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Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game
Fresh miniature territory control game with adventure elements from creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game
12,439 backers pledged £1,717,792 to help bring this project to life.

Production and delivery update!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey everyone! 

Time for another update! Today we have A LOT of awesome, awesome news! From huge production update, information about Pledge Manager up to delivery schedule confirmation. Lets get into it! 

Pledge Manager and questions

Lets start with Pledge Manager and most frequently asked questions. 

First of all - you did not seen update about pledge manage? MAKE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT

Can I orer more at later time? 

This is one of the most asked question. We are developing this into GameFound - we actually have it ready, but still want to test it out. Expect this new implementation probably at start of next week. We will notify you about it!

How will it work? Basically it will allow you to make a whole new order and mark it "under" old one, so that shipping will be combined and it can ship as a one part. 

Why it took time - doesn't sound complicated. Right? But when you take into consideration tax and shipping aspect it becomes quite a task. Each order have its own order number and there is a separate invoice for every incoming payment connected to that order (this is what regulations asks of us). Then, during shipping those invoices must be added to the order. All of that must be done in controlled way, keeping correct numeration  of invoices etc. As you might imagine, it is complicated process (this is also why processing refunds takes so much time), but we have done better part of it now ;)

How long PM will be open? 

We will notify you with the update 2 weeks before - current estimation is around 8th of November (but it might change) 

Slow customer support

We would also like to apologise to you for customer support that very often was slow and not as accurate as we would like it to be. We just got overwhelmed and got cough up in many other administrative problems we have not seen coming (if we were to update you on every bit of tax / administrative problems we face you would be bore to death - as a quick example - we need to pay VAT tax in 6 different European countries, by 6 different set of rules and rates). 

Having said that - we expect to have a fresh blood in customer support team with the next month, so response time should go better! 

Production and delivery! 

Ok! Now to the good stuff! 

First of all - by our current estimations and plans shipping will start in the second half of November, everything is in line and looking very realistic. So if nothing unexpected will happen within next few weeks - we are on line with the deadlines! 

Keeping deadlines was VERY hard, trust us. As usual for Kickstarter projects, our original estimations were a bit too optimistic, but whole team at Awaken Realms and our amazing partners both in Chine and in Poland put so much effort and extra work that we can be in line with the production without compromising on quality (actually making it better then we expected in few different places!). 

Lets see pictures of plastic components! Some of them are not final and we one some re-doos to them (for example Helena's staff was missing element, it is obviously added). We have them in our hands and we can say that quality of details is amazing. 

















For all of people who would like to see difference between Sundrop vs no-sundrop, we made this picture.

Units colours 

Colors of armies / priest you see on the pictures are final. We have tested around 20 different shades and those ones are looking best in person - on pictures they look a bit less attractive then in real life, but we decided that it would be really stupid to choose colour that look better in picture over a real sight experience.

Additionally, while choosing colour we put miniatures on the map and it had to be as visible as possible on the map, to ensure future strategists (you ;) ) will be able to make good calls while commanding your armies! 

Rules update 

Meanwhile we have been doing last tweaks to the rules and testing it out BIG TIME, almost every weekend we had a sprint with 15-20 games played to test out balance, flow of the game and new implementation. 

There will be also very pleasant surprise for everyone who like solo play - Adam Kwapiński put TONS of time and effort to solo mode. It actually took almost similar amount of testing and designer work as normal game ; )

Whole reverse side of the map will be dedicated to solo as well as half of the manual. We think that this will be the best solo-mode in a territory control game to date!

We have also done a lot of additional design work to ensure the game will be beautiful and understandable. 

OK! So why are we not showing you anything?! 

Well, we will in upcoming 2 weeks. Right before the printing we will show you close-to final, proofed FULL Print and Play and ask you for your help in finding any mistakes and wholes before going to print ;) 

Ok, this is it for today! You will hear back from us in upcoming weeks with new GameFound implementation and full print an play! 

Some mass production pictures to finish this update! ;) 









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    1. Matej Zeithammel on

      hello, how does it look with the delivery date? Great job, can´t wait for it no more :-)

    2. Dave Mann on

      @AR: I've selected split postage. If I really love the Core Box once I play it a few times, will I still be able to add options (e.g. City of Steel and/or Terrain) to the second delivery next year?

    3. George

      Yippee, solo play. I am an antisocial solo player (mostly). May have to reconsider the 1 wave shipping choice.

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin Debona on

      looks great, cant wait.

    5. Missing avatar


      @Enrico It will be possible in a week or two.

    6. Enrico Martinelli

      Me too I'm thinking to change the order upgrading to a Titan pledge level.
      Will it be possible?

    7. Missing avatar


      Why are there 2 photos of each of the male statues, but only one picture of the female statue? *triggered

    8. Missing avatar


      @Adam Homans Thanks, I had been so caught up with how impressive the Hero's/Monuments were I hadn't noticed the coloring of the soldiers/priests. Hopefully the sundrop tech dulls the bright color a bit.

    9. Missing avatar


      @dexoh Go fuck yourself.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Dias on

      I gotta ad, that Perseus mini looks stunning from the back, I hadn't noticed the cool winged jetpack (although thematically it makes a lot of sense, since he flies around the board) :D This complete attention to detail is what's setting this game appart from the rest, well done AR!

    11. Missing avatar

      Francesco on

      any photo of the sundrop on miniatures or monuments?

    12. Scyz on

      @Mad scientist PM closes in November. 11th month of the year, so over a month.

    13. 聖歌 ドミニック on

      @Slawek - any other language than English will be delayed circa 3 months.

