PROVIDENCE - The Art Book and Complete Slipcase Set

by Avatar Press

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    2. Björn Tufvesson

      Looks really good. I was disappointed with the sleeve for Über but this looks much much better. Great to see!

    3. Byron Williams on

      These look incredible! So excited to curl up with these on a stormy night!

    4. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Thanks all! Yes Bjorn, these are rock sturdy, a rigid box.

    5. Michael Haack on

      Looks great!
      And an awesome idea with the cushioned transportation boxes, thank you for that.
      Nothing is more aggravating than unpacking grat and limited goods which come with rumpled and deformed edges out of the package. Thank you in advance!

    6. Frank Troise on

      Any new update yet on shipping?

    7. Missing avatar

      Greg Knock on

      Can I echo Frank's request for an update on shipping? We're pretty much 'well into May' at this point. Thanks

    8. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Greg - Clearly we were optimistic, this will stretch into June, but we are shipping constantly and everyone gets tracking as they go. Thanks for your patience.

    9. Russell Grant on

      Has the Feast of the Ghouls level with the signed books started shipping yet, or will they be delayed further? Just want to make sure I've not been forgotten.

    10. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Russell - assuredly, you have not been forgotten. We haven't started shipping the signed levels yet, we are trying to be extra careful to not mix the streams of non-signed, and signed as obviously errors there are very problematic. But we have your order, and thanks for your patience!

    11. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      Matt - Hindsight always tends to be 20/20 on these things and clearly we should have just told folks shipping end of the year, then everyone would be thrilled to get a delivery earlier! Sorry you are frustrated, we aren't pleased we are so far behind either. Thanks for your patience.

    12. Missing avatar

      William on

      I patiently stand atop my captain’s walk waiting for my shipment to come in.

    13. Harley Jebens on

      Any update on progress for shipping these out? Still waiting to receive mine ...

    14. Jojogio on

      Dear creator : I am a backer of level $186 , according to your latest update , our physical books are shipped on March , I do not receive confirmation of shipment , it is almost June , but I still do not receive my books , could you check it out for me ?

      Best Regards

    15. Missing avatar

      Bill Ritter on

      I am backer 158 at $299 level, and have not received any shipment notice or the items. Any status you can provide would be appreciated.

    16. Missing avatar

      David Sandford Ward on

      I've been waiting quite patiently for this, but I was really hoping to hear an update on the status of these books as we're now at the start of June. Any news would be appreciated.

    17. Avatar Press 3-time creator on

      All - New update will be going out very shortly.