The Edge: Dawnfall v1.6

by Awaken Realms

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    1. Artem Trytiak about 6 hours ago

      If yes, how interesting is solo gameplay?

    2. Artem Trytiak about 6 hours ago

      Can you play solo?

    3. Missing avatar

      Kladni László 1 day ago

      @Justin Venable According to the original KS page it is in 32 mm scale.

    4. Justin Venable 2 days ago

      What scale is this?

    5. Missing avatar

      Danial Brett 3 days ago

      Hello all when does this project go live? The count down has been on 14 days for an age now? Thanks

    6. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer 3 days ago

      I don't really care for new units. The ones we already have provide enough replayability. I would however like to see Darkness as an actual faction. All the units are already there, we just need the cards to play it like any other faction. Right now it's this OP boss type unlike rest of the factions.

    7. Rigor 5 days ago

      Respect the Exclusives and offer an update Version. Thanks

    8. Css 5 days ago

      As others have said, i would like the option to buy individual factions like in the first project. And also hoping for some new units, of course.

    9. Missing avatar

      John B
      5 days ago

      Do I recall that each faction has 80 cards? The page says 60.
      Dice is plural, "dices" isn't correct.
      You may want to footnote that painted minis are shown for demonstration only. All models are supplied unpainted - we all know this, but, new folks might expect to get what they see.
      That's a lot f video reviews! Maybe pick five of the best or so, to keep it manageable.
      Just my personal preference, but, I like to see icons or a quick description of the key points at the very first screen of the game post for example: Game for 1-4 players with solo campaign and co-op options; recommended ages (14+, for example); game length (60 minutes, etc..).
      A photo of a game in-session on the table would be nice (using unpainted minis for the above reason) to show us the scale of game board and minis.
      Adding a link to BoardGameGeek page might be nice somewhere.
      Great work! Very excited. Good luck!

    10. KingJinx 5 days ago

      Hey the timer is finally going down. Only 13 days to go.

    11. Andy Haigh
      6 days ago

      I think you should include some specifics in terms of the size of the board as this looks big, to the point of taking up too much space to be practical big.

      Also no description of game mechanics in action, how do turns work, etc.

      What are the stickers used for, are they single use?

      Further the plural of die in the gaming context is dice not 'dices'.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sinai Radical 6 days ago

      I know everyone has their reviewer preferences, but 4 unboxing videos seem a bit unnecessary.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sinai Radical 6 days ago

      I know everyone has their reviewer preferences, but 4 unboxing videos seem a bit unnecessary.

    14. Missing avatar

      Bartłomiej Koźniewski 7 days ago

      I need terrain, bosses and the update :) everything else is here! never expected the game to be so beautiful, simple in terms of rules yet complex in terms of the campaigns :)

    15. Scyz 7 days ago

      @Alex its just temporary date (it refreshes) it all depends how swift will they manage language version delivery from previous KS

    16. Missing avatar

      Greg Dobec 7 days ago

      Love the game in so many ways. The only thing I would honestly add to it is an app for the campaign. So its possible to have way more replayability with it and cuts down on stickers and trying to play over them in a new campaign.

    17. James Groeling
      7 days ago

      Seems like I only recently got my game and now there's a reprint. I'd be interested in an "update only" pledge that includes whatever changes have taken place since the first edition (seeing as I have that)
      Aside from that, I think it's too soon, and too short of a window for pledges. I didnt back Nemesis because I'd not received my warchest pledge before that, and Nemesis seemed like a cashgrab. This seems like moreso, as the game just recently made it into backers hands.

    18. Axel Murcielago on

      14 days?! Is this final?

    19. Kory Dondzila on

      Honestly I would wait at least a few months before launching. It seems like the originally was only recently received by the backers, not to mention there being a glut of KS for games around this time.

      I also agree with extending the 14 day timeline.

    20. Markus Takanen on

      Maybe something about what changes since 1.0?
      Maybe something about deliviry?

    21. Missing avatar

      Nathan Adams on

      Interested but live in Australia and post is expensive, looking forward to seeing prices involved?

