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$71,077 pledged of $200,000 goal
By Aunim
$71,077 pledged of $200,000 goal

A Little Story Teaser

In this week's update, we wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain of the storyline and tell you more about a couple of our major characters in the Tempus Chronicle series.


In the world of Tempus Chronicle, the existence of time travelers and the ongoing war between the Academy and the Alters have created mysterious disturbances in time that they call "Anomalies."  Anomalies appear as creatures that do not belong in the current era.  If left unchecked, these Anomalies could irrevocably disrupt the balance of space-time.  For example, if a mammoth appears on the Titanic, the butterfly effect of its existence would certainly cause a catastrophic number of variations throughout history.  In order to correct these Anomalies, all time travelers are responsible for battling and taming these creatures to send them back to their original eras.  Doing so earns the time traveler experience, items, and currency for use in the various shops throughout the world of Tempus Chronicle.  As a result, there are many strong Anomaly Hunters out there, ever-searching for the next great bounty.

While it is known that the level of activity from both the Academy and Alters are correlated with the number and strength of the Anomalies present in an epoch, no one really knows why they exist in the first place and what they can do to put an end to all Anomalies.  Ethan and Victor's mother might have something about this phenomenon written in her journals...


Gaspar is the first fellow time traveler that you will meet on your journey.  He is a kind, wise, and strong Professor in the Time Academy.  He will serve as a guide to Ethan and Victor as well as his other apprentice, Hanalee, in the first part of the game.

Through his lessons, the brothers will learn how to bend time in battle to unlock special time-based attacks and wield power over the elements.  The brothers also learn to use their time skills in the world map to advance past puzzles and find secret areas that they would not have been able to find before.

At first, not much is known about where Gaspar is from and how he joined the Academy, but often talks fondly about his granddaughter.  


Dietrich is the one of the most fearsome Generals of the Alters.  His power, speed, and control over time is legendary among all time travelers.  A man of few words, even the hint of praise from him sends his apprentice, Leona, into a frenzy.  

Dietrich holds respect for the Time Academy, and especially Gaspar, who he has faced in battle on several occasions in the past.  He is curious at the appearance of Ethan and Victor, who show an uncommon strength and knack for wielding time.  He also seems to recognize one of the brothers from somewhere, but he can't place his finger on it...


We hope that whet some of your appetites on a bit of the major themes that will start to emerge as we tell the story of Tempus Chronicle.  More than anything, we know that we'll live and die by the story and one of the primary components to a good story is a great cast of characters.

With less than two weeks left to go, we're still in the $56k range.  It looks like a couple other games have taken our thunder (and by that, I mean a lot of the platform's attention) on Kickstarter so we really need everyone to make a push to see if we can somehow catch fire and get to our goal.  Thanks for doing your part in making that happen!  We really truly appreciate the support that all of you backers have shown us.  We'll do a better job of responding to comments as they come in (we've been running around trying to get the word out so we apologize for the delay in some responses).

Thanks again for your support and let's see if we can keep this growing!!


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    1. Missing avatar

      William B on

      A giant sloth would be a neat animal to have as an Anomaly. They're sadly underrepresented in fiction compared to mammoths and dinosaurs.

    2. Janna Ostoya on

      The good news far outweighs the bad.

    3. Zack Averyt on

      I'm concerned about that as well...I'm really looking forward to seeing how this game turns out now, but I find it unlikely that the Kickstarter will succeed. What happens if it doesn't, though?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jacob Blaustein on

      I wish I could help you guys out with the project, perhaps you can send a message to the other success (like Brian Fargo) for some help. You guys are still going to release this game no matter what right?