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Queer strife amid the collapse. Jewish fantasy of the shtetl. Two beginner-friendly roleplaying games of belonging outside belonging.
Queer strife amid the collapse. Jewish fantasy of the shtetl. Two beginner-friendly roleplaying games of belonging outside belonging.
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The Final Outliers Emerge

Posted by Avery Alder (Creator)

Friends, backers,

We've passed the $50,000 threshold, meaning that David Collins and Ellen Kushner have been added to our list of contributors for The Outliers zine! I'm so excited about how this project is shaping up. It also means that it's time to reveal our next stretch goal. And since we're nearing the end of the campaign, we're actually going to go ahead and reveal all of our remaining stretch goals all at once!

First, a recap of where we're currently at:

For Dream Apart, Caren Gussoff Sumption will write some thoughts on Romani elements of character and setting.

For Dream Askew, Brandon O'Brien will write about the emergence of queer enclaves from a Black and Caribbean context. He’ll also be submitting a few poems intersecting with queerness, Afro-Caribbeanness, and collapse.

For Dream Apart, Joshua A.C. Newman is going to write us up one hell of a iconoclastic, pistol-toting, balalaika-jamming, ecstatic klezmer.

For Dream Askew, Jeeyon Shim is going to write about strategies for survival in various biomes once you and your queer community have fled the city for the haven and difficult bounty of the outdoors.

For Dream Apart, Ellen Kushner will invent a character for Dream Apart; it’s what she does best.

For Dream Askew, David Collins is going to write about how mutation & marginalization intersect at the edge of social collapse. What parallels exist between the world of fantasy mutation and the marginalized struggles within society?

$55,000 - Rabbi Sonja K Pilz & Degenderettes Norcal

If we raise $55,000 (Canadian), we've got two new additions to The Outliers zine that we're really excited to present to you.

Rabbi Sonja K. Pilz earned a doctorate from the department of Rabbinic Literature at Potsdam University, Germany; she holds Rabbinic Ordination from Abraham Geiger College, Germany. Prior to coming to HUC-JIR, NY as a teacher of liturgy and ritual, Sonja taught as a Junior Professor of Jewish Ritual and Practice at the School of Jewish Theology at Potsdam University, and in many congregational settings, and served as a rabbinic intern and cantorial soloist in congregations in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and the US.

Rabbi Pilz will write the inner monologue of a young Yeshivah student, Avrum, who wonders where God is to be found in his days.

The Degenderettes-NorCal are an art & advocacy club of trans & queer members who aim to support and uplift communities. They attempt to fill unfilled needs as best they can until more permanent & funded organizations can be built for them. Currently these projects include radical visibility, interpersonal support, self-defense, community protection, and connecting people to resources.

The Degenderettes will be collaborating on a piece that reflects on what ground-level queer resistance work actually entails.

$60,000 - Nick Mamatas & Sasha Mannequin

Our final stretch goal! I'm super excited about this one. If we reach $60,000 (Canadian), we're bringing in two final contributors for The Outliers.

Nick Mamatas is the author of several novels, including I Am Providence and the forthcoming Hexen Sabbath, as well and over 100 short stories, many of which are collected in The People's Republic of Everything.​

Nick's piece will be about the arrival of the industrial socialist movement to the shtetl.

Sasha Mannequin is a "post-rave" electronic musician, and part of the shadowy cabal of trans women working for revolutionary socialism. She wrote the theme music used in our Kickstarter video!

Her piece will be on using the 20th century radical Jewish organizing concept of Doikayt to focus the play of Dream Askew, injecting de-assimilated Jewishness into the game, and organizing outside the limits the of "queer enclave."


Every backer will receive a digital copy of The Outliers, and a chance to purchase a print copy when they fill out their backer survey (via CrowdOx).

I'm so excited about the momentum this project has, and I really hope we can reach these milestones. Spread the word, in whatever ways you feel inspired to!


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    1. Sophie Lagace

      What amazing contributors you have gathered! Thank you for bringing them to the fans of tabletop games!