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New character classes, templates, spells, and class creation tools expand your favorite fantasy RPG & our love of Kickstarter!
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Posted by Autarch (Creator)

The Player's Companion Kickstarter closed about 15 hours ago well north of $20,000. We are tremendously excited and very thankful to all of our backers for their support of the project.

Yesterday we finished the layout of the Pre-Release and sent it to the press. We'll have it with us at GaryCon, along with copies of the core rules in hardcover. King-level backers who are attending GaryCon, be sure to say hello so you can pick up your book! 

After GaryCon, we'll be finishing up the final chapters of the Player's Companion and sending them to print. Then it'll be time to work on the Auran Empire Gazetteer and Domains at War Deluxe.

Cheers to all!

The Autarch Team


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