    14. 聖歌 ドミニック on

      @MadScientist - pledge manager ends in November, not in a week.

    15. Andrew on

      Thanks for the update, guys! Everything's looking beautiful so far. Keep up the great work! :)

    16. Justin Boehm

      Man, I really wish you could have made at least 2 player co-op, would love play with just me and my GF, but that definitely won't happen as a vs, guess it's only hitting the table when I have at least 4

    17. MadScientist

      Not good enough. I have had no response for three weeks and I can't complete payment until you fix the problem from your end. And now there's little more than a week before the pledge manager closes. Go and look at my message and respond.

    18. Scyz on

      mmmmm white stuff in plastic bags, can't wait for what i can experience with that stuff.

    19. Nicolas Venturini

      Strange coffee beans El Gringo! ;)

    20. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Thank you for the update.
      Those last pictures look like you're working on a synthetic pill lab. 8-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Kuba on

      L O V E it !!! <3

    22. Missing avatar

      TableTopBean on

      Yes!!!! Solo getting a lot of love...great job AR! this will be a dream come true.

    23. Chaos

      @AR Great update, thank you. Thank you to everyone involved for the hard work that you are putting in. I am looking forward to playing this, especially as I love area control and I don't mind a solo game now and then when I can't get my group together, so to hear that this will be the best solo area control is great! If this is under my tree on Christmas Day it will be the best Christmas in a long time! I'm also looking forward to reading the rules in a few weeks time! Keep up the great work.

    24. Eagle-Man

      @AR: I'm glad you're happy with the colours and that they look good in person. Did you test them for colour-blind compatibility? That is, are they differentiable to a person who is colour-blind?

    25. Dexoh on

      @fr33py That is how it always was. You sound like a child whining. Please do some research first before making such comments.

    26. Eric Leblanc on

      @AR: With the possibility of adding items in the Pledge Manager, will we be able to also make modifications. I backed for the Core Box + City of Steel +Terrain add ons, and I would like to change all that for the Titan Pledge. Will it be possible?

    27. Missing avatar

      Brad Hakes on

      Those are fine kinda standard colors for the base. I hope you have also decided colors for the other players in the expansions. I would love to see a sculpt in those colors all side by side. I like that diversity and want the others to also be.

    28. Missing avatar

      Slawek on

      When Polish version will be shipped? I'm still not decided what language choose for myself.

    29. Pierce Mac Angel on

      ANything about the translation process ? Can we still expect the game almost three month after half november ?

    30. Missing avatar

      Peter Danczura on

      Have You guys heard about app dized? It's for boardgame rules. They look promising have u considered talking to them to include this game?

    31. Missing avatar

      Adam Homans on

      @fr33py, the miniatures were always going to be coloured. Some elements are grey plastic, the large statues and monsters. They haven't yet shown us sundropped models in this update apart from the 2 buildings. I imagine the coloured miniatures, red, blue, green, yellow and purple (for the 5th player), will lose a lot of that "shine" with the sundropping. I have seen the minotaur sundropped and he looks awesome with the sundropping.

    32. Ikael on

      coooooooool... I want my game now!!!!!

    33. Missing avatar


      Ugh, so the armies and priests are yellow/green/blue/red? I thought they were going to be grey and have the sundrop tech applied to them? wtf?

    34. Missing avatar

      Ken at Sunrise on

      Fantastic. Definitely looking forward to see this.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tcional on

      Will the other side of the board also support basic game with up to 4 players? (6 with expansions)

    36. Bradley Lacke

      Hell yeah AR, could not be more excited. You guys are killing it

    37. marco on

      @dyson the playmat idea was abandoned as it did not work well with the double-side printing

    38. marco on

      ...and thanks to Adam for the work on the solo mode. That's a great news for me! Between solo plays and games with my group LoH will be the highlight of my Xmas holidays :-D

    39. Marco on

      The green looks very shiny but i trust you guys to make the best decision possible �

      Any update of delivery date for the German version of the game? Thx.

    40. Missing avatar

      Dyson Gibson on

      there was talk of a playmat version of the map is that still being considered?

    41. marco on

      @AR: you guys (and gals) are great! I must admit, I was a bit negative about the possibility of receiving the game before Xmas, as the project had grown to be so big and complex to managing it must have been a huge endeavor. I happily stand corrected, and wholeheartedly apologize for my lack of faith!

    42. Sebastian Hauke on

      @AR you so much amazing :D

    43. Panayiotis Mousarris on

      Any improvement to 2player mode?

    44. Missing avatar

      George on

      You upload a photo for sundrop of the buildings, what about the figures especially with their final colours.

    45. Troy Newhoff on

      Staying on the proposed delivery timeline for a project of this proportion is flat out impressive.

      If the game play is as amazing as it looks, it's gonna be fantastic!

    46. Randolph Streich

      This is a really good update!! Thank you for providing us with updates in English!! You've got great skills! I'm really looking forward to playing this game!

    47. TyDeL

      So if there's an option to order more at a later date, does that mean it's possible to put in an order now with the 2-wave option getting the base game in November, then deciding later if I wanted to add expansions onto my 2nd wave shipment? That would be pretty amazing if true as I've been reluctant to buy in on a lot of expansions on an unplayed game.

    48. Kyle Denna on

      Wow! That is incredibly impressive. What a massive undertaking and you guys are already about ready to deliver? I think you might possibly be the most organized and on top of things Kickstarter I've ever been part of. This is something to be proud of.

    49. Dustin Crenshaw on

      So is the reverse side just solo? Or will it improve the 2p game as well?