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New character classes, templates, spells, and class creation tools expand your favorite fantasy RPG & our love of Kickstarter!
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Funding Target Reached: On to Bonus Goal #1!

Posted by Autarch (Creator)

Thanks to the enthusiasm and support of our backers, the Player's Companion for the Adventurer Conqueror King System has met its initial funding target in just three days! All of us here at Autarch are amazed and grateful for such a rapid success, and look forward to working with you to make this book the best it can be. 

After we reached the first funding goal for our first Kickstarter, people often asked whether they should still back the project. If you like what we're doing with the Player's Companion, the answer is definitely yes. 

Now that our fundamental funding needs are met, you can be sure of getting the backer rewards of the level you choose. There is no longer the chance that the crowdfunding effort for this project will fall short; backing the project means you can count on being among the first to receive whichever rewards you selected for your pledge to the Player's Companion, well before they are available to non-backers. 

And your funding at this point now helps us reach the first bonus goal for the Player's Companion: adding two new classes, the barbarian and the elven enchanter. Soon we will release a new draft of the manuscript including these classes for feedback from our backers. If you are a backer who hasn't gotten the download instructions for the earlier draft yet, let us know at and we will hook you up! 

Thanks again for your support; we are eager to continue making a great expansion for ACKS with you.


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