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Real analog joysticks and trigger buttons transform your iPad into the ultimate gaming machine.

Update: The Audojo iPad Case will now include face buttons and a D-pad!

Engadget: "-- if you're used to playing console games, you'll be right at home."

Mashable: "This Case Turns Your iPad Into the Ultimate Gaming Machine"

GamesBeat: "It turns the iPad into a portable console, but it can also take over the living room"

Gizmodo UK: "You Need This Physical Controller for Your iPad"

Gameranx: "The Twin Stick Case That The iPad Has Always Needed"

PocketGamer: "Waggle those thumbs"

Cult of Mac: "ideal for things like first-person shooters."

Mobile Magazine: " of the more creative solutions to date."

Phones Review: "offers the best of both worlds for the tablet gamer"

More press coverage from: Joystiq, Polygon, TUAWDVICE, The New Zealand Hearld.

Truly Built for Gamers

Our case is the first iPad case truly built for gamers. Gamers love the possibilities that a touchscreen offers: swipes, multi-touch gestures, contextual buttons and more. But gamers miss joysticks and buttons. We are delivering the best of both worlds in a form factor that combines the best attributes of a physical controller with the endless possibilities of touchscreen controls. 

Real Analog Joysticks

Nothing beats the precision control of real analog joysticks. For first person shooters they're a must. From flight sims to sports games, the visceral feeling you get from joysticks is unequaled. No longer will gamers have their thumbs slip onto the bezel and lose control of their avatar.

Physical Trigger Buttons

Whether it's a first person shooter or a sidescroller, the tactile feedback from real physical buttons can't be beat. Our case features two trigger buttons for easily firing a primary and secondary weapon.

Enhanced Audio

Stereo speakers with good separation will give you a more immersive experience while playing your games, listening to music, and watching movies. Additionally, while our prototype has one headphone jack, our final unit will include two so you can share while you're on the plane or sitting in the back seat on a road trip.

Game Integration

Many games are being built to work with the case. First Person Shooters, which have been difficult to implement on the touch screen can now be played with the tactile feedback of physical joysticks. Any game that uses on screen joysticks, directional pads, or buttons will benefit. 

If you're a developer and using Unity in your development (over 50% of mobile development is currently), then it's super simple to integrate support with our Unity Package that will eventually be available in the Unity Asset Store. We're looking to integrate with other game engines as well and have a native SDK in Objective C.

We will also be putting out an app, Audojo Gallery, that will highlight the supported games and help developers cut through the noise of the app store to reach gamers that are interested in this type of experience. If you're a developer interested in learning more, please contact us at

For More Than Just Games

Hobbyists that use their iPad to control external devices will also benefit. When flying the AR Drone from Parrot or controlling the Sphero from Orbotix, you will no longer have to look down at the touch screen while controlling your device. You will get the same feedback that you're accustomed to from joysticks while still being able to use the gyroscopic controls and camera which make the iPad so much fun to use with these devices.

Play on the Big Screen Too

Through Apple's AirPlay technology, you can connect your iPad to a TV. Our case will only make this experience better as you will be able to focus your attention on the screen.

Where We Are Now and What's Next

Currently, we have a fully functioning prototype that we had CNC machined and assembled ourselves. The case fits iPads from the 2nd through 4th generation. It is currently powered off a rechargeable battery that uses a Mini-USB connector. With the speakers at full blast, the case outlasts your iPad. On headphones, gameplay stretches into weeks of playtime. We will be evaluating a rechargeable battery vs. user replaceable batteries. We are really happy with the mechanism for getting the iPad in/out of the case as it is rock solid, having been tested over a 1000 times and feedback from gamers and developers alike has been overwhelmingly positive.  We have a very limited number of hardware development kits though. If we are successful on Kickstarter, we will take the following steps to bring the product to market: 

  • Build hardware development kits based on the current design
  • Source improved joysticks and trigger buttons
  • Optimize the industrial design for ergonomics
  • Create new CAD files and documentation necessary to create tooling
  • Build out tooling
  • Contract out to a manufacturer for production

We Need Your Support

With your support, we will be able to:

  • Get from prototype to production 
  • Deliver hardware developer kits so more games can integrate
  • Place our first run of orders, once we know how many to make
  • Build our two launch apps (Audojo Gallery and Audojo Minis)

Gameplay Footage

Here is some unedited gameplay (development builds) captured from a few different genres of games.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We are working with experienced hardware designers and mechanical engineers that have shipped hundreds of products. However, manufacturing is challenging and we want to highlight some of the risks involved.

One of the bigger risks is the tooling. When fabricating the tooling, issues can arise that prevent the tool from being sufficient for manufacturing. If this happens, there will be delays. Similarly, once the tool is made and the process moves towards manufacturing, the first units off the line can be subpar. In this case sometimes the tooling or the process needs to be modified, which will also cause delay.

We already have functioning PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) but will be making them smaller for final production. We will test these thoroughly and if any issues arise, it could also cause delays.

Game integration is extremely important for the success of this product. The more games, the more value it has. To ensure that backers are able to have fun with the case, we will be putting out an app, Audojo Minis, that will include a series of mini-games. It is not our intention to become a publisher of games and compete against our partners. We do plan on making sure that anyone who purchases the case can enjoy it right away.


  • This Kickstarter project does not have an option for the iPad mini. If we are successful in this campaign, it is then our intention to design a version for the iPad mini and other future iPad versions.

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