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From the home campaign of GROGNARDIA's James Maliszewski to your gaming table, thanks to your support and a partnership with Autarch
From the home campaign of GROGNARDIA's James Maliszewski to your gaming table, thanks to your support and a partnership with Autarch
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Again with the Charts


  • What's the current status of the Dwimmermount project? 

Creator James Maliszewski remains out of contact with Autarch; we understand he is dealing with difficult personal issues related to his family's health, as described in detail in update #45. During his absence, some progress is being made in areas which do not require James' input or the funds or intellectual property that he controls. 

  • When will rewards be delivered? 

We have faith in James' honor and integrity, and see no reason why he won't fulfill his contractual responsibility to fulfill the Dwimmermount rewards as soon as he is able. The draft of the dungeon is complete. Remaining steps include layout and integration of the existing illustrations, which is estimated at ten weeks, and editing and development. A recent survey of backers indicated that 88% thought it was appropriate to take at least a few months to flesh out and polish the draft, although community efforts may mean that some of this development has already been done when James picks up the reins again. A table of the state of completion of each of the rewards and bonus goals is shown below.

  •  What's new this week?

One of the bonus goals has been provided to all backers, and the LL or ACKS books are being shipped to those who pledged extra for these add-ons. Another bonus goal, the MapTools framework, is done with its first iteration. New content taken from the Dwimmermount Codex has been added to the Player's Information section of the Dwimmermount draft. Artist Mark Allen has shared his commissioned painting for the Dwimmermount cover. And, also, the chart.

The Treasure of Welthorp

Back in update #10, we announced shared bonus goals tied to other contemporary Kickstarter campaigns. These other projects agreed to provide adventures to which the treasure maps on the uppermost levels of Dwimmermount could lead. Recently, Joseph Bloch's BRW Games sent our backers his The Treasure of Welthorp, a unique and creative take on the treasure map concept. It's written for BRW's Adventures Dark and Deep rules but will be easily adaptable to whatever system you're using to play Dwimmermount, and links to the map found on level 2A. 

Free download codes from were sent to Dwimmermount backers on Feb. 18th. You'll need a free or DriveThruRPG account to download the adventure. If you didn't receive your codes, first check your spam filter to see if the email got caught there. Should you still encounter problems, you can get in touch with Joseph directly at; it's a good idea to cc so we can help work it out.

ACKS and LL Tie-Ins

A number of backers added to their Dwimmermount pledges to receive copies of the two rules systems the mega-dungeon is written for, Labyrinth Lord (and its Advanced Edition Companion) and the Adventurer Conqueror King System (and its ACKS Player's Companion). Those who pledged for the PDF versions of these books should already have received their copies. Email if you didn't receive them and I'll help resolve it for you.

Our original plan was to combine shipping on the print copies with the Dwimmermount hardcovers, but Dan Proctor at Goblinoid Games and us at Autarch have decided to go ahead and send our books separately at no additional charge to the backers. I believe everyone who pledged for the print copies has now been sent an email confirming their shipping address, and that the LL books are on their way. I sent Game Salute the addresses for the ACKS books earlier this week but haven't gotten confirmation that they are in the mail; I'll reply to the individual email threads as soon as I have more information.

MapTools Bonus Goal Complete

Backer Miguel Zapico has completed levels 0 through 8 of the Dwimmermount MapTools framework as promised in the fifth bonus goal. (Level 9 poses some challenges for the framework due to the different nature of its map). This is an amazing tool for playing the mega-dungeon online, and can also be used to great effect on a tablet computer as a map visualizer for tabletop play (as I've had the pleasure of experiencing in Miguel's campaign). Miguel writes: 

I have completed the level 7 on MapTool, using the original map as the base, and that completes levels 0 to 8, with annotations. The next steps will be refining the maps with changes (I still have not looked at the level 3 changes, it is tough to redo map sections), incorporate improved versions of the draft, and create tokens for the ACKS version of Dwimmermount monsters.

Folks interested in learning how to use this framework should check out Miguel's introductory video below; instructions for downloading the files can be found in this community post.

New Player's Information

In James' last message to backers, he wrote "Next week, I hope to have some fun stuff to share with you that will provide some additional context for not only Dwimmermount itself but also my home campaign out of which it arose." It's been a little while, but that stuff is now available for backers to download. You can use this link if your account at the Autarch site is set up for access as a Dwimmermount backer. If it doesn't work you can make a new account - being sure to check the box identifying you as a backer, and providing your Kickstarter username - or, if you have an account already, send me an email at with your username at the forums. Integrating the Autarch database with the Kickstarter one is a manual process and thus prone to error, especially if you made your account prior to becoming a Dwimmermount backer, but I usually get these set up within a day or so.

