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Terraform hostile worlds and build the most efficient network in this set of 2 expansions for Tramways!
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The Earth as you know it today no longer exists!
  Dominated by machines, the remaining humans have only two solutions: Stay on Earth and be enslaved OR flee to new horizons: the MOON and MARS. 

In Tramways: The Dystopian Expansions, you are one of those intrepid engineers who decided to survive and face these two hostile worlds! 

Since 2016, Tramways has been nominated for several awards around the world such as Jogo de anon 2017, Goblin magnifico 2017, -and the Heavy cardboard People's Choice Golden Elephant Award 2016. 

All stretch goals funded during the first campaign are included in the rewards for this campaign. 

Heavy Cardboard will make a Teach & Play on Thursday April 25th 1900 EDT, 2300 GMT, 0100 CEST

Here the Rules explanations in 5 minutes

Here the final thoughts from Rahdo about Tramways: The base game.

A dystopia is a story about a futuristic society where individuals can not achieve happiness. In Tramways (required to play these two expansions), the aim of the game is to finish the game with the most happiness.

In Tramways: The Moon and Tramways: Mars, you will first build the board by arranging a number of modules (depending on the number of players).

In these two expansions, the outer edges are linked by Roman numerals. As you would expect on a planetary map, you can build off one edge of the board and continue on the other side!

 You will also play these two expansions with a new special development card.

                Cards with two icons in ONE slot
Cards with two icons in ONE slot

 The Tramways Dystopian box can fit all other expansions already released in 2017&2018...

In addition to the build-around-the-board mechanism, you will need to manage night & day.

During each turn, one of the modules are found in the night and no more deliveries can be made, making all buildings "black". On the next turn, the night moves on and it is the next modular board that sinks into the night. All these changes will need to be taken into account as you plan your actions.

In this expansion, the Martians become a new type of passengers. The green discs of the Tramways base game are used as Martians and you will need to move them as many times as possible.

However, Martians will only travel to buildings already containing a Martian.

In order to move a Martian, you must play a magnetic strip, as usual, but you must also discard a rail worker.

The network will also have to stay connected and you will have to start the game by building from one of your parcels. 

You can find the English rules HERE.

TRAMWAYS is a game for 2–5 players, lasting about 30 minutes per player. It is set in the same world as Small City, also published by Alban Viard in 2015. Fans of this universe will recognize the city theme and challenging yet intellectually rewarding mechanisms.

TRAMWAYS is a pure pick-up-and-deliver game — OK, with a twist of card management, but no randomness — in which players are trying to build their networks into a full-blown transit map. 

If you want to know more about the original campaign click HERE 

The goal of the game is to have the most Happiness points at the end of the game. 

You earn Happiness points by moving passengers, building new railways, and constructing new buildings. You take on the role of investors in the early 1920s who are trying to develop the most efficient rail network. You collect tickets (cards) throughout the game and use symbols on them to take actions.

The more efficiently you use your cards, the more you can do with them, but the more you must increase your stress level, as well. Stress is tracked on your personal board, and counts as negative Happiness points at the end of the game. 

You can add to your pledge any add-ons you like, just add the total to your pledge. I will send you the survey after the campaign for confirmation. There will be no pledge manager later, you need to increase your pledge by the amount.

Example: One copy of Tramways: The dystopian Expansions + One copy of Tramways Engineer's Workbook = $24 + $25 + $5 (SC) = $54 (no additional SC)

We'd love for you to try Tramways before you back the campaign! The game has been implemented on Tabletopia, and you can play for free here:

I have designed and developed several boardgames during the last 9 years such as Tramways, Small City, CliniC, Card City XL, Town Center and many expansions for these games. 

For this project, I have worked with 2 awesome graphic designers

Sampo Sikiö is the graphic designer of Eclipse and Tramways. I like working with S because he is a genius to sump up complexe ideas with one minimalistic icon. 

Todd Sanders lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he works as a graphic designer, publisher and furniture maker. He has a great renown as a solo board game designer.

Many of his games have already been published: Pulp Detective, Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden,  IUNU and They Who Were 8

Because you are helping me finance my project, I will help you finance your shipping: I will pay part of the cost, so you only have to pay $5 for shipping a game of this size. It is the least I can do. 

Also there won't be additional shipping costs for any adds on you will purchase during the campaign !

Like our past campaigns for games such as Tramways, the Tramways expansions, Card City XL, and the Tramways Engineer's Workbook, we have respected the delivery time, and in some case, boxes were even delivered earlier than expected (depending on how complex production of the game has been).

For example, for the Card City XL campaign or Pulp Detective campaign, thanks to very rigorous management of the files, and great contacts at the manufacturers, we managed to deliver the game 2 months early! 

Thanks to Ludicreations for their help during the campaign.

Follow my projects on Twitter : 

Become a fan on BoardGameGeek : 

Risks and challenges

AVStudioGames has already put a substantial amount of money into the initial illustration and graphic design.
We now need your help to traverse the final route: Producing the game. We have established many contacts in the game manufacturing industry since 2012, which ensures good quality for all the components.
The final files are not yet ready, but all we need is your support to finalize the project.

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