Thorlight

      Hitting a december delivery is a christmas miracle all of its own. Not even sure shippings like in 15dec would reach backers by the 24th tbh since its a clusterfest of packages beeing sent this time of year.

      January is gonna be freaking cracy ill tell u that since u are by far not the first ones with delays in dec.

    17. Missing avatar

      taskun56 on

      Well, if the shipping is going to be delayed I may need to change my shipping address. I'm being evicted by my crappy landlord who has decided to sell the property so I have to be out in less than 60 days.

      I paid ~£250 for the Mythic Edition so I'm hoping something can be done about the shipping address.

    18. Missing avatar

      TableTopBean on

      @AR you guys are doing us a huge solid by making this game a reality! It looks beautiful and I am sure the gameplay will be amazing. Thank you for your transparency and communication. Your level of professionalism is beyond that of bigger companies and even a small "mom and pop" businesses.
      Good luck and I appreciate your games. This War of Mine is fantastic and I cannot wait to get my hands on The Edge: Dawnfall soon!!
      Keep up the great work.

    19. Gedracon on

      Thanks for this update. Good explanation of things going on, the little delay isn't a problem for me.

    20. John L Vogt

      Thanks for the nice transparent update. No worries for me. Have a Merry Christmas.

    21. Vitezslav Ures on

      Cannot speak for everybody, but I am totally ok with the delay, so don't beat yourself too hard (I mean at all).

    22. Missing avatar

      Steve Lille on

      Yeah totally agree that sometimes shit happens and all you can do is roll with it! I would rather get it late and right than early and rushed!

    23. Missing avatar

      James Morahan on

      No worries guys! Looking forward to playing it in the new year! Good luck!

    24. Missing avatar

      Pylosx on

      Thanks for the update.
      Shit happens every time every day...
      For a project like this is even 4 weeks delay superb.
      If you manage to send the game before Februar 2018, thumps up!

    25. 3 Minute board games on

      The reason they are so apologetic about a one week delay is This War of Mine, which hit a bunch of snags and had a bunch of annoyed people.

      They said they would do better next time and get the game out on time, and honestly, 1 week late for a project of this scale is almost unheard of on KS.

      But even with that, that's why they are still so apologetic.

    26. Miki

      Delays happen, but lack of communication is unforgivable. I really, really appreciate your transparency and constant updates. Your campaign and the way you are dealing with all the trouble should be something other people here on KS should follow.

      That said, I cannot wait for the game (even though I have selected it to be shipped in the spring). Great job!

    27. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      I honestly thought the November 2017 delivery date was a misprint. With other projects of this size you are told delivery will be in one year, then you take bets on how late it will actually will be. I agree with everyone here, and thank you for one of the best kickstarters it has been my privilege to back.

    28. Michael Boucher

      Nonsense. Don't apologize, delays happen and I definitely prefer you guys to make sure it is a product you are happy with and want us to have instead of rushing it half-assed just to meet some silly Xmas deadline. I am more than happy to wait patiently amd have faith in you all.

    29. Michael Pflug on

      Are you serious? You’re apologizing for a one week delay? Other games get delayed by YEARS, with bad communication from the creator/s. You are doing great!

    30. Missing avatar

      Jared De Campo on

      You guys are doing an amazing job! I'm pretty certain we'd all prefer you to take your time and get things perfect. Keep up the incredible effort!

    31. Dean F. Wilson

      Thanks for the detailed updated. The transparency helps :)

    32. Missing avatar


      where there's progress there's hope ... so I'm not *that* worried yet.
      I'm glad you consider these delays bad, because that means you care a lot and that's good news for this game and whatever comes next from your company.

    33. Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar

      It's all good, AR, still better than SPM ^o^

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris Penfold on

      Extremely impressed with the frequent and honest updates. First time I've backed a Kickstarter and very happy with the level of service so far.

      Keep up the good work!!

    35. Missing avatar

      jesse on

      thanks for the update. bad news is always bad but its definitely better to get the whole story.
      it'd be nice if your next update could be your shipping time table? obviously with this news you don't know the day you'll start but an idea of " once everything is ready, this happens week one, this country starts receiving things week 2"

    36. Engrothi on

      Lol I am very glad how well they are communicating the issues. If every kickstarter would just take a little time like this and explain in depth (as they would to shareholders) what is going on the world would go round much more simply

    37. Engrothi on

      I don't consider this bad news to be honest. Looks like average everyday setbacks. It happens, project managers have to make timelines with this type of stuff all the time.

    38. Nicholas J. Corkigian

      Estimated delivery date was November 2017, and you're close to shipping with just a couple weeks delay? Please ... let us know when you have a *real* shipping issue. :)

      Seriously, compared to the majority of KickStarters, I'm super impressed with the communication and how close you've been with your time estimates.

    39. Sebastian On Board

      AW I sort of know what means to expand from a small business to much much higher level of load work an a bunch of years you made the world of board gamer know our worldwide for an excellent job done WITH passion!!!
      I hope you grow even bigger!
      Well done and thank you for transparency and for being so rewarding for your excellent games!

    40. Missing avatar

      Stephen Fetzer

      Delays happen, and you have been transparent about the process, so I couldn't ask for more. The game looks amazing thus far, and I can't wait to get the game.

    41. John Stern

      I really can't complain. Lords of Hellas has been moving remarkably and pleasingly fast compared to many other kickstarter games I have backed. Another week or two is nothing if that's what it takes to get it right.

    42. Rew King on

      It is the nature of the beast, given how big the fame became and what is clearly a high quality - it will be worth the wait.
      It is incredible to see how far you guys have come, it's truly inspiring. Despite the frustrations you have had, you should feel proud :)

    43. Libraman on

      Thanks guys for your transparency. You do a great Job and I'll wait the time that you need, to have a quality game and play all over the night each day during one month !

    44. Klangark on

      You promised a delivery in november, seeing how many project get delayed by more than 2 months, no one will be angry for a two weeks delay. Anyway, I’m in Canada and wouldn’t have received it in time for christmas anyway

    45. Missing avatar

      Simone Colombo on

      No problem with bad news. Shit happens :-). If you wanna make us happy, please post other photoes of the great job you are doing on miniatures. I can't wait to see more :-)

    46. Missing avatar

      La. Aur. on

      Keep going guys! You're making an exellent work (updates, communications etc)!!

    47. Missing avatar

      DemonKnight on

      Sounds like it’s not your fault. Not much you could of done to change the situation. Happy you at least tried.

    48. Missing avatar

      Dominik Schwarz on

      A week or two is nothing to worry about, just do everything with care to produce the best possible result, that's way more important. ;) And as long as you are as transparent as you are now, hardly anybody can complain.

    49. T8erSalad

      I only care about quality so delays are fine. BTW I am glad I went all in this looks awesome.

    50. Missing avatar

      Stephen Stanton

      Just do it right. Delays are inevitable.