Nemesis Board Game

by Awaken Realms

Awaken Realms wants some feedback on this project. What do you like? What could be better? Anything missing?

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eliah Dublaski 3 minutes ago

      I'm looking soooo forward to new infos about this awesome project

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrick Rodgers about 10 hours ago

      I agree that miniatures aren't a requirement.
      Standees are fine too.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 about 18 hours ago

      and a downloadable draft version of the rules...

    4. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 about 18 hours ago

      I am really looking forward to see a full playthrough video, by Rahdo (or anyone else...)

    5. Vojtas about 21 hours ago

      I heard that Nemesis won't be more expensive than $90. I hope AR will rather add more cards (events, actions, items) than new minis.

    6. Ricardo Seoane Coco about 21 hours ago

      Pandorum ... Great movie +1 ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 1 day ago

      Yes, definitely what will make this game fun and replayable will be having plenty of rooms, cards, events etc...This is the foundation of the interesting gameplay.
      Minis are great but secondary on priority.
      In my opinion having the minis as an add-on will satisfy both types of customers: those looking for a minis heavy box, and those looking for a cheaper base game.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dane Richards 2 days ago

      This looks so awesome, Im really looking forward to getting hold of it!! I know a few people have said theyd get it without the minis but I absolutely love the look of the crew members sculpts, I'd buy them on their own too!! I'd love to see a few extras in the stretch goals and maybe a few extra aliens.
      One game I massively fell in love with was Zombicide black plague and while you dont need all the minis its great to have them so every game feels a little different. I dont know how many rooms and parts of the ship you get in the core box but extras in the sttetch goals would also be good as again each game would feel slightly different.
      Im very excited to see where you go with this.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 2 days ago

      If you like the story of this game, then you must see the movie "Pandorum".
      In that movie, members of the crew wake up from cryogenic capsules to find themselves in a spaceship which they don't recognize, barely functioning.
      They remember only their own names but not the purpose of their mission.
      A crew engineer somehow remembers where the main reactor is and how it functions.
      The few survivors have to explore their derelict spaceship and soon discover they are not alone....
      Strange creatures populate the ship and hunt them.
      Soon it's a run to save the ship and themselves.....

      All the elements of this game are in the movie...which with a limited budget succeeds in keeping the tension high up to the discovery of what really happened to the ship, their passengers and humanity...

      Go and watch it if you didn't already, I bet you'll like it !!!

    10. François Savoie 2 days ago

      A French version would be amazing. Also do you expect to have a retailer pledge?

    11. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio 3 days ago

      Oh my god! Bring It on

    12. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 3 days ago

      As an example I would bring "Camp Grizzly" by Ameritrash Games.
      That game is super thematic, intense, clever and entertaining and works perfectly well with paper standees because of that.
      It won't get any better with minis.
      I hope the designers will consider that as an example to follow.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 3 days ago

      My expectations are getting higher and higher.....!!!!
      Logo forward for this project to go live.

      As I wrote earlier, I just hope the miniatures will not eat too much budget.
      I'd prefer to have cardboard standees and a more accessible price rather than pay a premium for figurines that, on my opinion, are not the most important part of the game.
      This game looks cool because of theme and mechanics.
      Minis are a welcome add-on but not essential.
      I would really prefer to have them as an optional add-on on a cheaper base game but I am pretty sure the producers will make them a main feature.
      And I can well understand the attraction they'll generate, as they look really cool.
      Nevertheless...I'll vote for a cheaper base game. Tired to see games over 100USD just because they are full of minis.

    14. Missing avatar

      Zaberish 4 days ago

      I played "Nemesis" on various stages of development and for me XP system in this game would be a completely unnecessary addition. This game is not about developing your character - it's about dealing with a huge and deadly danger as well as reaching your own goals while trying to stay alive. There's some room for cooperation, yes, but in the end it's all about surviving at the cost of others...

      If there will be a version of the game without figurines, I personally would play it with the same amount of fun as I had when playing the prototypes. You don't have to have detailed figurines that are professionally painted to feel the threat around every goddamn corner of the goddamn ship - the game gives plenty of this using only its unique mechanics.

      I waited for this game for over 20 years. Really. And it's finally here.

      I don't know about you, but I've finally found my "Nemesis" :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Fejes Gergő 4 days ago

      XP system would be nice. Otherwise looks cool.

    16. Missing avatar

      Evrard Dollé 4 days ago

      A game which seems very nice. Figures are really amazing!

    17. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      honestly was a bit torn between this and Chronicle X - the hero character in the wheelchair swayed me - none of my kids are disabled but they have friends who are so to include someone who represents them makes it much more accessible. also i've only heard great things about your games so far.