    22. Alex

      I agree, 14 days and end of the month is kinda bad combo IMHO

    23. Simian scion on

      "cinematic", not "cynematic" :P

    24. Cmeeu

      Are we going to get a launch day/time soon?

    25. Missing avatar

      Maciej on

      @Awaken Realms please make it possible to buy additional copies of maps and stickers.

    26. vonDorffy on

      I mean: Though, it would have been nice to receive the first wave of Nemesis first, before I have to decide on this.

    27. vonDorffy on

      Looks interesting. I'll check out the vids. Though, it would have been nice to receive the first wave of Nemesis first.

      Two comments:
      1) 14 days seems a little bit short.
      2) You are going to draw flak for starting another campaign with other large projects still in the pipe line, and - looking at the original KS comments - with delivery problems with the first version.

      Also, please, do not let it end around the end/start of the month! I have a monthly salary which payed after the end of the month (around the 8th for me), so I do not have a lot of disposable income left before that.

    28. Missing avatar

      Achim Kuhlmei on

      Great. I love this big boxes =D now i can buy a copy of this game too =D

    29. Alex

      My 2 cents: improved factions specific inserts and general game trayz. Having trays that can help you speed up the setup and factions trays that hold all the factions tokens+miniatures would be awesome

    30. Missing avatar

      Christophe Laroche on

      Very interresting. But I think is too bigger for a box alone . Maybe a french version?

    31. Christopher Hawkins on

      Please provide the ability to purchase specific factions seperate from the boxed game.

      As a miniature wargamer and collector, being able to selectively buy certain kinds of models will determine whether or not I back this project.

    32. Reed Dawley

      Looking forward to new stuff! Great game!!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Lynnux on

      I hope there will be a pledge to upgrade / enhance the first version like it was done for Gloomhaven. Though as a backer of a language version I fear that the new campaign starts too early for the decision to upgrade / enhance. Have to play this game first...

    34. Jason on

      Doesn't Kickstarter require that a second campaign offer something new? Is there something new being offered with this reprint?

    35. Missing avatar

      Tod Casasent

      As has been noted, lots of typos.

      But, two things I look for are a text/graphic (not video) explanation of game play and a link to the rules (maybe on Google Drive, but not a link to a forum where I have to login to get a copy). I don't see either of those here. Good luck on the campaign!

    36. Stefan "The Moth" Ristic

      Is there gonna be any new kind of content this time around or is it a pure reprint/rules update? Would love to see what kind of new faction you guys can cook up!

    37. Missing avatar

      graham rymer on

      Any chance this time I'll be able to pay by credit card in the pledge manager as I don't use PayPal so it makes it difficult to pay for postage.

    38. Missing avatar

      graham rymer on

      Any chance this time I'll be able to pay by credit card in the pledge manager as I don't use PayPal so it makes it difficult to pay for postage.

    39. Missing avatar

      Christophe Vignon on

      Une version française ?

    40. Domenico Simone on

      I'm really happy, you give me the chance to have a fantastic game. Many backers put crazy prices to sell the game; thanks to the new KS I'll have it at a human price. :-)

    41. Domenico Simone on

      I'm really happy, you give me the chance to have a fantastic game. Many backers put on crazy prices for verdicting the game; thanks to the new KS I'll have it at a human price. :-)

    42. Scyz on

      Nah, AR ks drafts are usually full of typos since its made by Polish speaking people - drafted by whoever manages to write english :D Games are translated by pros.

    43. bree

      I have the same concern that others have mentioned - many typos/spelling/grammar errors on this KS page. This concerns me because I worry that it will transfer over into typos/spelling/grammar errors on the cards and in the rulebook, which would make the game unplayable for me. If this is addressed prior to the KS launch, I will be much more interested!

    44. Tchrin

      Please spell check this before launching. I appreciate English may not be your first language but there are a lot of basic typos that could easily be fixed with running this through a spellchecker! You particularly want to fix 'Dices'...the debate on the plural of D6 is an emotive one, but 'dices' features in no dictionaries!

