Etherfields Board Game

by Awaken Realms

Awaken Realms wants some feedback on this project. What do you like? What could be better? Anything missing?

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    1. bluenote23 about 1 hour ago

      Tainted Grail's first day stretch goals were passed in probably less than 5 minutes into the campaign and it took a while for new ones to get listed. So this may happen again with this campaign.
      No big deal. The stretch goals will be generous. Let's get excited.

    2. Michael Boone about 1 hour ago

      Make sure to have Stretch Goals ready in advance. This is going to make a killing in the first 24 hours.

    3. Freddy
      about 2 hours ago

      @Marco Valtriani - they will not reveal all expansions until later in the campaign, and only when all expansions are revealed they will give us the all-in pledge. So, as @bluenote23 said, I expect that will be quite late in the campaign.

    4. paxton73 about 2 hours ago

      I'd rather have cardboard standees with nice art than the miniatures

    5. Missing avatar

      Mira Barbian about 2 hours ago

      nice full trailer

    6. bluenote23 about 3 hours ago

      Some will be revealed tomorrow! With the Awaken Realms last campaign, all-in was revealed quite late in the campaign. If this is similar then expect around £200.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marco Valtriani about 3 hours ago

      Can you please say in advance what will be the price for *everything*?
      Knowing it in advance would help.

    8. Freddy
      about 4 hours ago

      @Marco Grillini - I doubt that there is enough of a demand for a version with cardboard standees instead of minis, to make it cost effective to produce that.

    9. Justin Boehm
      about 6 hours ago

      I’m guessing Nightingale and the others are additional campaigns we’ll get as SGs

    10. Justin Boehm
      about 6 hours ago

      Make sure to change 12 cardboard “sigh” tokens to “sign” tokens in the image of what’s included in the pledge.

    11. Marco Grillini about 6 hours ago

      Hi, perhaps I'm the only one and I know the minis are gorgeus but... I'm not interested in them. So could be there is a future for us plastic-free people :-), yes I'm also an unsleeved cards guy, and have just cardboards? Thanks.

    12. Tony - Archery Goalkeeper
      about 7 hours ago

      @Ug Ug nope, that is why I prefaced it with "assuming" Got a feeling 75 gets you started and you end up somewhere around 200-250

    13. Missing avatar

      Ug Ug about 8 hours ago

      Hi Tony
      Are you sure Cain and Esthera are included in the main game? They say 9 miniatures but with Belshazar + 4 player character miniatures + 4 shapeshifter minions, I think that's the 9.

    14. Tony - Archery Goalkeeper
      about 8 hours ago

      Note is says Belshazar Campaign included. Then I noticed two other large miniatures Nisha and Nightingale. Assuming Cain and Esthera are the main campaign and Belshazar is included...does that mean Nisha and Nightinggale and miniatures for add-ons expansion...if so are we looking at $30 to $50 price point for each add-on expansion?

    15. Janko Lasić about 8 hours ago

      Ruben i dont get what are you talking about ,it looks like you have never backed anything on kickstarter ,almost 80 % of games here have a day 1 bonus its as normal as preordering any ps4 games for example and getting some bonus skin for your character for free..

    16. Missing avatar

      Derek about 9 hours ago

      Cant wait for this to finally launch. Awaken Realms is a great company and has always delivered. Currently cant get enough of Nemesis and I feel like this will be no different.

    17. Missing avatar

      Rafael about 10 hours ago

      Benefit is price - for half the price you get double the content. Look at the nemesis campaign.

      The reason for KS is that AR isn't a publisher and doesn't have retail chain so if they want to sell direct to customer then it's the best way. Also backers always have influence on final game look.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jesus about 12 hours ago

      rulebook online please

    19. Missing avatar

      R. Bion about 12 hours ago

      Is this a legacy game?
      Also how do the quick save system works?