    18. Baal 5 days ago

      A french translation for this game as Lords of Hellas ? :D

    19. Keven Van Bridge 5 days ago

      Version francaise à venir?

    20. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 5 days ago


    21. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 5 days ago

      To all those interested,
      I found a post on BBG with some more info about gameplay.

    22. Vojtas 6 days ago


      Character don't have stats except HP. There's no character development. There's no XP and unlocking abilities. At least I didn't notice any during my playthroughs. Your abilities = your action/items cards - sooner or later you will learn all action cards, because there aren't many. Some cards are available for everybody (e.g. search, rest), some are unique for one character (e.g. order for Commander). There are laso unique starting items e.g. computer access codes for Commander, which gives you additional non-standard abilities, but they are very few. I don't think the game needs XP system, because it would mean changing almost all fundamental mechanics and ruin balance. Game just needs some fluff, backstory, not upside down rebuilding. This game doesn't have to be simulation what you would probably like. You'll probably see more characters - maybe mechanic engineer, cook, android or corpo guy? ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 6 days ago

      If the whole story is based on the fact that the characters wake up without remembering even the layout of their own ship, it is credible that they are affected physically and mentally by the side-effects of hybernation.

      Thus, having a mechanism that simulates the recovering of their full physical and mental abilities would be realistic and also interesting gamewise.

      I see two possibilities for the characters' recover progression:
      1) unlocking a bonus on one or more basic stats of the characters (a bit boring even if realistic);
      2) unlocking an new additional ability (more interesting even if less realistic);

      As I wrote below, the XP progression could be based on one or more of the following:
      a) number of turns;
      b) number of rooms explored;
      c) exploring a room which is particularly relevant to the character (I don't know...the cockpit for the pilot, the infirmary for the medic and stuff like that), simulating memories coming back;

      I would even go further to say that the personal objective card could be handed out not at the beginning of the game but only when the character completes his recover and finally "remembers" why he was on the ship and what is his scope.

      In this way there is an even stronger storyline justification for the cooperation happening in the first turns of the game. Until one of the characters remembers, for example, that he was a convicted murderer on his way to a space prison colony and has no more obstacles in taking out the rest of the crew before making his escape.

      This is one mechanism the game designers could test.
      Also this could open the way to many more characters types: the generic profession (cargo handler, pilot, soldier, medic etc...) is given by the character's board but his true story, "evil/good alignement" and goals are defined by the personal objective card given to him when the character has fully recovered.

      I cannot know if it would work or not but to me it seems intriguing and worth testing.
      What do you think?

    24. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 6 days ago

      One suggestion for the designers:

      having a some kind of XP progression (by number of turns, or by number of rooms explored or by number of kills) with new abilities unlocking, could simulate the characters slowly recovering their full abilities from the side-effects of hybernation.

      While making sense storywise, this would also somehow compensate (even if just a little) the fact that with time the aliens are wildly multiplying and getting bigger.

    25. Carl King 6 days ago

      Be good to hear from AR with answers to these questions

    26. Missing avatar

      Product82 7 days ago

      Looks awesome! You’ll need to proof the text though. There are a lot of grammatical errors.

    27. Missing avatar

      LESOUEF DAVID 7 days ago

      Can we expect a French Version?

    28. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 7 days ago

      To the lucky ones who played the demo:

      what are the stats of the characters?
      How does character development works?
      Just armour/weapons/equipm used as modifiers of the basic stats or is there a progression like in Zombicide Black Plague based on accumulating XP and unlocking abilities?

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Keller on December 10

      Loved it at Essen Spiel 2017
      Really looking forward to back this

    30. Missing avatar

      David Nueno Grau on December 10

      Lo quiero en Español

    31. Carl King on December 10

      Painted miniature pics would be good.

      When does this go live.

      Is everything sorted with this as don't want same issues as the Edge?

    32. Pawel Daruk on December 10

      Damn, you guys have given each of the characters so much personality. Fantastic art!! ...any indication when you'll be aiming to launch this?

    33. Pawel Daruk on December 10

      Looking forward to this!

    34. Antonio Garrido Sánchez on December 10

      Will this game be translated into Spanish as TWOM was?

    35. Vojtas on December 9

      I like exploration, but most of all - a lot of decisions. First part of the game is calm, almost relaxing - some people might think high difficulty level is a lie. There are no intruders on the board, so you split up and focus on your personal objectives. When you're trying to come back to your folks who are exploring room at the far end of the ship. all corridors are already full of noise markers - then the whole fun begins, intruders are popping up. Believe me, you don't want to spot the queen. :D Tension? Yes, there's a tension, when you're trying to reach escape pod before whole ship will explode. Or when you're trying to dodge intruders just to discover room with a fire, and you have no fire extinguisher. What do you mean by "human-turned-alien"? You mean player? I didn't play with that rule. It is probably not fully ready.