    45. Paul Bannon on

      any comparison shots of the miniatures in scale to other well known ranges?

    46. Missing avatar

      Hannoun on

      I'm so happy to have another chance to buy this game ! Thanks for that !!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Gilles Salmon on

      Hmmm. Im interested only about miniatures. Chapter or other factions could be available apart the main game?

    48. Missing avatar

      Stephen Taylor on

      @Scyz, thanks for the info

    49. Scyz on

      It launches probably late october, since first they need to send language versions to KS1 backers. It should be a bit more expensive than KS1 since it includes previous stretch goals.

    50. Missing avatar

      Stephen Taylor on

      Did Awaken Realms say when this launches? Also a price point would be cool so I can start saving now. There are lots of typos on the Campaign page: hope those don't translate to the rulebooks.

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Welcome to The Edge Dawnfall v1.6! 

Please note that this is only early draft that will be updated thorughout next month. Stay tuned for more exciting info and remeber to click the button: Notify me on lanuch to make sure you will not miss start of campaign!

The Edge: Dawnfall is new miniature Board Game by Awaken Realms for 1-4 players. It was created by Michał Oracz (man behind 13 years of Neuroshima Hex and recent hit Cry Havoc) and it brings next level of competitive gameplay to the table. Fresh, exciting, pure and rewarding.

It’s a living organism with very passionate community. It’s thousands of hours of development, hundreds of unique art pieces, over hundred of pages of rich and unique campaigns, 7 extremely asymetric and unique factions and finally and most importantly a fast, dynamic and very exciting skirmish game with tons of cynematic skills and turn the tide moments.

This is a second Edge the Boadgame Kicstarter, a reprint of our naive 2016 kickstarter promise of unreasonably high amount of content that not only we still managed to reach, but even overdeliver. It’s our biggest and most ambitious project yet, it’s our favorite child, our blood tears and sweat.

It’s a Beast!


ASSYMETRIC FACTIONS – There is a huge asymmetry between factions. They are all distinct in terms of units, actions, shrines, tactics. Faceless can die all the time and quickly resurrect, they are very weak in the beginning but they evolve into unstoppable force. Demons are tricky, they can poison, mind control, paralyze etc. Each faction is very fun to play in its own unique way.

IN MEDIAS RES – Each game starts instantly in the middle of a battle, without units positioning on the two distant sides of a board, without slow approaching and without a stalemate in the middle of a board. When we start the game it is like we have just unpaused it in the middle of a fight!

GAME IS GROWNIG: Gameplay is focused on gathering crystals that you add to your mana pool. They are your constant source of power. Players are growing turn by turn and game becomes more and more tense and dynamic with time.

SPACES AND HEXES – With large hex system we believe we brought revolution to overall movement and game dynamic. All actions are operated on small hex, but all movement and ranges are considered with Large Hexes (7 small hexes). This way, it is very easy to move around and flow of the game on big board is amazing!

SIZE MATTERS! – The bigger units can always enter the spaces occupied by the smaller ones and forcefully push them away!

CINEMATIC SKILL – While designing skill cards we did not want to go the easy way and put “+x bonus” on them. Instead we designed them to be highly dynamic and story related. Hound pulling away sniper on his line of movement? Angel of Death with a final charge from the sky? Brute taunting his enemies? All possible in The Edge!

TWO UNIT MODES – Each unit has 2 modes but we didn't want to make them simply standard and better, each of modes present different tactic with its own strengths and weaknesses. That way you don’t simply decide if to switch to better mode but timing becomes essential as well.

ENHANCEMENTS – In addition to action cards we have enhancement cards that can be permanently attached to units to grant them powerful dedicated bonuses.

BANNER CARDS – each faction has one special card that’s always available and refreshes in passive turn. It allows for very powerful faction specific actions such as resurrection for Faceless or healing for Chapter.

SHRINES – Just as Banner card a Shrine token is unique for each faction and it further develops tactical characteristics for each faction on the game board.

