PROVIDENCE - The Art Book and Complete Slipcase Set

by Avatar Press

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      No bother. Shit happens. Thanks for the update!

    2. Try Keeping Up

      Live by the indie gun, die by the indie gun. All good.

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      Cole on

      Thank you for the update. Still really looking forward to getting my shipment in.

    4. Travis on

      I thought there was an update or comment somewhere saying you were shipping the $129 tier first? This happened to be the tier I was in and I still have not received anything. I thought this would have gone out quicker without signatures needed on there. Is this tier still in progress?

    5. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Travis - yes, $129 tier is an ongoing process, but indeed shipping.

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      cvf on

      Cool, thanks for the update. That did help with the worries / fear that my shipment had gotten eaten somewhere between here and there.

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      Steve Nestingen-Palm

      Thanks for the update, I appreciate the info!

    8. Cang Ling Yee

      Thank you for being candid about your actual situation, I appreciate that :)

      However I have some comment about this:
      "There is also the reality that new orders are constantly coming in. Someone who orders two recent comics this week isn't really interested in waiting for over 1000 orders for various Kickstarters to get filled first. Nor should they have to wait, it becomes an juggling game of what gets done when. Of course we don't want anyone waiting, however best of intentions only get us so far. "

      Yes I agree you should service all your customers well, KS/ Pre orders or regular shoppers.
      Since this has become a juggling game of what gets done and you wouldn't want to keep everyone waiting that long, can I suggest that you prioritize your backers? Since the guys here are obviously the ones who has placed money up front and waited so much longer than regular shoppers. Sure an extra blurb in your webpage stating that regular shipping in this busy time will take 5 instead of 2 days would set regular purchase expectation better and you wouldn't have to juggle all the time with a clear priority in mind?

    9. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Cang Ling - Thanks for your feedback, and great news, looks like your order shipped out yesterday! You should have tracking, if you need that resent, just PM us.

    10. Missing avatar


      Do we get a notification incl. a tracking number once the package is shipped?

    11. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      BlackGuard - You will indeed get an email with tracking when it ships!

    12. Zachary Prusak

      No worries! Is there a link to make sure that you have my updated address?


    13. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Zachary - we can confirm via private Message if you wish, but if you look on your survey, you have the option to send updated address information. Thanks much for your patience and support!

    14. Mark Bloom on

      Thank you so much for the update. I think this helps everyone understand the process and clears up any issues. Credit where credit is due, too: after I posted my note earlier in the campaign, my shipment made its way here safe and sound (actually, it posted that evening, so thank you). I can say this edition is absolutely beautiful. Thanks again for putting this together, for the latest information, and I hope the rest of the shipping goes very well.

    15. Missing avatar

      cvf on

      Just got my shipping notice, looks like everything is moving along.

    16. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Mark and CVF - Great to hear! Yeah, slow and steady, we're getting it done. A little too slow perhaps... hahahaha. Thanks to all for your patience!

    17. Justin Simon on

      Are you still shipping them? I haven't gotten a notice or anything.

    18. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Justin - we are still shipping. If you have not gotten anything, you must still need your digital which was sent last year. We resent that for you now. When your package ships, you will get tracking there. Thanks.

    19. Justin Simon on

      Ah okay, thank you.

    20. Ross Jenkins on

      Just wondering when the digital copies were meant to be released (and where we can access them).. It seems I haven't received mine yet.


    21. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Ross - Digital links went out last november, we are having that link resent to you now. Thanks.

    22. Nilly Kalmar on

      Hi! I'd appriciate an update on the shipping status. it has been 2 months since your last update, and still no notice... :(

    23. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Nilly - we have seen all your postings and already reached out via PM.

    24. Missing avatar

      Carson Ray on

      Hey everyone! Just checking in to make sure everything is still moving along. I still haven't received mine, but I'm just making sure that's not because of an error on my part. Thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      Lisa G on

      Any further updates? I also have not received a link for digital copies. Thanks!

    26. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Carson - we'll follow up with you to confirm address

      Lisa - we'll follow up to confirm email, digital rewards went out last year.

    27. Missing avatar

      Omman Hilleson on

      I haven't received any digital code nor have I received the book. Are books and codes still being sent?

    28. Missing avatar

      Omman Hilleson on

      Upon further review, I DID receive the digital code. Sorry about that. I have not received the books however and would love an update to at least let me know that I haven't missed anything.

    29. Frederick Schroeder on

      Just received my shipment and just want to express my gratitude for putting such a lovely package together. Everything looks and feels amazing and the care and craft that went into making these books is really admirable. So happy I backed this project. Thanks everyone.

    30. Missing avatar

      Christopher Becker on

      I also have not received any digital code nor have I received the book. Any news on when the packages will be delivered?

    31. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Omman - glad you found your digital link, we sent you an PM to confirm shipping address. Thanks.

    32. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Frederick - Delightful! Thanks so much for taking the time to post that note.

    33. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Christopher - we will reach out via PM, digital went out last year so perhaps there is an issue with your email address? Anyway, best handled directly.

    34. Daniel Ferranti on

      Still shipping? Have not received mine. Just wondering.

    35. Jason Sacks

      Anxious to receive my set as well.

    36. Sheba Sullivan on

      Hi, just wanting to check in that everything's still on course! No pressure (well, some pressure, but hopefully not too much).

    37. Sheba Sullivan on

      Post-script: received my order; solid and lovely!

    38. Missing avatar

      Carlos Portela Orjales on

      Still shipping? Have not received mine. Just wondering.

    39. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Carlos - we are indeed. As we said over in the primary comments thread, anyone with questions about their order in specific at this point should just drop us a direct message. We are in the home stretch. Thanks!

    40. Missing avatar

      Waseem Aftab on

      I've not received anything. Email or slipcase.

    41. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Waseem - please touch base with us via direct message, maybe we don't have your proper email address even, digital went out quite a while ago. thanks.

    42. Missing avatar

      Frédéric Massa on

      More than one year late on the expected delivery date and I have yet to receive anything. No update since last June...I don't even know how to reach you besides this...

    43. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      FM - happy to get you an update, we'll take a look and send you a Direct Message. You can of course always have replied to the email with your order confirmation and digital as well. Thanks again for your support.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tony Quinlan on

      Any further news - would really like to get at least a heads up that there are still things being dispatched. Not sure whether you're still in process or whether you've shipped and mine's gone missing. Hope it's the former - and thanks!

    45. Missing avatar

      Paul Fryett on

      Any further news? I still haven’t received mine yet

    46. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Paul - Your order was delivered over a year ago! Please double check for your hardcover (you just had the single Art of Prov HC) and if you are still missing it, send us a PM. But we sent you tracking email, and delivery confirmed email last January.

    47. Michael Katz on

      Are there any updates on this? I haven't received my award and you guys keep on stalling.

    48. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Michael - please check your mail. We sent you tracking on Dec 16 so you could stay on top of it. Israel postal is trying to deliver, most recent notice to you was left Jan 22. Customs has it, waiting to hear from you. The delay is not with us at this point, please pick up your package. Thanks.