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Experience stark, vivid images like nothing you've ever seen combined with premium audio in a unique flip down form factor.
Experience stark, vivid images like nothing you've ever seen combined with premium audio in a unique flip down form factor.
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Preparing for Launch

Posted by Avegant (Creator)

Greetings Kickstarter Backers,

It's Joerg Tewes, the CEO of Avegant. I wanted to personally reach out to thank you for your support so far and give you an update on our shipping and launch.

As many of you know from our last update, today was our final all-hands meeting to approve of the final Glyph build and officially start up the mass production line. I'm thrilled to report that we've passed all of our compliance requirements and that we're prepping the factory to start building product. It's taken a bit of time to lock in compliances, so the first official Glyphs are scheduled to come off the line in the first week of January. Packout and shipping will start later in the month. First units should start arriving at your doorsteps shortly thereafter.

With the official launch of the Glyph, we're also overhauling our website and branding. Tomorrow, you'll see a fresh new with new product photos and a few new videos. Keep an eye on the forums for some of the finer launch details.

Building on that launch momentum, we'll also be taking the Glyph to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 6-10. I would like to personally invite you to visit our booth for a demonstration of the product. We'll send out special invitations to this list later this month.

There's much more to come. We're also working on a solid firmware build, a mobile app to facilitate updates and a spectrum of partners to ensure that you have special content ready to go when you receive your Glyph. In other words, it's all hands on deck.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support as we put the finishing touches on the Glyph. As I’m sure many of you know, building breakthrough products is never an easy and straightforward process -- your patience and understanding throughout this year means a great deal to me. We’re doing things that have never been done before and I'm confident that the wait will be worth it.

Finally, from all of us here at Avegant, have a safe and wonderful holiday season and best wishes for the new year.

All of my best,

Joerg Tewes, CEO Avegant

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    1. Missing avatar

      joel on

      HOW about an update...... osh wait they are preparing for CES.. where the Market is gonna tear this company apart with the price , reviews, and OHHH much cheaper knockoffs

    2. Missing avatar

      joel on

      Glyph did team up with TI. The new 1080 array is a larger mm2 foot print.. And when they scale it down.. To the same size as per the aspect ratio of 16:9 as had is.. smaller cost more. Wait till version 2.0

    3. Missing avatar

      JieKang on

      How do I know my glyph in the correct shipping?

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chiu on

      Is there a full moon out? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot are you yapping about Joel? You need to calm down and collect your thoughts as your angry tirade is tiresome. Good luck with your iview device. That type of tech has been around for so long but with improvements every few years but never really is a big seller, at least not in it's own home consumer market and we're early tech adopters here. I haven't even seen iView display being adapted widely in it's 5-8 years their products have been out and marketed as personal entertainment viewing devices, mobile or not. There's no competitor using the same technology as the Glyph right now. Who doesn't want the Glyph team to use the new TI 1080p micro-mirror array instead of the 720p? It would probably take another development cycle and other tech revisions to get it to work well. Would you wait another year? Backers poised the same question on another KS project but that product was already in the final phase of development and beta units. It was shipping on time. Any change to a better chip would delay the product another year or more and even the new chip wasn't planned to be used yet by the usual brand name company until the next product cycle since their new product line was just launched recently. Business decisions you can like or not, but it's going to happen.

    5. Missing avatar

      Professor Braino on

      Good show guys! I could only wish this could become reality; you guys did the actual work to make it happen. As always, take as much time as you need to get it right. Also, the whiny minority is quite amusing. Best wishes!

    6. Missing avatar

      joel on

      thats what i said zeng chegn lee....

    7. Missing avatar

      joel on

      lucas films guy... wow.. trying to capitalize some how on the star wars stuff.... their legal "DISNEY" will have a hay day with that

      for all the .. stuff going on LOOK at the PR CO they use.. Communication should be #...

      And if they really cared.. The 1st 500 units would be DISTINCT... I think the Market will Be the Proof... As a level 3 options trader...Not betting in this ONE.. TI already has a 1080P MicroMirror array.. so.. this is out dated.. and my 499.99 Iview from amazon will be here later today...

    8. Zhi-Cheng Lee on

      Great website, and try use Jpegmini to compress all images,
      it will reduce 50%+ size of image without quality lose.

    9. James Broderick II on

      I'll say this much:

      This had better be worth the wait. This had better blow me away vs. the Gear VR-compatible phone and a Gear VR or better that I now own...something I was able to afford in the intervening YEARS between production and delivery. I don't want to hear any nonsense about "Beats" audio, this had better be at least comparable to or better than the Sony Studio Reference headphones that most professionals are familiar with that I could pick up for $100 or less.

