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A turn-based RPG featuring a Rogue-like storytelling featuring risks that TRULY affect the gameplay and an extensive online PvP mode!
A turn-based RPG featuring a Rogue-like storytelling featuring risks that TRULY affect the gameplay and an extensive online PvP mode!
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Posted by bijou (Collaborator)


First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has supported our project, and those who are with us from the very beginning of the campaign. 

We also would like to share with you another beautiful track from our composer Adam Skorupa. This is Enses' battle theme, and you will learn about this mysterious race in this update.


Today we will tell you a little more about the past of the universe, in which the events of Ash of Gods take place, about the Terminum continent. After all, our game tells not only about the protagonists, their struggles and fight for surivival, but also tells the fate of the whole world through the stories of heroes witnessing the terrible last reaping. 

History of Terminum  


Terminum’s past is shrouded in legend and myth, and the chronicles of life before the catastrophe have been all but obliterated. And yet, the remaining fragments of evidence allow us to piece together the chronology of events that befell the world on that day when the blazing star struck the ground.  

An enormous number of people were killed by the catastrophe. Once prosperous countries were destroyed, cities were reduced to ruins and civilization was thrown back by centuries. But Terminum’s tragic fate continued to be filled with woe. The survivors of the cataclysm discovered that their continent was suddenly cut off from the rest of the world by a strange veil of mist that seemed to rise like a terrible barrier from the encircling seas. No ship that ever ventured into this haze was ever heard of again. All boats sent into the haze returned with dead oarsmen. The people took this as a sign and began to refer to the wall as the edge of the world. They set about rebuilding their cities, resigned to the idea that they were the only survivors of the disaster.  


But they were not destined to return to their former life. Their fate was now bound to the menhirs — huge boulders, endowed with the power to heal the sick — that struck into their lands on the day of the disaster. The people declared the menhirs to be a gift of the gods, and they became the foundation of a new faith that plunged the ravaged remains of humanity into a new abyss of blind faith and intolerance. With the help of the northern kings, a religious inquisition was founded that spread the new faith with spikes and hot irons. 


In the south there arose prophets who frightened the populace with dire prognostications of divine punishment and new disasters. Just then another misfortune struck. Seemingly from nowhere, mysterious warriors appeared. Although they resembled humans, they were of an unknown race and went by the name of Enses, or abominables. They rushed to seize control of the menhirs, destroying everything in their path, and then set about make human sacrifices to the giant stones.


At this the cup of human patience overflowed and the southern kingdoms united to raise an army with the purpose of expelling the invaders and crushing the cruel northern temple warriors that were aiding the abominables in their atrocities. The war ended in victory for the southerners who were able to liberate their lands, but this laid the groundwork for an enduring enmity with the north. Humanity was divided.


For almost a century, the people lived in peace and prosperity, until hideous messengers appeared to the southern rulers. They warned the people of terrible new disasters, and claimed that salvation could only be obtained by means of human sacrifice. So great was the number of lives they demanded, that only a handful of the weakest rulers agreed to their demand. Alas, their choice proved to be the right one. Those territories that refused to perform the sacrifices were struck by a terrible plague that cost an even greater number of lives. This new scourge became known as the Harvest, and the messengers became known as the Reapers, and it was as if Death himself had appeared to humanity, merrily gathering souls from the dead. From this darkness the Enses rose again, seemingly moved by a desire to decimate the last remaining vestiges of humanity. Only the united forces of those kingdoms that had least suffered from the affliction managed to repel the enemy and give the world another century and a half of peace.


The passing years dispelled the fears of old, and when the reapers appeared to the northern rulers again, they found even less support among them than in the south. An greater, more terrible plague then struck the cities and towns. Instead of deadly lethargy, the victims of the plague died in terrible convulsions. At this moment the Enses reappeared, and so great was their number that the northern kings joined forces with them rather than perish under their heels. The southern rulers were doomed. Their armies were smaller and weaker, and the plague ravaged the warriors. The southerners went to battle, resolved to die with honor.


