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Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game
Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game
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Core Box revised Print and Play!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey everyone! 

Day 0 (sending all files to print)  for Lords of Hellas Core Box is approaching rapidly so we have a HUGE favor to ask of you! 

We have prepared for you close-to-final Print and Play and we would like you guys to take a look at it. It is after few layers of proof-reading but we are pretty sure, that few things here and there skipped attention (it always does). But with your help we can get them all! ;)  

Before you will take a look, few things:

  • Files are not yet final! We are still working on them, especially colors and textures.
  • We are going for US English - as easy to understand as possible. 
  • There is Manual for 2-4 players. Single player manual will be post in a few days (currently at proof reading). 

If you will catch a mistake or have a comment - please send us an email at with following structure: 

- Title - Lords of Hellas feedback 

- Please try to put the information as shot as possible, it will be best if you will give us a Manual Page / name of component that you found mistake / something that you feel should be better. 

Ok! Check out the files below! (Click on image to download) 

Game Manual
Game Manual




Temple and Monument activation cards
Temple and Monument activation cards




Blessing cards
Blessing cards


Combat Cards
Combat Cards


Event Cards
Event Cards


Hero and Army Boards
Hero and Army Boards


Monster Attack Cards
Monster Attack Cards


Monster Trays
Monster Trays


Monument Help Cards
Monument Help Cards



Thanks for everyone who will participate and share your feedback with us! We are sitting very late hours to make sure Lords of Hellas will be one of the best games out there and with your help we are certain it will be achievable! 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike C

      what rule changes have there been since this post?

    2. Missing avatar

      Odilon Magno da Silva Junior on

      for some reason I cant download it, is there an error on the page?

    3. Bruce Gray

      Everything looks great ... except for the Rulebook cover. Is there any way to tone down the 'blood and gore' factor? Remember, this will be used at FLGS as well as at homes. Think about the kids that also come into FLGS.....

    4. Missing avatar

      Dennis Van Sprengel on

      I've played the game 2 times and at my opinion the monster are way to easy to beat for a victory.
      There was even once that someone could kill a monster in 1 turn.
      If you start a hunt you get cards based to your strenght and with that buff you even get cards to defend yourself against attacks of other people. Maybe you need to get a bleed out of cards or something.
      With maybe you get 1 card if you defend. And no card if you dont defend. Or maybe max 5 cards in your hand for ever.

    5. Dave Mann on

      One of the emails I sent was to clarify in the rules that it's only the first fully completed monument that counts towards the victory, not any others finished during the last three rounds.

    6. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Doesn't matter, it will start another 3 turn countdown which can't end before the already running countdown.

    7. Missing avatar

      frm78 on

      Question regarding the king of kings winning condition: what happens if, after a monument is fully built, somebody builds the final level of another monument?

    8. Dave Mann on

      Also, like the "King of Kings" win condition as we will see the fully built statues on the board for up to three whole turns.

    9. Dave Mann on

      Great update and pleased with the quality of everything I've seen. I've sent a few emails with the things I've spotted about the rule book and various cards.

      Some more general questions about the core box contents:
      1. The original Campaign also mentioned a "Campaign book". Will this be issued out for proof reading too?
      2. The verse side of the map that was a stretch goal isn't included. Is this something that was missed or won't be developed anymore?
      3. I've gone for split postage but will the stretch goal of a secret envelope for the winner of the third game be included? If it's in the second wave it'll be redundant as I would have played the third game by then.

    10. Missing avatar


      Page 7 - Sea Trails: "Tu grafa" :)
      Page 12 - Wound Symbols: Instead of X after Priest and Artifact I think that real symbol would be better.
      Page 13 - Under Control: the numbers for Card Power, Combat Card Rule and Casualties Symbol are not printed on a card.
      Page 14 Quests: No explanation what happens when another player is on the same quest - how the first player move on quest? what have to be done to be with somebody on quest? how second players moves?
      Page 15 Two player mode. What happens after 15 pieces of monument are built? No possible way of resetting actions?
      1. Nothing is said aboud moving all hoplites from one region. Do I still control this region?
      2. No information in hunt section how hunt preceds after first round. How many cards do I draw after first round? Also can I retreat from battle?

    11. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      @Krzysztof Lityński check the previous update: "shipping will start in the second half of November"

    12. Krzysztof Lityński on

      are you guys still planning to deliver in October/early November? ;))

    13. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      I'd go with "the" not "a"
      Head of the Sphinx, Eye of the Tiger. Ears of the Wolf, Strength of the Bear, Speed of the Puma.

    14. Justin Strzyzewski on

      I have to say Head of Sphinx and Eye of Cyclops just sounds broken.

      I think either Cyclops eye, Sphinx Head or Eye of a Cyclops/ Head of a Sphinx sounds better.

    15. Missing avatar

      Steven Griffith on

      On Master Plan, is the sacrifice a priest optional or mandatory?

    16. Andrei Badea on

      I find that the icons on the cities are perfect the way they are. It is good for new players to see that a city adds +1 to your defense. And also it shows you where exacly to place your city miniature. So the city icon with +1 won t be visible since there will be the plastic miniature or cardboard token placed on it. Also Head of Sphinx, Owl of Athena sounds perfect the way they are. The game is based on the antic Greece, ANTIC. Not modern. ;) The only thing i don t find the use is the new Temple and Monuments activation cards. I liked the old version of the temples when they where aligned in a single row on the main board. The rest looks realy greay. I hope the solo play will be implemented good in the game. Also i don t know how the 5th and 6th player map is added to the main one since those are not connected with the main map. They don t connect in any way. They don t make a bigger map in one piece.

