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Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game
Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game
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Solo mode Print & Play

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey everyone! 

First of all - we would like to thank you all for great feedback on Core Box Print & Play. As expected you provided great insights to the components and manual - we are sure that thanks to your feedback we were able to make the game better and more clear! 

Past week we were working very late hours (few nights we had to sleep in the office :P) to make sure the files we will send to print will be as amazing looking as possible. Below you can find example of such a change - every component went through that process! 

Single player Print & Play

We would also like to ask you for feedback in regards of final element of the game - solo campaign, Persian Invasion. 


This campaing is modular and is supposed to enable you to enjoy it many, many times - but still, for some people it might be considered warning (Scripts Part in the end). In our view it is not, but we wanted to make sure to warn you ;) 

Before you will dive deeper, please read few remarks:

  • Currently there is no images in the manual - we are working on them. Final version will have a lot of images to make sure that it will be easier to translate 
  • You will be using components from Core Box - as for the Blessings and Artifacts use only the ones marked with green single player mark. 

If you will find some mistake or would like to send us suggestion, please email at with "LoH Solo Mode" as a topic of the email. Thank you all! 

Click on images to download full files! 

Solo game map 



 Persian tray 

Once again - thank you all for taking part! Whole team is giving everything we got this last weeks to make sure you will receive amazing game and we hope that you will enjoy it a lot!  

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    1. Joshua Geimer on

      This map is straight dope. My two cents is that you guys/gals did an amazing job with the details in this map and made it look fantastic. I love how you are using the tokens to initiate different unfolding events each game. I don't play solo a lot but this has me crazy excited to play solo.

    2. Alexander Rucker

      Loving the new artwork! Great job. :)

    3. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      @Tanja: Hah! Just as I was commenting here, I got a reply from AR. The comment about colours is something they had already talked about internally and for some reason slipped through while writing up this version of the rules.
      So big hopes that this will be changed :)

    4. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      I send them similar feedback to Tanja. Writing the rules using colour makes things complicated and confusing. Because Regions and Lands also have coloured borders on the map already, so whenever the map is reffering to blue regions for example, the player has to work out what is being referred to: the loyal legions with the blue player token OR the blue regions on the map. And this is not always clear.

    5. Andrei Badea on

      @Tanja Chose your own color man. You don t have to cry like a baby because the rules said otherwise. Make your own rules with your own hero and scripts. I imagine many fan created scenarios for solo play will be added after the game will be released.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tanja Schaedle on

      I'm a bit sad, that the Solo-Mode is only for Achilles, but I see that it would have been a huge Problem to have a Solo-Mode suitable for all Hero Choices, BUT: I want to be able to choose my own Color-Scheme, All Colors basically have the same stuff to offer, 15 Soldiers, 4 Priests and the Control-Tokens, so I don't see ANY point in not being able to choose, which color I want to assign to my troops, which color should represent the enemy and which color(s) to use for allies. And using the colors as abbreviations for "enemy" "ally" "your" actually makes reading the rules unnessecarily complicated.

    7. Bunwells Ltd on

      Updates look awesome!! Cheers :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Jesse Volckaert on

      On he "Persian Tray - Invasion Track", number 8 is missing. You have 2x number 9 instead.
      Besides that it looks legit :).

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonson Karlo Mangubat on

      LOL. I also remember thousands requesting a solo mode at one point. Good to see we are finally seeing more info about it. I do hope the solo mode gets finalized with the core game.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonson Karlo Mangubat on

      Looking nice! But I have a question about the cards. What sizes are these and how many of each size does it have? I would like to sleeve every card if possible. Thanks!

    11. Andrei Badea on

      Wow. This is a lot. But the rules are just to much without any visual help. I ll wait for the final version of the solo rulebook to understand them. But looks great for a game that was supposed to be 2-4 players and now it s 1-6.

    12. Dexoh on

      Looks amazing. Great work! @ethylo solo was talked about from the start and you don't speak for the majority
      Looks awesome and can't wait for more solo content.

    13. Scyz on

      Heh AR needs to provide its staff camping quipment for office sleepovers :D True spartans do not falter in the face of the looming deadline.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dyson Gibson on

      there was talk of a playmat style board option is that still a thing? If not will we have the ability to have one made when we get the game?

    15. Jim Saxon

      Nice map, but it only download at 14KB/s-25KB/s with many timeouts (fails). It took 13 retrys to download the entire 6.0 MB file. Please host downloads on Google Docs or Dropbox for much better download speed.

    16. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      @Ethylo: the way the map is right now, you could use it for normal game. Just place the normal temple card over the population track. The regions have the normal colours, even though the rules suggest they should have other colours.

    17. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      That is a lot to read. Do we send feedback as before? (not that I'll not send it if you say no ;) )

    18. Eric M. on

      Not playing solo game at all, does that mean the other side of the board (half of the board content) will be of no use for me?
      If so hugely disapointed as that was a big part of replayability for me and nothing about solo only was said when the SG unlocked during the campaign.

    19. Eric Leblanc on

      These a great! Can't wait to try solo mode. You didn't talk about the Pledge Manager. When will we be able to change/add stuff in our order? Once again, great update! Keep up the good work!