Etherfields Board Game

by Awaken Realms

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    1. Missing avatar

      Antonio 10 minutes ago

      I Just Love it. The art are amazing and the mood of the game seems awesome!
      I think this game can satisfy my hunger of emotional story driven game!
      Make it real AR!

    2. Steve Jones 15 minutes ago

      WOW, just amazing.
      1. will this be a random map or fixed?
      2. Will the characters you meet be represented as minis or cards?
      3. I am sure its too early for prices, but still I am curious as to the price.
      4. Would love for this to be 5 players, but whatever you decide is fine with me.
      5. Don't usually ask for an art book, but this art is awesome, could you make the art book be somehow involved with the game? Maybe a secret dream playable from the art book?

    3. Missing avatar

      Andre William Dewitt about 2 hours ago

      I can only support "nezuko"'s comment: give us some time to enjoy Tainted Grail and Nemesis and wait with the launching of this until early 2020. This will be a definite buy for most people anyways..

    4. nezuko about 10 hours ago

      Th only feedback is delay the laumching until 2020.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas van Ek about 12 hours ago

      Love the mini's, please do the promo deck of playingcards with the playing card company quality, im somewhat of a magician and card collector

    6. Vascariz about 15 hours ago

      1. More explanation around the game mechanics driving fight, cheat and listen.
      2. More explanation about "advanced deck building"
      3. What is dream crawling and is it any different to dungeon crawling apart from theme?

      4. Rename cheating to Trickery!!!

    7. Awaken Realms 8-time creator 1 day ago

      Thank you all for the valuable feedback! We are reading everything and will be soon implementing updates and changes. We are now getting a prototype ready for UKGE and in the beginning of June we will be updating a lot of gameplay info! :) So stay tuned and if you can meet us up at UKGE!

    8. Missing avatar

      PSYCHOTICdoc1 5 days ago

      WOW !! I love the concept of this game !! Nice start to this Draft. I would love to see either short narrative video clips or animations of basic and advanced gameplay strategies. Rulebooks are nice but without a Print-N-Play your imagination is left trying to figure out how turns will be played out and why. Please do not include full game video play throughs - for me they are way to boring because of down time during and between player turns.

    9. Minx 6 days ago

      Thanks for giving us a sneak peak at Etherfields! I am sure all of what I am about to suggest is on the roadmap as this is a WIP, but I am still going to post it anyway since you asked for our feedback based on what is currently presented. Please remember all of our suggestions are meant as constructuve critism as each of us took the time to review and post as we want this game to be successful too.

      So to begin, going down the page...

      1. Spelling and grammatical errors need to be fixed to instill confidence in your native-speaking English backers (perhaps fix sooner rather than later so it isn't a focal point of feedback).
      2. Explain the term "Dream Crawler". Is it like lucid dreaming? You want your backers to have a clear idea of what type of game they are supporting.
      3. Advertise all your other games, not just TWoM. LoH, Nemesis, and TG were all more successful on KS than Edge: Dawnfall.
      4. Stated "major miniature Board Game". Is the main focus on the miniatures? I thought it was supposed to be on gameplay. This should be clarified, as backers will be interested in one more than the other.
      5. Stated "advance deck-building". Is this now a card collecting game? I know it isn't because I follow along, but to new comers, this isn't made very clear by this statement.
      6. Speak more to the gameplay component. This is what intrigued me the most, "logical skills, intuition, deduction, EI" so give an example of each. In a previous Livestream, you spoke of mana and birds, this is what I mean by an example.
      7. Speak to the time commitment of gaming sessions and replayability. If a backer is to drop $100-$250 on this game, they want to know it will get lots of use.
      8. Show an example of the game board or cards that form the map. I am unsure how the miniatures will move about, so this would be good to include.
      9. Story. Elaborate more on this section. Also move this section to the top, get backers invested in the story before reading about the game. Already begin the immersion from the moment they view this KS.
      10. Memory Chest section should be immediately after Gameplay section as it ties into it. I would like to suggest some sort of board in the shape of a chest, or a 3D card holder to hold our memories as they seem to be the equivalent of item cards. These cards should be on the smaller scale rather than the 3.5" by 2.5". Would be fun to have a backer driven contest to design a memory card during the live campaign.
      11. Fight... Cheat... Listen. Explain how the combat system works. As you can see with the TG campaign, this is very important to backers. Explain how cheating system works, place emphasis on whether you are cheating NPCs or other players (traitor mechanic?). As a side note, beautiful cards here :)
      12. Think out of the box. This section should be combined with the gameplay section up top as it further explains what I was trying to get at with point #6.
      13. Miniatures. I am a fan of Cain/Esthera and Lea/Belshazar, but not so much of Nightingale or Nisha. I do not like that Nightgale is using a female skin as a corset, this is far too grotesque and unnerving. The arms/wings and legs also just seem off, I do not think this hybrid model was successful. Nisha also suffers from the hybrid model syndrome, but not as much. Nisha's face needs to be more animalistic and less human.
      14. Miniatures. To date, no male models have been posted and this is concerning. I have the card artwork from Nemesis promo materials, so I know male models do exist. Please have them attired and posed the same as the female models. The card artwork have them all armored up, while all the females are exposed. This game could really cater well to a female audience if created right, as the focus is less on combat and more on intuition.
      15. Miniatures. Need to post renders of player characters. Make sure there is a diversity in gender, ethnicity, body type, age, etc. I would suggest 8 "dreamers" total, 4 of each gender. Have them be equivalent, so for example an older plus sized male and an older plus sized female choice.
      16. To end on a positive note, and to circle back around to the top, LOVE the cover box artwork!

