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Experience stark, vivid images like nothing you've ever seen combined with premium audio in a unique flip down form factor.
Experience stark, vivid images like nothing you've ever seen combined with premium audio in a unique flip down form factor.
Experience stark, vivid images like nothing you've ever seen combined with premium audio in a unique flip down form factor.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric Yew on

      Having some issues with the Glyph. They look as though they are charging (red light flashes) but when you switch it on - nothing. Its like the internal battery is dead. I have tried everything that I can find on the net and their own troubleshooting page. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    2. Bader Bin Quttami on

      I never got my Glyph Why ???

    3. Gary Lai on

      It is over one year and there is still no BT audio update ...

    4. Andres Ontaneda on

      Hello I never recieved this reward. Can you help me?

    5. Bassam Imad on

      would like to sell mine, anyone interesting?

    6. Missing avatar

      JP Fox on

      Hey guys, anyone interested in buying my Glyph?

      I'm not traveling a lot it catches more and more dust. So I decided to sell it to someone who will use it mor frequently.

    7. Vladimir on

      emma's opinion will be highly appreciated

    8. Vladimir on

      They sent it to Japan.
      "new system with logistics" did own best!

    9. Vladimir on

      It is beyond any patience!
      I'm baker #1572 from Russia. 13-may-16 I created a case #3853 because i did not receive anything from avegant.
      Then I received a message from avegant:" Thanks for the quick reply, we've been trying to ship into Russia for awhile with no avail to do some logistic problems, however as soon as we switch over to UPS i will update you on that again i apologize for the delay.

      There were not any news over a week and I asked again:"Did you forget me?"
      The answer was:"No not all i apologize for the wait, we still are working out the new system with logistics and I'm still waiting to here back from corporate on when we will start shipping to Russia.

      At the moment over a month passed. No news, nor activity. What a shit is going on?

    10. Missing avatar

      Raymond Fu on

      Ivan Lee you are correct also I am getting this issue with the image shifted right and perhaps reduced size from the start of 3D mode. This while using 3D Playstation 3 running Gran Turismo 6. Considering to contact support with issue. Otherwise it's progress in the firmware that matters at this point, 3D at last.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ivan Lee on

      The update makes the glyph recognizable as a 3D device, but after pressing the test pattern to adjust focus, and returning back into 3D mode, the glyph's internal screen gets shifted to the right, cutting out a part of the image..

    12. Missing avatar


      Thanks Lars Nielsen,
      I updated mind and still not work with my macbook. will try again with win10 tomorrow.

    13. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      I updated the firmware and audio via the mini-display port to HDMI converter now works and it is in stereo :)

    14. Ls Song on

      @Creator Not sure if you still monitor comment here... Anyway I cannot get access to your forum so I post question here!

      I just got updated my Android APP and ready to update my Glyph to latest version. However, the BT update always stop at 2%. After 2%, the phone APP just say "update failed. Please turn off your Glyph and turn on again to update...." Never able to pass 2%!!!!

      Anyway to resolve this?

    15. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      Sahey I have the same issue when I use a mini-display port to HDMI converter that is rated for sound and image.
      The Glyph is detected in the Win10 list of speakers called "Glyph" when it is plugged in via HDMI (through mini display port converter), it automatically tries to send the sound to the glyph rather than build in speakers, but there is no sound in the headphones.
      If I then connect a 3.5 mini-jack also it sound like an old modem, but if I put in the mini-jack half of the way into the Glyph I get mono sound (better than nothing but annoying and an extra cable)

      On another computer with build in HDMI I can get sound and image, but the sound is mono through HDMI.

      If I disable the display and use a mini-jack all the way in I get nice stereo sound :)
      I hope this helps the devs find the issue.

      For a beta item I mainly use for desktop work and writing it is semi-acceptable for me.
      For a 700$ "Premium Audio Personal Theater" bought in a shop it is not.

    16. Missing avatar


      HI,, is everyone have the same problem as me?
      1- connect with HDMI have only picture no sound.
      2- Connect 3.5mm audio but no sound come through
      3- can't connect BT to listen music
      4- to harvey don't get feel comfortable to use it at all. :(

    17. Peter Kuo on

      I was given a FedEx tracking number that was a dud. I emailed your customer support last week and nobody has answered me. Looking at the comments, everybody seems to have received theirs. So, what is happening here?? Either send me the unit right away or refund my pledge!

    18. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      Having used it daily, all from writing E-mails, reading news to YouTube videos and a movie my review is this:
      I fully recommend the Glyph for people who travel a lot while working.
      It is the best privacy screen solution I have seen.
      It even extends the battery life of a laptop when set to "second screen only".
      From lasting 4½ hour on a full charge, to 6-7 hours (depending on internet usage) as it saves it from powering up the huge laptop screen.