    20. Missing avatar

      Dude about 13 hours ago

      Belshazar campaign picture says icluded instead of included

    21. TheSonOfSparta about 17 hours ago

      There are two points I think you need to include on your campaign page (or at least show them more clearly):
      1) What is the benefit of backing now instead of waiting for it to hit retail. Pricing? Exclusives?
      2) Why are you using kickstarter for this project? What is the reason this project needs to use kickstarter instead of going direct to retail. This is a kickstarter requirement as well as being very informative to your customers.

    22. carmentos philippe about 18 hours ago

      y aurait il une version Française?
      would there be a French version?

    23. Freddy
      about 18 hours ago

      I think there's a typo in the picture... right below the 6x Cardboard Masks it reads: "12x Cardboard Sigh Tokens". Shouldn't that be "Sign" ?

    24. evert verlinde about 18 hours ago

      Launch already come on!

    25. Freddy
      about 18 hours ago

      @Akryphjel - I believe that these "cardboard chests" are the player boards - see the picture of the four dreamers.

    26. Akryphjel about 20 hours ago

      What are the 4 chests, mentioned in the core box picture? Does it mean the envelopes? I can't see any chests in the content listing pictures of the core box.

    27. Missing avatar

      _DM_ about 20 hours ago

      Ok, let's calm down.

      @Sniff, you obviously have a right to speak on what you think is right.
      Tho, I disagree... somewhat.
      I think offering too many awesome KSE is a bullsh*t move (a la CMON).

      But at the same time,
      all these people backing are taking a risk with their hard-earned money.
      A leap of faith (in the game, in the company).
      They're paying for a game YEARS in advanced.

      So, I think a little cool exclusive is a great way to:
      a) reward backers for "investing" in your vision, your game, (& for their patience).
      b) creates 24hr hype.
      And then ffer it for just $8 later.
      (AND it's ONE non-essential).

      That sounds balanced, to me.

    28. Missing avatar

      Spiff about 20 hours ago

      The fuck does any of that have to do with game development? How sad are your lives that you spend time defending shitty marketing?

    29. Kristian Törnkvist
      about 21 hours ago

      Child is spoiled. Child don't understand sound game developing. Child needs to go to bed.

    30. Missing avatar

      Spiff about 22 hours ago

      The Day 1 bonus is really bad. Kickstarter exclusives are bad. Encouraging FOMO behavior is bad.

    31. Missing avatar

      Dude about 22 hours ago

      Belshazar campaign pictures says icluded instead of included

    32. Missing avatar

      _DM_ 1 day ago

      Anybody know if they're gonna change the masks cardboard design? Or offer a more deluxe version at some $?
      Cause the art is great, but cotdaaamn the giant size and layout of the cardboard stick out like a sore thumb (to me). lol

    33. Missing avatar

      Tomas Branislav Polak 1 day ago

      This project needs more different Pledges.
      While the game looks nice and all, I`d be more than happy to pledge if there was an option to pick up just the Miniatures. The bigger monsters look really nice and would love them as an addition to my Wargaming army projects.

    34. Missing avatar

      Firekeeper Wes 1 day ago

      "Worth a squirt" needs to be one of the quotes they use on the advertisement for this game!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Firekeeper Wes 1 day ago

      That being said...i cant wait til the campaign starts and I can get my free day 1 bonus and see what awesome stuff they have planned for this game!

    36. Crimsonsun 1 day ago

      @£75 this is worth a squirt I guess. :D

    37. Missing avatar

      Derrald Losey 1 day ago

      Day one perks are getting to be the norm for better known companies. They get the project funded quickly. Missing it is a lot like missing a sale. It may be disappointing if you miss it, but it doesn’t make it not fair.

