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Queer strife amid the collapse. Jewish fantasy of the shtetl. Two beginner-friendly roleplaying games of belonging outside belonging.
Queer strife amid the collapse. Jewish fantasy of the shtetl. Two beginner-friendly roleplaying games of belonging outside belonging.
Queer strife amid the collapse. Jewish fantasy of the shtetl. Two beginner-friendly roleplaying games of belonging outside belonging.
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    1. Lex on

      I just realized you mentioned Dreams Incarcerated. Is this something we haven’t heard about yet?

    2. Yannick Massa on

      Just here to say, as a cishet dude, the Arrival really feels like a way for me to explore non-binary queer culture naturally so thanks for that and i'm really looking forward to playing this <3

    3. Philippe “Sildoenfein” D.

      Would you have any estimate of the shipping costs?

    4. Lex on

      Sounds like a dream come true, thank you!

    5. Avery Alder 2-time creator on

      @Lex, there is an entire chapter of the book about designing your own games of belonging outside belonging. We talk about designing from a place of lived experience, finding the right balance of agency and need in how you portray your community, how to design each component of a play kit, and what to watch out for as you deviate from the established mechanics. The chapter is complete with a running example, following Shaun as he designs Dream Incarcerated - his striving toward balanced representation, choices made and then retracted, and so forth. I think you'll like it!

    6. Lex on

      Any chance of a “here’s how you build your own hack on this ruleset” advice as a stretch goal down the line? Ever since the playtest kits went out, my friend group has been full of ideas.

    7. Patrick Brannick on

      Congrats y'all!!!!! <3

    8. Landon Swartz on

      Congratulations on the successful campaign! Your work is a touchstone of modern role-playing, and I am so excited to introduce these games to my players!

    9. Jason Pitre

      Congratulations for reaching your initial goal in he first 8 hours!

    10. Axel on

      Thank you for the detailed response!

    11. Avery Alder 2-time creator on

      @Axel While the book currently has some coverage of how to collaborate with non-marginalized players who might be nervous or uncertain, there isn't yet a specific section addressed to them. I'll add one in. Thanks for your question, it helped hone the project.

      As for what's meant by "hot to pitch these games to your friends," the text covers the basics of how to pitch a game, includes a concise + comprehensive pitch for each game, supplies that need to be gathered, and how to create a comfortable and nourishing environment for players. It's pretty simple and straight-forward, but it's something I feel like games often miss: advice on how to host well.

    12. Axel on

      The campaign description mentions, "It's also a guide for how to pitch these games to your friends, create a welcoming environment to play them in, and support healthy boundaries at the gaming table."

      I'm curious about 'how to pitch these games to your friends'. Is that referring to getting non-gaming friends to try this as a game? Pitching the themes or system to gaming friends used to more traditional games? Both? My ongoing gaming groups are (as far as I know) all cishet players, and I find the idea of a game entirely about queer identity and community intimidating to pitch or play, while I know others feel similarly intimidated by a game about Jewish identity and community (and I'm very excited about that aspect, but I don't know if my non-Jewish players would be).

      So, I'm curious, will the advice in the book address non-marginalized players that are nervous about being ignorant or appropriative in play? (While I also realize that non-marginalized players don't need to be addressed if they're not a target, and definitely don't need to be centered)

    13. Missing avatar

      Colton Chapin on

      Been really looking forward to this launch! Glad to see this project come into it's own on the main stage.

    14. Patrick Brannick on

      This is such an awesome project! <3

    15. Dana Cameron on

      Congrats! Very excited to see this finally launch (to the point I had an actual dream about it last night)!

    16. Lex on

      My group played four session of Dream Askew back in January, and we wound up crying every single session. I liked it enough to commission art of my Torch. You’ve made something pretty exceptional here, Avery, and I’m excited to see it thrive.