      @Will B
      Yes, it isn't good idea, but sometimes you have no choice. Sometimes you just want to make things worse, hehe. :P

    36. Will B. on December 9

      You know, maybe it's just me but seems like throwing a Molotov Cocktail on a space ship would be a very VERY back idea.

    37. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on December 9

      good to know there's something else at least !
      What was the thing you liked the most in the gameplay?
      Did it have some tension?
      Did you have to face a human-turned-alien?

    38. Vojtas on December 9

      Grenades are already in weapons deck. I doubt the name will be changed, because almost everybody knows that Molotov cocktail is a bottle with highly flammable liquid - name MC is basically self-explanatory. I think it's okay that it has traditional name, because it doesn't look like classic MC. :) When used, there's a chance for fire in a room. The same can be said about another craftable weapon, flamethrower. I remember that you need "chemicals" and something else for crafting. You can also craft taser. Don't know about other stuff. I'm sure new craftable items will be added during KS campaign.

    39. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on December 9

      - gravity traps
      - sub-zero grenades
      - sonic barricades
      - corrosive gel
      - even an antique electrocuting prod
      - whatever...but something different than molotovs

    40. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on December 8

      You're 100% right.

    41. JAKUB on December 8

      Do not go with sun drop sulution. This what I got in THIS WAR OF MINE is some kind of missunderstanding. My 5 years old son would prime the mini better way.

    42. Missing avatar

      on December 8

      Yes, and the purpose of this placeholder is collecting feedback. I'm giving feedback.

    43. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on December 8

      The project is not live yet. Still kind of a placeholder.
      I'm sure they will add details sooner or later and certainly by the time it launches.

    44. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on December 8

      one phrase I find a bit out of place is "you will be able to perform truly memorable actions. Search for components, craft Molotov cocktails"...
      ...."CRAFT MOLOTOV COCKTAILS"???? Is this a "truly memorable action"?
      Really? Out in deep space in a far far future and we have to search for components to make molotovs?
      Crafting is cool in a game and I like it, but I'm more than sure the designers can come up with something better than molotovs.

    45. Missing avatar

      on December 8

      Looks interesting!
      It would be good for the project's success if you added the following to the project page:
      - pics of all minis, unpainted and painted;
      - pics of all components / a fully set up game (I know I can see that in the videos but some people are too lazy to watch these);
      - a thorough proof reading by 1 or 2 native speakers. I am well aware you had the actual game materials of your other campaigns proofread. Not everyone will be.
      - Make clear which language versions will be offered AND how you will ensure proofreading in this regard.

      I don't mind the "sexy" models even though their attire does indeed not fit their job's needs perfectly. You might consider offering a second version of certain models as an add on.

      Dig the scout's art though. She's obviously not at work there, but even a scout is entitled to some time off.

      The guy with the face plate might indeed need a redesign. I'm not sure it is possible to paint that well with average painting skills.

    46. Missing avatar

      on December 8

      Looks interesting!
      It would be good for the project's success if you added the following to the project page:
      - pics of all minis, unpainted and painted;
      - pics of all components / a fully set up game (I know I can see that in the videos but some people are too lazy to watch these);
      - a thorough proof reading by 1 or 2 native speakers. I am well aware you had the actual game materials of your other campaigns proofread. Not everyone will be.
      - Make clear which language versions will be offered AND how you will ensure proofreading in this regard.

      I don't mind the "sexy" models even though their attire does indeed not fit their job's needs perfectly. You might consider offering a second version of certain models as an add on.

      Dig the scout's art though. She's obviously not at work there, but even a scout is entitled to some time off.

      The guy with the face plate might indeed need a redesign. I'm not sure it is possible to paint that well with average painting skills.

    47. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on December 8


      Thanks a lot for the first hand info.
      Did not know what the global objectives were and thought the only objectives where the personal ones.
      Definitely story scenarios will improve the game. Looking forward to see how it develops.

