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From the home campaign of GROGNARDIA's James Maliszewski to your gaming table, thanks to your support and a partnership with Autarch
From the home campaign of GROGNARDIA's James Maliszewski to your gaming table, thanks to your support and a partnership with Autarch
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    1. Missing avatar

      bobrunnicles on October 29, 2015

      Hmm, I'd all but lost track and given up on this kickstarter to be honest. Who do I have to email to follow up my absent (LL) copy? GameSalute? I also can't find any record of having received any pdfs. My apologies for being so late following up on this, I think I'd written it off mentally tbh and only looked at it now while I was following up on something else lol.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tim on February 7, 2015

      I'm selling everything!
      Packing up and heading out to travel for a few years, and sadly will not be storing my fine Dwimmermount games.

      If you are interested in purchasing any of the following items for a reasonable price, please contact me directly.
      Dwimmermount hardcover book
      Map Book
      Illustration Book
      Erasable Wilderness Map

      I am in Santa Clara, California, but can ship to just about anywhere.

    3. Autarch 7-time creator on January 12, 2015

      I will send out an email to the hand-sewn book backers when their packages are en route!

    4. Dakkal on January 9, 2015

      Will hand-sewn book backers get shipping alerts?

    5. Autarch 7-time creator on December 28, 2014

      Tobz: I'm thrilled to hear it! Happy gaming.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tobz on December 28, 2014

      The ACKS Dwimmermount book (+illustrations has arrived with me in London, UK. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to have a good read through!

    7. Gordon Richards on December 25, 2014

      Okay. Just read your reply, thanks. Still nothing but a week hasn't passed and it's Xmas, after all. I'll get back to you next Tuesday or Wednesday if I still haven't heard or recieved anything.

    8. Autarch 7-time creator on December 20, 2014

      The books have just begun to arrive as of yesterday. Not all of them were sent on the same day. So at present there is nothing to worry about. But I would imagine if you haven't gotten them within a week it would be worth an inquiry with Game Salute or us. Does that make sense?

    9. Gordon Richards on December 20, 2014

      Okay. The fact they've been sent still leaves me unclear as to whether the books should have arrived in the UK by now...or when I need to start worrying. So has anybody in Europe had their ACKS version yet?

    10. Autarch 7-time creator on December 19, 2014

      Evan: If you lost your illustration book, we can send you a replacement copy for cost. Please contact us at and we can work something out.

      Kristian: All shipments have been sent. You will not have received a shipping notice/tracking number because GameSalute uses Fedex International Mail Shipment (FIMS), which does not provide that. You can contact GameSalute directly at with questions, or I can check in with them on your behalf if you are concerned.

      Marshall: That sounds like a printing error. If you send us a photograph of the error to we can see if LSI will print you a revised copy.

    11. Missing avatar

      Evan on December 19, 2014

      I can't seem to locate my Dwimmermount illustrations booklet... Is there a way to purchase another copy?

    12. Missing avatar

      Kristian Hartmann on December 19, 2014

      Has shipping to Germany for the ACKS Version started? Still waiting for my copy.

    13. Marshall Gatten on December 16, 2014

      Just curious: Did everybody's paperback versions have the spine printed backwards, or did that get fixed on most and I just have a rare collector's item? (Looks like a printing plate got reversed, it's mirror-image printed.)

    14. Gordon Richards on December 16, 2014

      Okay. Look forward to getting them...hopefully before Xmas.

    15. Autarch 7-time creator on December 15, 2014

      Gordon: According to GameSalute, the UK passages have begun to be shipped.

    16. Autarch 7-time creator on December 15, 2014

      Simon: your package has been sent. It is FIMS, so no tracking was provided. You can contact GameSalute's ShipNaked customer service at

    17. Autarch 7-time creator on December 15, 2014

      Simon: I know that they have reached GameSalute. I have not yet received confirmation that GameSalute has sent them out. I'll confirm and post an update when I do.

    18. Simon Forster on December 15, 2014

      With regard to the ACKS version & map books etc that are for UK backers. Are these all due to go out from GameSalute this week? Not received anything yet nor any shipping notifications.

    19. Autarch 7-time creator on December 9, 2014

      Stephen: Glad it arrived! "Speed bumps"...More like Gygaxian death traps... Tavis and I almost ran out of hit points at the end.