DICES – you can always choose between 2 dices - a free one and a better dice for additional cost, and worst dice outcomes have extra bonus choice.

FREEDOM OF ACTIVATION – in your own turn you can do whatever you want and activate whichever unit you want, even if you just played with it. It brings extreme freedom and makes turns very quick.

INSTANT ACTIONS – some cards offer instant actions that can be played in opponents turn, thanks to that you can always have opportunity to react instead of just waiting for your turn.

COMBAT– Combat is Initiative based, faster units attack first no matter who initiated combat or whose turn it is. Counterattacks are only activated when you successfully defend. If you don't defend you can’t fight back. Huge impact on fight have cards, they are as powerful as units and as important as placements.

CLOSING BELL - We introduced VP track to make game even more dynamic, from the very beginning of game you can feel the quickly approaching finale. It makes all decisions even more significant.

ALTERNATIVE PAYMENTS – In game you can pay for your cards, extra actions, better dices or rerolls. You can do it with gathered crystals or with other very innovative methods such as victory points or even your own units endurance tokens. It’s risky, it can be painful but you will never feel powerless. It also creates opportunity for massive game changing combos!

POWERFUL COMBOS - All of that combined: units, action cards, enhancements, shrines, banner cards bring opportunity to launch very powerfull combos that can turn the tide of battle in single swing!

Story Campaigns - Seven factions, four campaigns, one epic story!

A Living World Shaped by Conflict – 3 PVP campaign books, over 100 pages of content!

The Edge: Dawnfall offers an unmatched wealth of content and stories right out of the box! The base game comes with three PvP campaign books. Each of them – rich in lore, story, and unique gameplay – pits two factions against each other in a set of branching scenarios, where every choice matters.

In the first campaign, the Chapter’s hardened Border Patrol is lost behind the enemy lines, only to stumble upon the demonic Iron Company, resulting in a gripping race through the war-torn land. In the second, the Reborn are lured out of their motherforests, following a mysterious vision that leads them straight into ever-hungry Faceless herds. Finally, the Rha-Zack reconnaissance team surveys the Dvergar lands, making a discovery that may change the fate of both of these troubled races.

Developing World Map

Every campaign comes with close to 30 stickers that you will use to track the battle results, optional objectives and tough decisions both players need to make. Every choice leads to consequences that range from interesting bonuses and debuffs to large-scale events that permanently impact the entire game world (and any future campaigns or scenarios you will play).

Razed cities remain razed. Burned bridges remain burned. Dead faction champions won’t be there when you need them again. Sinister powers, unleashed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, may bring far-reaching consequences.

In the Edge: Dawnfall, battles are not only an exciting, tactical affair. They are also the tool you use to shape the entire game world! 

Multiple Solo and Coop Scenarios

Solo/Coop Campaign book with over 27 pages of content!

Your friends didn’t show up for a game night or you prefer to play coop ? The Edge has you covered: the game contains a large collection of challenging and interesting Solo/Coop content. Chief among them is the Darkness solo campaign, that takes your elite force on a conquest of a dark, parallel universe. Unlike so many board game solo modes that are just an afterthought, the Darkness campaign was built specifically for Solo play, bringing you a full set of missions, a territory control mini-game, and optional content for each of the six major Dawnfall factions that may attempt it.

And if you grow tired of Darkness, you may always go for a trip to the fabled Last City, or test yourself in one of the several smaller mini-campaigns. 

A Treasure Trove of War Stories

In total, The Edge: Dawnfall contains over 50 unique Scenarios that clock in at over 90 000 words, with storylines and scripts written by an award-winning professional fantasy writer. Filled with exciting choices, optional objectives, and branching endings, they give our game an unmatched longevity, providing you and your friends content for months of play.

The campaign aspect has already earned high praise from both the reviewers and the players, and in the second print, we’ve gone one step further, fixing any known mistakes or imbalances and creating many additional setup diagrams, that help players avoid confusion when preparing their battles. 




Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