      Finally, to reiterate, all of my suggestions are meant as constructive critiques in order to make this game and campaign as successful as possible. I know a lot of the issues will be addressed as prior KS campaigns have wonderful presentations, but I can only judge based on what is presented to me at this moment. Also, if you are ever looking for an outside female perspective, I am more than willing to assist. I absolutely adore the concept behind this game, thus my very lengthy post to strengthen it. Thanks for taking the time to read everything! - Minx

    10. Missing avatar

      Tobi 6 days ago

      First impression the art of the box super cool! Where is the corner ?? Just nice ! I stay tuned. Artwork overall an mini´s looks super nice.

    11. Wiktor Kozak 6 days ago

      Both art and concept looks great. Wish there will be no rulebook at all, only setup presentation and everything else to figure out by a player. That would be somenthing :)

    12. celyna 7 days ago

      J'ai hâte de voir la vrais page KS !!!

    13. TheSonOfSparta on

      Try to make a clearer distinction between this and Tainted Grail. Since so many details are absent the card movement and 1-4 player coop just guides one to thinking they are the same in a different theme.
      Also, for the box art remember that many people store their games vertically so have at least one side with the writing/image facing that way would be nice.

    14. Missing avatar

      Frédéric Thibault on

      I don't see any clues on game length and replayability. Is it known how many miniatures there will be? I like the "Think out of the box" but hint of secret rules on the map can affect enjoyment on future play. I'll probably pledge on first day, but I think some clarification can bring new pledges.

    15. Justin Boehm

      I hope this goes like TG did, more focus on gameplay and less minis to artificially up the price. I love the minis, but I’d rather have fewer really awesome looking ones (like the ones show here) than a ton of them. This game is looking gorgeous!

    16. Missing avatar

      Kieren Mcsweeney on

      Beautiful artwork and models. One of the thing so love about nemesis is the the. Summary at the back of the pass card. Would be great if you could include one here too. Also please keep the dice in the feel of the game. Nothing worse than rolling giant plastic cubes with tiny dots on them. Again you got this spot on In nemesis. Have pretty much gone all I’m for nemesis and tainted grail and am saving to do the same with this too.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kieren Mcsweeney on

      Beautiful artwork and models. One of the thing so love about nemesis is the the. Summary at the back of the pass card. Would be great if you could include one here too. Also please keep the dice in the feel of the game. Nothing worse than rolling giant plastic cubes with tiny dots on them. Again you got this spot on In nemesis. Have pretty much gone all I’m for nemesis and tainted grail and am saving to do the same with this too.

    18. Nacho Lanza on

      there will be* sorry XD

    19. Nacho Lanza on

      As usual people saying stupid things around here. It will be a gameplay video, it will be rulebook. It is just too soon.

    20. Stefan "The Moth" Ristic

      People need to calm down with all these spelling complaints.... this is just a draft page which is a work in progress. Chill out.

