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The first-ever old school RPG series with gamisodes released every Tuesday at 6pm. An homage to the classics with a modern twist.

The first-ever old school RPG series with gamisodes released every Tuesday at 6pm. An homage to the classics with a modern twist. Read More
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When we think about role-playing games, we remember the 8- and 16-bit classics from our childhood like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Earthbound. Those games were timeless. They combined immersive worlds, exciting battles, and incredible stories in perfect harmony to give us some of our most unforgettable experiences in video game history. We explored, we battled, we laughed, we cried (yeah, we admit it)…

It’s been years since we’ve seen a game that meets that standard. Lately, we've been inundated with mind-blowing cinematic graphics and emotive voice acting, but not enough emphasis on gameplay and interesting narratives. We’ve been patiently waiting for a game that could give us that old magic potion we’ve been craving. We’ve been waiting for a new world to explore, new characters to love, and new stories to experience. We’ve been waiting for the next great old school RPG.

And we’ve waited long enough. No more. Let’s work together to make the old school RPG of our dreams with this Kickstarter Campaign!

Our team is 100% dedicated to making Tempus Chronicle a reality. For the past two years, we’ve been crafting a story worthy of our predecessors. With help from a couple Pixar folks and several video game veterans, the narrative is finally ready for primetime. Our artists are hard at work turning the graphics clock back to the 16-bit old school RPG classic style. One of our team members is also a professional music producer and is creating the full soundtrack for the game. Also, our development team is currently building a robust engine to create awesome gameplay features to complement the storyline.  

The last piece is you, the gamer/backer/warrior/poet.


As soon as we started working on this project, we realized it would take over a year of development to convey the full story and mechanics to properly delight our players.  But we didn’t want to wait that long - dammit, we’ve waited long enough! 

Then, we had an epiphany: instead of making the full game then shipping it, we can instead create and distribute the game in weekly scheduled installments and release it instantly through Facebook to any computer in the world. By releasing our game in weekly gamisodes, we’ll be able to get the game to you in months rather than years.  

So here’s the plan: backers of this project will have exclusive access to the Beta Pilot Gamisode in the next few months. Then, as soon as its ready, we’ll put out the first season in regularly scheduled gamisodes every Tuesday at 6pm EST.

To get used to the weekly episodic cycle before the pilot is complete, we’ll start creating Weekly Video Updates every Tuesday at 6pm EST for our $10+ backers. In these updates, we’ll give you an entertaining summary of what we’ve been working on for the week, crazy developments in the video game world, and insight on what it takes to make a game like this. Good times, good times!

In summary, we love RPGs. We love TV series. We’re making the first-ever RPG series. And our first RPG series is called Tempus Chronicle.


Tempus Chronicle is about two strong and brilliant brothers who repair a mysterious pocket watch that was left to them by their mother three years ago. The pocket watch triggers a gate of green light that takes them on a journey through time and space. The first epoch that they stumble upon is the Titanic in 1912. There, they meet two groups of warring time travelers: the Time Academy, who believe that the past must be preserved, and the Time Alters, who believe that they have the right to change history for the better. Every week, we'll dive deeper and deeper into the storyline and open a new epoch to explore. From the Wild West, to the Medieval Ages, to the 1980's, and even to the Future...

Which side will you choose?  What happened to your mother?  What other epochs and locations will you explore?  What mysteries await you?  We can't wait to answer these questions and many more along with you, the player. 


The exclusive early beta experience is being offered for the flat backer contribution of $10.  As a backer, we see you as a true lover of games and we are excited to build this project along with your suggestions and feedback. 

For anyone who wants to contribute above and beyond, we have a selection of premium rewards ranging from being memorialized forever in the game on the Time Academy Heroes wall, to a special Tempus Chronicle T-Shirt, to even a mini painting of yourself done by the game's artists.  Personally, we would try to scrape together some bills to make ourselves boss battles in the game...that'd be sweet.


This is going to be a game changer (literally).  Not only will we be making the game of our collective dreams, but also, we'll be revolutionizing the way that games are made and distributed to the loving public.  Final Fantasy meets Lost (with a much better ending)...its gonna happen with your help.

Check out our Facebook Page for more information:

Let’s usher in the next golden age of gaming together!


  • To clarify, the game will be cloud-based and playable through the browser. That means that the game will work for any computer running PC/Mac (using Flash) or Linux (using Gnash) from the start.

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  • We're launching the game on Facebook so that we can take advantage of their payment system and get it out to as many people as possible with no need to download anything. But don't worry, we won't be using any of the typical Facebook game features like energy, posting on your wall, or making you invite your friends that we all pretty much loathe. =)

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    Exclusive access to our Beta (several months before the general public) and of course, access to the General Release. We'll incorporate feedback from you to help make the game of our collective dreams. Also, you'll get exclusive access to our Weekly Update videos, to be released every Tuesday at 6pm EST.

    Estimated delivery
    149 backers
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    Above + the digital game soundtrack and your name memorialized forever in the game on the Time Academy Heroes wall.

    Estimated delivery
    88 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $75 or more About $75 USD

    Above + a limited edition Tempus Chronicle T-Shirt (a Kickstarter exclusive). International backers, please add $10 to your pledge.

    Estimated delivery
    18 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $150 or more About $150 USD

    Above + a super-powered Accessory for your Main Character (a Kickstarter exclusive).

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    4 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $300 or more About $300 USD

    Above + your name memorialized forever in the game as a permanent character and we’ll work with you to determine their dialog (first come, first serve).

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 7 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Above + a mini-portrait of YOU painted by the game’s artists (suitable for framing), signed by each of the Tista Games team (a Kickstarter exclusive).

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $3,000 or more About $3,000 USD

    Above + a super-powered Sword for your Main Character, a special weapon named after you in the game, and a painting of the weapon (suitable for framing) with your name on it (a Kickstarter exclusive).

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 1 backer
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    Above + your name, dialog, and likeness included in the game as a Special Boss Battle (as one of the Legendary Time Alter Generals).

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  9. Reward no longer available

    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    Above + you will work closely with our team of designers, developers, and artists to create the story and setting of 1 full Gamisode. Of course, your name will also be included as Executive Producer.

    Estimated delivery
    Reward no longer available 2 backers

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