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$15,405 pledged of $15,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$15,405 pledged of $15,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. JarrodMaistros 1 day ago

      huzzah! funding!

    2. Missing avatar

      Bastien 2 days ago

      And we. Are. FUNDED!

    3. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      Thanks! Clickety:-)

    4. Autarch 8-time creator on

      @Frits - We offer POD specifically for people in your situation who face horrendous shipping costs. We use the standard heavyweight color option from DTRPG. It looks quite nice. You will get slightly bolder color if you use POD but I don't personally think it's very noticeable. If you are choosing between "Prince" and "King" and are in Europe, I'd recommend "Prince".

    5. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      Any quality reasons that should tempt me (as an european backer) to choose regular print (with horrendous shipping) over POD?

    6. Autarch 8-time creator on

      @Christopher - Thanks for the kind words, and for supporting our crowdfunding effort! Welcome to the brotherhood.

      @Wesley - I think Newton called the city a "palate cleanser" in the video. Everybody's into food metaphors for RPG cities ;) This product is much bigger than Sinister Stone so hopefully we'll exceed its crowdfunding by quite a lot.

    7. christopher bishop on

      Excited to have joined the ACKS brotherhood. Just found your system, going to review it soon on Multiverse. Really enjoying running it at my table! Cannot wait for this Kickstarter to go through.

    8. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on

      Really hope there is great success with the stretch goals. For me the setting information would be the "spice" added to the "meat and potatoes" of the dungeon. In the classic module B2 Keep on the Borderlands I found myself as much interested in the factions at the Keep itself, the crazy hermit and the lizard man settlement as I was in the dungeon (Caves of Chaos) proper. An orc in a dungeon is pretty much the same in every dungeon, but what makes the orc interesting are questions of who or what does the threaten, why and how is the orc in the dungeon to begin with. Setting information adds to that aspect in my opinion.

      This KS seems to be well on it's way to surpass the amount raised by the Sinister Stone of Sakkara. After you reach initial funding perhaps a more detailed sneak peak at the next stretch goal would be useful.

    9. Autarch 8-time creator on

      @Wesley - It depends on the bonus goals we reach. If we just hit the core funding amount, then the base product (Secrets of the Nethercity) will be primarily the dungeon. If we hit the $50K bonus goal, the product would be 50/50 dungeon and setting.

    10. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on

      Am I correct in viewing this KS as being more of a combination adventure/setting than the Sinister Stones of Sakkara KS which was mostly focused on the adventure aspect?

    11. Autarch 8-time creator on

      @James - Yes, that's what we mean - when the money shows up (e.g. mid-July). We've been bitten quite a few times for Kickstarter errors already so thanks for looking out for us. :-D

    12. Missing avatar

      James Patterson

      Autarch Team, I hope by "as soon as we fund" you mean as soon as you get your funding from Kickstarter. I've seen projects bitten by releasing goodies before the money shows up... Hoping this goes way into Stretch Goal territory!

    13. Autarch 8-time creator on

      Nathaniel, yes we are - "Prince" and above get a playtest draft in a few months, "Emperor" and above get the dirty-laundry word document for the dungeon as soon as we fund.

    14. Nathaniel Bennett on

      I pushed the "give Autarch my money" button without reading the details. Are we getting drafts like with the other projects?

      This is my eighth Autarch KS! Woot!

    15. Machpants on

      Thanks, I really love HC - and I think they're worth the 20% ish more in money :) Even an option to upgrade when we use our coupon, but probably not technically possible with RPGNow

    16. Autarch 8-time creator on

      Machpants -
      1) Yes, the POD & PDF will be coming through RPGNow
      2) We may do hardcover upgrades as a bonus goal, like we did with HFH & BCK

    17. Machpants on

      Love me a big dungeon!
      A couple of questions: Is the PoD & PDF coming through RPGNow? Makes the shipping much cheaper for us international types!
      As it is PoD, is there anyway we could upgrade it to hardcover? A higher pledge with coupon for hardcover?
      Good Luck!

    18. Omer Golan-Joel on

      Backed! Looks very, very promising. Looking forward to running this.

    19. Jeff Vandine on

      Looking forward to my fourth Autarch Kickstarter! You guys rock!

    20. Phil Ward

      Yup, what Maladax said, you had me at Autarch, and finished me off with Dyson Logos!

    21. Maladax on

      For me, the only delay in backing this one was caused by a moment spent agonizing over which pledge level to choose!

      You guys are one of the few crews around these parts delivering quality stuff reliably.

      Let's hope we reach lots of those sweet stretch goals!

    22. Chase Street

      Looks great! So happy to be along for the ride as a "King Newly Crowned" backer!

    23. CharlesDM

      ‘Ere we go !!