    21. Hatuey Diaz on

      I’m a huge fan of yours but I have to say, this is so far the weakest looking project I’ve seen from Awaken Realms. The art is wonderful, as usual, but the writing needs to be completely redone. Not only are there a ton of errors but it also all seems incredibly vague. I really don’t have much an idea of how this is actually played. One thing I’ve always loved about your games is the fusion of aesthetics and gameplay. Right now I’m only seeing half of that.

    22. Missing avatar

      Leland on

      +1 to what Mallory posted

    23. Mallory Shepherd on

      The artwork is lovely, but there are definitely translation errors in the text on the page, I would have a native English writer re-do it for you. I also have no idea what kind of game this is beyond “most unique ever” which isn’t going to cause me to back, especially with all the scams. I’d like to see more detail about what kind of gameplay and a gameplay video too. Maybe even a review from a trusted 3rd party with a print and play prototype.

    24. Jerome Montgomery on

      I LOVE the concept. The artwork is phenomenally beautiful. Thanks for having a Solo mode. Honestly, if everything continues to look this good, art and game alike, this will probably be first ever Kickstarter I back.

      My biggest issue so far, it the translation errors on the page. So, I suggest getting a professional translator for the rulebooks.

      My other request, would be to have in depth video series detailing the rules for those that arent as skilled at reading.

      Other than those things, keep up the good work! I cant wait!

    25. Tristan on

      I love the artwork and the premis is very intriguing. It would be useful to get a short gameplay video out as soon as possible to give us an idea on how actual gameplay flows.

    26. Missing avatar

      Casey Nordell

      This game needs an art book, badly. :)

    27. pagoda79

      Need more info on actual gameplay. I have no clue what this game would play like based on what's here. I agree it's pretty, but need more explanation of rules and what it is.

    28. Missing avatar

      Stefano Ripa on

      i think that you'll provide an italian version of the game (i'm italian so it's ok for me), but you need to improve the english version anyway xD
      As always, AMAZING miniatures!
      Can't wait to back this game! let us know when you will launch the project months before, i need so much money saving for this! :D

    29. Missing avatar

      Stefano Ripa on

      i think that you'll provide an italian version of the game (i'm italian so it's ok for me), but you need to improve the english version anyway xD
      As always, AMAZING miniatures!
      Can't wait to back this game! let us know when you will launch the project months before, i need so much money saving for this! :D

    30. Frances

      Definitely would also like a miniatures-online pledge, because holy crap, those are amazing!

    31. Peter W. Szabo

      Awesome. Can't wait to back this.

    32. Dave Bushe

      Looks absolutely gorgeous. Keen to see some gameplay and pricing soon!

    33. NZ Nick


    34. MAJBrown22

      Looks gorgeous, hope it’s affordable. LOTS of typos on the page, need to have it edited by a native English speaker.

    35. Missing avatar

      Arsthanak on

      Looks very interesting. Will it be translated like other AR projects or English only ?

    36. Missing avatar

      Pardieu on

      Please Add some informations about the game on BoardGameGeek. It's the first place we go before and after the KS.

    37. Simone on

      Looks interesting.
      I didnt open the cards from the Nemesis campaign until a few days ago and I was sold on the art.
      Now Im hoping gameplay will be as awesome as the art. ^_^

    38. Sioux Mercer on

      The artwork is beautiful, including the minis! I really hope you have a minis-only level, with resin models.

    39. EliasH on

      Looks great!

    40. Scyz on

      @Ender what about Twom, The edge:dawnfall 1.0, those are fully fulfilled :P They are trustworthy, just too optimistic with setting deadlines. Also always pick two waves shipping to get core box early.

    41. Missing avatar

      John B

      * catching my own typos ;)
      Think to "thing" …. you awareness to "your awareness"

    42. Missing avatar

      John B

      I took the liberty of working on the first few paragraphs. What do you think of this following?:
      (replacing my abbreviations where appropriate)

      E. is a major new miniatures board game by Awaken Realms. This game is an experience we call a dream crawler, in which you will delve into a surreal, and artistically crafted world. E. creates a one-of-its-kind solo / co-op campaign adventure for 1 - 4 players. Every action and choice in the game will change the rhythm of the game as it unfolds. Wild fantasy is possible here in E..


      Gameplay was created by master game designer Michal Oracz - the author of {TWoM TBG, NHex,, The Edge}. E. will test not only your logic and puzzle strategy, but your intuition, deduction, and emotional intelligence. Players can develop characters from scratch using advanced deck building, and strategic choices in map locations as they venture into the chosen dream setting.

