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Card City XL is the ultimate card city building game in which your city automatically evolves under your eyes
Card City XL is the ultimate card city building game in which your city automatically evolves under your eyes
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In Card City XL you use cards to build a city. This progressive card game offers several difficulty levels, allowing you to advance at your own pace, and control how accurately it simulates a real city. Each turn, you build new buildings, and then they evolve on their own, if their surroundings are right. Watch with astonishment as your city grows before your eyes….

(Pour les français, vous pouvez directement aller à la section Règle pour télécharger les règles Françaises)

                                       This IS Card City XL!

As you probably know, CCXL in Roman numerals means 240. The funny thing is that the abbreviated name for CardCity XL is CCXL, which is how many different ways you can play this game!

Let me explain with this short mathematical proof:

NOTE: CCXL is a completely different concept from the game 504. 504 is a game which contains 504 different games. CCXL is a game which contains 240 ways to play the SAME city building game with cards and money.

CardCity XL is a game for 1-4 players that lasts 10-60 minutes.

You are the mayor of a city, and you start the game with only a single building card before you: City Hall, THE Municipal building. 

During the game, each player will obtain new cards that will permit them to develop different aspects of their city (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Leisure, etc.). 

The game is language independent: 

No text on the cards, only Icons. Rules in English and French will be in the box. Other languages available in pdf (see Game Rules section)

If you plan your city well, and build with efficacy, satisfying the demands of your citizens, your city will attract new citizens, you will earn more money, and your city will grow! 3 niveaux de complexité permettent de moduler le degré de simulation du développement d'une ville. 

3 levels of complexity allow you to balance simulation versus ease of play. 

5 different victory conditions enable you to drastically alter the strategy, without having to learn a whole new game. 

By using any combination of the 4 variants, you can upend your most ingrained construction and play habits….

You want to try the very first version on TABLETOPIA, just click on the image below...

Only the simplified rules with the Residence victory and no variants are actually available.








Each round comprises 5 very quick phases:

Phase 1: Through an “I split / you choose” mechanism, you acquire 2 or 3 cards (depending on which difficulty level you have chosen). 

Phase 2: Simultaneously, all players add their new cards to their cities, respecting the very realistic (and intuitive) rules of construction. 

Phase 3: If you have built well, you can add cards from the reserve to your city, which is always a good thing! =:) 

Phase 4: Your salary and your commercial districts provide you with money that you can use to buy other cards, or maybe sweeten a few deals during the card acquisition phase.

Phase 5: You can invest a little money in new industry or parks to accelerate the growth of your city. 

After 8–10 rounds, the game ends, and the player who performed best at the chosen victory condition wins!  


Card City XL offers several difficulty levels, instead of just one. In fact, the Simplified level of CCXL corresponds exactly to Card City. Additionally, the illustrations are different, and the coins are illustrated, rather than plastic “tiddlywinks”. 

When you use the Normal rules for Card City XL, your city size increases from 5×5 to 6×6 — 44% larger! Instead of just 2 cards per round, you get (and build) 3 cards per round (50% more!), and there are new options and problems to consider (Pollution and Park cards). 

Using the Advanced rules for Card City XL, you can earn revenue from Parking cards, and you can even sweeten your “I split / you choose” lots with cash! 

But the biggest advance from Card City to Card City XL: Bicolor cards. 

These cards are different types, “split” along the orthogonal or diagonal:  

Building these offers hitherto unseen choices, because in a single position in your city, the orientation of the card matters! Will you rotate the card 90°? Which color do you want where?

  • Acquiring cards each round is simple enough: You form 2 lots of cards that you offer to your opponents, but you get the leftovers! Dilemma! You could also add a little from your pocket to make one lot more attractive than it might otherwise be….
  • The rules of construction are very realistic. Who would want to live next to an industry?
  • Parking facilitates profitability of Commercial districts. Residents like to live near Leisure amenities, and the Commercial districts grow larger from having more population nearby, and so forth….
Example with not illustrated cards: one residence is going to evolve...


