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A turn-based RPG featuring a Rogue-like storytelling featuring risks that TRULY affect the gameplay and an extensive online PvP mode!
A turn-based RPG featuring a Rogue-like storytelling featuring risks that TRULY affect the gameplay and an extensive online PvP mode!
A turn-based RPG featuring a Rogue-like storytelling featuring risks that TRULY affect the gameplay and an extensive online PvP mode!
1,756 backers pledged $87,031 to help bring this project to life.

Comics, a new track and few questions


Hi everybody! First of all, we'd like to thank you for your faith in us. It's thanks to your pledges that we've already managed to collect 25% of the goal! Yes, there's still a lot of work to be done, but I'd like to take time out now to thank all of you.

Our first update was a bit boring. Thanks to Aleonymous for the criticism! I need to make up for that oversight. Above you can see a couple of pages from the comic book that we are creating especially for our backers. At this link you can view them at normal resolution. In it we tell the story of how one of the protagonists of the game, Thorn Brenin, and his brother-in-law, Brann Vichti, became sworn enemies. 

Important changes to the reward tiers

I want to thank you for your trust, support and help with this project! To celebrate our first small victory, we decided to add more prizes to the reward tiers:

  • Everybody who chooses ALBIUS WATCHMAN ($35) and ALBIUS BURGOMASTER ($45) will also receive the comic book and digital art book.
  • Our OST (now already 50 minutes of music) by Adam Skorupa, the composer of The Witcher will be received by everybody who chooses ALBIUS WATCHMAN ($35) and ALBIUS BURGOMASTER ($45).
  • Everybody selecting the EARLY BIRD — MYTHS OF TERMINUM tier ($65) will receive a CD copy of the music. 

New battle track!

Many of you noted in the comments that you really like our music, which is why I'd like to share our new track with you. It's called "Battle of the Heroes" and Adam only finished it the other day. This is the first time it's being published on the web. The track was fully recorded with live instruments, and we'd love to hear from you in the Comments section what emotions you experienced when you listened to it! Your feedback will help us to understand how closely the music conveys the frame of mind we're trying to achieve.

Help us to spread the word via Thunderclap!

I would also like to ask you to support us on Thunderclap. With the help of Thunderclap we'll be able to tell the world about our game and reach our goal more quickly so that we can create more quests, music and animation for Ash of Gods!

Tell me what you'd like to know more about!

Please post all your questions in the Comments section. Do you want to know more about the game world, the music recordings or the character animation? Should we tell you more about what we're busy with right now, or should we finally finish the 4th instalment of our Developer Diary? If you haven't read the first three instalments, you can find them here:

Please share your ideas with us!  

P.S. That's me on the photograph above, busy writing this update. If you're the owner of a lavish beard (the ladies may use fakes ones), send us links of yourselves and we'll make a cool beard collage!


Thank you for being an active and supporting community. We are in the process of building a FAQ list, so I have a question for you:  

What has been confusing for you on our project page and what needs to be explained better?  

Please let us know in the comments below.

Instead of a P.S.

If you're looking for another project to back, we've stumbled across StarFlint: the Blackhole Prophecy, and it looks really nice.

It's pretty different from what we're doing but looks really promising.  

We'd love to see that project come through, so if you're interested in Sci-Fi comical adventures, definitely head out there and give them a hand!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Sergey Bokarev on June 1, 2017

      @Aaron Rowe, thank you! I will definitely do that, besides i'm also a big fan of our composers :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Aaron Rowe on June 1, 2017

      A sorrowful/fated trek across a battle stricken world. Odds stacked against you but eyes still fixated on your goal as you march onward head high.

      Those are the feelings and visuals this song inspired. Beautiful.. send my thanks to all who were a part in creating this track!! :)

    3. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on June 1, 2017

      @Aleonymous thank you for your comments, this song will play during the battle between two important heroes in the game, but we are not sure yet how we will show it. We might use the static scene as you propose.

      I saw you joining the Thunderclap - that is great, we are trying to get more people to join it as well. As for the social presence - we are trying to be active, but I guess we can always do more.

      As for the future updates - combat is something we would like to talk about for sure and will do it. As to diffirincies with Banner Saga - we will think about it and what is the best way to approach this question.

    4. Aleonymous on May 31, 2017

      Loved the song. I kinda envisioned the camera looking (close-up) on the aftermath of an intense scene (now static), then _very_ slowing backing out. By the middle of the song, something springs into action, e.g. a character starts walking, and camera follows that trigger until fade-out.

      Joined your Thunderclap. I think you should increase your social media presence, as your project seems to be entering that "mid-campaign stagnation" phase maybe a bit too early.

      As for comments on your Kickstarter page, I'd like to more details on: (a) combat system and single-player/online-pvp game "connection", (b) how your game differs from The Banner Saga, from which you're heavily inspired.

    5. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on May 31, 2017

      @Mandy Tang we usually had a text description form the author of the story Sergey Malitsky, then we've all gathered references (so pictures of people or characters that look similar to the description), and then the artist created the character. Here's a video that shows part of the process:
      We might also talk more about it in the next updates, thank you.

    6. KONSTANTIN KORNEEV Collaborator on May 31, 2017

      @apolloo the rest of the soundtrack will be composed by Adam Skorupa as well, and also recorded live with the same folk musicians - so yes, it should be just as good.

    7. Mandy
      on May 31, 2017

      Great update! I'm interested to know more about how you arrived at the character designs, both visual and concept-wise.

      Also pleased that you guys plugged StarFlint on the same day that Kynseed plugged you :)

    8. Missing avatar

      apolloo on May 30, 2017

      amazing track. if the rest of the soundtrack are as good as this, i am tempted to upgrade my pledge.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sergey Bokarev on May 30, 2017

      @Grzegorz Bonikowski, your photo is amazing!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz Bonikowski on May 30, 2017

      Thanks for the great update! My first emotions after hearing Adam's track was 'sorrow' then perhaps 'pride'. Sort if you lost your dear companion on a battlefield but still know he/she died valiant death...
      Oh, here's a link to a pic of bearded me:…