      Your body has been taken! This is the only think you know for sure. Your memories have faded in into surreal out of body sensations. You awareness drifted away into what feels like a strange world of dark dreams. Your soul feels like an empty vessel now. Glancing around, you see masks strewn about. The temptation to chose one grows. Which will you put on?
      To what end does the mask lead?
      Who will you become?

      Unavoidably, you sense something looming. You can feel it. One dream image prevails. The sense overwhelms you, faintly perhaps a smell of poppy, and then there appears the Funeral Witch.
      Who is she?
      And what does she want with you?

    43. Missing avatar

      John B

      I love the work!
      Opening paragraph is choppy English.
      Could read:
      "Please join us in creating the first Adventure Dream Crawler game - an amazing and [unprecedented] cooperative board game with imagery drawn straight from [restless] dreams"
      Just suggested language.
      More to follow.

    44. Missing avatar

      PB on

      Interesting, hope there will be a standees pledge level too.

    45. Jupp on

      Usually don´t like movies, books and games about Dreams but this looks quite interesting. Incredible Art ! SInce I also do not like "over the top" miniatures it would be nice if there was a (cheaper ;-) pledge level for standees w/o minis.

    46. John C. Sheetz on

      Looks awesome, can't wait!

    47. Ron Gilbert on

      Looks like this could be an amazing game! Looking forward to hearing more details.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ender on

      Kickstarter should withhold Awaken Realms right to run subsequent campaigns. The company did not complete any previous campaigns.
      Let AR show balls, take the risk of producing a game on themself and then let them sell the game.

    49. Dennis P Pratt on

      Wow, if you had a pledge level for just the miniatures I would certainly go for that - those are nice

    50. Scyz on

      @Kat they will, its more of "early prototype" draft :D

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Welcome to Etherfields Kickstarter campaign page! This is just a draft, that we will graduatelly update with new informations. If you feel, like you don’t want to miss when this game will go live, make sure to click “Notify me on launch” button at the top of the page. Thanks!

Etherfields is a new major miniature Board Game by Awaken Realms. We called this totally different BG experience a dream crawler – you will dive into surreal and artistically crafted world and follow one of a kind co-op / solo campaign adventure for 1-4 players. Everything you do, will change the strange rhythm Etherfields dream world follows and wildest fantasy is possible here.  

Gameplay created by Board Game veteran, Michał Oracz (Author of This War of Mine: TBG, Neuroshima Hex or The Edge: Dawnfall among many others), will test not only your logical skills, but also intuition, deduction and emotional intelligence. Develop your character from scratch by advance deck-building, travel through dream-world map and go deeper into chosen dream-locations.

Amazing gameplay will be accompanied by one of the most unique miniatures and art we have ever made. We have put our whole artistic skills and heats into this project, making sure that designs are extremely unique and evoking illusory world of dreams. 

Etherfields will be packed with fresh and unique art, your every skill, every action and even smallest event will be illustrated with beautifull piece of craft. 

Your body has been taken… This is the only thing you know for sure. Your memory has faded away, when you drifted away to this strange world of dark dreams. You are an empty vessel now. Looking around, you find masks lying around… Which one will you choose…? What story will you follow…?

There is something coming, you can feel it – one dream, consuming it all, leaving a smell of poppy seed. What can the Funeral Witch want of you?

Your Heroes will be defined by their memory chests. Those will be skills with most surprising rules you will ever witness in a Board Game – from literally escaping current reality to your “dream room” for few turns up to time modification or changing the reality. Anything, that you can dream of.

Through the game you will very often modify your chest with amazing new cards, but also curses or filters.

Every interaction you will have in this strange world will leave mark – and remember, normal rules does not apply to Etherfields. You manage to finally extinguish ever burning Lighthouse in Tideless Port?  It may help you find that key you have been looking for but Umbrageous will find you and hunt you down through other dreams.

During the game, fight will never be your only option – often, it might be quite bad decision, taking consideration that everyone who you kill can come back, probably angry at you. Instead, all the characters will be interact at 2 other levels – cheating and perception.

Etherfields will test you in all of the different ways: secret rules that you can discover and deduce by looking very closely on the map; drafting cards based on art or name only; guessing intentions of new encounters based on what they do. 


Thank you for checking it out! Make sure to leave us any comments or feedback and help us to create the best dream crawler experience!

If you are looking for more frequent updates make sure to join our FB group: 

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