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Adventurer Conqueror King's video poster

We fulfill the promise of the original fantasy RPG by supporting all levels of campaign play. You bring it to life. Read more

Durham, NC Games
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This project was successfully funded on August 6, 2011.

We fulfill the promise of the original fantasy RPG by supporting all levels of campaign play. You bring it to life.

Durham, NC Games
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About this project

Adventurer Conqueror King is roleplaying across all levels of classic campaign play.

Since 1974, twenty million people have played the original fantasy role playing game, and each has had their own vision of how to perfect it. Adventurer Conqueror King is ours. We need your help to share our vision with you. We hope you'll make it your own. 

Adventurer Conqueror King is a complete tabletop RPG that supports all the goals characters in our campaigns have set for themselves. Whether it's dungeon crawling, guiding a caravan through the wilderness in search of profit, or commanding a nation-state, this system satisfies our needs better than any other game we know (and that's quite a few). 

Because each member of our company, Autarch, wants something different, we think a game that suits all of us might be useful to you too. Are you:

  • a world-building gamemaster who needs an economy thoroughly integrated into the rules to make the settings you create feel and function as if they were real? So is Alexander Macris, who's used his role as publisher of the Escapist to make it a home for great articles on tabletop roleplaying, not least his own Check for Traps column.
  • an on-the-fly referee who needs tables that harness the oracular power of dice to generate an internally consistent world you discover along with your players? So is Tavis Allison, who's published for 3E as Behemoth3, freelanced for 4E with WotC, and furthered the old-school renaissance as a blogger at The Mule Abides and an assistant designer on the DCCRPG.
  • a player who needs fantasy with a consistent grounding so that your real-world intuition can guide your character's wildest schemes? So is Greg Tito, whose move from doing theater in Brooklyn to writing about games in Durham brought our team together. Greg co-designed some of the earliest third-party 4E material with Tavis, wrote about a ton of games (tabletop and otherwise) for Alex, and told each of these guys the stories about the others' campaigns that started this ball rolling.
  • an artist inspired by visions derived from the history of the ancient world, surprisingly extrapolated from the first principles of Arneson and Gygax, and outside the well-trodden paths of Eurocentric fantasy? So is Ryan Browning, whose participation in the Dungeons & Dragons in Contemporary Art panel Tavis organized catalyzed a switch away from doing only "fine art" and toward illustrations like the cover of Adventurer Conqueror King.

Here's what we need from you. First, tell us what would make Adventurer Conqueror King your perfect version of the world's most popular role-playing game. What tools can we provide that will make it useful at your table? What problems do you have as a gamer that our system can solve? All of our donor rewards give you the tools and access to take what we've done and help us make it more valuable to gamers like yourself.

Second, help us publish this game with illustration, layout, and production values comparable to the classic RPGs that were our inspirations. Every level of support will help us create beautiful books and PDFs, and we created the Visionary donor reward in the hope that some of you will tell us what the art in the finished product should depict.

Finally, we want you to play Adventurer Conqueror King. Ideally, we'll play it together! To help make that happen, we've booked a penthouse suite in one of the Gen Con convention hotels where we'll be running continuous demos of the game for our backers all throughout the best four days in gaming. Drop in any time, pick up one of the pre-generated characters, and help us discover all the fun our system is capable of generating. 

Bonus Goal #1: *MET 7/27* Enough backers have been inspired by Adventurer Conqueror King system that publication of the core rulebook is now certain! If we get enough funding to reach our $6,500 bonus target, we'll also be able to illustrate and lay out Domains of War: rules for fielding armies and waging massive battles, fully integrated with the core systems for ruling domains and hiring mercenaries. If that happens, all our supporters will get Domains of War in PDF or, for an additional donation, softcover or hardcover. 

Bonus Goal #2*MET 8/1*  If your support helps us double our original target of $4,000, we'll add the materials developed for the Gen Con demo game to every donor reward. This includes the player and referee maps created by Chris Hagerty, Autarch's cartographer and another Dungeons & Dragons in Contemporary Art panelist, and character sheets and mass-combat counters by Ryan Browning. All backers will get these maps, counters, and character sheets in PDF form so you can print your own! 

Bonus Goal #3: If, with your backing, we manage to triple our original target, we'll set up a session of Adventurer Conqueror King for each and every backer who wants to play! These games will be conducted via Google+ hangout, which we tried and loved  during the Constantcon 2011 Zak S. has been organizing at Playing D&D with Porn Stars, and will use the format developed for our Gen Con demo. We have our fingers crossed for this target!


  • The download instructions were sent on 2/1/12 in an email from…. If you backed our Kickstarter above the beta reader level, or if you did any kind of pre-order, you should have gotten it already. If checking your spam folder doesn't turn up this email, contact Game Salute at… or 1-800-459-5516.

    Autarch will help you too but since Game Salute is going to be working with us to fulfill all the remaining backer rewards and pre-orders, it's important to let them know when there's a problem.

    The other thing backers and preorders can & should do is get set up to use the Contributor Downloads area at, since you can use that to get not only the latest PDF but other bonus rewards like the maps from our Gen Con demo. To see if you already have an account, search your email for a message from…. If you don't see one, or are having any other problems, email… or leave a comment here!

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  • Yes, we have lots of stuff coming down the pipeline. Look for sneak previews of them in the final PDF of the core rulebook! Some other planned releases include a Borderlands Gazetteer, describing the region of the campaign setting that Alex developed for his initial Auran Empire sandbox campaign, and an adventure set in that region called "Night Falls on Turos Tem".

