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From the home campaign of GROGNARDIA's James Maliszewski to your gaming table, thanks to your support and a partnership with Autarch
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Last Chance to Support The Sinister Stone of Sakkara

Posted by Autarch (Creator)

We're down to 66 hours until the close of The Sinister Stone of Sakkara Kickstarter, an entry-level adventure designed for the Adventurer Conqueror King System. 

We're $1,350 short of the second bonus goal, the inclusion of the two full-color paintings of the fort and the dungeon. 

Based on the results of a Profession (Tabletop RPG Publisher) proficiency throw, we've decided to adjust our bonus goals a bit. If we can get to $9,500 we will include one of the two full-color paintings; if we can get to $10,000 we will include both of the full-color paintings; and if we can get to $11,500 we will include both full-color paintings and the Auran Empire primer.

Please spread the word and help us reach our final goals! Whatever happens, we're very excited that The Sinister Stone of Sakkara has funded and are looking forward to putting it into your hands. Thank you for all your support of Autarch.

Our Next Crowdfunding Project!

Posted by Autarch (Creator)
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Autarch is excited to report that we've launched our next crowdfunding project here on Kickstarter: The Sinister Stone of Sakkara

The Sinister Stone of Sakkara
is a ready-to-play adventure scenario presented for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System. The adventure is intended for six to ten characters of 1st to 3rd level, with a combined total of 8-12 levels of experience in the party. In the tradition of classic TSR adventure scenarios such as The Keep on the Borderlands and The Village of Hommlet, The Sinister Stone of Sakkara features a detailed starting base and small wilderness sandbox in addition to a dungeon.

The scenario is our first published adventure scenario set in the Auran Empire, the implied setting of ACKS. While not a mega-dungeon like Dwimmermount, Sinister Stone has a similar attention to detail and setting. The adventure will be available in both PDF and print formats. The link is below.

If you enjoyed Dwimmermount, we hope you'll check it out! 

Happy GM's Day - 25% Off Sale

Posted by Autarch (Creator)

Hail, Dwimmermountaineers!

It's GM's Day (March 4th) so Autarch is offering 25% off all of our PDF products. The sale starts now and will last until March 31st, 2015. Virtually our entire catalog is also now available via DriveThruRPG's print-on-demand service, so if you missed your chance to get a hard copy during one of our earlier Kickstarters, or love our PDFs and want to upgrade, now's your chance. All of our PDFs have been freshly updated with the latest versions, so it's a good time to update any of your older digital purchases, too.

Stay tuned for crowdfunding announcements later this month about our upcoming products, The Sinister Stone of Sakara, Lairs & Encounters, Guns of War, and Heroic Companion.

Happy gaming! Autarch LLC

Finishing What We Started: The Hand-bound Dwimmermount Finale

Posted by Autarch (Creator)

Friends, this is it: The completion of Dwimmermount. 

The last remaining items on our list of deliverables were a set of hand-made Dwimmermount books, and these are now at hand. And they are amazing!  The bookbinder, Thaddeus King, was kind enough to write a short description of the techniques he used:

"The Dwimmermount books were hand-made using techniques and equipment that have not changed much from the middle ages. A much earlier book would have had pages made from parchment instead of paper, and covers of wood instead of book board. No two are exactly alike given the variation in materials and hand-made nature of their construction.  

"The text was printed 28 lb. short-grain paper and folded into signatures of 4 sheets (16 pages) each. The resulting 26 signatures were sewn together with separate endpapers on five heavy-weight linen cords, forming the text block of the book. The five bands on the spine are not for decoration: under the leather are are the cords that hold the book together.

"The fore edge was trimmed using a traditional laying press and plough, and the text block was rounded and backed with a hammer to form the rounded back and fore edge that helps the book maintain its structure while sitting on a shelf for years. Headbands were hand-sewn using two different colors of silk thread with a core of leather and parchment, providing further protection to the points on the head and tail where people often grasp the book to pull if from a shelf.

"The five cords were then woven into holes in the book boards and the resulting structure was quarter-bound along the spine with goat skin. The balance of the boards were covered in paper with brass or nickel protective corners. I did some minor blind tooling to the leather, accenting the five bands across the spine and adding a mark for each book to help the reader discern which end of the book is up before opening the volume.

"The resulting books are meant to be used: they are tougher than a book printed through a commercial printer."

I'm envious of the backers receiving these beauties, and wish I'd commissioned one for my own collection! Seeing them has convinced me that hand-made books like this deserve to be part of every future Autarch Kickstarter. 

If you ordered one of these beautiful tomes, they will be shipped out this week. 

Thank you again for your support for Dwimmermount. We made it! I hope we will see you again on future projects, and wish you happy gaming!

Alex, Tavis, Richard, Chris, & Autarch LLC

Fire Everything!!

Posted by Autarch (Creator)

Hello Dwimmermountaineers!

Game Salute emailed me this morning to notify me that all copies of ACKS Dwimmermount and the Dungeon Tracker have now been shipped. The only remaining items for delivery are 4 hand-sewn copies of Dwimmermount. The last of these is being finished this week and all of them will ship out shortly thereafter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an INTERNATIONAL BACKER you will NOT have received a shipping notification from Game Salute. Game Salute sends its international shipments using Fedex International Mail Service (FIMS). FIMS does not provide tracking notification on shipments. When GameSalute sends a shipment out without tracking notification, they do not send an email to customers. 

Remember that you can get customer support for shipping-related questions directly from Game Salute at

Happy holidays to all of you, and thanks again for your patient support of Dwimmermount. 

Best regards,
Alex M.