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The creation of a small range of tabletop wargaming 3D printable buildings with a Space Elf aesthetic.
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AU$ 1,616


Welcome to our fourth project and one which is a little different to the previous two. While our projects for the resin models will be continuing latter this year and early next, we decided to run a small kickstarter alongside some other projects which we are doing.

One of the things which our local gaming community has always been big on is the creation of great looking gaming tables and key to that is to have great looking terrain. While there is an abundance of Imperial terrain now available both through various stores and a tremendous amount online, there is often a significant lack of xenos/alien themed terrain to suit the non Imperial factions.

Sadly terrain is also one of the more expensive things to ship internationally and so has always been a hurdle for many players and groups. With the growing popularity of 3D printers and prevalence of print hubs scattered around the world these hurdles are starting to break down.

With this project we hope to provide people with some nicely detailed buildings with a strong Space Elf feel. The buildings are quite large and should provide both lines of sight blocking terrain and areas for more mobile units to land on higher ground. The pledge rewards are for the STL files themselves to allow you to go and print your own, there are no physical rewards, however if you need help finding a print hub to get your files printed, we will certainly try and help you with that as well.

There are three buildings in total, backers pledge for one (AU$15), two (AU$30) or all three (AU$40) buildings. The rewards are for personal printing, not commercial or distribution.

Exiled Space Elf Compound

Shrine of the Brilliant Lance

Shrine of the Soaring Eagle

 Some example of the buildings actually printed out. These prints were done with an Adventurer 3 and I have only removed the supports and rafts, no other modifications like sanding etc. 

The four components of main building
The four pieces glued together
An unintentionally convenient size to fit existing terrain pieces on the top in place of the landing pad
With a very quick black undercoat

Stretch Goals

We have received a number of requests to provide alternative files with the buildings in a damaged state and for additional buildings to be offered. While we were not originally considering stretch goals for this short little project, we have decided to offer these two to start with:

$1,200 - Damaged versions of the Buildings (bundled with the original version for free)

$1,800 - A fourth building along with a damaged version of it, concept sketch to come soon

Risks and challenges

Without the need to post physical products, one of the common major risks is averted; increasing postage costs and damage/lost rewards.
The 3D files themselves are 95% complete and will be ready for dispatch shortly after the campaign finishes. There are so many different printers and slicer programs available that we can't account for every situation that comes up, but we will do our best to resolve any problems people may encounter.

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    Pledge AU$ 15 or more About $11

    Single Building (STL only)

    You will receive the STL file for any one building of your choice.
    Additional buildings are $15 each.

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    Pledge AU$ 40 or more About $28

    Triple Building Bundle (STL)

    You will receive the STL files for all three buildings.

    Estimated delivery
    40 backers

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