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SCRAMBO is the addictively simple, simply addictive dice game of quick-thinking categories! Roll n' shout till your time is out!
SCRAMBO is the addictively simple, simply addictive dice game of quick-thinking categories! Roll n' shout till your time is out!
190 backers pledged $10,484 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bjorn Ottevaere
      on April 16

      Ok, I will check here now and then

    2. Avanti Games Creator on April 10

      Hey Ryan, production update has been posted! Receiving the funds from KS takes a few weeks, but we're over that pause and moving forward.

      Bjorn, I may be able to arrange shipment to you separately once the game arrives in the US as your message came through after the end of the campaign, but I want to meet your request. Let's keep in touch as we get closer to fulfillment to make sure you get the game!

    3. Ryan S
      on April 10

      Now that we are almost a month out from funding could we get a production update, please? Hope everything is going great!

    4. Bjorn Ottevaere
      on March 26

      Hi. I want 12 copies. So 2x 6 pledge. How do I do that?

    5. T Jones on March 18

      Let's do this!

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul F. Antonelli on March 14

      This is all just CRAZY EXCITING!!! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, Chris!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!

    7. Team K2 on March 13

      @Creator: I still think "Second Line" had a huge amount of potential... What's the state of affairs on that one??? I liked the idea of moving the line and earning more paraders by visiting establishments... And also since it is part of the "Mardi Gras" it seemed very original as a theme. Could be one of those "medium" Euros, maybe a bit longer game like 45-60 minutes. I thought it had HUGE potential when I saw it (the first time) and well I guess I still believe it has good potential – because I am mentioning it again (since you haven't blogged about the game in quite a while). Could this be Game #2??? And maybe garner those 450-500 backers helping grow your pool of supporters? In any case you should maybe blog a bit about "Second Line" ... it really sounded cool to me! Cheers.

    8. Avanti Games Creator on March 13

      Hahaha no, Chris will do just fine! Thanks all for your support...particularly to you Kris aka K2, who did so much on BGDF and BGG to help spread awareness and drive gamers to the campaign. Your help and support has meant more than you know!

      Lots still to come...thank you all!!!

    9. Team K2 on March 13

      Congratulations Mr. Mancini (We now call him Mr. – since his game funded)! LOL

    10. Missing avatar

      Jenny C.
      on March 13

      Yay! I’m so glad to see this game reach the goal!

    11. Legends of Ravenhall on March 13

      Congratulations Chris, $10,000!! We can't wait for this game. Well done!

    12. Jake Dunham on March 13

      Looks great Chris! Can't wait to try this out! Good luck!

    13. Avanti Games Creator on March 13

      Thank you Patrick! I know you and your friends will love playing SCRAMBO...and it fits perfectly in a stocking!

    14. Patrick Healey
      on March 13

      Just upped my pledge to 3 copies to help! These will be holiday presents! Nothing like planning ahead!

      Goid luck! Fingers crossed!

    15. Legends of Ravenhall on March 12

      Oh boy this a close one. Come on everyone, let's roll and shout until the time is out!

    16. Team K2 on March 12

      @Creator: OMG this is going to be so freaken close...! $800 of funding to go and you REACH your "Funding Goal"!!! Let's hope you finish strong today ... and give it that last push tomorrow... Cheers!

    17. Team K2 on March 12

      @Creator: Looks like we've made the $9,000 mark! Almost in the 48 Hour Stretch too... This is going to be very close... A real nail biter! It's really close to reaching the Creator's Funding Goal. I'm crossing my fingers this game makes its funding goal. Going to be watching it!

    18. Avanti Games Creator on March 11

      Thanks Adam! I hope we make it too! :P

      We saw a nice uptick in backers so far today (4), and that crucial "Final 48" starts in just under 20 hours! It's exciting, nerve-wracking and satisfying with every new pledge that pushes us closer to the finish line...hey, that's kind of the way it feels to play SCRAMBO, too!

    19. Adam (Grinder) Nagy on March 11

      come on, I hope we make it. Discovered this game yesterday with my girlfriend, it looks fun, makes your brain work, no english needed so even kids can play it.

    20. Legends of Ravenhall on March 9

      Made it over 8,000 and almost at 9! Just one more good push should do it!

    21. Avanti Games Creator on March 8

      Thank you Susan! We're looking pretty strong going into the final 5 more big push and we should make it! The final 48 hours will be the test!

    22. Missing avatar

      Susan Hawkins on March 8

      Let’s go, Chris! Scrambo is the best I’ve seen in a very long time!!! S.

    23. Team K2 on March 7

      @Creator: Almost another milestone hit: 10 backers missing for $8000! So close and hopefully enough to attract some more backers in the final stretch! Cheers...

    24. Avanti Games Creator on March 7

      K2, that's an interesting idea! After testing, this adds between 8-10 seconds to the roll of one set of clocks on average...a nice little bump in time as you mention. Thanks for the suggestion!

    25. Team K2 on March 5

      @Creator: [Variation of Play] I was wondering if you had a varient of play where the Timer player rolls ONLY ONE (1) die at a time, until it shows a "Clock"??? That would mean less pressure to the opposing player who is trying to guess categories...

    26. Avanti Games Creator on March 2

      We're down to 11 days SCRAMBO backers! It's been thrilling watching the peaks and valleys, as K2 mentions below.

      Let's finish strong and keep spreading the word to our friends and game groups...and of course a huge THANK YOU all for your support!

    27. Team K2 on March 1

      Almost $7,000 is the next "goal" to achieve and then gain some more backers before the 48 hour period where we'd expect another peak of support! But this campaign has been a bit unpredictable with peaks here and there... So no surprise if we hit one before the 48 hour period. Here's hoping Chris can get some more pledges before then! Cheers...

    28. Avanti Games Creator on February 19

      Indeed it is K2! Exciting things coming up to help spread the word and creep closer towards the goal, including an appearance on the Crowdfunding Cast podcast...updates coming later this week! Thanks for your support!

    29. Team K2 on February 19

      @Creator: Small victories ... I guess the next goal is $5,000! That would put you at 50% marker and be an amazing achievement! Wishing you all the best... Cheers.

    30. Avanti Games Creator on February 15

      Thanks Jonathan! Love our community, and thrilled to have this chance to bring this game to life!

      Thanks to you as well, T Jones! Helping to spread the word is HUGE!

    31. T Jones on February 15

      I backed and posted on FB. I certainly hope this gets up to the 10K goal. Good luck!!!

    32. Jonathan Flike on February 14

      Wishing you the best of luck! Just backed it, thanks for all your support on BGDF!

      -Jonathan Flike

    33. Team K2 on February 13

      Just as a reminder @Creator, you are more "engulfed" into the Hobby as someone who is a Toy Designer... So publishing (or Kickstarting) is something you can add to your resume. We all at BGDF hope you successfully fund... And personally thank you for your kind words. Being a moderator means that I spend a lot of time online. As a BGDF member, helping you with your campaign was a pleasure. We honestly hope that our members will be successful. It may be a small community ... but we have large outreach.

    34. Avanti Games Creator on February 12

      Thanks! It's nice to see the support of a fellow BGDF member...we all share the dream of publishing great games!

    35. Legends of Ravenhall on February 12

      Can't wait for the game, this one looks really fun! Best of luck!


    36. I Will Never Grow Up Gaming on February 12

      Go Go GO!

      Wishing you best of luck!