    48. Vojtas on December 7

      I'm not sure if we are thinking about the same thing. In this game there are always global objectives and secret objectives unique for every player. If creators won't introduce (mini)scenarios with various sets of global objectives, the game will have only one set - and that is check engines status (repair if needed), set proper destination coordinates and hybernate before hyperspace jump; in worst case, evacuate via escape pod. Scenarios will add more variety to the game (to global objectives) and can nicely contribute to the atmosphere and story. Secret objectives are different beast. During one playthrough I had to send rescue signal and kill the queen; you can do it in a fight (collaboration with other players is necessary) or simply by triggering autodestruction system and - yes, you guessed it - evacuate via escape pod. In second playthrough I had to send rescue signal and set course to Earth. Other objectives can be eliminating certain player (every character has a number which is randomly drawn during setup). There are also alternative objectives, because you can change your main personal objectives if they are to hard to achieve. You can do it only once - alternative objectives you have to accept. I hope creators will work on story, because there are plot holes. Of course the game is good right now, but story-wise it can be better.

    49. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on December 7

      yes, I have the same opinion about the "going back to hybernation" ending.
      It makes no sense unless this ending is achieved after eliminating all aliens on board.

      I suppose maybe the personal goals work as alternative endings...
      As I already written below, I too think that scenarios would be a good addition but, at the same time, I am pretty happy that the designer chose not to rely ONLY on scenarios.
      You see, in all the other scenario based games, sooner or later you run out of scenarios and the only ways you have left to play the game is to invent your own (or re-do scenarios where you already know objectives, monsters, map layout etc... but it boils down to "better your score" instead of doing something new).
      So maybe the choice of using random personal goals combined with randomized tiles will make the game more replayable because it is not dependent on a story that sooner or later will exhaust itself.
      That said, if you overlay a story (and scenarios) on this randomized goals/tiles system, the game will probably become even better.
      This is something that the designers/producers could think about.

    50. Missing avatar

      Soi on December 7

      Could be possible that the Medic and the Pilot were NOT that sexualized? Why do the need to show their boobs to do their job?

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 This is a draft page of upcoming Nemesis Board Game project! There will be gradually more information’s here in time. Make sure to click “Notify me on launch” button on the top and leave feedback, we really appreciate that!

You drift back from the cold void of the hyper sleep. At first, you only feel a tingling in your mouth and a taste of your blood, but soon all the other symptoms hit you. Your head is exploding. Your stomach is turning. A strange noise rings in your ear. This sound is loud, piercing. An alarm! Fighting through dizziness, you open your eyes, the lights of other hibernation chambers blinding you momentarily.    

Broken glass. Wet floor. A stasis pod burst open like a ripe watermelon, dripping with red. The thing inside was once your friend. Now it barely resembles a human, ripped open from the inside - damage too severe for a simple stasis pod failure. You raise up and check if your other mates are all right. The good news is: they are. You all gather in the middle of the room, shivering, half-naked. The bad news is… plentiful. Ship stuck in the middle of nowhere. Many systems damaged. Bulkheads breached. Unknown contaminants in the air. You also hear noises in the hollow halls of the ship. You’re not alone! Whatever popped out from your friend is still alive and you don't want to know how big it grew since then.

Welcome on Board of Nemesis space ship! This new game that is the result of collaboration of Awaken Realms and Rebel, designed by Adam Kwapiński. In this 1-4 player semi-cooperation Sci-Fi horror game you will try to survive with your friends, while trying to fulfill your secret objectives, that sometimes might collide. 

Nemesis offers one of a kind gameplay, that you will currently not find in any other game - if you like Sci-Fi survival setting with aliens, you will love Nemesis. This game was in professional development for over 3 years - it have great balance 

Gameplay Highlights 

Asymmetric crew members 

During game you will control one of the crew members with very unique sets of skills (each character have its own deck) and starting items. Scientist will be great with computers and search, but will have hard time in combat. Stormtrooper on the other hand... 

 Since your characters will be complementing each other, you will need to collaborate to survive. But you never can be sure who you can trust! 

Cinematic experience

Playing Nemesis will take you into the heart of Sci-Fi survival horror in all its terror. You will be able to perform truly memorable actions. Search for components, craft Molotov cocktails and set the whole room of intruders on fire while your friend seals them in from the control room.

Explore the ship

One of most important part of gameplay is exploration - every room in the ship can do different special action - from activating fire extinguisher to cutting out infection. But beware, while searching for proper room, you will make noise, that can draw some uninvited guests. 

Unique combat 

This is game more about surviving rather then killing. When you will see Intruders, you can panic. You will never know how many "HP" your opponent have and killing him is really hard challenge, especially that ammunition is a rare commodity on the ship. 

Evolving Intruders 

Intruders that you will meet at the ship are not only reacting to the noise you make, but they also evolve as the time pass and the longer the game will take, the stronger they become. 

 Soon there will be more information's here so stay tuned! 

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