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New character classes, templates, spells, and class creation tools expand your favorite fantasy RPG & our love of Kickstarter!
New character classes, templates, spells, and class creation tools expand your favorite fantasy RPG & our love of Kickstarter!
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    1. Autarch 8-time creator on

      @Scott, sorry for the delayed response!

      The Player's Companion manuscript is finished and it's in layout now. We're trading emails with everyone involved to work out a precise estimate of when it will be delivered, and will do a backer update as soon as that solidifies. We appreciate your patience with the delays, appreciate your support in hitting the bonus goals that led to the delays, and expect to have a considerably more-awesome-than-initially-projected book for you soon.

      I will be at at the Old School Renaissance Group, booth #1359, during Gen Con exhibit hall hours. After the hall closes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I'll be running an ACKS mini-campaign in the lobby at the Embassy Suites which is open to drop-in players . I'll hope to see folks there; send me an email at if you want to coordinate.

    2. Scott Acker on

      Will you be at Gencon?

    3. Scott Acker on

      July came and went. Did it get shipped? I haven't seen it yet.

    4. Florian Hübner on

      I think the best way to get the Hardbacks would be here:

    5. Diogo Nogueira

      Is there anyone I can still upgrade my pledge so I could get the hardbacks? I really liked the PDF so now I would love to buy the dead tree version!

    6. Autarch 8-time creator on

      I wouldn't rule it out!

    7. Missing avatar


      Chance of hitting $25,000 in 20 hours?

    8. Oliver Peltier

      Goal #3 met :-)
      I've become a Kickstarter and ACKS addict. Have submitted my Legendary Shaman character Valdis. Now need to send my idea for artwork.
      I wonder what the final total will be?

    9. David Rybacki

      Its time for the $5 guys to step up to $10. i did my fair share, you guys should to! Kidding, so close to more spells i can taste it

    10. Christopher 'Staples' O'Dell

      If every backer chips in a dollar, we don't have to worry about whether we'll hit Bonus Goal #3 or not. I realize that we'll probably hit it anyway, but I'd rather make sure. [Adds $5 to pledge.]

    11. James A on

      getting pretty close to goal three, this is great. i had never really used kickstarter before i found the ACKS but now i find myself jumping on at least once a day just to see how things im backing are going. The whole feel of something new but old is great, you get to see and playtest the pdf's, and then see how things change and evolve in the Autarch forums. i cant wait to get the hardbacks in my hands

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Awesome! That is what I did and thankfully did it correctly! Sweet game and I hope we make it to the final bonus!

    13. Autarch 8-time creator on

      Yes, the Pair of Kings reward gets you the ACKS core game and the Player's Companion, both in hardcover. There's a two step process - first go to and choose the $40 upgrade option (since you could also use this to add the ACKS hardback to another reward level; Pair of Kings is just a name for the $60 King reward + this $40 upgrade). Then follow the link to check-out for the ACKS PDF, where you'll use the coupon code it gives you to get the PDF for free.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Just want to confirm...

      I pledged the $100 Pair of Kings. This gets me both pdfs and both hardcovers? One each of the core game and the player's companion, correct? I went to download the pdf and it asked me for a $40 upgrade for the hardcover, which I selected. That wasn't a mistake on my part? I just want to make sure I did this correctly.

    15. Autarch 8-time creator on

      Hi Florian, sorry your email fell through the cracks! I sent an email this morning but yes, it is always good to keep emailing us until you get a reply. Folks in the US can also call Game Salute's offices at 1-800-459-5516.

    16. Florian Hübner on

      I tried to reach about a week ago about the ACKS Hardcover and preview night bundle from Game Salute but got no answer. Should I send it again?

    17. Autarch 8-time creator on

      You can always email if you're having problems. Scott, my guess is that what happened is the form to add the ACKS Core is only part of the battle; you then need to use the coupon code it provides at checkout within the Game Salute system, which is a separate form. It's an unwieldy process but unfortunately necessary because although Kickstarter has the info we'd need to get you the PDF, it doesn't share that with us until the project is funded.

    18. Scott Acker on

      I filled out the form for the added core game but haven't seen the PDF. Who should I talk to about that?

    19. James A on

      almost to second goal, its very exciting checking each day

    20. Autarch 8-time creator on

      Thanks to everyone who's ordered the ACKS hardcover, and also the folks who requested adding this reward! @Gordon, we added an acknowledgement of print orders as well, and I think everyone's been contacted by email as well.

      @Scott I've commented on an early draft of Alex's paladin and it looks great! Fortunately if we keep up our current trajectory we'll hit that bonus goal easily.

    21. Scott Acker on

      I just looked over your 2nd stretch goal. There isn't a paladin in the game yet? That seems like such a waste. I certainly hope we make it as that one of my favorites.

    22. James A on

      i added the extra to get the hardcover core also

    23. Gordon Richards on

      I also added the extra to get the hardcover core book. I got an email from kickstarter confirming I'd changed the amount but it doesn't mention the addition of the core book to my pledge. I did get an email from GameSalute but this only confirms I purchased the PDF it doesn't mention the hardcover core book. I'm just wondering if I'll get confirmation that the extra I've pledged is for the core book? Or if 'the system' knows that is what the extra pledge is for? Cheers.

    24. Scott Acker on

      I added the extra to get the core book. I'm happy waiting for both to be shipped together and save on postage. Thanks. It looks great.

    25. Florian Hübner on

      $4001 and still 33 days to go: Congrats! :D

    26. Missing avatar

      light on

      The draft version is amazing. Congratulations to the authors. Do not hesitate to back the project.

    27. Martin Ralya on

      For anyone on the fence about backing, don't be. The draft version of the book is (backer-only_ update #1, and it's fantastic. I can't wait to see this with full artwork in its final form.