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Combines worker placement and tile laying to create a unique experience where you can bump other workers off spaces and take the action
Combines worker placement and tile laying to create a unique experience where you can bump other workers off spaces and take the action
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93% and Climbing!

Posted by August Games (Creator)
We got this!
We got this!

Thank You

We wanted to start off by thanking each of your for backing Treasure Mountain.  Deciding to relaunch last February was one of the most difficult decisions we have faced.  Since then, we have worked extremely hard collecting feedback and making changes to the campaign, not to mention pushing the expansion up to offer it with the base game.  Based on the reaction by the Kickstarter community, it appears to have been the right thing to do.  It is looking VERY likely that we will fund by the afternoon (Pacific time).

Again, thank you!  We are so so excited to unlock those stretch goals.  Plus, I guarantee you that Greg will cry if we get those metal coins!

How We Like to Run Our Campaign

Like you, we love gaming and have backed many tabletop Kickstarter campaigns (though we are pretty sure Daniel backs the most - just ask his wife).  We have been through good and bad campaigns (nope, we are not naming names).  Here are a few words about our guiding principles for our campaigns.   I apologize to our previous backers for repeating some of this information.

  • UPDATES - We are committed to provide meaningful and fun updates for Treasure Mountain. We feel we are all in this together and love to share our progress.   We plan on having several live stream FAQs throughout the campaign.
  • HONESTY & INTEGRITY - We will always be honest with you. We strive to be open and honest with our backers.  We see you as our partners.  Please ask anybody who has backed our last campaign and let them share their experiences.
  • MAKE THE GAME WE WOULD BACK - We are committed to make Treasure Mountain the kind of game we would back. We love fun and engaging games that are a good value. We will not produce a half-baked game. We will deliver the game we would want to buy and play.  If you get the game and something is not right or missing, we will FIX IT QUICKLY.
  • BE ORGANIZED AND ON TIME - Dragon Brew, our last campaign, was delivered on time and early for the vast majority of our backers. We accomplish this by being organized and ready.   The files for Treasure Mountain will be sent to the printer within 30 days after the campaign closes.

Our First Live Stream

One of the biggest questions we get is "What is the difference between the standard rules and the Rahado variant?"   Daniel George will do a live stream to demonstrate the differences between the two.  We are 99% sure it will on Saturday morning (Pacific Time).   Once we work out the technical details, we will  post a live stream invite with the date and time.

We Need Your Help!

Kickstarter is all about momentum and we need to work together to unlock those stretch goals.  Here are a few SIMPLE things you can do to help.

  • SHARE THE CAMPAIGN ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Share the campaign with your fellow gamers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Post your excitement in the Facebook board gaming groups.
  • TELL A FRIEND - Share Treasure Mountain with a friend.  Tell them why you are backing the project.
  • WRITE A PROJECT COMMENT - Posting a comment or question in our Kickstarter comment section generates activity. The more activity we have the higher we will show up on the browse windows.
  • SHARE TREASURE MOUNTAIN ON KICKTRAQ - Go to our KickTraq page here and lick on the "SHARE" button.

Unlock the Mine Cart!

We are less than 100 Facebook followers away from upgrading the turn counter from a disk to a mine cart. Please follow us on our Facebook page and let's get that mine card!

Click to go to our Facebook Page
Click to go to our Facebook Page

Other Projects We Are Backing

Again, we love Kickstarter.  We plan on sharing another project we are backing with each update.

Today Daniel is supporting  BROTHERS ARTISANAL ORGANIC JERKY (click to visit their page). So why them?  Well, Daniel loves jerky and really likes their approach.  He especially loves the variety of flavors.

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      "Go to our KickTraq page here and lick on the "SHARE" button."
      Yeah, I'm not doing that...

    2. Sean Wheeler

      Really, really pleased for the whole team that made this game so fantastic.

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      smk on

      Really happy that the campaign is going well. I think it was a good move to send a copy to JonGetsGames. I can also recommend Ant Labs Games, they make cool playthrough too.