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pledged of £600pledged of £600 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Wed, July 3 2019 11:10 AM UTC +00:00.


What is Stormforged?

Stormforged is a fantasy role-playing game set in the world of Etherion. You play as a wielder of a mighty Stormforged Artifact. A mysterious remnant of a forgotten age filled with unimaginable powers.

Build and Customize

In Stormforged there are no classes or perks, these are replaced with your Stormforged Artifact. As you play, build your Stormforged Artifact from Etherium Crystal you find and gain more powers.

Artifacts are made of 5 elements: Cores, Sources, Foci, Conduits and Augments. At each stage you will have a completely free choice to add what you want, allowing for infinite customization.

Intuitive and Easy Play

Stormforged uses a revolutionary new dice pool system. Your character will have a 'pool' of dice to draw from of different sizes. As you grow more powerful more dice are added to the pool for you to draw on.

Throughout the game you will be told to 'make a roll', to do this you simply choose a dice from your dice pool and roll it. The higher the value the better. You can always roll a d6 for free, but you can choose a larger sized dice from your dice pool to increase your chances of success.

Need to make a jump over a chasm to escape a pack of hungry wolves? Roll your d20. Trying to convince a merchant to sell you an item on the cheap? Perhaps it is only worth using a d10.

Stormforged makes you think strategically about your resources and rewards planning ahead.

Play in the World of Etherion

A thousand years ago, the world of Etherion trembled before the power of the Drakan, giants with the stature of men but the visage of dragons. Though their individual strength was itself mighty, their true power came from the Etherium Crystal they forged into their weapons and imbedded into their armor. With the crystals they could perform works of magic that shook the entire world.

However, their time was short lived.

When all the world finally kneeled before them, they retreated to their city of glass and gold and locked themselves away with their crystal. There, they began working on their final goal, to weave the ultimate magic and ascend to godhood. Whether they succeeded or not is a point for the philosophers, all that is known is that after the spell was cast, they were never seen again, and the Stormlands were created in what would come to be known as The Cataclysm.

The Stormlands occupy an area larger than a country in the center of the continent and are constantly covered in a ground-level thunderstorm as high as mountains and as thick as smoke that crackles with blue lightning.

Over the years people have wandered into the storm, looking for the city of glass and gold and its fabled riches. The ones that come back tell of monsters within, giant beasts with electric-blue eyes that explode into blue powder when slain. Others manage to recover artifacts from within, objects forged with the Etherium Crystals of the Drakans that allow the wielder to harness their ancient powers. Such items have come to be known as Stormforged Artifacts and the monsters within are collectively called Stromforged Monsters.

Over the years thousands of the artifacts have been recovered and have made their way to every corner of the world.

A Different Kind of Leveling

Like in many other RPGs, in Stormforged your character's general ability is determined by a level system, however, what powers they can use is determined by the Stormforged Artifact they wield.

A more powerful Stormforged Artifact means more powers the character can use and a higher level increases the strength of each power, making for an unusual and often unpredictable power balance. Which is better, a grizzled old adventurer who has mastered the abilities they have, of the young fool that has stumbled upon an ancient and powerful relic? Who can know?

Start building your Stormforged Artifact with a Core of your choice.

Chose from Archer, Mage Swordsman or Theif. Once you have finished that, start working towards more powerful abilities. 

Build, adapt, create. After choosing from the 4 cores there are 9 Sources to chose from, then 14 Foci, 11 Conduits and 4 Augments, making for 22,176 possible Artifacts you can wield. 

Rich and Diverse Peoples and Cultures

Stormforged currently has rules for playing as 17 different races, referred to as Ancestries.

Play as an enigmatic Aven, a humanoid bird like people that hail from the peaks of the Spinejaw Mountains. Bound to the sky by destiny, they value freedom above all else, unbound by ground or law.

Or perhaps you would prefer to play as the jovial and gentle Ursine, bear-people from the northern Forgelands that love nothing more than to sit and fish and tell stories about a campfire.

Then again, the mysterious and ancient Melek could make for an interesting character. The Melek were perhaps once human, before the Drakan conquered the world. However, now they are something different. They share the physical appearance of other humans, except they have blue skin and listless, frail forms. When the Drakans invaded the Melek shut themselves away in their monasteries, along with their secrets. What these secrets are, nobody except the Melek know, but most surmise that it has to do with the Old Magics.

Become and Epic Hero

Stormforged reinvents how you think of your HP. Instead of representing how much damage your character can take before being knocked down or killed, Stormforged HP represents how much damage you can take before injuries start becoming permanent. 

Stand Against the Tide

Stormforged characters cannot be knocked down in a fight. Heroes fight until the end.

However, the longer you fight beyond your limits the worse things are going to get for you after the fight is done. Depending on how far you push your character they can accumulate scars, limps, lost limbs and will eventually die.

This allows for characters to not only experience all of the combat, every time, but provides real penalties for getting caught out, and of course, facilitates the heroic sacrifice. One hero verses the great evil, locked in mortal combat until both fall together.

Or, more likely, a bandit with a pointy stick.

You can may kill me, but by the Gods I am taking at least one of you with me!

Pistol and Sorcery

Stormforged is mainly played in the Forgelands, the northernmost of the 3 main continents of Etherion. The Forgelands are currently undergoing their industrial revolution. The first railway to span the continent has just been completed and the revolver and rifle are commonly seen weapons. However, due to the nature of what can be accomplished with magic, the sword has not been made completely redundant and adventurers still carry them.

Adventurers in the Stormlands will generally wield a gun, a sword or magic and player characters can wield all three at the same time allowing for adaptation and of course, the chance to say I pull out my revolver and begin shooting the dragon in the head.

What am I Funding?

At the moment, Stormforged is almost completely finished, however, it lacks the artwork and design to make it really come to life. £600 will allow the commission of the first pieces of art for the project. Anything more than £600 will go into more artwork and better design. The more money there is, the better we can make the project. Whatever we achieve, however, the rules and setting are written and ready to be distributed.

We also want maps. Lots of maps. We like maps. However, we are writers, not cartographers. So your money would also go into hiring some of them.

In the future, we want to release more products for the World of Etherion, for starters we are planning on writing an expansion for it titled The Buried World, featuring more playable races, more options in crafting Stormforged Artifacts and more lore for your stories.

After that we would like to write a Game Master's guide with lots more information about Etherion so that every corner of the world feels rich and right at your fingertips. 

Risks and challenges

As mentioned before, we are writers, not artists. For everyone that backs our project we will make sure you receive the best written, most imaginative, original and fun role-playing experience we can deliver to you. However, it may not be pretty to look at.

Worst case scenario, we give one of the interns a pack of crayons...

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