But just when it seemed that defeat was inevitable, thirteen mysterious warriors joined their ranks. They weren’t giants, but such strength seemed to emanate from them that the soldiers from the south, wounded and exhausted, took heart again and closed ranks. But the forces were not equal. Just when the scales of war began to tilt in favor of the southerners, the Reapers appeared on the battlefield. At this, the warriors from both sides fell to the ground.


Hope was extinguished again. Dead and lifeless bodies lay strewn across the battlefield and evil seemed to have the upper hand. But just at this moment, the thirteen warriors took their own lives as a sacrifice. Their death unleashed a force of such power that the enemy was swept away. Humanity had received another chance.

                                              Game's Intro tells about this last battle

Seven centuries of peace have gone by. The events of the distant past have become the stuff of fairy tales. The people have forgotten about the Harvest and their gratitude to the gods for the healing power of the menhirs has turned into a boring and familiar ritual. But Terminum is still encircled by the sinister, impenetrable haze at the edge of the world. Time is running out for the quiet and unhurried pace of life the people of the world have enjoyed for so many years, for the last Harvest is about to begin.



Right now we are working on the first map scetches. Since the world map is a core-loop mechanic, a player will spend several hours using it. Of course it is a WIP and it will may be significantly modified.  



And in the end we want to tell about another standing attention to the project - Blasphemous: Dark and brutal 2D non linear platformer


This is a dark and brutal 2D non linear platformer. Vanquish bloodthirsty creatures, the devotees of a twisted religion. Hand-crafted pixel art action game by the makers of The Last Door.

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    1. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Aleonymous well, I can't tell you that just now, maybe they are, maybe they are not :D

    2. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Bruno V. yes, the Northen inquisition with their tortures and executions falls much closer to the goals and mode of operation of the reapers, so they treat the North differently.

    3. Aleonymous on

      Thanks for clarifications, Konstantin (and Bruno!).

      Another thing that popped up in discussions in the Discord tavern -- Are those "Mysterious 13" of the same race as the "Reapers", who is collectively called "Umbra"?

    4. Bruno V. on

      @Konstantin Since that timeline is correct, there's one thing I'm curious about. It looks like the Reapers left the North alone entirely in the first and second wars, and that while they didn't ask for sacrifices in the South before the third war there was still a plague there. Is that correct? I think those discrepancies in their behavior is what makes it a little hard to follow. I would expect those kind of invaders to go after the whole of humanity indiscriminately, but they seem to treat the northern and southern kingdoms very differently and I wonder how much their religions have to do with that.

    5. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Frederik F-2 Wallin thank you, and yes - all of this is great. We are thinking of creating a wiki closer to the game's release to work on it together.

    6. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Aleonymous actually @Bruno V. filled in your timeline correctly, so togethere you're on point.

    7. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Jaime Thorin thank you!

    8. Frederik F-2 Wallin on

      I love this!! I want to know more about the univere and sincerely hope that you post more stuff like this! And thank you all of the amazing backers putting up theories and timelines, this is what makes a game even greater than before; an engaged, sincere commnuity who loves the universe.
      Great story and I'm looking forward to the next read!

    9. Bruno V. on

      Actually the South and the North were never allied. I believe the wars looked more like this:
      War #1: Enses seize the menhirs. South vs Enses (aided by northern temple warriors) -> South wins
      War #2: Reapers appear in the South and demand sacrifices, followed by Enses. What's left of the South vs Enses and Reapers -> South wins
      War #3: Reapers appear in the North and demand sacrifices. Most cities refuse but eventually join the Enses to avoid decimation. South vs North, Enses and Reapers -> The 13 Umbra appear and sacrifice themselves, ending the war
      War #4: Reapers appear in both the South and the North demanding/forcing sacrifices.