      It is great if you keep the thing you are interacting with as a separate window in the middle of the screen.
      You can keep aware of the surroundings, see your hand, mouse, look at papers, other screens and notice when people want to contact you while working (and looking like a present day Geordi La Forge typing with nothing appearing on the monitor others can see)

      E-mails, reading news, image editing.
      It often hurts to put them full screen.
      The edges, especially the bottom are too blurry.
      You can work within a window at the centre of the screen for hours.
      But putting it full screen I instinctively turn my head to look at the blurry corner, in order for it to focus.

      If software could be made so the head tracking could be used as a scroll bar it would be great for working (adding a black edge to the desktop, so you can scroll until the corners are outside of the blurry area. Also remember that it needs a high delta to activate, like the red dot on thinkpads: it should calibrate dynamically [if you do not know the red dot on the thinkpad, buy one then press it consistently for a long time and you will see it re-calibrates, the headset can use the same feature to avoid slowly turning due to instrumentation error or slight changes in posture])

      If I eat while watching my temples will hurt.
      But apart from that I can use it for extended time; 3 hours with the headband and centered windows.
      Watching a full screen movie gets annoying after about 45 minutes, but a windowed TV-series I can watch for hours too.

      Without the headband it hurts me after about 30 minutes.
      Always bring the headband.

      For those of you wondering:
      Yes it does fit perfectly into a DELOOP audiophile headphone bag from
      Good quality padded bag made specifically for expensive headphones and a good way to carry the Glyph around as luggage.

      It should be nothed that I have worn it around my neck for several days too, just as I do with regular headphones.
      With the protective cover and the lenses popped in that works fine too.
      But in formal situations where you do not want a headset around your neck I recommend the DELOOP for carrying your private / secondary screen.

      I have done the battery test 2 times.
      I encourage Avegant to do some more testing on their own and use this as a selling point:
      Extended laptop battery life and a private screen for working while commuting by train, plane or at conferences or in open offices.

      With this focus on work and desktop use, the blurry edges need more consideration though.
      It is a second use case, but to me it has turned out to be my primary use of the glyph.
      I also think it is a way bigger market and one that has little to no competition from the VR headsets.
      Even people unable to type blindly can still type with a Glyph on.
      The other VR headsets block view of the hands and leave the person open to stolen luggage and pick-pocketing.

      Glyph as a media center?
      Not recommended

      As a primary commute screen extending battery life
      or a secondary privacy screen for work:
      Hell yes, buy it now and buy one for each of your travelling employees.
      When the Glyph gets a 2nd generation with less blur, get one for each employee in the open office rooms as well.

    19. Missing avatar

      Engku Abdul Kadir Fathi on

      Got mine. Very sleek futuristic looking piece. Set up was a cinch using the pictorial guide provided in the app, which is really great compared to the booklet. Got my set connected via Bluetooth to my Samsung fone & registred via the app. Unfortunately that's about the only 2 useful things that i can do with the app for now.

      Hooked it up to my Android box. Pic quqlity was superb but the volume couldnt get any louder, even after i maxed out the android box's volume control. Feels exactly like u r alone in a cinema theatre without any crowd. After watching a few tv shows, my nose wasnt comfortable and my eyes got tired. The edges looked blurry somehow.

      For the price i paid, i felt it was an expensive device, as i find it more comfy watching movies or tv shows on my flat screen tv at home...but for travelling as a passenger, its a useful device. Question is, how often do we travel? Now i am not sure how often i am going to use this device as i drive most of the time and seldom being a passenger.

    20. Zhi-Cheng Lee on

      Hey, my bluetooth (RF radio) certification issue is sloved!
      I just forward Glyph's FCC test report to NCC, it's work!
      If you have same issue, you can get FCC test report here:

    21. Terrell Glover on

      @gary lai
      They said bluetooth audio will be added in a firmware update. As far as a mic, there is no mic

    22. Missing avatar

      HZS on

      Same in Taiwan.
      I am lucky that I am not blocked by NCC during the clearance from customs and got mine days ago. What I do is just provide POA to Fedex.

    23. Zhi-Cheng Lee on


      I am at Taiwan, I can't get my Glyph because Certification issue.
      Taiwan's NCC (like FCC in US) ask me the bluetooth certification about Glyph.
      The most simple way is add Bluetooth spec into product spec page or user's manual,
      for example:

      Wireless: Bluetooth LE (2.400 ~ 2.4835 GHz) , Radio Power consumption < 40mW

      Then I can report it's a sample product used for test only.

      PLEASE HELP! many thanks!

    24. Gary Lai on

      Backer #289 Hong Kong, got my Glyph yesterday. Delivered by SF Express.