  • The city will grow before your very eyes, if you play well. Again, simple and realistic rules simulate urban development. The more leisure options there are near the inhabitants, the more people will populate your city. The more residential districts there are near your commercial districts, the more they will develop.
Commerce development and Residence development
Commerce development and Residence development
  • Interaction is sometimes indirect as you make lots more or less interesting for your opponents, based on what you think they need, but it is also can be direct if you choose to play with the Unity City variant, in which your construction affects adjacent construction by your opponents. If you want to inhibit the growth of large residential zones in your opponents’ boroughs, build a bunch of polluting industries!

 Example with not illustrated cards:

a 2p game with the Unity City Variant
a 2p game with the Unity City Variant
  • The tactical aspect of the game develops through how you choose the cards to form the lots.
  • The strategic aspect is present in how the construction and long-term planning of the form your city ultimately will take… Should I build profitable commerces right out of the gate, not earning many VP? Should I launch right into a residence-heavy strategy? …but then how do I afford to acquire those leisure buildings I’ll need?
  • The game is intensely varied with the choice of 5 different victory conditions. These alone guarantee hundreds of completely different games.




There are 50 Residence cards in Card City XL. These linen cards represent houses of different architectural styles. Perhaps one will have your name on it? By getting your name on a house in the game, you help me fund the illustrations for this game, and you can claim ONE card of the game! 

Capitalist reward:

If you back the CAPITALIST reward, we will add your name on the mailing box of one of the Residence Card.

This card will be YOURS for eternity. =:)

Mayor reward: 

If you back this reward, the graphic designer will make YOUR home on one of the card of Card City XL. You must provide one photo before the end of the campaign.
Here a sample of what can be done from a real photo...
If possible from your photo, the graphic designer will add your name on the mailing box as well...


$12,000: The game is FUNDED, YEAH!!!!

$24,000: Alternate City Halls Art: Sarah will make a slight variation for the city hall on the back side===> New Possibilities UNLOCKED

Please note that all the flags will be different in the final version !

$28,000: Alternate Pollution Art: Sarah will make a slight variation for the Pollution card on the back side===> New Possibilities UNLOCKED

$36,000: LINEN cards: The Rolls Royce of the cards for a card city building game... UNLOCKED

$38,000: Alternate Park Art: Sarah will make a slight variation for the Park card during winter... UNLOCKED

$42,000: MAJOR SG: 96 Tiles with numbers to book the revenue from the Commerce Districts... UNLOCKED



As you know, my games are hard to find at your friendly neighborhood shops. I do not intend to put Card City XL into the distribution network (*), and I will produce the minimum quantity necessary to cover the orders here and for my site. As an independent creator, I cannot take the risk of stocking too many game boxes, and besides, I don’t have the space to keep them at my house! =:) 

So, to be sure you get to have a copy of Card City XL, you must get it through this campaign.

(*) Edit: PixieGames distribuera le jeu en France ! (Q4_17 ou Q1_18)



Card City XL is my 6th game, after CARDCITY, TOWNCENTER, CLINIC, SMALLCITY, TRAMWAYS and several dozen expansions for all these games. I like to improve my games, and develop them to the max by being as creative as possible.

Here the first buildings I drew when I start working on Card City XL:

 First attempt for the Suburb in the solitaire games...


For Card City XL, I chose a new illustrator and graphic designer, named Sarah Ponceblanc. We took our time choosing an aesthetic identity for the game, but I am super enthusiastic about the result! The cards and illustrations presented during the campaign may be modified slightly, according to guidance by the factory manufaturing the game. 

I invite you to visit Sarah Ponceblanc ’s website.

I am very satisfied with the fulfillment achieved for the Tramways campaign, so we will do the same for Card City XL. If the game is made in Europe, all the copies bound for the US will be sent from the United States, the European copies will be sent from France, and the Canadian copies will be sent from Canada. This guarantees a EU/US/CA/AU-friendly project!


Because you are helping me finance my project, I will help you finance your shipping: I will pay part of the cost, so you only have to pay $6 for shipping a game of this size. It is the least I can do. 

Thanks to Ludicreations for their help during the campaign.

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Risks and challenges

AVStudioGames has already put a substantial amount of money into the initial illustration and graphic design.
We now need your help to traverse the final route: Producing the game. We have established many contacts in the game manufacturing industry since 2012, which ensures good quality for all the components.
The final files are not yet ready, but all we need is your support to finalize the project.

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