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven Griffith on

      The page number on page 3 looks higher up than the rest.

    18. Missing avatar

      Angioino on

      Guys anyone know which size the cards will be? American standard perhaps? Cheers

    19. Missing avatar

      Francesco on

      I hope that the same proof-reading process will be done with the translated version of this game (especially the italian one).

    20. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      That's a style thing. Especially for the owl I would keep it the way it is. With the Sphinx I had been thinking about it as well. But to be honest I would prefer Head of the Sphinx. Same goes with Cyclops. But yes, you are right. all of those could be rewritten with an apostrophe and would then be definitely correct.

    21. Frz on

      Head od sphinx = Sphinx's Head
      Owl of Athena = Athena's owl
      And so on ?! Imaright ?

    22. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Gone through everything. Send three long emails. Missed the "strength" on the Heracles hero board. And the spelling inconsistency of his name someone else pointed out.
      Oh, well. Can't spot everything :)

    23. Oscar on

      @Dominik Schwarz: I second what you said.

    24. Oscar on

      Take a look at the event cards, Aid to Atlas quest. Position 1, 2 and 3 only requiere Strengh 2. Is that intended? So with strengh 2 you can just complete the quest at once? Seems odd...

    25. Missing avatar

      Zathura on

      Can't seem to download the Manual. I keep getting a Network Error message, though everything else was downloaded fine. I can neither open the .pdf in a new tab or save the link. I've run a troubleshooter, restarted the computer, and even tried a different browser. I'm starting to think the error isn't on my end. Is anyone else having this issue?

    26. Korgal on

      The map is pretty, clear and legible, bravo! On the other hand I find that the item cards are basic and lack color.
      Good job !

    27. Tiny Epic Azrael

      Helen should be Helena

    28. Missing avatar

      Michał 'Kumo' Misztal on

      @Andrei Badea: it was said the rule was intensely playtested and it works good. Remember that:
      - the player who built the last piece of a monument is also the last player in the next round;
      - other victory conditions are STILL active, so rushing with all forces to conquer monument is risky - it those 3 rounds, someone can take over your regions and temples, claiming victory before the "King of kings" condition is fully met. There is also still opportunity to slay monsters - during tvo rounds, it's even possible to draw new monster from event deck to hunt.

    29. Andrei Badea on

      Victory condition for King of kings seems broken. It was better before when the victory condition was based on who controls most regions with a city in it. Everyone will fight on that spot and the last player has the advantage.

    30. Ben on

      Please work on the fonts on the titles of some of this. Very boring graphic design. Try Copperplate or something else that doesn't look like it came from MS Word.

    31. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Send in anything you spot. The whole exercise is being done because everyone is bound to miss something ;)

      And the colour choice for heroes and armies will become important with the City of Steel expansion, when the armies will get upgrades. Then different colour armies will have different development and we'll be able to mix and match with the heroes for even more tactical choices :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Dominik Schwarz on

      The icons on the cities could maybe removed or changed somehow, because i think it is clear from the manual that they boost defense and if you have the expansion with the plastic cities, the defense icon is hidden under it anyway. And it would help to make the map more organic and less cluttered with icons.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dominik Schwarz on

      @Chaos That's exactly why they made it this way, so that you can combine any army with any hero. Of course if you choose a specific colour you are stuck with the same colour army, that's the point.^^

    34. Chaos

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't being able to choose the colour for my hero mean that, say if I chose Achilles, but yellow, that I'd end up with the Helen (intended) hoplite and priest sculpts? Surely the Achilles player always wants the blue Achilles sculpts so it's actually not a non choice? Or what if the Achilles player does choose yellow, does that mean that, for example, the next player who chooses, say, Helen is stuck with the hoplite and priest sculpts that are left so has to choose maybe the Achilles look-a-like army even though they really wanted the army that was intended for that hero? Am I missing something here? Thanks for any clarification anyone can provide.

    35. Chaos

      I agree with Stavros, there are quite a few minor issues that I've spotted (like Heracles being spelt with a C on his hero board but with a K in at least two places in the manual - page 4 in the title block above the minis and page 8 in the first non italic paragraph). I'll try to send an email, but for all I know he has already spotted what I will send so it seems like there is potential for duplication, although I suppose that's better than missing these things.

    36. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      @Mike Motsinger:
      that is because you could put any of the expansion monuments there: Atlas, Hades, Apollo, or even Poseidon.

    37. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      There are quite a few issues in the manual. Send an email with a first batch. Will send the rest of my comments tomorrow.

    38. Missing avatar

      Hillardo on

      Will there be something similar for the translated versions?

    39. Mike Motsinger on

      The map in lower left corner, the monument spot has no name in it as the other two do.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Monument help cards: Hunt - in other references to "combat cards" it is capitalized. There is one time it is not.
      Monument help cards: Hunt - several times "you" is capitalized when it should not be.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Monster attack cards: Mighty attack, special attack, special attack - the "a" in "attack" is lower case in the title. Other cards have "attack" capitalized.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Monster attack card: Fury - "a" in "already" is bolded.

    43. Tiny Epic Azrael

      Temple and monument activation cards should have their appearance improved.
      Everything else looks good

    44. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Heracles hero board: in past references to a hero's attribute, the word is bolded. Here, "Strength" is not bolded.

    45. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Event card: Messina - Sphinx card
      Looks like the "m" in "must" is bolded

    46. Jeff N

      Are all of the Temple/Monument cards supposed to say "Oracle of Delphi" in the circular part?

    47. Shane

      Fury Card has a Bolded "a" where doesnt need to be.

    48. io on

      Will you need proof reading for French too?