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Update #10

Design Inspiration for the Interior


Hi All,

The structure that will house our kitchen is being built as we write this......we thought we would take a moment to share a few of the rendering which will serve as design inspiration for the coming restaurant. As our most ardent supporters we share this with you as a sneak peek of what is to come. We are also working on plans for the greenhouse and will be sharing more on that soon. As this chilly winter wears on we are warmed by your continued interest and support and look forward to the day where we can show you the greenhouse.

We are also working with one of the local urban gardens to develop a tentative grow list which will identify items they will endeavor to grow, with the idea that if all goes well we will be able to incorporate that into our menu as well. Very cool stuff.

Stay warm....spring is coming!

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Update #9

Entering the Home Stretch


To all of our backers thank you for your support, we are now at 75% of our needed funding for the project. We are feeling very thankful indeed. There was a great article about the project in our local paper this week with some pictures of the space and talking about the forthcoming restaurant. We are so looking forward to bringing you news of the greenhouse as we move forward. Thank you again for your support and may you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Update #8

State of the Plate


We have some momentum today and just received a call from another friend who plans to pledge $250 today........that's puts us 60% of the way home. We are more committed to this goal than ever after attending todays State of the Plate conference sponsored by the Green Chicago Restaurant Co-op. The discussions about our food chain and how important the strides we are making in local and sustainable production are is really wind under your sails to pursue this kind of effort "full stop" as the Brits would say. We thought we would share this very cool glossary with you that we received today which clarifies a lot of the food descriptions that you hear bounced around like "all natural" , "organic" "GMO" etc. so if you are a interested in learning more check out this link . As always thank you for your support!!!!!

Update #7

We've sweetened the pot....for big spenders!!


Hi all,

We are determined to meet this goal and make our greenhouse and companion book a reality. So we have sweetened the pot for our two highest levels $250 & $500. Dinner for two or dinner for four have been added to the book, t shirt and invite to the opening party. So think about supporting and we promise you a delicious meal when the time comes!


Update #6

We Got a Shout Out From the Slow Money Facebook page, how cool...


Check it out, Slow Money has recognized us as a worthy project and we are flattered:

Also, we will post a better video of the inside in the next few days.


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