    38. Missing avatar

      Firekeeper Wes 1 day ago

      Youre right is completely unacceptable that they reward their fans for backing this project day 1! We should boycott every one of their projects until this unspeakable practice is abandoned! DOWN WITH AWAKEN REALMS!!! (also if the 8 pound thing bothers you that much you probably shouldnt "throw away" 75 for the whole game😉)

    39. Ruben Behnke 1 day ago

      Firekeeper Wes - you are very arrogant. I have the right to state my opinion, which I did. If you don't agree with it, fine, but don't be a jerk about it. I don't understand the mentality of saying "if everyone else does it, it's ok". I have a right to my opinion, and no, I don't go around looking for something to "b***h about" as you put it. Grow up. If you have an extra 8 pounds to throw away because you didn't happen to see the kickstarter on the first day or some other ridiculous reason, go for it - throw your money away. But don't tell me that I'm simply someone who needs something to whine about, and that's my reason for stating what is a very practical opinion.

    40. Max 1 day ago


    41. joxer96 1 day ago

      Thank you, Firekeeper Wes. It really can't be explained any better. I wish your comment could be made a sticky.

    42. Missing avatar

      Firekeeper Wes 1 day ago

      Jim maybe you just shouldnt be on kickstarter😂 a lot of companies give small bonuses to early backers. If an early backer bonus upsets yu that much just dont back the project, plenty of others will😉

    43. Missing avatar

      Firekeeper Wes 1 day ago

      Reuban...KS doesnt take your funds until the campaign is you can back day 1 and then have the entire campaign to decide if you can afford it...if you cant nake that decision in 20+ days then thats on you. You can pledge and cancel later if you decide you dont want it or cant afford it. Hell you can even pledge a single dollar just to hold your place and get the bonus. Its a bonus, its not mandatory to enjoy the game so if you get it for free thats awesome, if you dont get it thats awesome, or at a later date if you decide you want it you can pay a very small price and add it which is also awesome! Day 1 bonuses are quite common with KS. I will never understand the gamer mentality of actively looking for things that arent problems and bitching about them😂

    44. Missing avatar

      Firekeeper Wes 1 day ago

      *looks at draft page*

      Ahh today I see we are complaining about the fact we get a bonus if we back day 1

      *gets off draft page*

    45. Kelly Page 1 day ago

      I agree the first day bonus is a bit off-putting, especially for people who might find out about the campaign later. But as long as you know about it, you can back it day 1 then cancel the pledge later if you aren't sure. This at least gives the campaign some initial momentum and allows the creators to claim "Funded in x hours."

    46. bluenote23 1 day ago

      You can pledge £1 in the first 24 hours and then either up your pledge if you find you can afford it and get the 24 hour bonus or cancel if you are broke. This is just AR's way of making things fun and exciting and it's a no lose proposition for backers.

    47. Ruben Behnke 1 day ago

      I just realized someone below me posted something very similar. I'm glad I'm not alone here. There's a lot to be said for treating everyone the same. I don't care if it's "only 8 pounds" to add it, as someone else stated. If that person's ok with paying for something they could've gotten for free, more power to them. But why you would feel that way is beyond me.

    48. Ruben Behnke 1 day ago

      Day 1 exclusive content is an extremely bad idea. What if you don't know if you can afford it yet, and you need to wait a week or two or more? Who cares if you back on day 1 or day 24? To offer this content is very off-putting, to be nice about it.

    49. Missing avatar

      Bram Vonck
      1 day ago

      Will there be an all in group pledge level available?

    50. Freddy
      1 day ago

      @Jim McGarva - it's pretty standard (and, history has proven, extremely effective) to offer something extra for people who back early (within the first 24-48 hrs) to help get the campaign past the 'funded' line, and hopefully past the first few stretch goals. A funded campaign will attrack much more backers than one struggling to reach that level. So I think it's a very smart idea to offer an early bird bonus.
      And it's not like it's a huge investment if you didn't make that timeline... people who don't get it for free within those first 24 hours, can simply add 8 pounds to their pledge to still get it.