    10. Aleonymous on

      Thanks for the history. Sounds cool, but a bit complicated too. A lot of stuff is going on there, with various recurring factions (Enses, Reapers), plus the Mysterious13. I've attempted to write down the events. Please confirm and clarify the points marked with [?]

      * Great catastrophe; brings mist but mehnirs ("gift of gods") too
      * South kingdoms intolerant of mehnir-religion pushed by North
      * First appearance of Enses (they capture mehnirs)
      * War#1: South vs North (+Enses[?]) -> South wins.
      * Peace for ~100 years
      * First appearance of Reapers (they sent plagues: Harvest)
      * Second appearance of Enses
      * War#2: S+N versus Reapers+Enses [?] -> S+N wins.
      * Peace for ~100 years
      * Second appearance of Reapers (both S+N turn them down)
      > Even harsher plagues are sent.
      * Third appearance of Enses (large numbers)
      > North is forced to side with them
      * War#3: Enses+N vs South. South looks doomed, but...
      > Mysterious13 appear, side with South, defeat Enses+N.
      > Third appearance of Reapers, vs both previous sides [?].
      > Mysterious13 sacrifice and defeat Reapers
      * Peace for ~700 years (mehnirs still around)
      * Ash of Gods events start...

    11. Missing avatar

      Jaime Thorin on

      This is amazing, period :)

    12. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Tristan Veal thank you, we definatly will.

    13. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Poetic hi, Andrej, glad to see you here.

      Thank you for your comment, we will share more on the lore and the heroes in the future updates.

    14. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Fnarist yes, good guess, you'll find more about those daggers and their capabilities during the game.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tristan Veal on

      This looks fantastic, please include more lore in coming updates. Lore is what drives a lot of people into backing on Kickstarter. I am so keen for this game, best of luck

    16. Poetic on

      Thank you for such an extensive lore update, it was a great read. Centuries of peace is quite a feat for any civilization. That it's coming to and end makes it even more tragic.

      The bad guys immense power and danger is well established, looking forward to fights with slim odds of survival :) If you can share more, how the heroes of our story fight those beings, that would be interesting.

      Also love the map and the character art, who doesn't want to receive a letter if the messenger looks like this :)

    17. Fnarist on

      That intro was amazing. It reminds me of Berserk. I assume those stone daggers the warriors-in-white had were shards of the Menhir stones?

    18. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Benjamin Boro here's a long answer: after the catastrophe that befell the Terminum, along with the pagan beliefs that appeared over part of its territory, two major Churches appeared.

      - Northen church was the Temple of the Wrath of the Gods - with sacrifices, the Inquisition, a rigid hierarchy that subdued gradually the local kingdoms.
      - Southern church is the Temple of Retribution of the Gods, which has grew into the local nobility, and influences the rulers more subtly and, perhaps, more successfully.

      Both of these churches profess the same religion - the worship of the holy magic stones, which have the gift of healing, and the so-called unknown gods. Both of these temples threaten their flock with the end of existence and the retribution for their sins and heresy, as evidenced by the harvest events that occur in the Terminus.

      In the clergy of both of the churches there are strange entities that invisibly rule everything that happens in the Terminus.

    19. Benjamin Boro on

      What sort of gods are worshipped in Terminum? What sort of religion was made around the menhirs?

    20. Bruno V. on

      Cool! I'd like to hear more about the relations and differences between the southern and northern kingdoms at some point :)

    21. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Bruno V. the Enses serve the Reapers, while the later act as the leaders and generals. I guess we can share a bit more on the lore, not in the next update but somewhere down the road.

    22. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on

      @Justin yes, we also think so, that's why we work both on a great fantasy story with a variety of charismatic characters, but also adding lots of branching to the narrative and the ways the story can play out.

    23. Bruno V. on

      So the Reapers are actually part of the Enses and they collect sacrifices either way, correct?

      More lore and character info is always welcome!

    24. Justin

      I'm always a fan of learning more about the lore of a game world, the story - both setting and characters - is a key element of what draws me to play any game :)