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$585,549 pledged of $7,500 goal
By August Germar
$585,549 pledged of $7,500 goal

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Just a quickie


Hey everyone! I just wanted to address a couple questions about the configuration files in the current version of the code and what I'm expecting the final version to be. Having ssh running for example is unnecessary in the version people will be getting during fulfillment, its just a way we can access the device for testing and making changes while we do development without having to re-flash the device. It is running on a nonstandard port for now just for good measure. 

Also I should have posted these earlier but it slipped my mind while trying to catch up on messages. First, here is a schematic of the circuit board that was requested a couple days ago:

And a datasheet with the details on the chipset and wireless: 

Thats it for today but expect an update tomorrow about some stretch goals!


Catching Up


Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking, just wanted to let you know a few quick things. The first is that we have John and Mike helping with responses to messages and we expect to be fully caught up by this evening so we can concentrate on development. 

So lets go over the source code real quick. Several people have taken offense to the fact that there is a default password for the router which is developer! Just like any router that comes out of any factory you might get users will want to change the default password to something unique once they get it, and there will of course be instructions on how to do so. 

Also we have some really cool stretch goals lined up I think everyone will be excited about, so be sure to check back soon!


All Systems Go!


Good morning, good evening wherever you may be this is August with a quick update. I have seen that a few people think we should mention OpenWrt more, and that we use it as the OS for the anonabox. We made sure it was in the images and website, but just to be extra clear on this yes, we are using the Open Source embedded device OS called OpenWrt. Its based on Linux which is also Open Source, and which we also love.

Thanks for your patience in getting replies to your messages, - the last few days have been completely insane as I'm sure you can imagine. We never expected so many people would share our interest in this project! You may be happy to know we are adding several new members to the team tomorrow morning to help with the rate of interaction. We have a lot going on and are expecting some good news to announce tomorrow.

Also, I just double checked with our circuit board manufacturer and confirmed we have a capacity of around 2000 a day if we needed it, which takes a lot of the worry away on our end about being able to keep up with demand and fulfilling orders in a timely fashion.

So many peole have showed interest in auditing the code and doing development and I want them to know I'm excited to get started within the next few days!

Thats it for now, check back for another update tomorrow!

First Stretch Goal!


Greetings everyone!

 This is August again, I'm so excited to announce I just got confirmation from the rest of the team the first stretch goal for the project! The default configuration for the device is for access to the Tor network only, but all backers who get an anonabox will get an option at checkout to have their devices configured as relays, bridges or exit nodes which help the Tor network grow as a whole. More info about the benefits of running a relay can be found on the official Tor challenge site:

The stretch it completely optional and you will have a chance to pick during fulfillment, I just wanted to make sure that was clear. 

Also many of you have asked if you could pledge and remain anonymous meaning not having your name on the site or in the source code and I wanted to say no problem! We of all people respect your privacy and are so happy to have you on board what is looking like a fantastic voyage. 

Since we are so far above our expectations we are in the planning phases for more stretch goals so stay tuned!



It all happening!

The final steps of building a message board for developers and users are in motion and we expect to have it up by the end of today so we can all together start adding features and configurations to the code. We have had so much interest from the homebrewers out there and frankly it is amazing to learn there are so many other people who share an interest in working on this and making it better.

Since we have exceeded our goal by so much we have begun discussing some potential stretch goals and rewards, so check back soon for those. I need to get back to answering some of the technical messages but expect another update later today (California time) with more good news.

I can't wait to share this journey with all of you, Until now honestly t's been a labor of love -- and one made possible in large part by your support. It feels amazing to know so many are interested in this project too!

Thank you so much!