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Queer strife amid the collapse. Jewish fantasy of the shtetl. Two beginner-friendly roleplaying games of belonging outside belonging.
Queer strife amid the collapse. Jewish fantasy of the shtetl. Two beginner-friendly roleplaying games of belonging outside belonging.
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Final Days & Marvelous Treasures!

Posted by Avery Alder (Creator)

The kickstarter clock has switched from days to hours, and we've got 53 of them left! This is it, our final days together. Two stretch goals remain, and it'll be down-to-the-wire to see if we reach them.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about our remaining high-tier rewards. If you're someone who has the means to give this campaign an extra boost of support, consider...

$200 - The Keepers

When we first launched the campaign, we had a series of twelve rewards called The Friends. You could be a Friend to Hawkers, Friend to Arrivals, Friend to Klezmers... each one was paired to one of the twelve character roles in Dream Askew or Dream Apart, and it meant getting a micro-dedication in the book. They were all claimed within a couple hours!

When we funded the creation of The Outliers zine, we added another series of rewards: The Keepers. These are twelve unique rewards tied to the setting elements of the games. You can be the Keeper of the Digital Realm, Keeper of the Market, Keeper of Texts & Traditions... each one means a micro-dedication in The Outliers zine. As of writing this update, seven remain. Check them out!

Backers at this level will receive a print copy of the zine as well as the book.

$275 - Yeshiva Study Partner

One of the things I'm really excited about in this book we're writing is how much focus their is on designing your own games of belonging outside belonging. There's a full chapter on the process, which teases apart the significance and interplay between different elements of the design. We're really excited to see what other games follow in the footsteps of Dream Askew and Dream Apart.

"Yeshiva Study Partner" is Benjamin's commitment to helping those someday games flourish. You get an advance copy of the "Designing New Dreams" chapter, and Benjamin will sit down for an in-depth two-hour consultation with you about your game in development. Much of Benjamin and Avery's co-development process on these games took place over video calls just like this, and the result was that both games flourished. A valuable resource for fellow designers!

$500 - Enclave Member

Want to immortalize yourself as a member of the queer enclave? This is our highest-tier reward. Your name will be incorporated into one of the six character roles for Dream Askew, and artist Zev Chevat will use your likeness in one of the full-colour interior art pieces in the book. This is an opportunity to support us in a really amazing way, and to be canonized within the not-so-distant world of the apocalypse.

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    1. Sophie Lagace

      We're finally going to play tomorrow. I can't wait!