      Gordon: I'm waiting to hear back from GameSalute to 100% confirm but my understanding is that UK Dwimmermount ACKS books are only now going out.

    20. Gordon Richards on December 9, 2014

      I asked on Nov 22nd but I'll ask again...has ACKS Dwimmermount started arriving in the UK? Not pestering but just looking forward to getting my books.

    21. Stephen Brandon on December 8, 2014

      Thanks so much! The tracker arrived today. It's really big! I knew the dimensions but I hadn't quite pictures just how big it would be. But it looks great. Hopefully I'll get to use it soon! With that I now have all the components I pledged for!

      Thanks so much for everything! This has turned out to be a really great project, despite all the speed bumps. Thanks!

    22. Autarch 7-time creator on December 8, 2014

      Stephen: Your dungeon tracker was sent on 12/4. It's en route!
      Justin: I just emailed you with an update as to where we are.

    23. Autarch 7-time creator on December 3, 2014

      Stephen: I contacted them on your behalf last night as well.

      Justin: Can you email me at alex at autarch dot co with your full name / email address?

    24. Stephen Brandon on December 3, 2014

      I'll try contacting Game Salute and see what they have to say. (To be clear, I have not gotten a shipping notification or anything).

    25. Missing avatar

      Justin on December 2, 2014

      Still have not received my ACKS version of Dwimmermount. I received an email on November 12th that my order had been shipped, but when I look up the tracking number it still just says a shipping label was created.

    26. Autarch 7-time creator on December 2, 2014

      Stephen: The Dungeon Tracker would come from Game Salute. If you have not been in touch with them, I can inquire on your behalf.

      Wesley: I hope you'll share your adaptations with the community. I think seeing DW be adapted for other settings will be invaluable for GMs.

      Steven, Andrew: There are a few dozen ACKS copies that have not been dispatched. We are waiting supplies to reach the warehouse.

    27. Stephen Brandon on December 2, 2014

      So I've had my hardcopy of the ACKS version for a while now. Really great stuff.

      However, I'm not wondering about my physical Dungeon Tracker... I had initially assumed it might get sent to me before the Dungeon, then figured it would be at the same time, but then was told it'd be a separate shipment. Have these been sent out yet? Based on the PDF I think this is going to be a SUPER helpful aid, and was just hoping to get my copy!

      Thanks again for the hard work on all of this, it really is an excellent product.

    28. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall on December 2, 2014

      I received my ACKS and LL versions about a couple of weeks ago. (I live in the US.)

      I've given it one quick read through so far, and I like what I've been able to dig into so far. I plan on using it as a fall back campaign when we have players that can't make our regular game adapted to The Red Tide setting to provide the sandbox. Both Dwimmermount and The Red Tide preclude demi-human divine casters. Both involve advanced civilizations fleeing destruction in their ancient pasts.

    29. Steven Danielson on November 29, 2014

      Are all the ACKS versions sent out in the US ?

    30. Andrew Branstad on November 26, 2014

      Still wondering if I should be concerned about my hard copy?

    31. Alexei McDonald on November 25, 2014

      My copy finally arrived! Woohoo!

    32. David campbell
      on November 23, 2014

      Well, turns out by copy was delivered on the 18th but I just found it today... Buffalo, NY here. My area only got around 2 feet of snow. Was almost 50 today and I can see grass on the front lawn again.... And as I left the house this morning I spotted a lonely box in the muddy grass to the right of my porch. It's been buried in the snow since last Tuesday.!

      It's a little water warped, but not terrible. I have the map and illustration book under a stack of hardcover books, and I'm hoping for the best....:)

    33. Andrew Branstad on November 23, 2014

      I'm waiting on an ACKS version over here as well. No big deal, as I've been running the game via the PDF (, but I've not heard a peep on shipping. Do I need to reach out to someone?

    34. Gordon Richards on November 22, 2014

      So have the ACKS versions started arriving in the UK yet? I'm not pestering...just looking forward to getting my books!

    35. Missing avatar

      Frank Chaustowich on November 20, 2014

      Yes, you absolutely may quote me!