      Nice audio quality
      Superior picture quality

      Narrow FOV
      No bluetooth audio (let me know if i am wrong)
      No mic (let me know if i am wrong)
      Price too steep, even for kickstarter early bird.

    25. Moch Asrori on

      backer #970 Jakarta Indonesia, Mine arrived today. My review is mixed, the video quality is excellent when I got the correct lens setup, the problem after couple minutes I need to readjust the lens setup. The screen is too bright even tough with the lowest bright setup make my eyes bit discomfort.

    26. Mike Baker on

      My Glyph arrived yesterday, 4 days ahead of the original estimate from FedEx.
      Kickstarter is always a bit of a mixed bag, with the last two tech pieces I received being major disappointments (including a "splash-proof" speaker that becomes non-responsive and erratic when splashed).
      I needn't have worried, though, the build quality in the Glyph is excellent and it operates exactly as advertised (I haven't been able to test the 3D, though, it's unfortunate that it can only do SBS 3D).
      I sat down and watched some Netflix as a test - I ended up watching 4 episodes of a TV show in a row, or over 3 hours. To say that there is =zero= eye-strain might be a bit much, but the amount of strain is roughly equivalent to staring at a TV screen across a dark room for the same amount of time. The problem with binge watching shows on a Glyph is that because is sits so tight on my head, my ears really begin to hurt after a while.
      I've noticed the same thing others here have, namely that the bottom corners tend to be out of focus (I managed to fiddle with the focus, etc. to get the top corners looking fine), this is probably a limitation of the lenses and may need a hardware revision sometime in the future to address. It's not a problem when watching movies as your focus is so rarely drawn to the corners of the the screen, but I did notice it when I was playing a game, and I would recommend against watching news programs that use a ticker along the bottom.

      Great product, would definitely recommend it to all my single friends with enough money to afford the new asking price!

      Guido> I think you have seriously misunderstood what the Glyph was intended to be. It was never supposed to be an immersive experience, in fact it was designed to be the opposite! It says quite clearly in the campaign that it has a 45 degree field of view, and everybody who has tried it (right from the original prototype in late 2013) has said it looks like watching a screen across the room. What you say are flaws are actually part of the design! This is not a VR headset, you should have bought an Oculus or a Vive for that. This is a media player.

      Tl;dr - Fantastic product with room for improvement. Guido's misunderstandings don't seem to be Avegant's fault.

    27. Missing avatar

      Guido Craenen on

      Mine was delivered two weeks ago without further notice upfront. I have been trying to get a good picture since. In the middle it is bright, but the edges are blurry and trying to get a whole sharp picture has not been a succes up to now.

      The picture looks like you are watching a screen (large TV or theater) from far away. You're not immersed in the picture and that was what this device should have offered. Watching a movie is a trial because the fit on my head is too tense and none of the nose-patches ar a good fit. So after a good 30-40 minutes I have to take it off, because of uncomfortable pain on my nose and headache.

      After waiting for this long and the steep price this is a failed product. It is ending up on a cupboard somewhere or on ebay. I have regrets buying it.

    28. Cameron Cooke on

      Well it's one week later and im still just sitting here with a plastic headband that does not work for music or video, whatever i do glyphs video and audio just breaks up every couple of seconds.

      have sent emails to avegant on kickstarter, on their website, to the support email and directly to Emma, AND STILL no response from anyone. Getting real frustrating being ignored after giving them $1/2k and waiting patiently with delay after delay only to be sent a broken product that should never have passed quality control…

    29. Giorgio Pomettini

      I got mine yesterday in Italy with engraving. The edges are sometimes fuzzy and you have to spend some time to calibrate the optics. And the screen is a bit too bright for me. But apart from that, the products looks good! GG Avegant

    30. Lawrence Wong on

      @Stephan, I don't seem to have that problem, did you pop the lens out ? Press the button between the lens above the nose bridge adjustment wheel.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chiu on

      Well, I got my Glyph yesterday (just in time before the long weekend!) without a shipping email so definitely a good surprise on a Friday. Still testing it but setup of optics is a bit tricky. Like many mentioned before, center is clear but edges can get a bit blurry or my eyes are going in and out of focus for the edges because of alignment to one eye or I'm just getting too old and need to see an optometrist. I'll keep on playing with it but I guess it fits my type of head so I've got less problems.

    32. Kevin Cole on

      So far my experience with this product has been extremely poor.

      The image is clear (in the center), but it's about the size of a theatre screen... if you sat all the way at the back of the theatre.

      Like I said, it's only really clear near the center... edges of the screen are blurred due to the optics, I even tried getting it as close as possible to my eyes.