The story behind this is that recently backer Rich Franks reminded me about the Dwimmermount Codex, a volume of house rules from James' home campaign that he'd sent to Rich for use in running a Dwimmermount game at last year's Gary Con. In one of our last conversations, James sent me a copy of the Codex as well and asked me to look it over for pieces which could be usefully added to the Dwimmermount draft. I meant to discuss my selections with James in our next call, but overall I think he'd agree with my choices. The new additions are all in the Player's Information section. There's a little more information on magic and religion, but the majority of new content relates to non-human races in the assumed setting of Dwimmermount (called Telluria in James' home campaign), including rules for dwarves to craft sons and for goblins as a player character race. I'm particularly pleased about this last part because the goblin thief Kirsa Duerr was one of the most memorable characters from James' Dwimmermount PbP game.

Dwimmermount Cover

Mark Allan was James' first choice among artists to envision Dwimmermount, and today he posted an image of his commission for the front cover art. Check it out at the Facebook page for his company Marjasall Productions, along with a number of other awesome illustrations! The characters shown in this painting may be familiar to Grognardia readers from the Dwimmermount session reports.

Finally, the Chart

To provide a little more information on each of these notations:

  • The Henchman reward level involves the process of watching the development unfold and won't be complete until the project is, but progress here is consistent and the key reward - downloading the draft - has been delivered.  
  • The key Zealot reward is the finished PDF. Remixes of the draft can and have been produced by fans as PDFs, but the official text requires editing and development, and to publishing it as a PDF requires James' involvement or assignment of copyright.
  • The extra PDFs of the Zealot-Phantast level vary from complete (the watercolor wilderness map PDF is available in the Autarch download area - to ongoing (the map booklet and mega-dungeon tracker). Development on these last two will proceed quickly alongside editing and developing of the final text.
  • The key Beholder reward, the hardcover book, is the central deliverable on the project. Like the PDF it requires editing, developing, and copyright. It also requires the greatest expenditure of the funds James controls, especially due to shipping. Costs of shipping have increased in a way that could not be anticipated given the original estimate James gave us for when the rewards would be sent out, but I don't think this is an insurmountable problem.
  • The physical versions of the Phantast rewards share their status with the extra hurdle of needing funds to produce and ship.
  • The Adept illustrations from Dwimmermount games played by backers are done, they just need a book/PDF to be incorporated into!
  • The hand-binding for the Major Adept is ready to be done as soon as there is a book to be bound. One of the backers for this reward who also ordered copies of ACKS and its Player's Companion is interested in having these bound as well, so we'll eventually have some pictures of this process to share.
  • The bonus goals are among the most complete aspects of the project, as reviewed above. The major exception is the shared goal with New Haven Games, which we might expect will arrive after they complete the Kickstarter project that this tie-in related to.
  • The Domains at War bonus goal was assigned to a funding target that wasn't reached, but Autarch is planning to provide it to backers anyway as a token of our ongoing commitment to Dwimmermount as we go ahead with the KS to support D@W. I'll be posting more about this in the G+ community over the next couple of weeks.

If you're a backer, thanks for your support of Dwimmermount, and if not I appreciate your interest in these updates! I'll post one again in two weeks' time.




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    1. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on February 24, 2013

      I am still very concerned, and disappointed, that James has not even made the most basic contact (like a single direct email or phone call, or even just returned a call or email) to update with Autarch.

    2. Autarch 7-time creator on February 23, 2013

      Good catch. I was feeling pleased with myself for having updated the maps in that .zip file but obviously didn't look as closely at the sections one as I should have.

    3. Missing avatar

      Greg Welty on February 23, 2013

      Thanks. The LL Word File is now there, and "Dwimmermount Sections" now contains "Dwimmermount 9 - The City of the Ancients.rtf", when it didn't before.

      My only other observation is that "Dwimmermount Sections" contains "ACKS Statblock Maker 12-14-12.xls". This seems to me a much less developed version of "ACKS Statblock Maker 12-28-12.xls". For instance, the latter contains a tab devoted to Muntburg (and using multiple colors, no less), whereas the former doesn't have Muntburg data at all. So you might want to update the zip file with the latest spreadsheet.

      Of course, "ACKS Statblock Maker 12-28-12.xls" is also available as a separate download in the Downloads area. I'm just saying that it needs to replace the old version in "Dwimmermount Sections" as well.

    4. Autarch 7-time creator on February 23, 2013

      OK, the complete LL word file has been restored to the downloads area, and the level 9 section has been added to the ZIP file of sections in both the downloads and webform. Sorry for the mixup!

    5. Autarch 7-time creator on February 23, 2013

      @Greg thanks I'll look into fixing that now.

    6. Missing avatar

      Greg Welty on February 23, 2013

      Unless I'm mistaken, under the map for level 9, The City of the Ancients, is there in "Dwimmermount" as a .jpg, and its stats are available in "ACKS Statblock Maker 12-28-12.xls". But there is no corresponding draft text for level 9, in "Dwimmermount Sections". The draft text for this level used to be included in "Dwimmermount LL Word File 12-14-12.doc".

      In essence, the draft text for level 9 has disappeared from the download section as far as I can tell.