      Finally, this had better, BETTER be a full, retail product as promised. The disappointment of losing out to the Beta experience was offset with the promise of getting a full product in exchange for the delay. Now, much doubt has been cast over that as we're apparently not even getting retail colours.

      This company has gained WAY too much success in the form of outside investment as a result of OUR investment for anything less to be tolerable.

    10. Missing avatar

      joel on

      59 / 100 for desktop & 62/100 for Mobile.. I don't need the excuse that we just put the page up today...

      what have you been doing for the last few months.. waiting for today to post a webpage that's slow as hell.. by PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS...

    11. Missing avatar

      joel on

      I'm from Denmark.. Sweed

    12. Missing avatar

      VinzzB on

      @David Jones: thanks for sharing the link!

    13. Missing avatar

      VinzzB on

      @joel: Dude, What the hell is wrong with you? please see a doctor or therapist... Avegant is doing there best to keep us informed. Be f** happy they can show there final product at CES and that they will deliver a product shortly to us, backers! I do understand that you don't exactly get what you backed for, but hey, that is how kickstarter works. I'm very pleased to read this update an see that things are still going well.

      So: Stop hammering this forum, Avegant has been transparent to us and there is absolutely no reason to react like this. Every company wants to make money, that is how the business works, it doesn't matter if they got a capital injection or not. Be happy they got that extra money, now we can expect an even better product!

    14. Missing avatar

      David Jones on

      It sure does sound like Joel needs to grow up and take a chill pill. All that anger isn't good for the body.

      FYI, here is some pictures and videos of the manufacturing from the ongoing trip the finalize things for production.

    15. Chris Schneider on

      Finally... any chance these bad boys will be shipped for the 14th of January... i have a long flight. It would be nice to use them for what i bought them for.

    16. Missing avatar

      XinLei Gao on

      I was so exited to get it for X-mas. To be honest, I'd away rather be told I have to wait longer than it would take than to be disappointed and have the date pushed back... Again and again.

      Nevertheless, I think this is it!!! Can not wait to try it out.

    17. Björn Endre

      Awesome. I will be at CES this year so I definitely look forward coming byt and for the first time see the Glyph in action.

      Joel, calm down. I've backed 100+ projects and basically none come in time. Avegant has kept us updated on the reasons for the delay and while not every decision is perfect they are delivering a product soon and a product that looks to still be really cool. This is Kickstarter where projects sometimes are in time, most often are late and in some cases fail (without it being a fraud). It is no pre-order.

      Oh, and I'm a Swede. Got a problem with non-Americans :)?

    18. Missing avatar

      John McKillen on

      That's great news i can't wait. John.

    19. Mike Baker on

      Joel> *you're ... And *you're

      ... Oh, and I almost forgot - you can go and take a running jump you whiny little shit.

    20. Missing avatar

      joel on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    21. Missing avatar

      joel on

      Then I would get nothing. And Kickstarter would help investigate the fraud. But are you too stupid to not see they secured 25 x OUR MILLION DOLLAR PLEDGE. They used our pledges to hedge that 25 million in funding. Is the communication that I care about not the product. How old are you any ways blokker

    22. Missing avatar

      Blokker_1999 on

      joel, really dude, relax, go do some anger management or something. You didn't buy a product, you backed the development project of a product. If you are this pissed about the delayed production then you should not be on kickstarter. I wonder what you would have done if this project had failed and never delivered anything ... . Jesus f*cking christ.

      Am I happy with al the changes and delays this project has gone trough? No, off course not. But I do understand that that is part of investing in development. Backing with kickstarter is never risk free, yet some people still seem to think that KS is an online shop where you simple preorder your stuff.

    23. Missing avatar

      Andrew Radford on

      Looking forward to my Glyph.
      Glad Avegant has taken the time to build build a working product, rather than a prototype, that may have had flaws and less support.
      Thanks in advance.

    24. Missing avatar

      joel on

      you guys just care about CES and your 25 million dollar ANGEL $$$ 500.00 to you guys and not a single fucking response form you guys........I'd rather have MY money back .. Than get a product SO LATE....

    25. Missing avatar

      joel on

      Like I already said .. See you at CES TO PICK UP MY GLYPH....333 backer number write it on the side of my fucking box

    26. Missing avatar

      joel on

      Like I already said .. See you at CES TO PICK UP MY GLYPH....333 backer number write it on the side of my fucking box

    27. Missing avatar

      joel on

      It's terrible fucking news....

    28. Missing avatar

      joel on

      Told ya... Just in time for CES but not me