      Now that I've read more, I am beginning to notice more of the illustrations actually present in the book as well...I previously only thought some were. They are also more or less placed near the points in the book where they would make sense to be used at. This has the positive effect of rewarding the Judge who actually reads out the adventure sections thoroughly and sees the connections (all the better for planning, right? ;-P). That said, an index would be helpful down the line, if you get to it.

    36. Autarch 7-time creator on November 20, 2014

      Jacob - glad you like Dungeon Tracker!

      Frank - Thank you for the kind words. I hope I can use that quote to put on the Autarch website. As far as the illustration book, I was frankly worried that people might have this reaction. We ought to have published an index associating the pages with the rooms. I'll do that as an update when I have some spare time.

    37. Missing avatar

      Frank Chaustowich on November 19, 2014

      So, I've been reading my copy of the ACKS version (I've had the PDF since it was released to us, but I wanted to wait until I had my shiny book). It's really, really well done--the Autarch crew did a super job on the production, and I honestly think this will (IMHO) go down in the OSR lexicon as a "must have" supplement. It's not only a super megadungeon, but there's just so much...STUFF here that it's almost a full-on campaign supplement. Really good.

      Okay, that aside for a moment...I fell a little stupid asking this, but how does one use the illustration book? I mean, there's no references to it in the adventure itself, as in, "show illustration #XX to the players". Some of the pictures are obvious as to where they go (indeed, they are in the book as well), but some I am not sure where they should be used at? Thanks!! :-D

    38. jacob kipfer on November 17, 2014

      The Dungeon Tracker is awesome! I wasnt sure how it was going to turn out but I think it looks damned useful.

    39. Autarch 7-time creator on November 16, 2014

      John, could you please send me an email ( with your correct address? I will get this sorted out.

    40. john ackerman on November 13, 2014

      I got notification from game salute that my order was shipped. but they sent it to my old address. (cue sad trombone music)

    41. Autarch 7-time creator on November 10, 2014

      Alexei: We have verified that your order was provided to Lightning Source. They are currently backlogged in their UK print jobs. They were not able to give us a definite date in which your books would reach you, but they *are* being printed and shipped. I regret that your order has been delayed so much. I do not have any answer as to why other than the vagaries of order processing by our printer.

    42. Alexei McDonald on November 10, 2014

      Still no Labyrinth Lord Dwimmermount here, but a Map Book has arrived, though I don't think I paid for one of those.

    43. Alexei McDonald on November 5, 2014

      My LL Dwimmermount has still not arrived-a friend of mine in Edinburgh (in the next county) received his way back in September so I'd have hoped it would be here by now.

    44. Autarch 7-time creator on November 4, 2014

      Tobz: We did not pay for the second printing. LSI is looking into why this happened, because they are stumped as well! We are still investigating.

      James: My understanding from Richard Iorio is that you did get your wilderness map. Please let me know if you continue to have any outstanding issues.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tobz on October 22, 2014

      I am a UK $60 backer. I received a parcel from Sweden today but rather than containing the Dwimmermount book it contained duplicates of the ACKS core rulebook and Player's Companion that I had already received months ago. Has anyone else had this? Can I expect the Dwimmermount book to follow?

    46. Missing avatar

      James B on October 9, 2014

      Since I don't seem to be getting any responses via email, I'll try here - two weeks ago my vinyl map was mailed out to the wrong address. I sent an email to, and, and Tavis got back to me that day saying there was a 'version control' issue, and my updated address wasn't forwarded along, but it would be taken care of "right away".

      Three weeks and three unanswered followup emails (again sent to all three addresses) later, and still no map, no new shipping notification.

      So I'll ask here - what's up, guys? Am I going to get this map?

    47. David Macauley on October 7, 2014

      My hardback copy arrived here in Australia today. Well worth the wait. Thanks once again to the team for your perseverance under very trying circumstances. Excellent job.

    48. Autarch 7-time creator on October 4, 2014

      Gordon - UK is experiencing delays. I will double-check to make sure that yours is confirmed as sent, however.

      Gothridge - Are you a UK backer? If so, see above. If not, please email us at support at autarch dot co.

    49. Gothridge Manor on October 4, 2014

      I haven't received my LL version and the other booklets. I wasn't sure if another wave coming out and when that would happen.

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