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Fate of the Norns is a rune-based RPG set in the Viking dark age of Ragnarok!
Fate of the Norns is a rune-based RPG set in the Viking dark age of Ragnarok!
197 backers pledged $17,993 to help bring this project to life.

Back from GenCon and we're at 70%+ of our goal!

Hail fellow Vikings,

We're back from GenCon and hard at work processing all the wonderful feedback we received from the fans. We will be adding a few new pledge levels as a result of our conversations with the players and the retailers/distributors. But before we get to that, our top priority has been resolving the shipping costs for the various pledge levels. We added the following to the FAQ:

Shipping rates vary greatly due to the different composition of pledge gifts at various levels:
A poster tube: [to be updated soon]
1 Book: USA/Canada $0, International $5
1 Extra set of runes: USA/Canada +$5, International +$5
3 Books: USA/Canada $10; International $10
6 Books: USA/Canada $15; International $50
9 Books: USA/Canada $20; International $70
1 Book + 1 rune set: USA/Canada $5, International $5
Boxed set: USA/Canada $10, International $30
Deluxe boxed set: USA/Canada $15, International $40

We achieved relatively low International rates since we picked the slowest delivery method (about 4 weeks). If you would like a quicker delivery at a higher rate, please contact us to make arrangements. For the larger items (boxed sets) we have decided to absorb some of the costs in order to minimize the costs to our benefactors of shipping 125 stones and 1-2 hard cover books. These would be the worst case scenario costs, we are working at improving the rates at the various levels. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

Some of the new pledge levels we are looking at are:

1) Extra sets of runes: you guys asked and we will provide. $25 (+$5 shipping) for a basic set and $60 (+$5 shipping) for a deluxe set.

2) Retailer/Distributor shelf stuffer option: 3, 6 and 9 books. We will provide a poster with that shipment as well as free advertising on our official website (logo image and text)

3) Andrew flies to your home city and runs a weekend marathon session for you and your friends! You asked for it, so we'll put it up there for any takers!

4) Player created denizens (NPC's) to help populate the world are in the works- more news on that soon!

We had some other requests that we found may devalue our top tier pledge gifts (offering top tier components in lower tiers as add-ons) so we will be refraining from offering those options. We want the top tier donors to have something really unique as a token of our sincerest appreciation. However all tiers will be getting add-ons such as the bonus rune sets (and more goodies we'll share soon)

As for our time at GenCon, we loved meeting you guys: the players. Your energy and support has re-invigorated us in making this the best kickstart possible. We're getting up there in age and you kept us playing with you for a good 18-20 hours per day!!! We will also be aiming at delivering the PDF versions sooner if we can (no promises). Please check out our Facebook fan page for the latest news. We hope to see you at the next live demos! :)


The FOTN:R team!


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    1. Andrew Valkauskas 10-time creator on

      You click on manage your pledge, you pledge $55 for the $30 level pledge and send us a quick note. We'll know to send you a set of runes with your $30 pledge.

      As for the runes, we have another wave coming into the office in a few days for inspection. Fear not, it is at the top of our list to nail down our manufacturers asap.

    2. Missing avatar

      Antoni Ten on

      Andrew: Could we get some pics, or some solid info, before the kickstart closes?

      Also, I'm currently at the $1 pledge level. Should I simply up my pledge to $30, and then ask for a set of runes when the kickstart closes? Are you going to to create a new pledge level for those of us who want extra sets of runes?

    3. Andrew Valkauskas 10-time creator on

      Alex: Yes $105 shipped via boat (if you want faster, you can mail us and arrange for higher shipping costs)

    4. Andrew Valkauskas 10-time creator on

      Antoni: The regular runes will be either black/white stone, ceramic, resin or very nice wood (any of these will look nice and better than our commercial boxed set offering); The deluxe one will be on a semi-precious stone such as agate or lapis lezuli. We found that the marble sample we received was too brittle (even though it looked very nice!)

    5. Alex Podgoredsky on

      So, to be clear, if i live in Russia and want a 100$ reward (hard cover book and a set of runes), how much i must pledge? 100$ + 5$?
      Am i right, or need to pledge more?
      Sorry for dumb question. %)

    6. Missing avatar

      Antoni Ten on


      What are the basic runes made of? What are tge deluxe runes made of? Decisions, decisions...