      This thing needs some serious assistance with calibration too... like a digital read out on how the lense is focused, and maybe a way to align that with your prescription? As well.. the IPD distance things I just can't seem to get right either... I think they're right and in the end it just causes eye strain.

      The gear VR is a much better experience, and much cheaper too.

      I dunno guys... I'm not happy and I doubt other consumers would be happy with this result too if they forked out $600. With a screen area that small I would expect it to all be clear and visible...

      =/ I'll probably end up re-selling this to try and get some money back as I don't think there's much that can be done for the optics.

      It sure feels like a beautiful product and lots of care was put into asthetics, but it really died on the functionality side IMO.

    33. Hugo Alexandre Agostinho on

      Customs is asking for receipt and details of product. What do we send them?

    34. Cameron Cooke on

      @Stephen Chiu

      Thanks, I have sent Emma an email, still no response :/ going to have to try calling them.

    35. Missing avatar

      HZS on

      Backer #1791 @Taiwan

      Fedex said
      A Power of Attorney (POA) or form letter, authorizing FedEx/Broker to clear the shipment on behalf of the importer, is required for clearance.

      ....Okay, so what should we do for that? :(

    36. Hideaki Heinai on

      Backer #2089 @japanese
      Scheduled delivery:
      Fri, 5/6/2016 by 6:00 pm

    37. Shimizu Yasuhiro on

      backer number #665 in japan
      just received tracking number. will be delivered on 5/2

    38. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chiu on

      @kZ435PwyRB supposedly you should get an email by tomorrow or Saturday for Japan and the rest of this region, except for HK which is next week plus any stragglers left behind (last batch). :/

    39. weng cheng yu on

      Mine says estimated ship date 4/27 estimated delivery 4/28 by 6:00pm
      But still nothing now........

    40. Missing avatar

      Naor Biton on

      Backer #882, Singapore, non-engraved.

      Received the tracking number about 4 hours ago.
      Estimated delivery is tomorrow by noon.
      That could be just in time for my b-day *fingers crossed*

    41. Missing avatar

      kZ435PwyRB on

      Hi, My backer #902, non-engraved,Japan
      Nothing received. When are the Glyph shipped off?

    42. Missing avatar

      Albert Choo on

      Yes. Backer #40, Singapore. Received shipping notice just now. ETD on 29-4-16. Shipper is Yiu Lian Dockyard from Hong Kong.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ong TH on

      Yeah....finally received tracking no.
      From Singapore.

    44. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chiu on

      @Cameron Cooke - you check the Delivery Thread on the forum? Emma left her email there (page 24) so I suggest contacting her instead. I contacted her 2 weeks back and got a response about 3-4 days later. Support email never got a response.

      Okay, HK backers next week huh?

    45. weng cheng yu on

      Update from avegant forums, Emma's post
      Another batch of tracking numbers went out this morning. At this point, we have shipped about 87% of our Kickstarter units. Very close to completion!

      A few updates for those still waiting:

      HK backers- We are having some issues because FedEx cannot deliver without a phone number and/or door code. Christine, our head of logistics, has been reaching out to customers one-by-one to mitigate this. Please make sure to keep a look out from an e-mail from her if you have not received one already.

      Japan, Singapore and Taiwan backers- I apologize that your units have taken so long to ship. Good news is they are scheduled to go out before the end of this week.

      For those in the Middle East- we are processing units one-by-one and shipping them directly from the office. These should all be out by the end of this week as well.

      Beyond that, if you are located in the US, Canada, UK/EU, South America, Australia or New Zealand and you have not yet received a tracking number or unit, please feel free to reach out (via e-mail) and let me know.

      Thanks again to all of our Kickstarter backers for being so patient throughout this process!

      For all of our pre-orders out there, we charged a subset of people last week. These units are scheduled to start shipping next week (once we have completed all of our Kickstarter orders). We will be rolling out payments to more pre-orders in the next couple of weeks. Keep a look out for confirmation e-mails.

    46. Missing avatar

      Darryl Soh on

      Lol Avegant*

      Update: That has now changed and will be shipped Mid May. What doesn't make sense is that in early April update they said that only 600 non engraved KS units are left to be shipped. So what on earth is happening. They can't ship 600 units in the last few weeks?

      Worse they don't feel the need/responsibility to let anyone know.

    47. Missing avatar

      Darryl Soh on

      Avenging support let me know that HK backers should be shipped next week!

    48. Cameron Cooke on

      Has anyone had any contact from support lately? I've still received no reply to any of the ways of contacting support I have found (messaged them on kickstarter, messaged them from the avegant website and directly emailed the support email)

      Does anyone know how to call the avegant suport line from the UK, because I'm getting tired of having my emails ignored.

    49. Zhi-Cheng Lee on

      Backer #23xx, non-engraved,Taiwan
      Nothing received

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