    Alex says: "In classical Auran, Tür means "strong" while Os means "place" so Türos means "strongplace," i.e. stronghold or castle. Tem means "fort". Türos Tem thus means "castle fort", which is to say, a Keep. It's something of a glorified pun… ;) Tür is pronounced similar to the English "tour" while "os" is pronounced "ohce" so its "tour-ohce tehm". There are other strongholds along the border, such as Türos Men (castle rock), Türos Gundan (castle wolf), etc."

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  • The pre-release playtest copies and T-shirts have already been sent out. The complete illustrated PDF was sent on 2/1/12; see below if you didn't receive it! We are working with Game Salute to fulfill the softcover and hardback books, which our printer (McNaughton & Gunn, in Saline MI) will be shipping to Game Salute who will then send them to you. We expect that we'll have books in time for Gary Con IV on March 22, 2012.

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  • Sometimes this was done automatically for you! Search your email for a message from with your username and password. If you don't see that email, send us a message at letting us know what you'd like your username to be.

    Sorry this is confusing and doesn't happen right away! We have to set it up manually because our website is independent of Kickstarter's.

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  • You can get the PDF and hardback + PDF bundle direct from us through, or from our other sales partners. Special bonus rewards like access to the Contributors Download area are limited to folks who've backed our Kickstarter or pre-ordered our products. Don't worry, we love Kickstarter; watch this space for lots more ACKS stuff so you can become a backer!

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  • Backers are kindly requested to add an extra donation of $10 for shipping to Europe, or $20 for shipping to Asia/Australia. This only applies to donor reward levels that involve physical objects - Beta Readers' rules drafts and Adventurers' PDFs can be sent anywhere in the world.

    Also, talk to your local game retailer about the Game Salute Select Stores program. Working with their international distribution partners can open up lots of good options for shipping.

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  • You selected
    Pledge $5 or more

    20 backers

    Beta Reader: Get access to the donor-only section of, where you can download the latest draft of the rules and provide us with feedback, playtest experiences, and suggestions. When you've helped us make this the best game it can be, you'll get an electronic version of the final text that has the rules you helped refine, the tools and support systems for campaign play that you wanted to see, and your name in the credits as a Beta Reader. This version won't have art or layout, but if you like what you see as the project takes shape, you can increase your donation to one of the reward levels that does.

  • You selected
    Pledge $15 or more

    54 backers

    Adventurer: Get a PDF copy of Adventurer Conqueror King as soon as it's finished, complete with the illustrations and layout your support made possible and your name in the credits as an Adventurer. You'll also get donor-only access to, where you can download each draft of the rules as they take shape in response to your input.

  • You selected
    Pledge $30 or more

    42 backers

    Conqueror: Get a softcover copy of Adventurer Conqueror King and be among the first to enjoy holding the finished book in your hand, including art, layout, and your name in the credits as a Conqueror. You'll also get a PDF copy as well as donor-only access to, where you can help guide the development of the system and download each draft of the rules.

  • You selected
    Pledge $40 or more

    77 backers

    King - Get a hardback copy of Adventurer, Conqueror, King and admire the completed product in its most beautiful form; among its most admirable features will be your name, listed in the credits as a King. You'll also get a PDF copy and donor-only access to, through which you can download each draft of the system and put your stamp on the game.

  • You selected
    Pledge $60 or more

    22 backers

    King of Kings: Get a special pre-release copy of Adventurer Conqueror King, signed by all four creators. This softcover will contain the version of the rules we'll be using to run the premiere demo of the game - handy whether you'll be playing it at Gen Con with us or doing playtests with your local group! You'll also get donor-only access for drafts and feedback, copies of the finished product as a hardcover and PDF, and credit as a King of Kings.

  • You selected
    Pledge $75 or more

    13 backers

    Visionary: Describe an image that Adventurer Conqueror King evokes for you, and project artist Ryan Browning will create an illustration to your specifications. If it's harmonious with our collective vision of the game's look - and we'll work with you to help that happen - the art you ordered will be included in the finished product. You'll also get donor-only access for drafts and feedback, copies of the finished product as a hardcover and PDF, and credit as a Visionary. (Add $20 for the signed pre-release softcover).

  • You selected
    Pledge $100 or more

    12 backers All gone!

    Legend: Create one of the characters that will be played in the demo of Adventurer Conqueror King at Gen Con 2011. Your PC will be used as an example in the finished product and included in the roster of pre-generated characters for adventure modules to come. If you'll be at Gen Con, you'll have top priority seating during all four days of the demo session: drop by the penthouse any time, we'll make room for you. If not, we'll send you an audio recording of players, GMs, and special guests talking about your character and their adventures together. You'll also get donor-only access for drafts and feedback, copies of the finished product as a hardcover and PDF, credit as a Visionary, and the signed pre-release softcover.

  • You selected
    Pledge $150 or more

    4 backers Limited (8 left of 12)

    God-Emperor: Get an art print of the Adventurer Conqueror King cover signed by Ryan, one of the T-shirts our crew will be wearing at Gen Con, credit as a God-Emperor, and all of the benefits of a Legend.

  • You selected
    Pledge $1,000 or more

    2 backers Limited (1 left of 3)

    Patron Deity: A city and an epic hero will be named after you in our campaign setting and used as an example in the Adventurer Conqueror King core rulebook. We'll discover the history of your hero and the essence of your city through a unique gaming session for you and as many of our creators as possible. How we'll spend our budget for this is up to you and your location: you might come to Durham, NC (Alex and Greg) or NYC, NY (Tavis), one or more of us might go to your home town, or we could do a Skype session with a plane ticket's worth of new illustrations from Ryan. Also, you'll head the credits as a God-Emperor and receive every one of the rewards listed above.

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