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$29,736 pledged of $240,000 goal
By Audojo
$29,736 pledged of $240,000 goal

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    1. John Griffin on

      ahead of your time.

    2. Fate on


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    5. Fate on

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    6. T. Edward on

      No word from Audojo?! We backed you. Give us some info. Are you going to regroup and try again? This game case is so unique and needed. I'd back you again in a heartbeat!

    7. Missing avatar

      gantry on

      Darn, This is a neat item. It's not going to make it though, as of this writing - 10hr to go and still $221,822 short. Is there any way we can get emailed if this goes about up again?

    8. John Griffin on

      Final 16 hours. It's rally time!

    9. T. Edward on

      So sad... this project died on day three... hopefully there will be a relaunch...
      @audojo, where are you guys? We haven't heard from you since the 2nd...

    10. Missing avatar

      John Cowan on

      Why are the backer numbers going backwards?

    11. CURTROCK 8 on

      Because they have decided to implement the "D" pad, and quad buttons, I'm hoping they are retooling a prototype, and will take another "kick" at the can. Between new case functionality, and perhaps some price-point tweaking, no reason why this couldn't re-launch, and go huge.

    12. Shane Mahon on

      @T. Edward: Yeah, I don't think funding for this project is going to succeed unless something changes quickly.

    13. T. Edward on

      Only problem is no comments in almost a week and not movement on pledges. Dang...

    14. ENIGMATI on

      Great product concept for both developers and gamers. Thanks guys.

    15. T. Edward on

      Any wait?! What the heck was I trying to say??? I think I was trying to say "can't wait for..."

    16. T. Edward on

      Sounds great! Any wait for the updated design pics!

    17. Audojo Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback. We're doing our best to get the word out there. Previously, we've been featured in the popular category for Games, San Francisco, and Kickstarter site wide. You can only choose one category and we've selected the video games category. We'll take a look at possibly switching to the product design category. We really appreciate your passion and will continue to do our best to get this funded.

      We should have some images monday of the revised design with buttons and d-pad so stay tuned.


    18. T. Edward on

      Agreed! No one can find this awesome project! Update the category if possible. This has to get funded!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      John Cowan on

      Guys you need to make it easier to stumble upon your great product. Even though I became aware through another medium, I could not find the game case until I searched under San Francisco. This needs to be seen under other categories such as Popular, Design, Technologies, Video Games and the like. Otherwise there will be a lot of disappointed people.

    20. Russell Lawrence on

      I would say put the D-pad on the left side under the stick and the buttons on the right under the stick. Maybe have to add a rounded area to the right side to fit all the buttons if you are gonna do 4 button like an XBOX or Playstation controller. Just my opinion.

    21. CURTROCK 8 on

      No probs, Matt. Totally rootin for you guys. This product is soooooooo necessary.....

    22. Audojo Creator on

      Hi Curtis,

      Thanks for the feedback. We are looking at two different possibilities right now and hope to share more soon. The buttons (on the right side of the case) and the D-pad (on the left side of the case) can either be situated directly below the joysticks or directly above, between the joysticks and the speakers. The joysticks would shift slightly depending on which way we choose.


    23. CURTROCK 8 on

      A nice 3D pic/drawing/representation of the new layout with the added buttons & D-pad would prob go a long way to helping people visualize the end result. Post it up ASAP, and send the revised pics with a press release to all the media who covered the story's an exciting update to in interesting story, worthy of mention!

    24. T. Edward on

      Way to listen to your backers! More buttons?! Another tier for T-shirts?! Awesomeness! You guys rock!!!

    25. Marc Langsman on

      Good luck guys !! :)

      Some custom colour / paint jobs could be pretty cool !

    26. Edward Smola on

      I'd love to see more buttons added to the case.
      You could add all of them all to the back and have them usable with your fingers while controlling the joysticks with you thumbs.

    27. Audojo Creator on

      Hi T. Edward and Stephen,

      We definitely appreciate the positive feedback and desire for more ways to get people to support this project. We'll be looking at adding new tiers and will hopefully have something for you Monday.


    28. T. Edward on

      @Stephen, great ideas! And lower backer tiers? Yes!
      @audojo team, seriously consider the lower tiers. You'd be surprised how many people would either back for a Key chain or T-shirt. Also, some people will back at a lower level like that and then up their reward later. Food for thought. I hope this project gets backed! It will be awesome!!!

    29. Stephen Fink on

      Looking over this again, may I suggest that you are also a little low on reward tiers between the $1 and (now) $65 level. Maybe some t-shirts, some iPad skins, whatever you can offer that makes people feel truly a part of it without dropping some major coin.

    30. Audojo Creator on

      Thanks everyone for the positive comments. We are definitely hearing your feedback on the buttons as well and are looking into it.

    31. Stephen Fink on

      Definitely going to continue the recommendation for some face buttons. Also it couldn't hurt to add some color options. $240,000 is quite a goal for a niche product and though I'm on board, the mobile gaming scene at large might need some extra convincing. Selfishly wishing you the best of luck, as the more success you have the more game integration support the controller will have.

    32. Kiwi Adrian Mata on

      Definitely a game changer for the iPad. Can't wait until the launch =)

    33. CURTROCK 8 on

      I just became a backer. Your idea addresses the 1 shortcoming of the otherwise fantastic iPad. With your case, the last barrier to "serious" gaming on iOS has been overcome. The stereo speakers are a great bonus, but you had me at "joysticks" :) best of luck to ya!

    34. Nick C

      Looks awesome! +1 for buttons please!

    35. Jason Cirillo on

      Rad project! Agree about the buttons on front...definitely needs a few. Also, the design could use a little bit of sexing up, but overall I am excited about this one. This is something I have wanted for ages!

      You should look into some kind of overlay that allows you to map key presses onto any app (similar to how Blutrol does it when Jailbroken) I wonder if that's possible with a non-JB iPad?

    36. Audojo Creator on

      Hi Russell, Gary, and Joe,

      Thanks for the positive feedback and comments. We'd love it if you help spread the word. Joe, thanks for the feedback on the buttons. We've heard that from a few folks and will be looking at our options. We have already built support into our SDK for more buttons.


    37. Russell Lawrence on

      I have been waiting for a case like this since I first got my iPad. I will definitely be posting on Facebook and twitter about you guys. I'm sure my friends will want one also.

    38. Joe David Chaib on

      I would love to see maybe an added button or 2. Already a backer! But would love some front buttons for fighters or retro style games

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    40. Audojo Creator on

      Hi Robert,

      This Kickstarter project does not include a case that supports the iPad mini. Only iPad 2nd-4th generations are supported. If we are successful, it is our intention to continue on and make a case for the iPad mini as well as future iPads.


    41. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Will you be creating an ipad mini compatible product as well?

    42. Audojo Creator on

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for the note. With our current prototype, bluetooth headphones continue to work for music and other media without the need to remove the case or turn it off. However, when playing a game that supports the case the audio is output to either the case's speakers or headphone jack. We are looking into this currently and will keep you posted.


    43. Jeffrey Tschiltsch on

      Looks fantastic already, can't wait to see how the final version comes out. I'm assuming one could still use bluetooth headphones while playing games with this case if they wanted too?