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pledged of £40,000pledged of £40,000 goal
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Welcome to Etherfields Kickstarter campaign page! This is just a draft that we will gradually update with new information. If you feel like you don’t want to miss this game going live, make sure to click “Notify me on launch” button at the top of the page. Thanks!

Etherfields is a new major miniature Board Game by Awaken Realms. We call this totally different BG experience a Dream Crawler – you will dive into surreal and artistically crafted world and follow one of a kind co-op / solo campaign adventure for 1-4 players. Everything you do will change the strange rhythm of the Etherfields dream world, where even the wildest fantasy is possible. 

Gameplay created by the Board Game veteran Michał Oracz (author of This War of Mine: TBG, Neuroshima Hex or The Edge: Dawnfall and many others), will test not only your logical skills but also your intuition, deduction, and emotional intelligence. Develop your character from scratch using advanced deck-building, travel through the dream-world map and delve deeper into chosen locations.

 “I’m really blown away by my experience with this game so far (…) It’s an amazing well of creativity!” 
- Rahdo

“This one is real puzzler, it’s so vastly different that anything I have played (…) Really excited about this one!”
- Ant Lab Games

"Etherfields is as a surreal and meaningful journey into a dream world that begs to be discovered."
- Man vs Meeple

Amazing gameplay will be accompanied by one of the most striking miniatures and art we have ever made. Our experienced team put their entire artistic skill and hearts into this project, making sure the designs are extremely unique and successfully evoke the fleeting world of dreams. 

Etherfields will be packed with fresh and unique art. Your every skill, action, and even the smallest event will be illustrated with an outstanding craftsmanship. 

Your body has been taken. That's the only thing you know for sure. Your memory has faded away, as you drifted to this strange world of dark dreams. You are an empty vessel now. Looking around, you find masks lying around. Which one will you choose? What story will you follow?

Something is coming, and you can feel it – one dream, consuming all others, leaving a faint smell of poppy seeds. What does the Funeral Witch want of you?

Your Heroes will be defined by their memory chests. These skills have some of the most surprising rules you ever witnessed in a Board Game – from literally escaping current reality to your “dream room” for a few turns, up to time modifying time or rewriting the reality. In dreams, no rules are unbreakable!

Throughout the game, you will very often modify your chest with amazing new cards, but also with curses or filters.

Every interaction you will have in this strange world leaves a mark – and may lead to surprising results, as normal rules do not apply in Etherfields. You've managed to finally extinguish the ever-burning Lighthouse in Tideless Port?  This may help you find that key you have been looking for, but now Umbrageous will hunt you down through other dreams.

During the game, fighting will never be your only option. Quite often it might actually be the worst option, as in dreams everyone you kill may come back, angrier and weirder. Instead, all characters may interact on two other levels – through cheating or utilizing their perception.

 Etherfields will test you in many different ways: secret rules that you can discover or deduce by looking closely on the map; drafting cards based on art or name only; guessing the intentions of entities you meet by considering what they do. 

Big, mind-melting concepts are the fuel of Etherfields, and we can't wait for you to discover them!  

 Click here for full version!


Thank you for checking it out! Make sure to leave us any comments or feedback and help us to create the best dream crawler experience!

If you are looking for more frequent updates make sure to join our FB group: 

Risks and challenges

We have currently successfully founded eight Kickstarter projects. We have successfully delivered so far:
The Edge miniature universe, Awakening project, This War of Mine the boardgame, Lords of Hellas, The Edge Dawnfall, 1st wave of Nemesis and are currently at the finish line on production of Nemesis 2nd wave and Tainted Grail 1st wave.

We are confident about the delivery of the game and see no risk in that area - we have accumulated vast experience working on other titles and projects. The only risk factor, which can always happen, is a delay in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please note that this is not a pre-order and the final product might slightly change in the process or get delayed. We are fully devoted to creating an amazing experience and you can trust us that every choice we make will only be aimed at improving the standard of the final product.

Game and all components will be produced in China and will be up to the highest quality standards that we hold for our previous games.

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